Do you have what it takes? Advice from a Customer…

Work hard, see the results.

We’ve met a lot of great people over the years – thousands from all over the world – people who genuinely want to change their lives. Their stories are inspiring. As a company, we get together regularly to listen to customer stories – stories about their lives and the things that matter most. All have had to overcome obstacles in their lives. As much as we’d like to say these are just ordinary people, like you and me, we can’t. They aren’t ordinary people. The reality is most people aren’t willing to do what it takes in order to get what they really want. Srinivas Rao, author and host of Unmistakable Creative, put it this way: “If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are a part of a normal one.” We found an unsolicited customer review online this morning and felt they shared an interesting perspective of their experience with us.

They offer a good reminder to all of us: be committed and make the most of what you have.


If you’re not committed to real estate investing, then the money you spend on tuition packages will never be recouped. Response, for me, has been part glitzy, get-you-excited-about-more-money, prey-on-the-unsuspecting roadshow and ALSO…and more importantly, thoughtful, intelligent, caring instructors who have real value to impart to willing learners.

Our first presenter, Bonita, had a wealth of knowledge to share, which opened our eyes initially to the opportunities in real estate investing. She had some personal hardships that she shared, including the tragic loss of her husband…leaving her with 3 kids to raise on her own. Real Estate investing not only helped her financially with that situation but allowed her to also be able to help others outside her family who were in need.

Our trip to Utah to attend the Expo was full of many more presentations. Again, a helpful overview of many different opportunities in the field. Several talented presenters and an abundance of information. At the expo, there was one company, Veil, which sold their services to the attendees. Otherwise, there was no other real onslaught of selling at the expo.

Our Boots on the Ground session was taught by Joe. He was familiar with the Hawaii market where we live, although he resides in Florida. He was friendly, humorous and lighthearted. He also had a vast knowledge of real estate investing experience to impart.

Our purchase also included a 2-day one-on-one on-site visit and we requested that Joe come back. He was very personable and helpful. He was a great listener and helped us where we were at.

The advisory line is really good. Real people with investing experience that provide one-on-one phone consultation whenever you need it.

Don’t think that because the initial presentation may be free, that subsequent education is free as well. Often, the initial presentations are to open your eyes to the opportunities of real estate investing and to explain (sell) the more advanced training. While not going to post the price for packages, let me just say, it wasn’t cheap… and probably almost twice the price I would have thought they would have charged. Of course, the idea is that you will learn how to make money that you can use to pay off the tuition fee plus more. Also, that your accountant can help you to possibly write off the tuition expenses.

When you are on the side of not having done it yet…you don’t know and you kinda wonder if YOU will ever be able to make money in real estate…and if the load of tuition money spent will have been worth it. And this is an honest question that you should ask yourself. How committed are you to giving it a try? How open are you to learning a whole new vocabulary and to feel out of place and unknowledgeable for a while? Yes, you can spend a lot of money and you can criticize the program and say that they are not teaching anything that you can’t find online. OR, you can be positive and have an open mind. You can appreciate the live, educational setting and the real-life instructors who are wanting to see and assist you with your success. To sum it up…yes there were moments when “Response’s” smooth-talking, convince-you-out-of-your-hard-earned-cash vibe came across loud and clear, but also there was a real sense of caring and humanness too. Is the info original and earth-shattering? I don’t do a lot of extra online research…so I don’t know what else may be out there. But don’t you get that something extra when a real person teaches you something in real time, rather than YouTube? Did I have any buyer’s remorse? Some, but it’s a remorse that will only be predicated on the event that we fail at real estate investing… and the ball is in our court and not theirs.

 If we had spent less money, we would have more easily let this whole real estate investing thing fizzle out. With the amount of financial pain that it inflicted on us, we are committed now to making this thing work…if only to recoup our tuition money…but also to learn by doing something that we wouldn’t have otherwise done before Response. My advice to you if you are considering a Response workshop or package is to ask yourself if you are really committed to real estate investing, committed to learning many new things, and to try to make the most of it. Write down your questions and ask them. Make those presenters work for what they are being paid. Make relevant suggestions. Be civil and courteous. Pray about it. Be on the same page as your partner or spouse. Trust that while there will be mistakes, difficulties and uncertainties, there is also a way through. 


We’ve never promised anyone guaranteed results or that results would be easy to achieve. We reap what we sow. If you want what you don’t currently have, you’re going to need to give up those limiting beliefs holding you back. Be willing to do what everyone else isn’t.