Reality TV vs. Real Life Fix and Flips

I really love golf. I used to watch it on TV all the time. Then I decided to take it up. Wow, what a wakeup call. It is a lot harder than it looks, and I need to practice all the time. Why do I tell you this? Well, reality fix and flip shows are a lot like golf. It looks easy and fun on TV but in real life it is serious work! The popularity of these shows has brought a lot of newbies to the business that get frustrated quickly because things do not go as planned. The shows mislead people into thinking it is so easy. Although this business can be lucrative, you need to understand how things work. Let’s go over what I feel are the missing links for people getting started in this business.

  • It’s all about the numbers: The TV shows only show the basic numbers on a deal and make their profits look so big. What they fail to tell you is how much investors must pay back to their hard moneylenders. This cost is known as holding cost, which also includes insurance on the property while it’s being fixed up. So, the bottom line might be shown on TV as $60k in profit, but it might actually be $30k. That is still a good profit but maybe not to everyone.
  • It takes time: Trust me, finding deals takes time and a lot of searching. You don’t get every deal you make offers on. The shows make it look easy to find a deal, look at it, and get an offer accepted. Well, in real life, you will probably get 1 out of every 25 offers you make.
  • It’s scripted: Most importantly remember you are watching a show and it is scripted. The way they find the house, do the bidding, complete the rehab — it’s all for your enjoyment. Real life will have twist and turns that are more outrageous than what you see on TV.

If you are serious about getting into real estate investing, go to a local real estate club to talk to investors and visit with a local realtor who works with investors. Educate yourself on the industry and the processes. Prepare yourself for this business. If done right it can give you great results and even change your life.