How can you minimize wear and tear on your rental property when allowing pets?

Pets are man’s best companions, and many people own pets. If a property does not allow pets then the landlord is going to lose a substantial portion of the market. Therefore, accepting tenants with pets is a brilliant move. However, pets can urinate on carpet, gnaw on furniture and disturb the neighbors. So, how can you minimize the wear and tear on your rental property when allowing pets? The best thing to do is to make your rental property pet-friendly by following these simple yet useful tips:

  • Flooring – The most practical materials for flooring include tile, engineered hardwood and vinyl. They are more practical than carpet because they are easier to clean and do not pick up fur, stains or odors. These materials do not have to be nailed or glued and can be easily installed over the existing floor. Furthermore, these materials are water-resistant, less likely to scratch or stain, long lasting and pleasant for the feet.
  • Wall finishes – Use paint that is durable and easy to clean. It is better to choose a quality brand name as these usually last longer between repaints.
  • Window treatments – It makes more sense to install blinds rather than curtains because they are less likely to be clawed or chewed on, especially by cats.
  • Kitchen – Make sure that the materials you use in the kitchen are easy to clean because odors, food waste and dust can cause damage to the kitchen. Use plastic for countertops instead of wood as plastic is easier to clean and wears off slowly. Install splashguards behind the sink and counters to save the walls from water damage.
  • Install security screens with pet doors – Installing cat flaps or doggie doors makes it easier for pets to enter or leave the apartment without needing to scratch on windows or doors.
  • Ventilation – Odors can built-up if pets are left indoors for long periods of time. Improve ventilation by installing exhaust fans and security systems on windows so they can be left open. These steps will reduce the risk of lingering odors.

Regular inspections are vital. Make sure that you inspect your property at least twice a year for any wear and tear.