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Our trainers and tools are helping clients accomplish more than ever before. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

What Our Clients Are Saying

You can change your financial trajectory in ways you never dreamed possible, and we can help...but don’t take our word for it. We’ve asked some of our clients to tell you about partnering with us and implementing the strategies we work tirelessly to tailor to their needs. We’re passionate about the success of our customers! Their stories never cease to amaze and inspire us. Each journey is a process - not an event. That’s why we celebrate the steps, big and small, our customers are taking to reach their financial goals. We hope you’ll be inspired as you go through their stories. Remember, big dreams begin with small steps. And, sometimes it's the little things that matter most.

Testimonials and reviews are individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased education and training. Individual results will vary, and testimonials and/or reviews may not be typical. Results rely on individual effort, time, and skill of each customer, as well as market conditions and other factors. The Company does not track monetary results. Instead, it surveys for customer satisfaction concerning the value of its education and training. Survey respondents typically rate their experience of the free event over 4.8/5.

Barbara S.
Windsor, CT

"Really informative. A recap of what is in videos, but this is a good "real life" talk. Jared is a wealth of information and experiences! All around nice kind of guy!!"

Barbara S.
Miami, FL

"I left this class, Boots on the Ground, totally confident and rejuvenated. I would truly recommend Chris to instruct any class you have. The class was very understandable and down to earth, and realistic. I came away believing I can achieve and know that success is not an accident, I can do it!! Thank you! Truly, I really appreciate the vast knowledge shared this course."

Daniel B.
Belleville, MI

"Adam did a great job teaching the material and going over it to ensure everyone understood. Teach, review, build upon teaching, then rereview. Great job, Adam."

Daniel B.
Bermuda Dunes, CA

"Paul knew the subject well. Kept everyone's attention. Great class."

Daniel C.
Pompano Beach, FL

"Greg was awesome. He exceeded our expectations."

Daniel C.
Pompano Beach, FL

"Great teacher, good motivation, great knowledge."

Daniel G.
Dallas, TX

"Excellent information. I'm in a little bit of information overload. I am excited to put it to work!"

Daniel K.
New Carrollton, MD

"I absolutely enjoyed the Boots on the Ground training and Jason was so excellent in his approach and teaching."

Daniel M.
Spanaway, WA

"Class was amazing."

Daniel M.
Wichita, KS

"Feel educated of informed."

Daniel M.
Indianapolis, IN

"Gives me a better understanding of real estate investing and marketing a nonprofit instead of me doing it all as a rehabber."

Daniel M.
Old Monroe, MO

"Lots of information -- will definitely be calling for help going forward."

Barbara S.
Milwaukee, WI

"Teacher was an investor and his examples helped us understand even more what was in the manual."

Barbara R.
Spring Lake, MI

"My head is swimming, but I know that there is help available. Joe did a great job. He always answered questions and was patient. The trip to Lowes was eye-opening and going thru the properties was very helpful. I am thankful that I know I can email Joe or the other resources I am encourage to TRY!"

Barbara R.
Cincinnati, OH

"Joe was good! Feel better about my husband doing real estate. It was great that Joe followed the book so you could hear and see what he was talking about!"

Barbara P.
Moses Lake, WA

"We should have written deals on what was worth buying from tour as a group."

Barbara M.
Pine City, MN

"A lot of information - Long way to go!"

Barbara M.
Babylon, NY

"The Boots on the Ground was a very informative. The instructors Tom and Adam were great, they answered our questions and kept the entire class on our toes. I would highly recommend them to teach additional Boots on the Ground events."

Barbara L.
Tamarac, FL

"Really good workshop. A lot of valuable content."

Barbara K.
Highspire, PA

"Very educational, appreciated all the tips and knowledge the presenter had."

Barbara H.
El Cajon, CA

"Adam was a great instructor."

Barbara G.
Portoroe, Slovenia

"Thank you!"

Barbara F.
Honolulu, HI

"Great job! Thank you!"

Barbara E.
Fayetteville, NC

"Good training. It's starting to come together now."

Barbara D.
Fresno, CA

"I liked the smaller class, was able to get more feedback. A lot of information might have been better for a 4 day event. Adam was a very good speaker and would repeat it if needed."

Barbara C.

"I appreciate the A-Z to becoming successful as a Real Estate Investor. Each aspect was explained to relieve any fears. Looking at the houses was beneficial as it gave a new perspective on this side of real estate. I appreciate the ease of information delivery. Thank you thank you thank you! Stacey stopping in to share her views was a help & delight."

