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We believe that our students should experience an education program which incentivizes them to act on what they learn.

Tuition Reimbursement

You won’t see tuition reimbursed in traditional education.

We want you to have another reason to work for a positive ROI. We believe that our students should experience an education program which incentivizes them to act on what they learn. To help our students maximize their learning potential as well as put our education platform to the test, we offer tuition reimbursement.

We promise and affirm you, whether you are a Real Estate Education Workshop or a Stock Market Workshop student, if you act on what was taught in the workshop, we will refund a portion or up to 100% of your tuition.

Why, you might ask, would we be willing to reimburse our customers when they use our products and actually do deals? We are an education company. We believe if you have a good educational experience with us, take action, and see the benefits of our ongoing education and support you will continue on with some of our advanced products, tools and services.

How to get tuition reimbursed for:

  • Learn:

    1) Attend each day of the Stock Market Workshop. Please be sure to sign in for each Workshop day.

  • 2) View each of the online training courses found within your Education Center account and complete the assessment with a pass rate of at least 70%. Assessment may be taken multiple times until 70% is achieved.

  • Practice:

    3) Complete 20 paper trades with at least 10 of those being options trades.

  • Trade:

    4) Complete 20 live options and/or stock trades within 60 days of completing the Workshop. A “Trade” is defined as any buy or sell transaction of an option or stock (paper trades do not qualify). The aggregated trade volume, as defined as total funds traded in and/or through the account during the 60-day trade period immediately following the workshop, must be equal to $1000 ($50 average per trade).

Students who have Received Tuition Reimbursement

DISCLAIMER: Tuition reimbursement is an incentive that is occasionally included in the purchase of an introductory training workshop. The terms and conditions of each tuition reimbursement incentive are unique and can be found on the certificate included in the relevant purchase. Customer stories and case studies of tuition reimbursement presented below are generally not incorporated into advertising and sales presentations. Customers represented herein purchased varying levels of education and training. Individual results vary and may not be typical. Results rely on individual effort, time, and skill of each customer, as well as market conditions and other factors. Outside of incentive programs such as tuition reimbursement, we are unable to track monetary results. Instead, we survey for customer satisfaction concerning the value of the education, training, support, and overall satisfaction. Survey respondents typically rate their experience of our products and services over 4.8/5. Survey results are comprised of an average rating across all products and services within a 12-month period. Some case studies may include representations regarding earnings, time, and effort. You should not view such representations as typical, common, or expected. Do not base a decision to purchase education and training on any tuition reimbursement story or case study.

(April 2016 - May 2018)

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