Real Estate and a Magnifying Glass

Real Estate and a Magnifying Glass

In real estate investing there is a tendency to jump from one subject of training to another or from one geographical area to another with the expectation that “the grass is greener” on the other side.

It is often very tempting to think that where you are investing is not the best or where you are putting your efforts is not the best.  Often, this feeling is because, if you are like me, you compare yourself to other investors that have been in real estate for years and have carved their niche with hours and hours of specific work.

Comparing yourself to others, working in multiple areas, jumping areas and working multiple training directions can really slow your business.

I suggest, heavily suggest, you pick one, yes one, geographical area and work one training direction in that area to get the fastest results for your business.

To help explain that idea I want to talk about a magnifying glass:

  • Magnifying glasses can be used to … well … magnify items, or, what little boys use them for: burn things.
  • When a magnifying glass is used to burn things, the energy from the sun is focused to a fine point and, in fact, the finer the point or focus, the faster things burn when under the magnifying glass. 
  • However, if the focus point is spread or unfocussed, the speed of the fire decreases because the energy of the sun has been spread.
  • Once a fire has been started, you can move the energy without fear of the item you are burning going out.

The real estate investing business is no different than a magnifying glass.  If you work two geographical areas, then you have spread the energy or focus of your business and slowed your ability to “burn” quickly.  Though there are hundreds of methods for purchasing real estate, you can imagine that the more methods or trainings you implement, the less focus you have and the slower your business runs.

After you have successfully created a business in one area and with a specific method or training, you can move your energy.  It is a lot easier to move areas or work on other methods once the “fire” of success is burning.

Focusing energy in your real estate business can help you succeed or “burn” quickly.