Wholesaling Rental Properties and the BRRR System

Almost everyone who gets started in real estate investing hopes that one day they will own a whole bunch of highly profitable rental properties. Yet due to lack of experience and money, they begin wholesaling properties to experienced, well-funded investors who rehab them and sell them to homeowners. This type of wholesaling has worked for many beginners over time; however, it might not be the fastest way to get to that long-term goal of owning all those “cash-cow properties.”

Some people find it easier to wholesale rental properties directly to landlords rather than to rehabbers who sell to homeowners. “Gosh,” they say, “there are hundreds of people who own rental properties that they paid for with cash in almost any area of the country. Not only do these people want to buy more rentals, some of them want to sell some of the properties they have.” This can be a goldmine for wholesaling rental properties because of a host of factors. Let’s look at those factors:

  1. It is easy to find buyers and sellers of rental properties through lists, title companies, real estate investing clubs, and even signs and ads posted all over the place.
  2. Rental properties are valued based on three factors:
    1. First is the return on what you put down to buy the property. This is called the “Cash on Cash Return.” To help your financing efforts, remember that many sellers are willing to carry mortgages for little down. Many banks will finance 80% of what you buy the property for.
    2. Second is the return in relation to the purchase price of the property. This is called your “ROI” or return on investment. It is difficult, even impossible, to find safe investments secured by real estate or anything else of stable value that offer such returns as real estate does.
    3. Third is the ability to fund the property. This is called the “DSCR” or debt service coverage ratio. Banks want to see how much you have after expense income in relation to how much the mortgage payment is. For many, this is a difficult math problem. But finding great rental deals is just that, a math problem! It is not based on fickle market conditions.
  3. Rental properties can be wholesaled at a profit based on the money the property makes. They are often even easier to sell if they don’t need work. Hence, you can make money very quickly. You just need to find the deal and present it to your buyer.
  4. Wholesaling rentals as an addendum to your existing wholesaling business will increase the possible deals you can do. Further, the more you learn, the more you can earn because people with money are always looking for skilled people to work with.
  5. Areas that are close to colleges, universities, hospitals, military bases, shopping centers, and fast public transportation are ideal and lend themselves to bigger profits. Homes on main roads that won’t sell to homeowners can often be rented for top dollar to accountants, consultants and other zoned businesses. It is often easy to rent properties on main thoroughfares with a simple “for rent” sign because so many people see the sign. It pays to advertise, and advertising skills are well paid.
  6. Can you manage a rehabber or do licensed rehab work yourself? If so, you can add value to what you offer as a wholesaler.
  7. Can you find a tenant and a property manager or are you a licensed property manger? If so, you can add value to what you offer as a wholesaler.
  8. Do you have or know someone who has money to invest in finding, taking ownership, and fixing a property to make it “rent-worthy” so you can put a tenant and property manager in place? If so, you can add value to what you offer as a wholesaler.
  9. Banks will often refinance a rental property for 80% of 100 times the monthly rent revenues. Hence, every $1,000 a property rents for will be valued at $100,000 and will finance for $80,000. Remember, you are fixing properties to increase their value. Every dollar in increased rent is worth $100 in value. If you can do the things above and find rental properties that will refinance for way more than the cost of buying them and fixing them up, you can add SIGNIFICANT value to what you offer as a wholesaler.
  10. Do all the above or call the advisory line to learn how to do all the above and you can make what other successful wholesalers are making doing what is called the BRRR System of Wholesaling (Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Refinance). There are wholesalers who make anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 doing the BRRR System and don’t use any of their own money.
  11. Every one of you reading this has “all-you-can-eat” coaching help on the advisory line. Let us help you learn how to do this so you can make the long-dollar!
  12. Are you willing to learn how the numbers work? Spreadsheets to help you zero in on the values are included with this article! A website you can visit to learn how to use these spreadsheets is also included with this article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h7QmhFO3EI&t=2s