Negative Comments Should Never Define Your Financial Destiny!

Negative Comments Should Never Define Your Financial Destiny!

Life is difficult especially if you allow negativity to control your actions.  Far too often, we allow people’s opinions to define our expectations.  This is also true in the real estate investing world. As Response’s Director of Real Estate Education, I am constantly made aware of negative comments that can derail a blossoming real estate career.

In our world of high-speed Internet and with the growth of social media, it is easy to lose focus and get distracted from your personal financial goals.  This sometimes occurs when family, friends, or associates question your financial decisions.    If you allow these uninformed opinions to control your actions, you might soon doubt your decision to change your financial future using Response’s powerful training, tools, and resources.

Recently I had the opportunity of attending an NBA playoff game with several of my close friends.  While there, we talked about which Hall of Fame Players had influenced basketball the most.  Before the discussion ended, we had moved the conversation to the basketball players who had most impacted our lives.  After listening to my friends give their opinions, I said that Michael Jordan was the most influential player in my life.  When asked why, I responded with a quote from Michael Jordan himself.  He said, “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”

This is especially true in the real estate field and establishing personal financial goals.  When your friends and associates offer ill-informed negative comments, they strike right at your emotional center.  Regardless of the fact that the negative comments are generally based on rumors and falsehoods, they can have an impact on your real estate decisions.  Perhaps you are ready to make that first offer, but your brother-in-law offers the comment that he read several negative comments online about investing in real estate education.  What do you do?

Let me give you a three-step process to keep you centered on real estate success.  First, and most important, you need to ignore mean-spirited feedback and responses based on false information.  Consider the comment of your “brother-in-law” about negative feedback he saw online.  Remember that comments found online are only opinions  and are often based on faulty or missing information.

The second step is to re-commit to working toward your personal goals.  You made the decision to pursue real estate education as a vehicle to achieve your financial objectives.  This education can change your life, but a specific action plan must be included with those goals.  So, step back and take concrete action to convert your education into a roadmap for financial success.

Step three Share your dreams with like-minded people.  It is critical that you associate with people who have a positive attitude.  These are the people who will rejoice in your success as you move forward.

Real estate investing is a key to wealth.  Andrew Carnegie said it best when he stated, “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”  Unfortunately, there are many people who have not come to this same conclusion.  When they offer negative comments and try to influence you to abandon your real estate goals, they are not your friends.  They are not your supporters.  Take their advice for what it is worth – nothing.  Your financial future is in your hands.  Negative comments should never define your financial destiny.