The Modern Real Estate Agent

Real estate investing is a fast-growing industry. Although it’s quite risky because it involves investing a large amount of money without a guarantee of your investment’s return, it still dominates a big percentage of the investment industry. One of the many reasons why this industry has been steadily growing is because it has become easier for agents and investors with the help of technology. Like many others, the use of modern tools has been widespread in the real estate industry. In this article, you’ll find a few of the many useful modern tools you can utilize to become a modern real estate agent.

In this industry, it is necessary to have a wide network of contacts. They may be experienced real estate agents who can be your mentors, investors who can be your clients in commercial real estate, or someone else. The list can go on and on that your phone’s memory might not be enough! This is why you should use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System like Zoho or Hubspot. These do more than just store your contact list — they manage it. Hubspot can be connected to your Gmail account. CRMs help track and manage your communication with your current and potential clients.

Another dilemma you might need to find a solution for is the wasted time going back and forth to set a meeting with someone. Use a calendar to store your appointment schedules so you don’t forget your meetings or calls. Google Calendar is a simple but very useful option, though there are a lot to choose from on the Web. You might also want to consider using a scheduler. A good example is YouCanBookMe. It’s an online manager linked to your calendar that allows anyone (with the link) to book an appointment with you. It then automatically shows which dates/times are open and directly syncs in with your calendar. Never miss an appointment again!

And, in case you are part of a small group of agents that wish to share tasks, Trello is a great solution for your task management needs. You can assign tasks, keep track of their progress, and even communicate with your teammates using this tool. There are a lot of tools you can use. You just have to find the best ones that fit your business needs.