Barbara B.
Colorado Springs, CO

"The training far exceeded expectations. Adam was extremely knowledgeable and presented the information well. Ted's experience and contributions complimented the training and provided the invaluable insight."

Barbara B.
Farmersville, TX

"Great class, it was very informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was courteous. He knew all the answers to my questions."

Barbara A.
Farmersville, TX

"I really learned a lot and see things a little differently. Thanks."

Barbara A.
Decatur, GA

"You were great!!"

Barb S.
Brecksville, OH

"Very good information."

Barb G.
Amanda, OH

"Chris and Rick are an impeccable team who have gone above and beyond to ensure what is to be expected. I appreciate their level of tolerance and they are exceptionally understanding as to how to become the motivated and fearless student. I believe now I can do this.... thanks to them!"

Aydee A.

"Most relevant information was learning: how to run the numbers, property walk throughs, Lowes visit and working on personal goals!"

Ayda P.

"Very informative -- learned how to make deals and to calculate the ARVs."

Avon M.
Lancaster, CA

"I have learned a great deal in real estate investing. The 7 steps to closing any fast cash deal is so amazing. Even though I was a novice coming into this program, I feel that i can get and close any deal."

Avis W.
Atlanta, GA

"Excellent accessibility and approachability for questions. They made you feel comfortable asking all and any questions."

Autumn R.
Citrus Springs, FL

"This is my first BOP event and though I felt nervous and unsure on the first day, by day 3 I'm leaving feeling more confident. I do feel a follow up Boots on the Ground will be a next step and I'm feeling more knowledgeable. I'm anxious to make my first deal."

Austin R.
North Miami Beach, FL

"Constructive and helpful."

Austin R.
North Miami Beach, FL

"Constructive and helpful."

Aureole C.
Philadelphia, PA

"The program far exceeded my expectations and made the process less daunting."

Audrey T.
Newnan, GA

"Hands-on experience will be beneicial for my clients and make me a better agent."

Audrey T.
Ypsilanti, MI

"Tim was a great teacher. The info came out at at rate analogous to opening a water hydrant, but I have lots of work to do."

Audrey M.
Baton Rouge, LA

"Best training I've been to."

Audra T.
Des Moines, IA

"I have done or learned a bit of things before. This was a good class to start with. I enjoyed the class. Just have to do what I learned."

Audra B.
Corvallis, OR

"I must say that the curriculum presented is absolutely awesome. The speakers that I have had the experience with meeting have been so encouraging. It has changed my life. Thanks!"

Atul K.
Hawthorn Woods, IL

"Awesome course. Now I know the tactical steps to execute strategies of REI. Jason is an energetic and knowledgeable instructor. Professional, polite, and available. Great discussions. All my questions answered. Now I feel like i can do this."

Asya M.
Portland, OR

"I like how the instructors gave personal tips they use."

Ashley S.
Athens, GA

"This event was so helpful. I am so grateful for the opportunity. I am excited to get out there and practice. Thank you!"

Alfred C.

"The training was very beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would have strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking about a career in real estate."

Alfred J.
Upland, CA

"This class was the best step by step class and Joe would stop at any time to meet the need of the question."

Alfred K.
Rochester, NY

"Presentation could be longer. As the day goes on more questions were asked which made us hurry through material. This was totally new to me and confusing at many times because of the hurried information. Charlie was very knowledgeable and did a good presentation.”

Alfred W.
Petersburg, VA

"Training was sufficient to get started."

Alfredo C.
San Francisco, CA

"Helped me to take action and overcome fear."

Ali H.
Pomona, CA

"Really awesome teacher & speaker with the knowledge I/we surely learn a lot."

Ali O.
Houston, TX

"Very knowledgeable & I appreciate that he actually is an active RE investor & practices what he teaches."

Ali R.

"Very good event, it was fun."

Alice A.
Dewey, AZ

"Very educational and down to earth useful information. Had great examples and explanations of the whole process. Excited to get started!"

Alice J.
La Cruces, NM

"Fabulous experience and I really feel like we can do this. Great opportunity. Field Trips help immensely to help understand process."

Alice T.
Medford, OR

"I found Joe to be wonderful. He took time to explain details so I could truly understand what I need to do to become wealthy. He gave us several excellent local examples. The walk through properties helped greatly for what to look for. Going to Lowe's was very educational regarding costs & labor for rehabs. I would love to do this again because of Joe."

Alicia B.
S Pasadena, CA

"Best part of the class was information which perhaps was a lot in 3 days. But enthusiasm was great."

