New Construction Must Knows

New Construction Must Knows

Have you ever dreamed of building your own home? Today’s market has allowed many to make that dream possible. That means your dream could become a reality sooner than you imagined. New construction is much more accessible when remembering the following three things.

It’s actually quite simple. First is that new construction homes may not be listed on the MLS. Most builders employ their own sales reps that stay on site. This means that the best way to find new construction might be to actually take a drive out to where you are looking to build and see if there are any billboards or signs advertising new subdivisions in the area.

Second, new homes are often sold before they are built. This allows future homeowners to customize the home to their liking. Builders will usually build a couple of model homes that they will stage to help the retail buyer get a general feel for what the home will be like once finished. This helps homeowners feel more secure and visualize the end product.

Lastly, first buyers have a better chance at getting a discount. When a project kicks off, builders want the homes in the area they are building to look extremely desirable. If the builder can say they have 10 homes under contract in a couple of months, that can help motivate future buyers because it looks like a high demand area. Usually builders will build in phases as well. This allows them to get a feel for the market and raise prices as the area appreciates. Discounts can be in the form of upgrades. Most builders will prefer to give an upgrade over a discount on the purchase price so the property or sale values in the area are not affected.

To close, remember that builders don’t have any emotions attached to their properties. They didn’t raise kids there and they don’t have memories fogging what they think the homes are worth. They are simply worried about spreadsheets and if the project will succeed. New construction is a great opportunity in today’s market. Let’s start making your realty dreams a reality.