Advanced Training

  • By partnering with Response and our Next Level training, you’ll have access to great educational resources and materials. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring you are making the correct investment choices and decisions. We’d be one of the first who admit that without support, investing can be overwhelming with all the laws, regulations, guidelines, contacts… however, with our advisory support and resource lines, you can call any time during our regular business hours to get any of your questions answered.

    Members of the Inner Circle and Protégé teams have positioned themselves to receive training from our top trainers, along with the systems and tools they’ve invested years perfecting. Being a member of the Inner Circle and Protégé Team means you get access to:

    • Multi-week customized training experience for individual students.
    • One-on-one relationship with a personal trainer to customize and accelerate the learning curve.
    • Full access to our Education Center and the world class curriculum it contains.

    Meet Our Team Leaders


    For 10+ years, Cameron has been trading and investing in the financial market. After actively trading within the market for years, he had the opportunity to share his story and path with new investors. His extensive knowledge of stock options has become his vehicle of choice for building wealth.

    He has worked as an educator and trainer for Investools, EduTrades, Tigrent Learning and Traders Edge Network. While he works with traders of all types, he particularly enjoys helping new traders begin their journey to become independent investors.


    Born and raised in a small southwest Wyoming town, Casey Poppinga developed a competitive spirit and passion for athletics at a young age. Upon graduating from high school, he accepted a football scholarship to the University of Wyoming. Two years later he transferred to Utah State University where he completed his college career playing tight end. He followed that up with two years in the National Football League.

    When Casey’s football career ended he returned to Utah State and completed his master’s in business administration (MBA). He was soon hired as a real estate consultant by our organization. Over the last several years he’s had the opportunity to personally mentor some of the organization’s most successful students. Most notably, he was the personal mentor of Matt Larson, a former machine shop operator who has since built a real estate empire.

    Not only has Casey mentored many students he’s also a very successful real estate investor in his own right. He currently maintains a portfolio of rental properties in Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois. In addition, he continues to buy, fix, and sell several single-family residences each year. He also does hard money loans for other real estate investors. Casey loves spending his free time with his family. Together they enjoy camping, water skiing, snow skiing, river rafting, and hunting.

    Meet The Team

  • Before our mentors and trainers are hired they must be active in real estate and meet certain professional requirements. Each mentor and trainer that becomes a part of our team is held to the highest standards in the industry and must maintain a minimum level of activity to continue working with us.

    Meet our Trainers

    Real Estate Trainer Requirements


    • Active Investor – Deals Before Hiring
    • Clean Background Checks
    • College Degree
    • Industry Experience
    • Licensed RE Agent


    • 5+
    • 2+ Years
    • 3+ Years

    ** These hiring requirements are used in the recruitment of new mentors and trainers for our team.


    • 3 Deals ( Anually )
    • Active Real Estate License
    • Annual Product Testing
    • Quarterly Product Testing
    • Student Feedback/Survey Scores


    • 93%
    • 90%
    • 4.7 (5.0)
      Stock Trainer Requirements


    • Years in the industry
    • Years of trading stock and options experience
    • Active trading account
    • Clean Background check
    • Experienced educator


    • 5+
    • 2+
    • 2+

    ** All mentors and trainers on our team must meet these requirements and expectations to continue working as a trainer or mentor.


    • Trades a year
    • Quarterly testing
    • Student surveys/feedback
    • Expert with research/trading platform
    • Appropriate license


    • 12+
    • 90%
    • 4.5+
    • Series 3

    ** All mentors and trainers on our team must meet these requirements and expectations to continue working as a trainer or mentor.

  • support

    Inner Circle and Protégé team have exclusive and direct access to our customer service through the Advisory Line.

    These experts are available 60 hours a week and are accessible by phone or email.

    Their purpose is to provide continued support and accountability to ensure each student success!


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