Alicia D.
Mesa, AZ

"Karen is fantastic trainer w/real answers and applicable knowledge & experience to share. I have been a trainer myself for 5 years and her communication style, pace, tone and info given was perfected. Karen is a valuable asset to the Response team!"

Alicia E.
Ball Ground, GA

"Boots on the Ground training has been full of tremendous opportunity. I feel I have received all the tools/information to begin my REI career. Moved quickly-that's ok-I absorbed; but know it's going to be up to me to apply these tools daily-I'm excited to move forward-John and Gena were awesome trainers/teachers! Enjoyed their energy and disposition-very effective! Thank you John and Gena-much blessing to you!"

Alicia H.
Hillside, FL

"I enjoyed the sessions and I am encouraged and feel more confident to get going."

Alicia O.
Fernley, NV

"I feel like we could have done some of the activities prior to the workshop to maximize the time in the workshop, like calling the realtors."

Alicia S.
Temecula, CA

"This event is what I needed to get my business going. I had book knowledge but needed the application. This is a must to get a business to succeed!"

Alicia S.
Temecula, CA

"Great trainers, very informative. Thanks!"

Alicia S.
Langhorne, PA

"Jeff is excellent. He explained the system. Simple and to the point, very detailed. Job well done!"

Alicia S.
Langhorne, PA

"Very well taught class! Very helpful tips and tricks that I found very promising to make my real estate business very very profitable. Thank you Jared! Job well done!"

Alisha J.
New Albany, IN

"Adam was great! I wish he could stay here with us! He made it very understanding and made us feel comfortable! GREAT INSTRUCTOR!! :)"

Alison D.

"We have truly enjoyed the instructors. They are very engaged and enjoyable to follow. Very informative!"

Alison D.
San Diego, CA

"More time reviewing how to look at properties on the realty sites on the first day would be helpful."

Allan P.
Ashland, MA

"The class was very informative and helpful. Jeff was great, everything he covered was helpful and he had everything already written down so we didn't have to constantly take notes. We were able to concentrate on what he was teaching."

Allan P.
Ashland, MA

"The class was very informative and helpful. Jeff was great, everything he covered was helpful and he had everything already written down so we didn't have to constantly take notes. We were able to concentrate on what he was teaching."

Allen B.
Gervais, OR

"On my way with loads of information."

Belinda V.
Las Crues, CA

"Both Gena and Charlie gave a lot of very useful information and explained it in a clear way."

Ben F.
Murchison, TX

"Great information from experienced, personable professionals."

Ben T.
Las Vegas, NV


Benita W.
Atlanta, GA

"I overall loved this class. I would love more real properties to see on hands with real examples to relate to."

Benita W.
Atlanta, GA

"Jared was very knowledgeable about the information material and very professional. He was fun to be around and was patient about the questions and went beyond the call of duty for his students. 5 stars, hands down!"

Benita W.
Atlanta, GA

"This allowed me to connect the dots and get a different perspective, feeling more confident."

Benita W.
Atlanta, GA

"I have a great understanding about the numbers of rehab. This was greatly informative and will help me become a better me and GREAT wholesaler."

Benita W.
Atlanta, GA

"This experience has taught me to make my dreams and hopes a reality. I'm grateful."

Benjamin B.
Joliet, IL

"The training was excellent. It gave me a foundation to start my business. Still a little nervous, but that will diminish after following the plan that has been laid out. Thanks."

Benjamin C.
Blandan, PA

"We had a fairly large class for one instructor. He did great with his knowledge & resources. It would be better if he had help and we could have broken up into groups. Adam did great, he knew what he was talking about and took time out to answer our questions and even did a special role play request."

Benjamin TL.
Tulsa, OK

"Good resources, quality materials & information."

Benjamin T.
El Paso, TX

"I feel incredibly more confident now and ready to start making offers and doing deals starting today. Chris was great, very authentic and felt confident in his teaching."

Berita H.
Hempstead, NY

"It is with great enthusian that I complement Jared for the outstanding job he did. Jared exceeds expectations. To me he was like an encyclopedia of real estate. He is knowledgeable and with that, he empowered us in such away that I think I can be successful."

Bernard O.
Waipahu, HI

"Jared and Zap were very informative and shared the real experience of their deals, wish it could have been more days."

Bernadette S.
Sandy Springs, GA

"Beginning to understand how to structure offers and rehab a property. I understand finding buyers. Excellent experience! Very clear with this instructor. It was great having a female instructor! We needed this."

