Supercharging Your Marketing Efforts

Supercharging Your Marketing Efforts

It is actually very easy to supercharge your marketing. However, you must first realize that anything you do to get deals is marketing! Anything you do to get and keep buyers is marketing.

The first concept to understand is that marketing isn’t about you! It may be about marketing you, but it just isn’t about you. Probably, the most supercharged element to marketing is to care more about your customers than your deals.

There are three ways to reach people in our marketing efforts. First, we can meet with them in person. Second, we can reach them by phone. Finally, we can use advertisements, signs, email or even direct mail to reach out and touch these people. All these methods have their place, and we tend to use all of them from time to time. Further, each can offer synergy to the other. Your mission here is to discover and use better marketing than what is typically used by most people.

Suppose you are planning on visiting people directly to get started. Instead of just calling people one at a time, going to an investor club meeting is a more supercharged marketing technique because a lot of the people you want to meet will be there. You will find that buyers, sellers, lenders, agents and even investors often attend these meetings. You can meet and develop relationships with more key people at a club and in much less time than just hitting the streets. This is one example of supercharged marketing. Hence, you would be wise to hold off on going out and calling people one at a time until you know the people or have had an introduction. Not only is cold calling inefficient, but it can be disheartening, especially if you struggle meeting new people.

Calling people directly on the phone can be supercharged by zeroing in and calling only those you specifically need. For example, when calling real estate agents, you may want to seek out just those agents who either already own rental properties or who buy and sell properties like we do because they are more likely to be willing and able to help. You can find these people by calling real estate brokerages and seeking out either the broker or the office manager to help you zero in on the “investor-friendly” agents described.

Using direct mail advertising can be very expensive. However, this can become very effective. You can supercharge your efforts by compiling and mailing to lists that target specific individuals that most likely want what you are offering. For example: landlords. They are easy to find. They put up signs. They advertise on the Internet and in newspapers and in “For Rent Magazines.” Creating a list of just those owners who own multiple properties can supercharge your results. Having proven scripts and templates can also help supercharge your efforts. The following script has received from 5- 9% callbacks when sent as a letter by me, and many students as well. But this script can be used over the phone or in person as well:

Letter to Cash Buyers:

I noticed you have bought some properties in Your City, Your State. Like yourself, I am an investor. Hence, this letter. I just thought maybe I might have some properties you might want or perhaps you have something I should buy from you.

Not sure this is a fit, but I would enjoy getting to know you and see if we couldn’t be of value to each other. I can be reached:


Ted Wood

Cell: 666.666.6666


Real estate investing is a business that can be supercharged by developing close personal relationships. To develop profitable relationships you need to be like-able, but you can’t care about being liked. Anyone who is too sensitive to push-back from others is going to find out how quickly push-back turns into being pushed around.

By calling the advisory line and listening to your coaches you can quickly learn how to make your business bloom through supercharging your marketing efforts.