Our trainers

The professionals you’ll work with and learn from—are not only among the best in the business, they also practice what they teach.

The professionals you’ll work with and learn from—are not only among the best in the business, they also practice what they teach. Each one of our advanced trainers is an active investor, each has passed a rigorous Response certification process, and many are licensed agents in either real estate or securities.

What does that mean for you?

You'll recieve knowledge

You'll recieve guidance

You'll recieve encouragement

Our people know what it’s like to put deals (or trades) together and take the risk. Not everyone can be a Response-certified trainer, but every client can benefit from their wisdom and experience.

Meet Your Trainers

At Response, we have extremely high standards for our trainers.

Why? Because they are entrusted with doing what’s best for you. That’s why we put every trainer through a rigorous certification process. What’s more, they have to be an active investor who is a seasoned expert in their respective field of investing.

Call us old school, but we believe it’s important to walk the walk before we talk the talk. We have your back. Always.

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Adam Leffler

Certified Trainer

Currently residing in sunny, southern California, Adam applies values and lessons learned from growing up on a rural Illinois farm into cultivating successful relationships and opportunities in real estate today. A former successful Realtor, Adam began flipping real estate in the 1990's, teaching real estate in the US, Canada, England, Australia, and elsewhere since 1999, and earning a PhD along the way. Although he has served as the head of acquisitions for a small real estate hedge fund at one time, he currently focuses on personally flipping and wholesaling homes.

Andrea Weule

Certified Trainer

Chip and Andrea became involved with real estate investing since the beginning of their marriage. Although they didn’t have an easy start in the industry they learned that anyone can succeed with education, planning, and drive to succeed. Their primary focus is wholesaling, in addition to their 22 rental properties that they hold in five different states. Andrea is a specialist in Remote investing and creative financing (Small Local Banks and Credit Unions, Private Money).

Charlie Fuller

Certified Trainer

Charlie boasts over 30 years of experience in real estate investing, and now owns his own successful real estate office in Seal Beach, California. His experience ensures clients are well-versed in the real estate principles pertinent to their business goals. He has personally helped thousands of clients to greater success and profits over the past fourteen years. In his spare time, he has a deep interest in personal health and fitness. He also enjoys entertainment in many forms and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Eric Chamberlain

Stock and Options Trainer

Eric has always enjoyed helping clients accomplish their financial objectives. He brings with him 20 years of experience working in capital markets – including equities trading, portfolio administration, equity research, and risk management. Prior to founding Snowcrest Capital, Eric worked for several large brokerage firms – Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley – where he assisted wealthy and institutional investors in crafting portfolios and managing market risk. Mr. Chamberlain has a degree in Finance & Accounting from Utah State University and a Master’s degree in Business from Webster University of Vienna, Austria.

Dawn Erling

Certified Trainer

Dawn has extensive experience in both internet marketing and real estate investing. Her current responsibilities at PMI include evaluating and revamping real estate curriculum, developing an effective training protocol, mapping coaching procedures, and assisting in the implementation and training. Dawn enjoys traveling, working out, organized sports, and any outdoor sporting activities. She volunteers at a substance abuse clinic in her free time and is a professed grease monkey.

Paul Mugerian

Certified Trainer

Paul started learning real estate investing in the mid 70’s as a teen with his Dad when Sea Tac Airport, in Seattle, expanded their runways and they started doing move-on’s. Since then he’s been investing over 26 years. He’s owned businesses and has experience investing in: foreclosure’s, flipping, wholesaling, rentals, designing, section 8, 501c3, rehabbing, hard money lender, PUD’s, and property management. He earned his BA from BYU in English, Pre-law. He enjoys his family and loves to work with people and cultures worldwide, our students, other coaches and is an infinite learner.

Drew Moren

Certified Trainer

Drew has spent many years in the business arena, both as an entrepreneur and working for other companies. He also has participated in real estate license training and is a licensed realtor. Additionally, Drew holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys doing mixed martial arts, skiing, fantasy football, and reading. He has mentored the same young man in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program for nine years.

Jason Ault

Certified Trainer

Jason spent too much time at his salaried position and not nearly enough with his wife and two kids. An infomercial for a free training event led him into real estate investing, where he’s fixed-and-flipped several properties and wholesaled others. He has numerous rental properties in Nebraska, Detroit, and Memphis, Tennessee. He loves teaching others his secrets to investing success. Jason, his wife, and their now three-child family enjoy the outdoors, including hunting and fishing.

