Will you be successful?

A Tale of Two Students

Both attended the same training-but each had
dramatically different results.

Not long ago, two people attended the same level of training sponsored by Response, albeit in separate cities. One lived in Ontario, Canada, the other in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They sat in the same kinds of educational sessions. They heard the same information from our speakers. And they walked out with the same resource materials and support.

What happened next illustrates an essential difference in why our training works—and, frankly, why it doesn’t. If you read the following stories closely, you’ll discover the secret of our student’s success. One took action, and one did not.

Let’s meet our Canadian student. We’ll call him “Frank.” He attended the real estate training and became interested in the idea of finding properties with hidden potential, fixing them up, and then renting those properties to others. This creates cash flow, pays the mortgage, and builds up value for the future. (Once paid off, a property can often be sold for a profit. If held, value increases and rental profits become a nice income stream.)

Frank, however, wanted to expand his horizons beyond his hometown. He did some research, and settled on the Milwaukee area—the same place where our other student, “Ernie,” lived.

Frank took what he learned at our events, and he went to work: Utilizing the support team at Response, he found a realtor who could help him locate useful properties to consider. He also found a contractor to help with the renovations, many of which were minor and/or cosmetic. And he found a

reliable property manager to make sure only quality tenants would occupy his property.

(Financing wasn’t a hassle for Frank. As we explain in the training, there are many ways to get good financing on good deals.)

Frank found what he was searching for. In fact, he found two great properties (going on five)! Today, they are renovated and rented, delivering monthly income with bright prospects for the future. And Frank’s getting ready to “flip” his current deal and clear an exciting profit. Making any amount of money on a real estate deal could be a nice payday for just about anyone.

What happened to Ernie? Well, not much. Even though he lives in the town Frank targeted, Ernie didn’t take action. He got caught up in his day-to-day existence, and while he may have thought of doing something to jump into the game, thinking was about all he did.

Not surprisingly, Ernie never found any of the properties Frank did. He never got the financing he could have easily arranged. And Ernie never achieved the personal freedom he’s been looking for so earnestly.

Instead, Ernie will tell folks how much of a “disappointment” his training was.

Do you see the difference between Frank and Ernie? I’ll bet you do: Frank attended the training, took it to heart, rolled up his sleeves and got busy. That work, that effort, has paid off for Frank (and for many like him) in moving closer towards financial independence and security in a changing world.

Ernie, however, represents a tiny (but often vocal) percentage of our students. He may have thought other folks would do all the work for him. Or that simply possessing the information found in our training would immediately produce income. Similar to a college education, students need to go to class, study hard, and apply what they learn, if they want a profitable career. Chances are you know someone who paid a bunch of money to go to school but later gave up and dropped out, or didn’t follow through with their chosen career. It’s not much different in life—those who are successful are committed and take action.

Success in any endeavor depends on preparation, performanceand…persistence.

Success in any endeavor depends on preparation, performance and…persistence. We offer the preparation in the form of the most detailed, accessible and action-oriented programs out there. To be successful, you need to supply the drive and determination.

We support our students, who are our valued customers, in every way that we can. But at the end of the day, it’s up to each student to take what they learn and move forward with it. If you’re willing to put forth the effort, we’ll help you reach for the rewards!