How to Get More Out of a 24-Hour Day

There is one constant that we, as real estate investors, all have to deal with. That constant is time. There are only 24 hours in a day and that is something we are not able to change. If you manage your time wisely and work hard, you can get a lot done in a day, but you still only have 24 hours. In this article, we will talk about ways we can make that 24 hours grow. The key to this is leveraging members of your power team to work for you.

One of the best power team members you can get to add hours to your day is a real estate agent. Agents are experts at finding properties. If you take the time to train them on what you want them to do and the type of properties they send you, it can greatly increase your daily production. Training them may take a little time to do but the payoff will be big in the long run. To clarify this point, make sure your agent is sending you vacant, as-is properties. You do not want access to the MLS or them to send you every property that hits the market. This will detract from your time, as now you must sort through all the properties the agent should be sorting through. Also, have them create a template for your offer, as all your offers will be the same, just with a different property and a different price. Multiply that by 3-4 agents and you have added hours to your day by leveraging other people’s time.

Another thing you can do is get some bird doggers or property finders. You will have to give them specifics on the type of properties you want. Once they understand what you need, having them look for and send properties to you will help increase the amount of offers you are able to submit. You can always offer to compensate anyone sending properties to you, especially once you close on a property.

By leveraging out people’s time and resources, you can greatly increase your productivity and output. It may take a little time at first to train them on your needs, but the end results of adding time to your day is well worth it.