Imagine having the power...

…to anticipate opportunities BEFORE they become visible to everyone else.

Imagine having the power to anticipate opportunities BEFORE they become visible to everyone else.

Imagine no more. At Response, our sophisticated online tools make the invisible highly visible.

Key features of Real Estate Elite:

Real Estate Pro Features – (Features available from Pro)

  • Property Search Details
  • Lead Pipes – Cash Buyers, Pre-Foreclosure Leads, Foreclosure Leads
  • Contact Management and CRM
  • Deal Analyzer

Ryan C.

“Response provided me and my wife with the tools and knowledge to keep moving forward. They changed my life.”

Deal Analyzer

Make educated offers every time and dispense of all the guessing that would be involved in every deal. You tell us what you know about a property and we’ll tell you if it’s a good deal by providing you with an estimated net profit and ROI (Return On Investment).

Shalene P.

“The experience I had at Response was unique and genuine. We're passionate about doing well, and we feel Response has helped us accomplish that.”

Lead Pipes

Nationwide lead lists made on demand and searchable by state and county to create targeted lists that feed your real estate investing business and jumpstart your marketing campaigns. Our leads are refreshed with our data provider automatically! As soon as new information hits the county records, we have it.

Catherine M.

“Response has impressed me in so many ways. I feel extremely confident to be supported, taught, and trained by them.”

Repair Estimator & Rehab Planner

Create a custom plan for your rehab or use our rehab template. Create a quick, professional repair estimate for each property.

Chrystal G.

“We were looking for something we could do to supplement our careers. This training, through Response, has helped us gain skills and insight- everything is becoming more and more clear. It has been outstanding and Response has gone above and beyond to help us with our financial situation. They care about our success.”