Bernard G.
Philadelphia, PA

"Jared was an excellent speaker and gave all his time, even during lunch. He was fun, engaging, and I feel he really cared about us! John and Karen were also amazing. Thank you so much!"

Bernard H.
East, PA

"Not enough time."

Bernard O.
Waipahu, HI

"I wish the training was longer and that we actually did deals together."

Bernie D.
Valley Park, MO

"Greg was great, had a very good approach to content. I enjoyed the smaller group. there were many things I needed clarification on and these things were clarified."

Berta C.
Chula Vista, CA

"I wish we had more time to process before we were given assignments to proceed. Compliments to all in their assisting everyone even though all present were at different stages Need to reconfirm that these classes can be reattended."

Beth H.
Rockledge, FL

"You handled the constant question askers with great grace!"

Beth I.
San Diego, CA

"Adam was very knowledgeable and very thorough. Learned so much from him in this seminar."

Beth M.
Willimantic, CT

"Great information to go out and get deals done!"

Beth S.
Portland, OR

"I liked the quick method of putting together a rehab budget quickly and understanding how to make those decisions at Lowe's. Also liked that the venue was near places to eat & the hotel staff was excellent."

Bethany W.
Inverness, FL

"Will be attending more boots on ground events."

Beto L.
Greeley, CO

"Concerned about effectiveness on letter of credit. Looking forward to going out and getting to work."

Betsy D.
Rock Hill, SC

"Joe was awesome, great instructor! We had a lot of fun and weren't bored at all!! Love running the numberss, loved checking out the houses & the process we went through to choose the homes to go to. First day was all really great info, all my classmates are cool & we really had a bunch of fun. The time went quickly and I know I will miss seeing Joe & all my classmates."

Betty B.
Clinton, MD

"This presentation was very empowering and motivating."

Betty B.
Belton, TX

"Great teachers. Very personable & knowledgeable."

Carleton B.
Austin, TX

"Greg and John are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. The classes were never dull. The tips and tricks I learned will be extremely valuable and helpful. I highly recommend this class."

Carlos A.
Hinesville, GA

"The instructor was very experienced and knew very well what he was talking about. A great experience."

Carlos D.
Manassas, VA

"Very informative and hands-on."

Charles W.
Hilliard, OH

"Presenters were very personable and made things fun, answered other real estate questions, lots of experience, great at removing fears."

Charles W.
Cleveland, OH

"Chris was very informative in his content and provided a clear cut path of how to use the program to secure cash buyers and realtors, make offers and earn profits. I'd strongly recommend the Boots on the Ground training to others seeking to become real estate investors."

Charley A.
Port Richey, FL

"My questions were answered. I still have a lot to learn, so I am going to depend on Response line for support! Thanks for help and understanding Lots of personal issues at the time of course."

Charlie B.
Tulsa, OK

"Day one -- learned not to be afraid. Training was very informative. Going out and looking at properties and working on numbers to make offers was very helpful. Thank you for helping change my life."

Betty C.
Miami Gardens, FL

"Awesome, very knowledgeable and answered any and all questions that the class asked. Thank you."

Betty E.
Twain Harte, CA

"I had a very informative training. Thank you, Ali."

Bill B.
Palo Alto, CA

"Jared did a great job in presentation, huge amount of information. On the whole he did a great job."

Bill B.
Harrisburg, PA

"This event gave me what I need to move forward to start a real estate investment business."

Bill D.
Milton, GA

"Lots of info -- very fast -- could use more visuals and charts. I'll need to do this again."

Bill H.
Fresno, CA

"Botts on the Ground facility was excellent, tour of Lowe's was so informative and home walkthroughs was perfect for info."

Bill J.
Lincoln, NE

"Great information. Jason was very patient with all attendees."

Bill S.
Temple, GA

"The only thing I would change would be to have the camps more on weekends for people who are still working."

Bill T.
East Hartford, CT

"I was not able to run the software at all, but besides that problem it was great."

Bill T.
San Antonio, TX

"Great advice. Easy to follow up. Good use of time. Very knowledgeable. Very down to earth with good personal experience provided many good examples."

Bill W.
Deltona, FL

"Joe was fantastic! Everything was easily understood. Very motivational!"

Bill W.
Deltona, FL

"We really enjoyed this season of Boots on the Ground. Jeffery and Jared were excellent teachers! They made everything very clear and understandable we feel confident now to proceed in our new adventure! Thank you for making this fun!"

Billie C.
Bayonne, NJ

"Great energy! Loved the hands-on-training and real life example. The training was structured, very informative and challenging me to take action immediately. Grateful for support!"

