The “How” of Financing

The “How” of Financing

The investment world is full of would-be investors tying to find their way in the real estate investing world and most investors have a goal of purchasing properties.  These purchases can be for a buy then hold strategy or a buy then fix and sell strategy.

A large number of investors, in the beginning, particularly, do not feel they have the financing or the capabilities to purchase real estate investments.  They may feel they cannot use their own financing to purchase or more commonly feel they do not have the financial knowledge, know-how or capabilities to invest in real estate.

The truth to anyone’s ability in purchasing real estate investments, at any stage in their career, is actually found in a quote:

“Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” — Norman Vincent Peale

To get out of the rut of the “financial inability woes” you need to start asking yourself one question each and every time you approach an investment opportunity.  That question is “how?”

Notice that the point is not, “I cannot so I must move on…” It is, “How?”   You are not limited when it comes to your answers.  The “How?” can come in any form as long as you are looking for the “How?”

You do not need to stay within the answers you received in school, from other investors, or from life experiences.  You can find ways to create opportunity for any real estate investment by asking “How?”

Next time you are facing a real estate investment opportunity, ask yourself “How?” “How do I purchase this?” “How do I afford this without money?” “How do I convince the buyer to work with me?” “How…?”  You may surprise yourself that you have found a way to invest, even when it did not seem possible.