Richard Homer

Certified Trainer

Richard has about 20 years’ experience in real estate ranging from residential, commercial, development, and construction. During that time, he was a Partner in a high volume Real Estate Team located in Southwest Washington where he assisted in hundreds of transactions. Richard has 5 years’ plus experience as a commercial contractor/developer, building small office buildings and restaurant facilities. He attended BYU where he studied Business Management and Economics. In his spare time, he enjoys spending it with his wife Mary their children and 14 grandchildren in the many actives which are provided by the great outdoors in Utah.

Gena Horiatis

Certified Trainer

Gena was a stay-at-home mom and wife for 20 years after having a career at IBM. She was teaching piano lessons as 2 of her 4 children entered college; money became an issue.  She discovered real estate investing and took the education from Response.  She has done flips, rentals and lease options in her local and remote markets.  Her son John joined her as her business partner and she has retired her husband allowing him to pursue his passion for acting, while they live on passive income from their rentals.

Chad Evenhuis

Stock & Options Trainer

Chad has been involved in the financial markets since 1997. He trades stocks, options, futures, and forex and has been educating clients for over 10 years on how to trade, invest, and gain confidence in their financial decisions. Chad believes in having a repeatable blueprint of: knowledge, practice, analyzing, adjusting and mentoring for a successful journey in all aspects in life. Chad loves spending time with his wife and their 4 children. In his spare time, he plays sports, travel and works on self-development.

Melissa Bloxham

Certified Trainer

Involved in real estate consulting and investing for the past 25 years, Melissa Bloxham has built a nationwide reputation as one of the foremost creative real estate minds. Melissa was the catalyst for many of her students’ growth and expansion of their own real estate portfolios. She earned several accolades along the way from nationally recognized real estate educators including “highest success rate of all coaches” and “top-producing mentor.”

Howard Haller

Licensed Broker and Certified Trainer

Howard (Doc Haller) has been a licensed real estate broker in California for over 25 years, as well as a California licensed general contractor and licensed engineering contractor. He is an accomplished real estate instructor and mentor in both the United States and Canada. "Doc" earned his Ph.D. in leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where he lives with his wife, Rose. They have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

Jared Muir

Certified Trainer

With over fifteen years of real estate experience, Jared has been training individuals to succeed in real estate since 2003. He’s educated students in programs for gurus including Dean Graziosi, Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, and others. Simultaneously he’s built his own real estate portfolio, creatively purchasing over two dozen properties in order to create a college fund for his two sons and a passive income stream for himself and his wife. He enjoys helping others create success using these techniques.

Jeff Jensen

Certified Trainer

Jeff has nearly 10 years’ experience as a real estate consultant, but he has been investing for even longer. To him, nothing is more satisfying as a consultant than watching someone go from start to finish with their first real estate deal. Jeff’s personal interests include reading, weight training, and finish carpentry. His continued studies include business management and finance, and he received a BA in History from Brigham Young University. He is married with five children and currently lives in Utah.

John Horiatis

Certified Trainer

John graduated from college with a communications degree and quickly jumped into a traditional career at Microsoft. Searching for a more exciting and rewarding career path, John discovered real estate and never looked back. Since, he has been assembling power teams and managing home rehabs in Seattle, WA. He hopes that he can empower students to change their life too. When John is not investing or teaching he enjoys hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and playing basketball.

Paul Mangelson

Certified Trainer

Paul has acquired, managed, disposed, and/or directed real estate related transactions. His real estate and finance expertise include transactions of various types in over 15 major markets. He has personally handled or managed all aspects of transactions.He has served in various positions some of which include Owner, Director, Partner, EVP, Pres, Board Member, COO, and has been a keynote speaker at conferences and seminars.

Wayne Razzi

Certified Trainer

Wayne served as an options theory and technical analysis instructor for many of the trading firms that he’s been associated with in addition to his work as a partner with Options University where he also spent a good deal of time writing educational articles, teaching online classes, developing course materials and software tools while regularly providing economic and market forecasts. Rarely at rest, he has spent time as a professional financial advisor, market commentator, newsletter writer and author for several years. He’s held a series 7 & 66 when serving as an investment advisor, and is formally completing his CMT requirements at which time he’ll receive the Chartered Market Technician designation. To date, Wayne has helped to educate many traders on the professional level and thousands of individual self-directed investors.

Ali Safavi

Certified Trainer

Ali Safavi received his MBA from the University of Tennessee and additionally has a wealth of executive corporate experience. This experience has led him to explore his passion for real estate investing. He has many cash flowing properties throughout the nation. Through the skills and experience that he has fostered he was able to retire before he turned 40, and loves to share his valuable experience. Now he resides in Los Angeles, with his family, which he says is his most important asset.