Billy C.
Houston, TX

"Jason was an awesome speaker/trainer. The information was extremely valuable and intriguing, I am very grateful and humble and feel a lot smarter than yesterday."

Billy D.
Highland, CA

"The material was covered well in class. It was a good training."

Billy W.
Philadelphia, PA

"Need at least one more day."

Blaine S.
Harrisonburg, VA

"Trainer seems to care about our success!"

Blake A.
Vero Beach, FL

"Thank you guys for being amazing. So grateful for this experience!"

Blake V.
Cordova, TN

"I think the information was valuable. It was a lot to digest at once. I would like to see more examples of completed deals."

Blanche W.
Inglewood, CA

"They were great! Very knowledgeable. "

Blessing I.
Providence, RI

"Very helpful and uplifting."

Bob B.
Sparks, NV

"Very valuable information."

Bob B.
Canastota, NY

"Brandon was great and I hope to speak with him on the trainer hot line."

Bob C.
Mt. Arlington, NJ

"Tim was relatable, informable, and helped get us to make our goals attainable. We were given short cuts to estimates."

Bob G.
Denville, NJ

"He was awesome!!"

Bob K.
Meridian, ID

"Charlie was an excellent teacher and presented the material in a clear and concise manner."

Bob L.
Glendale, AZ

"Learning fast estimation of repair costs was fantastic."

Bob M.
Atlantic Beach, FL

"Exceeded my expectations! Great instructors & very knowledgeable. Field trip was a great experience."

Bob P.
Grand Junction, CO

"Expected more financing options. Charlie is knowledgeable and willing to share. Houses visited fit rental and opened up deal options for students."

Bob W.
Ocala, FL

"Jason was awesome, totally knowledgeable of subject. A pleasure all the way."

Candido A.
Tamarac, FL

"Jeff Jensen provided excellent teaching. He is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable, patient and funny. I value his experience and was truly grateful to meet him. Learning how to run the numbers in short order was awesome!"

Caren R.
Olympia, WA

"Jared did a very good job of keeping us on task. Jerry was fabulous with tech stuff. Great program."

Carl W.
Leesburg, VA

"Charlie and Jason were great and very insightful. I enjoyed learning from practitioners not theorists. Thank you very much for your time."

Carla B.
Elsmere, KY

"I learned so much from this class. The instructor was patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, approachable. I would highly recommend this class and the instructor to everyone."

Carla H.
Port Crane, NY

"I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot."

Carla R.
Mechanicsville, VA

"Very transparent and informative session."

Carla S.
Denton, WA

"My brain is about to explode!! Lots of information to digest. I am excited about getting started on the first day of the rest of my life! Nowhere but up from here."

Bobbi S.

"A very structured, easy plan to wholesale properties. I like how you taught us not to overthink but to implement instead. The support system is there to help through the process and having deeper understanding of the contracts."

Brendan M.
Columbus, OH

"Great teachers, great information and great attitudes."

Aaron E.
Eagleville, PA

"Overall my experience was enjoyable. I would like to attend another Boots on the Ground & hear more information on wholesale. I feel there was not enough focus on that."

Aaron E.
Morgan, UT

"I had a great time. The information was very useful, and I totally understand that what I put into this is what I'll get out. Charlie was awesome, and he was a great presenter.”

Aaron K.
De Pere, WI

"Jeff did a great job and answered all questions that were asked of him. Hands on experience such as visiting Home Depot and 4 houses was incredibly helpful."

Aaron L.
Los Angeles, CA

"I like the fact that we learned real life situation and the real world situation, and did projects."

Aaron R.
Shawano, WI

"Boots was a very good training, Jason was a great help with all question. So far all trainers have been great."

Aaron S.
Broken Arrow, OK

"I expected more on how to manage flipping & rentals."

Aaron W.
Sparks, NV

"This was great. Took away a lot of fear to moving forward with investing in real estate."

Abdirazak O.
Saugus, MA

"Boots on the ground was beyond my expectation, I have learned a lot."

Abdu M.
Dallas, TX

"Excellent training. But if possible to make longer time, 4-5 days."

Abdul M.
Miami, FL

"Jeffrey was a great instructor. He made sure you were very clear what to expect. He gave me the confidence I needed to get started wholesaling properties. He gave very good direction and walked us through a step by step process to achieve success! I highly recommend this BOG to any new investor."

Catherine B.
Dix Hills, NY

"The trainer, Adam, is well versed in the subject matter and was able to articulate it to the class in a fresh and simple manner. He was a good teacher."

