The TLC Your Garage Deserves

The TLC Your Garage Deserves

The first part of your home you step foot in is most likely the one you give the least attention to. This first impression of your home can not only have a strong psychological effect on your personal mood and perspective, but it can also equate to more tangible damage, in the form of diminishing financial value. That is why 82% of 500 realtors surveyed stated that a disorganized and messy garage has a considerably negative impact on potential home buyers (Braun Research survey). Here, we examine a few of the most common long-term effects of a neglected garage and how we can begin to quickly address them while transforming your garage into a portion of your home you want to show off.


Cracks in flooring

One of the most common issues that arise in a garage are cracks in the flooring. We’ve almost accepted them as inevitable, but the truth is they don’t have to be. Cracks in the floor are most commonly caused by things like shrinkage, settlement and exposure to cold and frost. They also have real effects and are subject to regulation, as demonstrated in industry standards manuals everywhere. The real issue with cracks is the extra damage caused by water seeping into them followed by freezing occurring in the winter time, which can cause expansion and excess pressure against the garage slab. This can lead to excess cracking and heaving. Try to eliminate exacerbating these cracks by utilizing a garage floor mat in your garage.


Staying organized

The clutter overflows, spring time comes around, and we finally decide to spend a day solely devoted to cleaning out the garage. The only problem is, this is a band aid on a larger issue, as next spring we will be doing the same thing. Sound familiar? One way to help with this is installing garage organizers. Purchasing some storage shelves and cabinets go a surprisingly long way in keeping your garage clean and clutter free. Just having the ability to put items away in a specific place instead of stacking them on top of each other leads to a more habitual upkeep of your garage, ensuring it stays organized.


Outdated or broken garage door openers

As with all technology in the last two decades, developments have been consistent and continuous. A unique issue has risen with garage doors, as they aren’t as easily replaceable as an iPhone or a pair of headphones. They also aren’t anywhere near the top of our list – until they are. Having an updated and fully functional garage door system is a necessity in this market, and goes a long way as far as presentation. They are after all, one of the most frequently used doors in the home.


You’ll find it surprising how tending to just these three simple aspects of your garage can be completely transformative. Potential buyers will see your house as much more valuable, and you’ll also feel significantly better as you return home every day. You may even be able to make it to the door without having to avoid stepping on any old toys or furniture