Amber Gintz

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Amber believes in the infinite potential of real estate and has enjoyed working side by side with investors. She believes the path to success starts with creating the right mindset and goals. Training with the Real Estate Education Group has given her the opportunity to combine her passion for teaching with her passion for real estate. Amber loves being outdoors with her two children and traveling. Amber is licensed in the state of Utah and the state of Colorado.

Chris Strickland

Certified Trainer

Chris has been investing in real estate since 2007. In that time he has purchased and sold properties using a combination of methods and strategies. His primary focus has been on REO, or bank owned, properties. It has been his opportunity to teach people how to invest in real estate from all over the world. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from West Texas A&M University where he studied Marketing. He enjoys spending time with family, and friend, and volunteering.

Greg Grondel

Certified Trainer

Greg has more than 30 years of experience as an agent, trainer, educator, and investor. Greg has worked in the coaching industry since 1995. He’s directed large coaching operations for Carleton Sheets, Franklin Covey, and others. In addition to coaching management, he also directed content development for some of these companies. Greg enjoys teaching and sharing the principles that empower people to take control of their lives. He’s the happily married father of six children and five grandchildren (so far).

Greg Murphy

Certified Trainer

At the time Greg became interested in real estate, he had no free time and no extra money. He saw an infomercial and wondered if he could make real estate investing work in his small town. He dove into his real estate education and learned to purchase homes without financing them, creating cash flow in the process. Now, he has real estate holding totaling a half million dollars. He has no house payment and only works 20 hours a week.

Joe Jurek

Certified Trainer

Joe holds an MSA and worked in corporate America for over 20 years as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Despite his success, he wanted more. Joe is a serial entrepreneur, having founded, owned, and operated several businesses including a promotion company, an eBay/Craigslist business, a restaurant, and a pizzeria.

Jon D. Alexander

Certified Trainer

Jon David graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in environmental graphic design. When it came time to buy a house he started with a fixer upper. He felt he’d found his calling fixing and selling houses. He recognized that it could provide a more consistent living and lifestyle than he was currently enjoying. Jon David attended several real estate courses and boot camps and was on his way. He began rehabbing, flipping and holding his own properties.

Lorina Kirsak

Certified Trainer

A midwest homemaker without much in the way of schooling or opportunity, Lorina’s main financial skill used to be stretching paychecks to cover necessities. Later she discovered real estate. Rina has since completed hundreds of deals using many different strategies. For Rina, one of the greatest benefits of a successful real estate business is no longer worrying about limited income. Her success affords her the opportunity to travel and experience the world with her family.

Mike Kessler

Certified Trainer

Mike graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Civil Engineering but decided to go right into real estate investing. He got licensed as a mortgage loan originator and developed experience managing rentals. He likes to involve his family in the excitement of real estate, after learning from his general contractor Father from a young age. He loves to take his kids to see the homes and properties they are working on.

Robin Richards

Certified Trainer

Robin has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. One day her mom brought her to a real estate seminar, and Robin felt it would be a great opportunity. She now focuses on her real estate business full time and loves to motivate others to reach their dreams and goals. She has worked and lived in several countries (England, Australia, and Norway). She is also a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys eating and cooking foods from all around the globe, in addition to spending time with her family.

Tim Rios

Certified Trainer

Tim’s love of real estate stems from being raised in a family dedicated to it. To this day, his business is focused on two general practice areas – personal investing and commercial brokerage. Among the biggest reasons why he loves real estate is it has given him the flexibility to be a loving, dedicated father with time to raise his children. He has a passion for giving that gift to others. When he does carve out some free time; Tim enjoys hiking, cooking, and travel.

Tom Healey

Certified Trainer

Tom discovered real estate and began an incredible journey of self-awareness and his true calling of teaching others. Tom’s main focus now is leaving his daughter a legacy and not a business to run. When Tom is not busy working you might find him Salmon fishing in Alaska, obtaining his helicopter pilot license or at his home in Connecticut with his wife and daughter.

Andrew Cordle


Andrew has over 12 years of experience investing in the real estate industry. He is the founder of the National Association of Real Investors (NAREI) and has been on many news networks where he has been interviewed about his strategies. He has also written an Amazon best seller book. He writes for Townhall Finance magazine about the economy of the real estate market in America. He was also offered an opportunity to host his own radio show on the Wall Street Business Network.