Catherine B.
Ocoee, FL

"Loved the training materials. Allowed for notes, had sample documents, a glossary and contracts. Joe was patient, clarified confusing areas. Not sure that I have my sequence of actions down yet but good to know the help desk and Joe are available."

Catherine C.
Los Angeles, CA

"I am sincerely grateful for the Boots on the Ground training. Especially to Jeff for sharing his knowledge and expertise. This is definitely a life changing experience for me and I am ready and excited to start this scary but exciting chapter of my life."

Catherine C.
Northglenn, CO

"I have zero experience in real estate and investing. Boots on the Ground was very comprehensive and I am now leaving with the confidence that I can succeed. I feel I've been well prepared and educated in the foundational principles of wholesaling and and looking forward to utilizing the adviser line for mentorship."

Catherine D.
Deerfield Beach, FL

"Fantastic training - thank you!"

Cathi C.

"The walk through of the houses was practical. Hands-on training was awesome."

Cathy C.
Audubon, NJ

"Jeff was a lot fun!"

Cathy J.
Citrus Hts, CA

"Adam and Gena were both informative."

Cathy S.
Littleton, CO

"I can say how wonderful i feel about the information I received this weekend. Adam was so helpful and knowledgeable. I got answers to question i had no idea I had. Ted was such a helpful person. He was always there to help anyway he could. This was a great experience and I am going to start making deals as soon as possible. Thanks Adam and Ted."

Cathy Z.
Mc Donald, PA

"He explained everything so well, making it easy to understand. So informative. Excellent course."

Cathye M.
Visalia, CA

"Looking forward to implementing the tools I received at Boots on the Ground."

Catlyn C.
Chantilly, VA

"Ali is very savvy and a great communicator, he is very clear and confident."

Cecilia T.
Bothell, WA

"This was very informative workshop and a bit overwhelming, though I learned a lot. I appreciate this opportunity. I look forward to doing my first deal and to learning more."

Cedric B.
Woodbridge, VA

"Superb instructor - fantastic training. Very focused on each student. Everything was explained well by trainer. Good location for the training. Trainer was very personable, knowledgeable, patient, thorough & passionate. Thank you all for a great event. I received a ton of information that will take time for me to absorb, but I am anxious to get going."

Celeste B.
Forest Park, OK

"The training was outstanding, I enjoyed all three days, would tell friends."

Celeste F.
Casselberry, FL

"The information was presented in a clear manner and with humor. The presenters were thorough and very professional. Great job, Joe & Charlie!"

Celina C.
Metairie, LA

"The workshop was very informative and enjoyable. Ali kept the class interesting with his great sense of humor."

Celioua M.
Elliott, MD

"Awesome trainers/class/seminar."

Cesar R.
Taunton, MA

"Chris did a phenomenal job explaining the process of wholesaling and I have already gotten results during the 3 days we attended the course! I am excited to use this as a means to accelerate my partners financial freedom!"

Chad H.
North Port, FL

"Craig really cleared up a lot of things that were confusing. He was very transparent. He simplified the process down for me and my partner to understand."

Chad K.
Riverside, MO

"Thank you for the training."

Chad L.
Rockledge, FL

"Good information. Helped to bring more of the active into view for me. My biggest obstacle is myself and fear of the process."

Chad L.
Lewisville, TX

"Chris was very knowledgeable and courteous. Very patient and took time to answer all questions, no matter how dumb they may have been."

Chad T.
Falls Church, VA

"Boots on the Ground was great! Taking me from classroom to action! I'm a hands on type of person. Boots on the Ground helped connect what I learned, to what action/steps/structure to follow, to be successful at wholesaling a property."

Chadana K.
Red Oak, TX

"This was a great, power packed weekend. Great opportunity to network and build rapport and relationship with local investors.. Great resource for building and expanding one's "power team". I am definitely gaining confidence as I learn the ropes and put into practice the tools we have been given."

Chandler I.
El Paso, TX

"I'm so new to this. My instructor was very meticulous and went over everything so we can all understand. I will do my best to get things up off the ground. Thanks Chris, for all the wisdom you passed on my way."

Chandra H.
Springfield, VA

"I found it very helpful to review different parts of the process throughout the 3 days, then go over the entire process again at the end. Sometimes it can be easy to forget what came before when focusing on new information."

Chandra R.
Shawnao, WI

"Jason did a great job laying out everything step-by-step in easy to learn and remember steps. He also had a great handout to support the material. thanks for all the great tips."

Chandra S.
Atlanta, GA

"Hands on training with practical steps, I learned a lot!"

