Why You Should Promote Yourself from Landlord to Investor

Why You Should Promote Yourself from Landlord to Investor

There is a difference between being an investor and a landlord. Simply owning an investment property doesn’t make you an investor. If you are highly involved in the day-to-day operations of your property, you are a landlord. Investors treat their properties like any other investment: hiring professionals to manage the day-to-day operations and investing the profits from their property into their portfolio. Many real estate investors begin as landlord. Below are the three reasons why you should take the leap and promote yourself from landlord to real estate investor.

Get Out of the Daily Grind

Being a landlord is a fulltime job, if you do it right! From completing routine maintenance to answering emergency calls, keeping a rental in pristine condition is no easy task — not to mention all the work that comes with vacancy. Landlords are responsible for screening tenants, marketing the property and completing any other move-in related tasks. Real estate investors outsource all this work to a property management company. Not only does this get the work done, it ensures it’s being completed by a seasoned professional, and it can even decrease vacancy!

You Can Focus on Purchasing More Properties

Once you are out of the daily grind of being a landlord, you can focus on being a real estate investor. Finding deals and/or rehabbing properties requires focus. If you are wearing all the hats of your landlord responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the hours in the day to close more deals. You can also focus on making the most of your current investments. The better your current investment properties do, the more money you have in the bank for growing your portfolio.

Investors Are All About the Bottom Line

As an investor, your focus is simply on positive cash flow. You don’t have to worry about keeping tenants happy or your properties occupied. That is the responsibility of your property management company. Investors can enjoy the profits from their rental properties while also enjoying an additional check each month or even early retirement.

Many investors start their real estate investment journey as landlords. Successful investors, the ones enjoying financial independence and early retirement, take the risk and make the jump from landlord to investor.