Bonita Fieser


Bonita has focused her whole life on being of service and helping to create legacies within families. While doing this, she has obtained many different awards and recognitions throughout her career. Bonita has won awards such as Trainer of the year, Curriculum development, and Master trainer. Bonita then went on to write and launch the business development brand, “Launch Your Business” in 2013.

Brock Madsen


Brock has over 25 years’ experience as a professional speaker. He has spoken in all 50 states, and also internationally. His success in speaking and teaching shows as he has been presented with the speaker of the year awards for every company that he has represented. After attending college in Salt Lake City, Brock went on to invest in Real Estate. Brock loves to spend time with his six children and wife of 28 years, Cyndi. Brock agrees that his greatest accomplishment is his family.

Bryan Deucher


Bryan started his own consulting company in 1995 and has traveled the world consulting thousands of people along the way. He has traveled to all 50 states and 12 different countries consulting people on different business topics, stock trading, and real estate. He has two teenage children, one boy, and a girl. They are the reason that he continues to invest and teach because time is freedom. Both children are extremely involved in athletics and he has enjoyed watching and coaching both of them.

Darren Kimoto


Darren has been actively trading the markets since 2003 including stocks, options, futures, and Forex. He is an expert in technical analysis and is the author of several custom indicators and trading systems for active traders. Darren is a frequent speaker at investment conferences and estimates he has addressed over 30,000 individual investors. He became an instructor for Interactive Trader because he is passionate about teaching. Darren has a talent for making complex financial topics easy to understand.

Doug Clark


Doug graduated in 1997 from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Science. He worked for US Airways Express as a First Officer and a Captain until 2004 when he was hired by Sky West Airlines. Clark continued to work as a pilot part-time, while he started Equity Capital Group and Clark Venture Capital in 2005. In 2011, Doug took his ideas to Hollywood and got signed by Spike TV to create Flip Men. Doug is also the author of two Amazon best-selling books.

Doug Williams


Doug has a very diverse background. In addition to his success in real estate and his love of training students all over the world, Doug developed insurance programs for the NFL, NBA, NH), and MLS. This experience has proven invaluable and he knows what it takes to enjoy success in real estate. In addition to pursuing a Business Major, Doug also enjoyed a successful career as a scholarship football player at BYU. He enjoys skiing, biking and spending time with his wife Rhonda and their 4 children.

Gregory Theonnes


An executive with over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, Gregory has held a number of senior management roles in marketing, operations, customer service, and technology. He currently serves as VP Education for Investview, Inc. He also led a team of 100+ customer sales & service members who helped grow a mutual fund family from $400 million to over $10 billion in four years. Gregory holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MBA from the University of California.

Jim Anderson


Jim made his first real estate investment in 1995. He has invested in many real estate strategies and is a very dedicated instructor. He is passionate about seeing others become successful in their real estate investments. He has consulted for many companies which have taken him to all 50 states and 7 countries. Jim resides in Utah with his wife and 5 children. His real passion and greatest investment is his family. He also enjoys a wide variety of outdoor sports.

Kory Thurston


Kory has been managing and owning businesses ever since he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in communications. Shortly after graduating Kory became the manager over the training department for a company, training thousands of employees on different sales techniques. Upon departing, Kory then became the general manager in the sales department of a company.

Mark Broberg


Back in 2000, Mark was a full-time police officer who wanted more for his family’s financial future. He took immediate action and attended stock and option classes where he fell in love with options trading. Because of his trading success, he was able to transition out of law enforcement and spend more quality time with his family. The most rewarding aspect of his job is seeing others achieve their financial goals. To date, Mark has taught strategies to over 60,000 people.

Ryan Kaestner

Certified Trainer

Ryan was first introduced to options trading at the age of 19 while still attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. In the very beginning, he attended as many educational workshops as he could by the top firms of the day. In addition, he sought out and was mentored by several ex-market makers learning how to trade as a professional. In 2012, he and his trading partner were approached to design and construct a trading desk and risk management division for a private bank.

Stephen Edwards


Originally from the UK, Stephen Edwards first came to America in 1981 while on vacation. Seven years later Stephen decided that he would make the United States his home. He sold all his belongings, bought a new business in Tampa, Florida and moved to the United States. Stephen sought out the best teachers and mentors and eventually wound up working for the master of them all, Tony Robbins.

Steven Sitkowski


Steven has been a president of two different financial planning organizations. Since that time, he has earned many licenses and certifications, including graduating and becoming a financial planner. Steven grew up in Orange County California but now resides in Atlanta where he is married and has two sons. When he is not spending his spare time fly fishing, he has a passion for writing. Steven has written two books and uses his knowledge and experience to help others move forward with their investments.

