Finding and Talking to Realtors

Finding and Talking to Realtors

Finding a good, investor-friendly realtor can be harder than you might hope. The way investors do real estate goes against most realtors’ training. Even realtors who have been in the industry for many years are conditioned to only do one deal with you and put in only 3, maybe 4 offers at the most. They are paid strictly on commission, so it is understandable that they would want a deal to close for as much as possible.

Most realtors are not use to putting in the hefty amount of work that often comes when working with an investor. What they often don’t realize is that an investor is looking to do multiple deals. Even though an investor makes offers that are more aggressive and for less money, there is much more money to be made for a realtor who works with investors.

The best way to increase your odds of finding an investor-friendly realtor is to find a property on a website like that needs a lot of work and that only an investor would buy. You then contact the actual listing agent of that property. A realtor who lists a property that only an investor would buy is more likely to understand how to work with investors.

When you call the listing agent, you can explain that you are interested in the property they have listed and others like it. You can ask them to send more information on it and others like it. It is also helpful to tell them that you are looking to do multiple cash deals that you can rehab and resale.

You might get lucky and find some good investor-friendly realtors with just a few phone calls. Sometimes it takes many calls to find the right ones. It is important to not let yourself get frustrated if you don’t find good ones right off the bat. Keep at it and you will find good investor-friendly realtors.