Monthly Summary Report – October 2019

In October, the website featured 8,296 written testimonials, an increase of 655 testimonials over the month of August.

These comments come in many different forms, most of them are taken off of the handwritten surveys collected at our 3-day sales and training events.

There are currently over 1,549 scanned surveys that were handwritten by customers and don’t have any of the comments redacted, 166 of which were added during the month of September. These survey cards can be viewed at

There are 829 video testimonials, including 157 premium professionally filmed and edited videos that can be viewed at As of October 31st, these videos had over 30,967 impressions. The premium videos are on the top of this page and you can see they were generally filmed in the office at Response.

You can also check out the 41 current ambassador profiles here, nine of which tell their experience in video interviews. In the coming months, you will see we will be adding more video interviews with each of these people telling their stories about their experience with Response.

Our advisory board members swelled from 2,859 in September to 2,955 by the end of October, and 119 with profiles and pictures. We are continuing to reach back to old members for updated profile pictures and profile details, all newly added advisory board members are coming with completed profiles and pics.

The website is averaging 4,408 new visitors each week, bringing the total weekly average pageviews to 32,589!

On the site, we showcase 773 clients who have submitted files for their Real Estate tuition reimbursements, 582 of those have been formed into summary baseball cards.

Done a Deal submissions are at 456, with 324 baseball card summaries.

As of today, there are 435 blog posts featuring articles about the real estate market and investment strategies, workshop event statistics including customer feedback, and community involvement events Response participated in.

We recently updated a number of trainer bios to include some “get to know you” info for the trainers on their profile in the form of a short video, you can see some of them here now, in the future we will continue to update these profiles and are hopeful to provide one of these videos for all of the team members on the site.

The website is continually evolving as we grow. The following pages have received updates: