Response Adds New Advisory Board

Response’s greatest assets are its customers. Given this, Response created a customer advisory board, giving Response customers a powerful collaborative platform to influence Response’s instruction. Within the advisory board are sub-committees focusing on specific interest areas. Through this collaboration, Response can pro-actively align and effectively build the products, tools, and curriculum needed to help our customers succeed. For example, Response is in the process of rolling out a new Real Estate curriculum. To ensure curriculum alignment with customer needs and industry trends, Response’s instructional designer and management team is working closely with an advisory board sub-committee to explore and test the new curriculum’s learning effectiveness. Through this process, Response will get direct customer feedback, prior to releasing the new curriculum to a wider customer base. There are currently 1500 Real Estate and Stock advisory board members. If you are interested in being an advisory board member, would like to know what the respective requirements are, and/or want to apply for an annual speaker opportunity, please visit