Chantay C.
Fernley, NV

"I think that it would have been a benefit to have one bus or van to tour the homes. Time between could be used for discussion of what was seen and thoughts/that way all individuals hear the same thing. Very good info -- didn't really know what to expect."

Chantel O.
Kihei, HI

"Amazing! Both instructors were great, lots of information. I do, however, wish there was more hands-on. To listen in on the initial call to a realtor was great, but wished to have done the same for a buyer."

Chantelle C.
Colorado Springs, CO

"I feel I would be more helped if I had more visual notes written down so I could be able to write, see, and read my notes in my head to better understand the process. Most importantly, the one-on-one questions asked helped more than the group answers to questions."

Chantelle W.
Fruita, CO

"The course was full of good information. Karen was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions and concerns."

Chao F.
Flushing, NY

"Jeff is a great speaker, I like him so much. Thank you so much."

Charene S.
Nacogdoches, TX

"Your heart for people shines through. Thank you for personalizing this training and giving us the tools to change our lives."

Charisma R.
Bronx, NY

"I really enjoyed my experience during this course. I feel that I've learned some great tools and I can't wait until I can put them to use."

Charlene A.
Albuquerque, NM

"On day one I was still confused with the concepts. On the last day everything came together in a way that made much more sense and I feel confident that I can go out there and be successful. I am so happy that I was able to attend Boots on the Ground, Dawn was amazing and the 3 day event flew by. Thank you, Dawn."

Charlene B.
Capitol Heights, MD

"Excellent experience. Kept me motivated. Instruction booklet is excellent."

Charlene N.
Emeryville, CA

"All the details, especially the contract and numbers are going to help me get to my goals."

Charlene N.
Emeryville, CA

"John hit the ground running the first day of class, teaching and covering areas that kept me from moving forward. I am more confident now to MOVE FORWARD."

Charlene V.
Fort Thomas, KY

"Great job."

Charles B.
Taylorsville, NC

"This training was exceptional! I feel now that I have the tools to get started immediately."

Charles G.
Holly Springs, NC

"Great experience."

Charles H.
Del City, OK

"I feel very good about going out and doing deals. I have my book and help line when, or if, I have problems."

Charles H.
Del City, OK

"I feel very good about going out and doing deals. I have my book and help line when, or if, I have problems."

Charles H.
Evansdale, IA

"I like your style of teaching, it was informative and interesting."

Charles J.
Los Angeles, CA

"I learned a lot from this class."

Charles J.
Bakersfield, CA

"Now I have tools after 3 Day of course work to obtain my goal. Above expectations."

Charles K.
Houston, TX

"Great job, patient, funny, engaging. Very insightful & knowledgeable."

Charles L.
Groveport, OH

"The instructor was exceptional. Not only was he interesting and professional, but what we really appreciated was how well he shared his own experiences and how they would benefit us. I would recommend him to any future Boots on the Ground events. Thank you, Greg, for everything."

Charles M.
Louisa, VA

"Joe was a very great instructor & I really enjoyed the presentation. I feel he got points across and gave me everything I need to be a good real estate investor."

Charles R.
Sierra Vista, AZ

"Chris is a superb instructor!"

Charles S.
Sunrise, FL

"Joe is very good, he makes sure we understand and answered lots and lots of questions. Very good speaker."

Charles S.
Valdosta, GA

"John did an excellent job of teaching at Boots on the Ground, a lot of information. I enjoyed receiving the infromation he shared he was great going over things when we had questions, great speaker and teacher."

Charles T.
McKinney, TX

"The Boots on the Ground provided a great start to begin buying and selling real estate. I feel the information provided is extremely beneficial to succeeding."

Charlie D.
Marana, AZ

"Very good! I learned a lot and gained valuable resources to continue learning!"

Charlie M.
Shiloh, GA

"I appreciate the real world information, tools, and hands on experience. I am confident I can start now and follow the process."

Charlie V.
Tuscon, AZ

"Joe was very informative, helpful, and entertaining while maintaining control. His golden nuggets are awesome."

Charlotte D.
Olympia, WA

"This seminar was very helpful and informative. The speakers were thorough and patient, answering questions and giving explanations. Great job! I was frustrated with the fact that the event info was delayed and I could not get through to get answers. We were kind of left hanging as we tried to prepare to come, and it was stressful."

Charlotte J.
Bethesda, MD

"Very good! The practice visits to Home Depot and properties, calculation of repair estimate, short cuts for calculations, practical tips for contract wording additions/protection were added benefits to the core information. The practical examples provided by Jeff and Jared from their own experiences were awesome!"

