Nursing Home Bird Dogs

Building a team of bird dogs is a great way to get deals done quickly and with more ease. One market I found that has been overlooked is adult dare facilities, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and active adult communities. Do a quick google search for these senior living properties in your area.
The way I see it is this, when a senior citizen needs to make changes to their living situation, they will talk to the executive director of a facility to get information about the specific facility’s cost, amenities, services and so forth. They will then budget because Medicare and Medicaid do not cover these costs for them. These administrators will know if the possible client has a property to sell off to help pay for the cost of the facility. This is where you would come in.
I would encourage you to talk face to face with the executive director in charge of admissions and let them know that you are a real estate investor who can buy properties quickly and with cash from their possible clients. You’ll want to ask them for leads to anyone who has a property to sell. This way you can go to the homeowner, or their heirs directly, and work out a deal. If you make a deal happen, then offer the administrator a referral fee, cash at closing. I usually give $1,000 referral fees, but the price is totally up to you. If your offer does not conflict with their business interest, they should be willing to work with you.
Now you are building a captive audience as your bird dogs. Seek out as many of these types of facilities and market to them all. Build your business with leverage — and this is a good type of leverage.