Derek States

Certified Trainer

Derek has been a trainer for Interactive Trader from the very beginning. His expertise in the options market and experience with education development made him an essential part of building and creating the systems used by the company today. Derek’s background in education, science and technology has served him well as he’s worked with product and process development to bring user-friendly and effective products to the trading industry.

Ed Pawelec

Certified Trainer

Ed has been active in the options markets for more than 2 decades. His interest in options began when he studied finance in college. Continuing his financial education has been key to his profitable career. Ed is one of 150,000 people worldwide that have received a CFA charter. His passion for financial education and enthusiasm for options trading are merged in the goal of providing individual investors with actionable insights into the options markets.

Edward Ottinger

Certified Trainer

Eddie’s first taste for finance started out at the young age of 15 when he started delivering airline tickets to his father’s clients in the Wall Street area. During his career, he has held roles such as options trader, specialist, lead market maker and director of structured products. Today, Eddie travels the country as a presenter on options trading and sound financial advice. When not traveling, Eddie lives in Jersey Shore with his wife Monica and two children.

Elliot Katz

Certified Trainer

Elliot is a Wall Street and LaSalle Street veteran with 34 years experience in the stock and options markets. Early in his career, he had roles as a firm options strategist, proprietary trader and institutional options broker. While at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, he trained public and institutional traders. Elliot’s practical, hands-on experience and enthusiasm for options trading create a dynamic and productive classroom experience.

John Smith

Certified Trainer

John started trading options over a decade ago, and in that time, he has worked for different brokerages in a variety of different roles centered around trading, investing, investment advising, and educating others about trading and investing. John has traded many different options strategies, but ultimately he is a self-described “volatility trader.” John believes at their heart, options trades are essentially volatility bets in some form or another. John lives with his beautiful wife and three daughters in wonderful Boise, Idaho.

Kaitlyn Lloyd

Certified Trainer

Kaitlyn has a passion for technology. Her experience and knowledge of the latest products and hardware have successfully been applied in client training. Kaitlyn enjoys assisting clients in their understanding and application of the interactive Trader Platform. Working with other trainers has optimized her own knowledge of options trading and portfolio management. Kaitlyn is currently studying business management and is eager to use the knowledge acquired in this field to increase her success in the business and finance industry.

Michael Exon

Certified Trainer

Mike has 10 years trading experience and has turned his passion for trading options into a passion for teaching others how to trade as well. His style focuses on price action trading coupled with strong money management techniques, which help to remove the strain of emotion. Mike is a straightforward instructor who loves what he does. Coupled with the training from Response, his goal is to help you achieve your goals in learning how to trade.

Steve Katin

Certified Trainer

Steve has exceptional knowledge of options pricing, spreading and the effects of changes in volatility, skew, interest rates and stock movement. He also does work as a consultant and educator in the world of options trading as an independent contractor. In 2006, he started consulting and teaching people about trading stock options and shares his passion for helping people gain financial freedom.

Brandon Strickland

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Brandon has worked for several years as an inspector for local government and then began investing in real estate. Brandon’s favorite part of real estate investing is taking old, worn out properties and transforming them into desirable homes where people and families can build lives. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for real estate as a consultant. He loves hearing excitement in a student's voice when they have conquered an obstacle that was holding them back. His hobbies include camping, backpacking, and hiking.

Chuck Hansel

Certified Trainer

With a B.S. in Finance, Chuck started his professional investing career as a Financial Advisor working with clients on planning and investing for their futures using asset allocation models and diversified portfolios with a buy and hold approach. Since 2004 he has been teaching others how to actively trade both stocks and options using fundamental and technical analysis. He loves to trade and to teach, and he really enjoys seeing his students "get it" as they work thru a complex trading concept together!

Casey Poppinga

Certified Trainer

Casey played football throughout college and eventually moved on to play in the NFL. After Casey ended his football career, he received his MBA and became a real estate consultant where he has had the opportunity to personally mentor some of the organization's most successful students. Casey is a very successful real estate investor and continues to buy, fix, and sell many homes each year. Casey spends his free time with his family camping, water skiing, snow skiing, river rafting or hunting.

Craig Mitchell

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Craig's past experience in real estate, home building, and home inspections makes him a valuable asset to his clients. Craig loves the opportunity he has to teach others about real estate. He enjoys helping his students implement tips and information from our lessons. He enjoys seeing his clients grow, learn, and get excited about how easy real estate investing can be. Craig enjoys playing basketball, hunting, skiing, hiking and flying model planes.

