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What Our Clients Are Saying

You can change your financial trajectory in ways you never dreamed possible, and we can help...but don’t take our word for it. We’ve asked some of our clients to tell you about partnering with us and implementing the strategies we work tirelessly to tailor to their needs. We’re passionate about the success of our customers! Their stories never cease to amaze and inspire us. Each journey is a process - not an event. That’s why we celebrate the steps, big and small, our customers are taking to reach their financial goals. We hope you’ll be inspired as you go through their stories. Remember, big dreams begin with small steps. And, sometimes it's the little things that matter most.

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"The whole workshop was well put together and hands on. I learned more about real estate the past 3 days than I have previously trying to learn on my own. Very pleased!"

- Kyle V.

"I am grateful for this opportunity and ready for the next stage of training I feel like I am ready for success."

- Marie A.

"I was so excited to attend this and fully expected that I could be doing into it with too high of expectations, turns out I was wrong. It was totally amazing. Thank you!"

- Heikel K.

"I am very impressed on how good of a job this company does on teaching!"

- Alfredo L.

"Absolutely loved the event! Andrew was so knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. Everything was so easy to understand. The entire staff was so nice and helpful as well."

- Brandi W.

"I’d like a whole semester of this... Invaluable information I’d learned just this weekend. i can’t wait to jump right in."

- Renee G.

"I was pleased to be around Randy and his professionalism. He was extremely informative and taught us how we are able to accomplish real estate through this training. Thank you for the training!! "

- Aarika G.

"Had an awesome time listening and learning with Jared. Would recommend this to anyone."

- Max V.

"Jared was very real! Very honest and up front. He was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry; patient with all questions and very helpful."

- Deana M.

"Great content. Great examples!"

- Dave S.

"Jared was very friendly and informative. He presented at the level that we all benefited from. He's fun to work with. Never a dull or boring moment."

- Beth C.

"I really feel I can do a complete transaction now."

- Robert E.

"This was great practical information, I liked having the opportunity to use the software a bit & make calls during the class. The instructors were willing to help before class & during the breaks. I found the one on one help before class valuable. I liked the 9-4 format so the day is not to long. I gave me time to process information the end if the day."

- Gayle H.

"It was awesome (lots of info) I'm definitely excited and looking very much forward applying all of this great and valuable info to my success. And looking forward seeing you again and working together. thank you very much."

- Victor L.

"Adam and Richard were both extremely knowledgeable and accessible. I learned so much in class and feel more confident to move forward."

- Jessica A.

"This class has taken a lot of the mystery out of the real estate business for me."

- Donald B.

"Great workshop with very practical information. Tools and tips to quickly evaluate rehab costs was very valuable. Good opportunity to network and lots of patience was exhibited by Jared in answering all of our questions."

- Karen S.

"Most valuable piece of into I learned was how to filter through MLS listings to narrow down search and make better use of my time."

- Michael D.

"Great energy, great info. I learned so much in 3 days I'm ready to get my 1st deals going."

- Chris D.

"The class was extremely informative. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in investing."

- Michelle T.

"Chris and Brandon were great, very professional, but at the same time very personable. Their presentation included many scenarios that derived from personal experience which made it beneficial. I would absolutely recommend others to attend training with them."

- Brenda A.

"This workshop definitely opened my eyes in buying and selling homes to make a profit even if I'm not a realtor."

- Ricardo G.

"Truly enjoyed to simplicity to the program. Instructors had a very easy approach to understand how to become successful as an RE Investor. Love the field trip to Lowes. Really got a clear picture on the walk through- what to look for. Thanks ... for sharing your knowledge for us to be in the game."

- Kathi G.

"I did learn quite a few things and would absolutely recommend this training to others!"

- Rachel U.

"well worth while even for an experienced investor."

- Howard U.

"Great hands on class putting everything together Ready to get some trades going in my TD account Looking forward to continuing my education! Nate was great! Knowledgeable & approachable Thank you. "

- Lisa G.

"Joel & Curtis were awesome. Looking forward to our Utah trip. Joel did your wife approve your light green shirt for your suit? Great Lab! "

- George G.

"Information covered thoroughly, presented info in a logical progression."

- Kerry R.

"I found this class to be very educational. I feel much better about trading options at this time."

- Lance P.

"Joel was extremely knowledgeable. The information provided was invaluable. Location was great. "

- John S.

"Getting right into trades the first day was great. Timed stock find/build exercises were excellent the booklet is a valuable resource. Assistance setting up paper accounts was beneficial. The class location was excellent free parking great room to close restaurants this was fun."

- Cynthia M.

"This is my third TM Lab & all were exceptional. Great to hear different instructor & perspectives. Joel really made things finally click for me. Both he and Curtis were really helpful. Great training!! "

- Mardi A.

"Joe was very good instructor, the information was very valuable. I enjoyed the visit to Home depot and visiting the house I thought this was very important. There was a lot of information to retain so hopefully it will be good thank you."

- Sally R.

"Coming into this I didn't know a thing about wholesaling, contracts, flipping and real estate. Being able to call numbers gave me more knowledge than what i thought I'd get. Joe was great at explaining things step by step."

- Nicole I.

"Came into this training knowing zero about investing in Real estate. I now feel 100% I can absolutely do this. Great 3 day training "

- Jose I.

