Done-a-Deal Audit

Our customers give the quality of the training they receive at every level of our company top reviews. We feel an average of 4.8 out of 5 ratings from tens of thousands of customers is something to be proud of. However, investing in top-quality education without taking action will not yield results. Just as a farmer will never have his harvest without first planting seeds, deals in real estate won’t happen without making offers. Nor will winning trades take place without placing trades.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and our customers are only satisfied when they receive the education they need and are prepared to do real estate deals or place trades. Making offers or placing trades is like taking shots in hockey – no offers or placing trades equals no deals or winning trades. This concept is taught in our workshops and advanced training sessions. Of those customers surveyed who purchased advanced education in 2015, 2016 and 2017 over 50% have not taken action. If education does not translate into action, deals or trades will not get done. 50% have not take action. If education does not translate into action, deals or trades will not get done. That’s why our goal is to help every customer utilize our highly-rated education, tools, and support.

We Conducted an Audit of Our Advanced Training Students

Because we wanted to know how our customers were utilizing the education we provided over the past several years we have conducted audit surveys with our advanced training customers. The customer audit includes those customers who purchased $3,000 or more in advanced training and attended a training event more than twelve months ago. This survey tells us what our customers have done with their education twelve months after the purchase.

*An Advanced Training student is defined as an individual who attended the 3-day workshop and also purchased advanced training. The data behind the student success audit was collected through various reporting modalities (Tuition reimbursements, done a deal, self identifiers, survey respondents) – with the overall results being audited by a third-party law firm. Not every student like those shown here achieves similar results. The results were compiled from events worldwide carried out by the Company or an affiliated partner. Student “success” is defined as completing a real estate transaction by purchasing a property, trust deed, tax lien, assigning a real estate contract, or locating real estate for an investor. We provide education products and training. We do not sell a business opportunity. Additionally, we do not offer any tax, accounting, financial or legal advice. Individual results will likely be determined by individual effort, experience, time spent, and the ability apply what has been learned. All student success audit results are updated quarterly.