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    The incredible 3-day event is where students learn about advanced cash flow and wealth building strategies. All students will have the opportunity to network with others and get in-depth training.

    Buy and Hold (Rental) Properties

    Learn everything you need to know about buy and hold properties, such as where to buy, how to buy, and different strategies including full service and hands-off strategies.

    Commercial Deals

    Commercial deals focus primarily on apartment complexes and target high density areas, premier locations near universities, convient freeway access and are in strategic areas where competing properties have uniquely high tenancy rates.

    Investing in Developed Land Through “Land Banking”

    We walk you through where and how to invest, along with how to create amazing long-term returns through recognizing highly desired investment areas.

    Asset Protection

    Before you begin investing it’s critically important you learn how to protect your assets. We’ll help you accomplish this by starting with the correct way to set up your business strategies and give you a rock solid entity structure to protect your hard earned money.

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