"These three day provided very valuable information to better understand how to get through the process of wholesale business. More over the actual real world experience of the speaker was invaluable. Joe was very knowledgeable about local/state trends and what works or does not work. That is of immense value."

- Efrain S.

"Being former educator, we must say Joe is an exemplary teacher and knows the material like the back of his hand. I wish I could take his class again. Please continue to have Joe educate because his technique and style fits the majority of population. Plus, hes funny."

- Anne W.

"I really like to feel that the person teaching really knows practice and experience the content for themselves and I think is the pin point tho he is very straight forward and worst with answering questions. Great job!"

- Amos T.

"Constantly engaged in the program, no down time. That's good."

- Enos T.

"I enjoyed hearing about the personal experiences of the trainers along with their tips on how they make deals work for them."

- Andrea C.

"This class was very informative and helpful for the start up of my business. Both Charlie and Greg were detailed and took time to answer we understood."

- Pam T.

"My brain is about to explode!! Lots of information to digest. I am excited about getting started on the First Day of the Rest of my Life! No where but UP from here."

- Carla S.

"I'm truly blown away at how much I learned over the last three days. Jeff completely met all of the objectives of this training. As an elementary school teacher, I never thought that real estate was something I would be a part of, even more so investing! Thank you Jeff for being a part of making my goals become a reality."

- Jacqueline Z.

"Jeffrey was a great instructor. He made sure you were very clear what to expect. he gave me the confidence I needed to get started whole selling properties. He gave very good direction and walked us through a step by step process to achieve success! I highly recommend this BOG to any new investor."

- Abdul M.

"Jeff Jensen was a great instructor. He explained everything in great details. I felt that he cared for us to learn what he was teaching. I learned a lot and feels more confident about this new adventure as I am brand new to Real Estate investing."

- Glenda D.

"My comfort and confidence strengthened once I called the Realtors and Buyers. Obviously with all of Jeff’s knowledge and guidance gave me peace of mind going to see my 1st property on my own the morning of the final day of the workshop. The walk through and understanding how to run the numbers with the math shortcut was extremely helpful feeling competent and credible when talking to Realtors."

- Todd H.

"Jared was an excellent speaker and gave all his time even during lunch. He was fun, engaging, and I feel he really cared about us! Johns and Karen were also amazing. Thank you so much!"

- Bernard G.

"The class was extremely informative. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in investing."

- Chris D.

"Mike was very helpful & patient! Thanks so much. "

- Marie R.

"Analogies were very good. Helped make it understandable. Feeling more success. Find some trades & put them in the system "

- Joan D.

"Very knowledgeable! Thank you! "

- Jessica W.

"Thanks for your time and sharing so valuable information. "

- Gustavo P.

"Nate was a great teacher and we look forward to learning more from him in the future. thank for everything & god bless "

- Debbie P.

"Excellent info! Lots of interesting facts thanks so so much good stuff!! "

- Debbie D.

"Small class and slower pace was a big help. Individual help is much appreciated. Don't let him retire!"

- Philomene R.

"Really enjoyed learning deeper thought processes into options trading. the math behind the trades has made me understand the process much better. I look forward to learning and practicing more as I prepare to trade live in the market."

- Brent T.

"Trade masters excels with support for members. Everyone I have met from Trade Masters has been courteous, professional and knowledgeable."

- Mary P.

"Steve is a great instructor!! He shows great patience and a willingness to take the time to insure you have grasped the understanding needed to complete the task."

- Richard T.

"I loved Steve as a trainer. He was patient, clear (articulate), and easy to understand. His review of the concepts made them easy to understand. I would gladly take other labs he teaches."

- Danay M.

"A very enjoyable experience. Lots of learning and hands on experience. I feel confident I can do everything in the class."

- Brady O.

"I appreciated all the extra handouts and extra knowledge Jason provided. More than willing to answer any questions or explain anything that didn't make sense the first time."

- Chuck S.

"I have been in the banking business for years and this seems to be the best I have encountered and John is at the top of my list."

- David K.

"Eddie is fantastic. I would recommend his course to anyone wanting to further their knowledge in option trading."

- Michael L.

"Speakers made sure we understood the subject being discussed. Exceeded my expectations of investing."

- Debra P.

"Simplifying the repair costs were the most valuable to me. Going to Home Depot was also very helpful & actually walking through properties. I would recommend this to anyone."

- Jody P.

"Jeff Jansen delivered an incredible amount of content in a very small amount of time. He speaks with precision, clarity and absolute confidence. This education is worth multiple, multiples of the investment. I came in utterly unsure of how to create an offer, find buyers and select properties. I haven't even left the training and have already made my first offer."

- Christopher R.

"Mike is such a professional. Very methodical and deliberate in his teaching. ... impressive and bright instruction in control of the money flow."

- Christian E.

"Very informative, and material presented was presented in a useful manner- This was more than I expected and keeps to get motivated- Greg was a great speaker and educator!"

- Marilyn D.

"Very informative, expands on past experiences. Instructors are clear and helpful. Information and techniques save time in analyzing properties, building list of cash buyers, opens up door to new deals, which we never thought about before."

- Lang M.

"This course was fantastic, and Greg took a very genuine interest in each of us and our specific goals!"

- Brandon J.

"Covered a lot of information very patient with all of the people. I found they were very honest and wanted everyone to succeed."

- Patricia L.