David Tyler

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

David has been a real estate trainer for 15 years. He has flipped houses, large apartment complexes and commercial buildings and retired with his own real estate portfolio at 41. He still enjoys the satisfaction of flipping houses and putting new life in the ugliest house on the block. David enjoys sports, he is an adjunct professor at a local university, private pilot, and races a car on the salt flats.

Eric Roberts

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Eric has been in the financial industry for 15 years. Like most educated trainers, he got his start working with a brokerage firm. Eric’s passion for teaching pushed him into educating and teaching. With a degree in education and knowledge of the markets, Don is able to work with the beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to help them understand the complexities of trading. He is a key asset to our resource line.

Jerry Mutz

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Jerry got started in real estate in 2004 while attending the Harmon Real Estate Academy where he was introduced to real estate investing. His favorite part of real estate investing is negotiating and being able to create win-win deals. His experience and belief in the principles of personal development are what motivates him to help others through these same principles. Jerry enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family.

Kim Thurman

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Kim has many years of training experience and is particularly skilled at understanding others’ concerns. She loves to read and books have helped her fine-tune her teaching skills. Kim is a great listener who knows how to help her students move past the obstacles and fears that stand in their way. She is committed to her student's success. Kim’s hobbies revolve around her family. They ride bikes, swim, play racquetball and just hang out.

Kimberly Sprague

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Kimberly has always had a strong desire to see people succeed and has a track record of bringing financial success. Kimberly’s greatest passions in life are real estate and serving her country. She is a Paralegal in the U.S. Army Reserve JAG Corp where she supports Unit Commanders, Judges and the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

Matt Walton

Certified Trainer

Matt has worked in several capacities in our organization, including working as a consultant, a real estate team leader and as the director of consulting. He has extensive experience in the mortgage, lending, and finance industry. His background and experience in real estate and lending help him more fully assist his clients in finding success. Matt’s favorite part of working here is the opportunity to work with clients and to learn from other trainers.

Michael Hilkey

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Michael grew up as one of the “poor kids” in Las Vegas which helped him realize that he wanted financial freedom. For the past 30 years, Michael has sought out and learned from the best mentors in real estate. He believes that no one can truly be successful without helping others becomes successful as well. Michael believes that how you think is much more important than what you know, especially when you have a powerful mastermind team around you.

Rick Talbot

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

A love for real estate is what lead Rick to coach. He is driven by the desire to help his students reach their full potential and realize their financial goals. He’s been involved in land deals, lease options, assignments and even billboards to put money in his pocket. When not coaching or managing his own real estate business you’re likely to find him fishing with his family and friends.

Roy Voeks

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Roy has been in the world of real estate investing for over 30 years. His focus has been single family homes and multiunit apartments. He has also invested in tax liens and deeds. He does wholesaling for the income, but more importantly to understand the things that face his clients. He is always on the lookout for a good fix and flip project. He has been married 33 years with six kids and eight grandkids. He believes hard work will get you to your goals.

Shahid Bahadur

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Shah Bahadur got his start in real estate specializing in luxury properties and working with investors. In 2004 and 2005, he ranked among the top five out of 120 agents in his brokerage. Shah’s wide range of experience adds a wealth of real estate knowledge to our organization. In Shah’s free time, he enjoys learning about new cultures and loves to travel. He loves watching the Food Network and raising his daughter and being around family and friends.

Ted Wood

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Ted was personally mentored by some of the top real estate investors in the country and loves to share what he has learned and used in his own investing. Ted has coached, trained or Mentored over 1000 students in Sales, Business, or most frequently Real Estate Investing. After receiving a BS in Business Administration, Ted went on to own and manage two successful software companies. Ted is known around the office for finding creative ways to draft proposals and get deals done.

Barry Duke

Certified Trainer

After a long, successful career in the U.S. Coast Guard, Barry and his wife attended real estate investor training in 2007 where they learned how to become successful real estate investors. After many years of buying and selling real estate, Barry decided to get his Utah State Sales Agent license and closed his first deal within 1 month after getting his license. Barry has a strong commitment to helping those under his care experience the highest level of success possible.

Bob Baldwin

Certified Trainer

Bob has been involved in the investment industry for over 25 years where he has gained experience with many facets of the industry. He has been an instructor at the technical college level teaching stocks and investment options to individual investors for many years. He shares his knowledge and skills to best meet the needs to the beginner and advanced investors.

