Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Who are we?

    Response offers experiential education, with an emphasis on learning-by-doing. Our mission is to help people discover a path that is fun, empowering, and potentially life-changing. We operate to help investors identify their “why” behind wanting to make more money. Maybe it’s to spend more time with their family or friends, maybe it’s to get out of the job they don’t like, maybe it’s to pay off some debt, or may it’s to be able to travel with less stress. Whatever it is, it’s important to identify your “why” and keep it in mind as you learn and apply new things. Learning to invest effectively isn’t easy – it requires commitment, time, and energy. It requires an ability to comprehend new ideas and put them into action. For more information on what it takes to create lasting changes, view our article Successful vs. Unsuccessful. Response provides the education and support to assist new and experienced investors on their journey toward financial independence, but there is no guarantee. It’s up to you!

    We work with many television celebrities, book authors, and industry professionals who speak at some of our events and deliver training. These “Preview” events are held around the world and are invitation-only and many are free of charge. Each Preview event addresses different investment opportunities and associated risks, and how, through effective education and support an investor might be able to better recognize opportunities and better manage risk. We are not an investment firm and don’t solicit for investments in assets or securities. Rather, we want to empower the individual to take control of their own financial situation and future and we believe our training classes, materials, and other assistance can help them get there. Individuals who attend a Preview event will be offered an opportunity purchase one of our additional training courses. And many more who attend an additional class go on to invest in more advanced products and services including additional classes, courses, and tools.

  • Will the celebrity or guru be at the event?

    Response works with many celebrities, authors, and industry professionals to speak to attendees and provide an exceptional experience. We refer to these speakers as “Gurus”. Due to scheduling, however, not all events will feature a Guru. We have great speakers and staff members who will produce the event and make sure expectations are exceeded. In our marketing or during your registration, you should be notified whether the “guru” will attend live or not. All of our events are highly rated and we will make sure to leave attendees with a positive lasting impression.

  • Why/how are some events free?

    Response is a global training and education company providing avenues for growing and protecting income. We’ve served customers in the U.S. and overseas for years and have found what works and what doesn’t.

    The introductory, free event will open your mind to a wide array of possibilities and how people just like you are capitalizing on unique opportunities in the market. Following this event, other events, and on the phone, you will have the right, but not the obligation, to purchase additional education courses. We promise a fun and informative event. To learn more about our suite of services, please visit our product pages here: Real Estate Products | Stock Products.

Preparing for the Event

  • I need to make changes to my reservation. Who should I call?

    If you aren’t able to attend your scheduled event, you need to change your guest name, or if you just simply have some questions about the event, please give us a call at (877) 542-1685.

  • Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

    Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. The important thing is that you come ready to learn. We’ll be dressed in matching slacks and polos so we’ll be easy to spot – most of our guests wear business casual for a positive networking experience.

  • What should I bring with me?

    Bring your tickets to get in and arrive 15-30 minutes early. We’ll email you a copy, so check your junk/spam folder just in case. If you don’t see them, or you’re unable to print them, no worries – we will have your name on file. You won’t need a laptop or tablet and we’ll have notepads and pens for taking notes.

  • Should I plan to pay for parking?

    Some venues offer free parking, while others require payment. So, yes plan to pay for parking, where necessary. The sponsors of the event will not validate or reimburse guests for parking fees. If you want to know about the fees at the venue or options, give us a call at (877) 542-1685, or call the venue directly.

  • Should I bring a business partner, spouse, child?

    Business partners and significant others are important to your success and happiness. We encourage you to bring them if you can. Children under 18, however, will not be admitted as seating is generally limited. We only have enough spots for those with tickets and one business partner or guest.

At the Event

  • When will I get the gifts?

    Our purpose is to inspire others and give them the training to improve their lives. When you attend a free, live event, you’ll get some extra goodies. Depending on the event, you may receive a book, additional education materials, and other miscellaneous items. Free gifts are available at the door when you arrive at the event. If your ticket registration included a promotion or limited-time offer, details are provided in the original offer. If you have questions related to gifts or promotional offers, we’re happy to provide answers at the event. You can also give us a quick call at (877) 542-1685.

  • What should I be prepared to learn?

    Come ready to learn a lot. We’re looking for people who want to improve their current situation. If you’re not getting the results from your own efforts or from your broker – the results you want or deserve – plan to be inspired. We’re a leader in real estate and stock training education and our guests often leave with a fresh perspective on a variety of avenues. Training typically includes:

    Real Estate Training:

    – How to find and buy properties at wholesale prices
    – How to find off-market properties
    – How to purchase property before other investors find them
    – How to get started despite having no experience
    – How to avoid common road blocks and other risks real estate investors face

    Stock Training:

    – How to develop and use habits to wealth, freedom and joy
    – How to generate income
    – How to protect your money from inflation and market turbulence
    – How to get the real-time professional tools you need

    Come with a positive, open mind and be ready to take a lot of notes!

  • How early should I get there and when does it end?

    Our events fill up quickly so plan on arriving 15-30 minutes early (remember to account for time to park and find the conference room). When you arrive, you will need to check in with our staff. If you arrive late, there’s a chance we’ll be out of space. We don’t want you to miss out!

    Out of respect for our guests, we will start on-time, but you will probably have a few minutes to get to know our staff and mingle with like-minded peers. The full event will last approximately 3 hours, with the keynote event taking place the first 90 minutes.

  • Will there be meals or refreshments?

    Some events include lunch of dinner (check your ticket to confirm). If your ticket shows that a meal is included, please plan to be served after the keynote presentation (close to 90 minutes after the start time). Meal variety will vary and depend on the venue where the event will be held – meals usually include sandwiches, chips, cookies, and drinks. If you have dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly as meal choices depend on the venue. You may want to grab a small snack beforehand, so you’re not distracted until meals are served.

After the Event

  • What if I can’t make the dates of my scheduled workshop?

    Change your schedule, ha! Seriously though, if the conflict is schedule is in any way changeable, we strongly encourage you make the necessary adjustments. Our training will be worth it! If you absolutely cannot change your schedule, we always have follow up events in the coming months. What you don’t want to do is delay your training or access to the incentives offered at a live event. Our office can find alternate options for your workshop attendance and immediately grant you access to our interactive webinar training series to help you start right away!

  • How do I pay for my education?

    Most students will utilize existing capital like cash or credit to fund their education. Often times, prospective students need a little time to transfer funds, pay down a balance or simply buy a little time to gather up the necessary funds. While working within some limitations, we can usually find a solution to accommodate your timing and ability.

  • How does real estate investing work?

    Click here to download our FAQ file for Real Estate introductory events

  • Can I sign up later?

    Yes, of course. The only difference between today and tomorrow is how good the deal is. When we have a significant amount of time and resources invested in a live event, we would prefer to do business with you immediately. If you operate within our preferred timing, we reward you with some incredible incentives. If you are unable to do so, we understand the timing may not work for you and we’ll gladly accept your business at a later date, with the caveat of live event incentives not being included in your purchase.