How to Motivate Your Realtor

When you put your home on the market, it’s no secret you want it to sell as quickly as possible. So how do you motivate your real estate agent to sell your property fast? Real estate agents can have dozens and dozens of listings, so how do you make sure your home gets the attention it deserves? Take advantage of any of these three tips to motivate your real estate agent to sell your home quickly.

Offer Additional Commission

Money talks! Offer a commission incentive to get your home at the top of every agent’s list. You can offer a bonus to your listing agent if they close within the first 3 months. Another option is to offer an incentive to the buyer’s agent. Buyers’ agents recommend properties to their clients. If you are offering extra commission, you may get more showings. More showings mean a greater chance that you will find a qualified buyer!

Offer to Pay for Additional Marketing

One of the most important parts of a real estate agent’s job is marketing your property. If you offer to pay for additional marketing you are making their job easier; also, you are not only getting additional exposure for your home, you are getting additional exposure for your agent. Everyone wins when you offer to pay for additional marketing, and your agent will thank you for it!

Ensure Your Home is in Top Condition

Ensuring your home is in top condition before you list it will instantly make you your real estate agent’s favorite client! Homes that don’t need repairs sell faster than those that do. Spend the money to stage and make minor repairs to your home before you put it on the market.

All three of these tips do involve spending extra money but could mean getting your home sold quickly. The sooner you sell the sooner you can be on your way to your new home and new life.