Non-Traditional Education

What Type of Financial Training Will Work Best for You?

If you’re considering joining us in our decidedly, non-traditional educational program, congratulations! Being open to new ways of learning, and to learning new skills, are both great assets.

And if you’re wondering whether you can learn better on a traditional college campus or via the Response system, consider these points when making a decision:

Traditional colleges and universities are grade-oriented. That’s not a bad thing, of course. We all want to earn high grades, and we certainly hope our children will excel in school at every level. But ask yourself: Am I studying personal financial courses just to gain a certificate or a diploma? To earn a spot on the Dean’s List? Or, do I want my training to have a positive impact on my investment bottom line?

Our non-traditional program is geared towards mature investors. And we mean “mature,” not “ancient”! We’re here to help you learn exactly the skills and approaches needed to safeguard what you’ve accumulated, manage your money wisely, and plan for your future. We’re not teaching theories disconnected from the real world. Indeed, that “real world” is where our instructors live, and invest, every single day. Let the other guys hang out in an ivory tower.

Traditional colleges and universities are time-limited. If you sign up for classes at traditional schools, you’ll have times in which you just have to be there. Chalk up enough absences, and you’ll have problems! While our three-day retreat seminar has a set schedule, we make our knowledge available in an asynchronous format you can access at any time. It’s built around your needs.

Our non-traditional program can respond rapidly to changing events. We’re constantly updating our material, noting changes in markets and methods. There’s no prolonged review process before we can bring new information to you. Our online resources also assure you of a way to get new data quickly.

Traditional colleges and universities teach to a syllabus. Again, that’s not a bad thing, per se. But the structure of these schools is designed to focus on a core curriculum and the syllabus outlining each course. How practical those courses are, how much they apply to the real world – those are open questions in many circumstances, as you might remember from your own high school and college days.

Our non-traditional program is structured to produce real-world results. We’re not teaching to entertain, or to demonstrate you’ve received a given level of book learning. We’re here to educate you for your future. In fact, our success lies not in receiving some publication’s “top school” rating, but rather in helping you achieve your financial goals and gaining even more personal security. Those are tangible results that mean more than a magazine’s gold star!
We support and endorse traditional education for what it offers to those who need or want its benefits. But when you are looking to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the financial world, consider our non-traditional program. You’ll have the opportunity to earn much more than a piece of paper to hang on your wall!

Let RESPONSE take you through a higher-level of wealth education.