Bryan Lloyd

Certified Trainer

Bryan’s far-reaching investing experience extends back 15 years. During his career, he has used a variety of vehicles to further his investing goals, including stocks, options, FOREX and real estate. For the last 9 years, Bryan has been working in the education sector training individual investors about stocks and options. Being able to share his knowledge with others is deeply gratifying for him. He loves watching those he trains succeed.

Dennis Moffatt

Certified Trainer

Over the past 22 years, Dennis has been trading options and equity markets and has traded thru several stock market cycles. Dennis has taught thousands of students as a financial trainer and has been doing it for 10 years. Market trends tend to make or break traders, as for Dennis, he trades the prevailing trend, whatever that happens to be. As a paragliding enthusiast, Dennis knows how to have fun!

Baillie Sigman

Relationship Manager

Baillie is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in languages and is in her first year of option trading. She has been with the company for three years and loves working with our trainers. When Baillie is not working you can find her in the outdoors. She loves the Utah landscapes and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking with family and friends.

Scott Cook

Stock & Options Trainer

Scott has been passionately trading stock and options since 1999. He now swears by covered calls and naked puts on solid investments he believes in holding long term. He still has a habit of trading more speculatively with smaller accounts. Scott has owned his own business and invested extensively in real estate. He enjoys travel and has been all over the world. He is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and lover of extreme sports.

Pat Blakely

Stock & Options Trainer

Patrick placed his first trade 50 years ago and has enjoyed trading through all of the market cycles since that time. Throughout his trading career he has traded everything from stocks and options to futures and forex… but enjoys trading stocks the most. He is a specialist in the principle of using divergence for trading. He has taught thousands of students over the years and is a trend trader. He speaks/reads 12 languages, not counting the “market language” and is a black belt.

Donald Chandler

Certified Trainer

Don has been in the financial industry for 15 years. Like most educated trainers, he got his start working with a brokerage firm. Don’s passion for teaching pushed him into educating and teaching. With a degree in education and knowledge of the markets, Don is able to work with the beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to help them understand the complexities of trading. He is a key asset to our resource line.

Jan Plumb

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Jan has over 45 years of real estate experience. His past real estate projects include the development of high-end custom homes, townhouse subdivisions, and commercial buildings. He has rehabbed more than 50 homes and several apartment buildings. He takes pride in helping people improve their lives. His own life is filled with sports like skiing, surfing, hiking, and tennis, which he plays competitively.

Joel Johnson

Certified Trainer

Joel started teaching people how to trade options in early 2008. His experience in trading and in the brokerage industry includes time spent with firms such as Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, OptionsXpress, and OptionsHouse. Joel is passionate about helping people to perfect their own approach to the market. The combination of passion, knowledge, and experience has helped Joel guide many traders to solidify their approach to the market.

Karen Ellsworth

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

“Wake Up - Be Amazing - Go to Bed!” this is Karen’s philosophy. Karen’s love for real estate has led to her ability to organize, motivate and achieve success. Karen has over 18 years experience in real estate. Karen makes it a point to first gain an understanding of exactly what her students intend to accomplish which she then guides and builds to their next goal. When Karen isn’t running her businesses or mentoring, she is likely to be found enjoying the outdoors or reading.

Nathan Street

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Nathan grew up in an environment of great hardship where he was emotionally and physically abused by his father. From this time forward he decided to make conscious decisions to become the person he wanted to be. Nathan is energized by making a difference in people’s lives and is always willing to go the extra mile. Nathan has worked with thousands of clients to help them become successful in investing.

Scott Thorstensen

Stock Trainer

Scott Thorstensen has over 15 years of market experience, including many years as a broker for a major Wall Street firm. Although he enjoys a conversation about any area of investing, his true passion is trading options. He spends the majority of his time working one-to-one with individuals in the protégé program, but will be found teaching a live or online class from time to time. The butterfly and calendar spread are two of his favorite strategies.

Sherry Carlson

Licensed Agent and Certified Trainer

Sherry has been doing real estate investing for 15 years. She comes from a background of interior design and construction. Sherry has extensive experience in training new real estate investors. She is especially talented at explaining investment techniques and strategies in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Sherry loves the outdoors, boating, water skiing and scuba diving. Sherry is married to her husband Tom and they enjoy spending time with their kids and grandchildren.

Stephen Woodis

Certified Trainer

Steve has been an active trader for over a decade. His focus lies with both stocks and options. He loves teaching new students and helping them gain mastery of the financial markets. Prior to his role as a trainer, Steve trained clients for a major software company. His experiences working on the front lines became excellent preparation for introducing others to the world of online trading. Steve holds a BA in English and has developed curriculum for students learning to trade using automated processes.

