Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?

The real estate industry can be very risky. Every move you make should be well-thought of. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll always have a list of things to consider. Just like when you plan to sell your property, one thing to consider is when you should or shouldn’t hire a real estate agent to assist you. And, it’s going to be a tough call.

Selling your home without an agent sounds both good and bad. It may be good in some ways because you will be able to save thousands of dollars by not paying the agent’s fee, you’ll be able to do the selling exactly your way, and you’ll have complete control over everything from planning to closing. On the other hand, not having an agent that is knowledgeable in business and in real estate can hinder your real estate career and cause you to waste money in the long run.

Going solo in the selling process can make you ask these questions:

  1. Has the real value of your home been determined? It’s hard to do it yourself, especially if it’s your first time and you’re unaware of how to price a house. This may lead you to either overprice or underprice your property, and you may eventually end up with little to no income in return.
  2. Are you willing to add to your workload just to take care of this? You might already have a lot of things going on and putting this task on your shoulders might add another burden.
  3. Also, during showings or visits, are you willing to entertain potential buyers and screen them yourself? This may sound like an easy thing to do but it’s not. You’ll have to be very careful and observant so you can identify which buyers are good and have high potential.

Before coming up with a decision, you should weigh the pros and cons. Do not rush to conclusions. Do research and seek understanding before taking an action.