Real Estate Investing and Technology

Real Estate Investing and Technology

There was a day when real estate investing was done in person with carbon copy contracts. Just imagine working with a 25:1 acceptance ratio and having to go out and visit each and every property. That was the day where your CRM or lead data base consisted of a three-ring binder or notebook. This process was long and very drawn out, especially in comparison to today.

By simply logging in on the internet you are now able to access a sea of leads and knowledge. Anywhere from pre-foreclosure leads to probate or FSBO. You can also access the processes and information to help walk you through any of these transactions.

You are now able to view homes through pictures provided from online listings. You are able to run your numbers and submit your offers via phone or email.

Marketing online allows you the opportunity to reach out to a larger group of individuals and even customize it to be more direct. Don’t get me wrong, good old door hangers are still a great option, they just take a lot of time and online allows for you to keep marketing even when working on other things. This is a great and healthy form of multi-tasking.

There are tools and resources like software and programs that can be used to help with the process as well, whether it be evaluating a deal or simply data or lead organization. The number of apps that are geared towards this profession are amazing. Apps as simple as a mileage tracker can save an investor loads of time and energy that can now be used for other things.

Technology has made it so that you can invest remotely, or even simply just at home in your jammies at two in the morning. The way technology is changing this field of work is absolutely amazing and I only see it continuing to grow and continue to get better over time.