Stephen Libman


Stephen has taught thousands in the areas of personal & professional development, entrepreneurship, real estate, and government contracting. When he isn’t teaching and guiding his peers, Stephen is active in his own business projects. He is formerly the owner and President of a large, multi-national, travel management company. In addition to the travel industry, he founded several businesses in the areas of education, wellness, and entertainment. Whether it be helping people acquire property or working with business to overcome roadblocks and increase growth, Stephen has always been in the business of helping others. Stephen currently spends his free time authoring a forthcoming book on success principles. Stephen is an innovator, transformational thinker, and an overall successful entrepreneur.

Robert Weiler

Certified Trainer

Robert has been an active investor for 20 years. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Robert began his career as a bond trader for a major bank where he traded US Government securities in the Primary market. He then went on to be a licensed Investment Consultant where he enjoyed advising and managing clients’ investment portfolios.

In addition to trading, Robert also enjoys instructing others how to trade and was an investment coach and instructor at Investools for 11 years. He specializes in options strategies and is passionate about teaching others to be successful traders. He believes that managing risk is a priority, that consistency is key, and having the discipline to follow investment plans and rules is vital to becoming a successful investor.

When Robert is not trading and teaching, he can be found in the outdoors where he enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.

Garrett Edmunds

Certified Stock Trainer

Garry has been a passionate active trader now for over 20 years and likes to focus on option strategies. He has now been involved in training people about the market for over 18 years and really enjoys helping others understand trading strategies and teach them how to achieve their own goals in the markets. He loves to teach people at any level, whether you are a beginner (we have all been there) to those who are veterans in the markets.

Deno Fabrizio


Before starting in real estate 15 years ago, Deno began his career selling hospital equipment and medical supplies. As a born educator, he began teaching and instructing others and has made it apart of his profession for the past 12 years. Deno loves to golf, reminisce about his youth as a bull rider, and be with his family in the great outdoors. He currently resides in Utah with his wife and 4 kids.

Scott Martin


Scott has spent over 25 years working for a Fortune 500 company, and left and executive position at a company in 2005 to teach and trade. Since that time, Scott has facilitated live seminars for tens of thousands of investors both in and outside of the United States. He has presented for, and represented companies that include: CNBC, Business Week, Donald Trump, National Achievers Conference, Women’s Financial Conference, and TD Ameritrade. He is uniquely qualified to teach investors how to manage portfolios using the stock and option markets.

Scott Stewart


With almost 30 years of financial experience and background Scott brings a tremendous passion to the teaching and training of students all over the world. He has had some of the best mentors one could have in Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, Simon Sinek and many more. Over the last 15 years Scott has trained over 50,000 students in all 50 states as well as abroad. He is currently working on his new book titled “Purposeful Thrash” and enjoys racing dirt bikes and spending time with his most precious asset, his family as well as serving in his church.

Jim Taylor


Jim has been a trader in securities for over 21 years and in 2003 he moved into the investor education field as a personal coach and a national workshop instructor for the nation’s largest investor education company. He built and taught many highly successful investor training programs and to-date has taught more than 40,000 individuals how to become active traders in the stock market. Jim specializes in investor education and personal coaching on stocks, options, technical analysis, and advanced options.

Judy Sharma


Judy Sharma has been trading and teaching other people how to manage their own portfolio, wealthy and create financial Abundance for over 10 years. She has presented at events for CNBC, Business Week Magazine, and Success Magazine she has also shared the Stage with Dr OZ, Robert Kiyoski, Marianne Williamson, and many others. She is here to teach you the Secrets that Fund Managers do with your money to get Rich and how you can do it yourself.

Shaun Shelton


By his mid-twenties, Shaun had already implemented technology solutions to some of the largest financial institutions in the world. This gave Shaun insight into how the global financial markets work. Over time, Shaun was able to leverage that understanding into a comprehensive investment strategy to create, grow, and protect his wealth. Shaun has traveled the world teaching these strategies in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean isles. Shaun has worked with Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins.

Peggy Johns

Certified Trainer

Peggy started her investing career 18 years ago casually investing in tax liens and deeds. Since then, she and her husband purchased numerous properties and participated in various real estate ventures. Peggy has extensive experience in owning and managing rental properties (in particular section 8 housing), buying, fixing and selling properties, and land development. In her spare time, Peggy loves spending time with her husband, hanging out with her sisters and adoring her grandchildren. Peggy enjoys sewing and is an avid quilter.