What you may not know
about the income gap

Many of our clients are corporate professionals or hard-working individuals who generate enough income to fund their lifestyle. They often start their journey with Response™ not realizing they suffer from what we like to call the income gap or the difference between current income and ideal income.

The gap is often a result of one or both of these common problems

Income Rich & Retirement Poor

You fund an ideal lifestyle but there's nothing left at the end of the month.

Wage-based Income

You earn most of your income trading work for wages.

Do you want to work for wages until the day you die? Of course not. In fact, you don't even have that option. You need to replace our wage-based income with passive income. you need to identify a diverse variety of continuing income streams.

Our approach is simple

Educate Upfront

Provide Needed Tools

Stand with You Through the Journey

At Response, we help our students find their income gap and identify
strategies to create reliable passive income streams.