Charlotte N.
Gilbert, AZ

"Jared was very knowledgeable and took time to answer all our questions. He helped us face our fears and move past them. Thank you!"

Abe P.
Castro Valley, CA

“Superb class!"

Abel B.
Miami, FL

"Greg and Jason were great, super knowledgeable, explained everything in simple terms and clear, also both were extremely patient and professional. Overall a super experience."

Abel L.
San Antonio, TX

"The instructor was very professional at his explanations on the subject matter we were presented. Made the necessary time to answer all questions."

Aberaham L.
San Diego, CA

"This workshop should be 5 days long to allow us to go in depth. Overall it's a workshop I highly recommend to anyone looking to get involved with investing in real Estate."

Abram O.
Garland, TX

"Great instructor, shared lots of good information to help us with understanding the system, thank you so much."

Ada H.
Greenacres, FL

"Joe really knows his stuff."

Adam A.
Valrico, FL

"Casey & Jerry are very knowledgeable. I thought they covered the material very efficiently. Look forward to getting out there and closing my 1st deal!"

Brenda P.
Virginia Beach, VA

"Both Jared and Greg are phenomenal (fun with an abundance of knowledge)."

Brenda R.
Pawtucket, RI

"Well explained, will recommend to friends and family. Very happy with the knowledge he offered during the workshop."

Brenda S.
Pawtucket, RI

"We are still trying to figure out how we will come up with money to purchase homes. Charlie is very knowledgeable with good humor."

Caitlin C.
Deer Park, TX

"The program was informative and a great starting point. We would benefit from additional guidance."

Caitlin M.
Orlando, FL

"Very helpful! Excited to get started on this. Helped ease into the process and they knew what they were talking about! Thank you!"

Caleb S.
St Petersburg, FL

"Learned a lot, was encouraged. Presenters answered all my questions."

Calvin J.
St Petersburg, FL

"The meeting was very informative and was clearly understood. Would do it again, focusing on another topic."

Calvin J.
Wichita, KS

"The meeting was very informative and was clearly understood. Would do it again, focusing on another topic."

Calvin S.
Reynoldsburg, OH

"It is really great. I learned a lot about flipping houses. I have learned quick cash strategies and cash flow strategies."

Cameron M.
Auburn, WA

"The class was great. I think if everyone was on the same level we could have gotten farther but I was running comps and putting in offers yesterday. I also have gotten a good buyers list already going just in the last 3 days."

Cameron T.
Elizabethtown, PA

"John was easy to follow and provided a great experience. I learned a lot from this part of the course."

Cameron T.
Morrisonville, IL

"Very Informative."

Cameron W.
Flagstaff, AZ

"Chris and Brandon did a fantastic job, breaking down the basics of wholesaling properties. Very personable and very well done!"

Camilla L.
Stockholm, Sweden

"Both Karen and Richard are great instructors with lots of knowledge and experience. Karen is fantastic at explaining things to make them easily understandable, and her energy is magic. I would have liked to have more time in smaller groups, working practically on calculations, software, comps. And the workbook needs the correct info. The days could have been longer to cover more."

Camilla L.
Stockholm, Sweden

"Both Karen and Richard are great instructors with lots of knowledge and experience. Karen is fantastic at explaining things to make them easily understandable, and her energy is magic. I would have liked to have more time in smaller groups, working practically on calculations, software, comps. And the workbook needs the correct info. The days could have been longer to cover more."

Camille W.
Anchorage, AK

"Joe was fantastic. His enthusiasm was contagious. He helped minimize my fears by being able to clearly answer a lot of the questions. He provided great examples that assisted with relating scenarios. Very up-beat and personable. It was a great class and I feel confident :) more confident that I can do this. Glad we did cold calls to practice that was helpful. I was nervous at first, but by the third call it became more comfortable. Thank you, Joe! You are a great presenter."

Cammy O.
El Dorado, KS

"It was great! Would like to have more opportunity to work on actual deals! More hands-on training on finding buyers -- maybe a session designed for this?"

Canaan A.
Pahoa, HI

"The information for Boots on the Ground was extremely valuable. However, I feel as if my time with this program was too short. For the money spent, I wish this was a week long program. John was incredible and I couldn't have had a better mentor. I wish I had more time with him because he gave me a lot of confidence to maybe make deals. If I had more time with this program, I'd learn more that wasn't covered in these 3 days. I'd feel less stressed to make my first deal."

Candace F.
Paxton, MA

"Tim was very thorough and easy to understand. Tim made very complicated concepts understandable. I would highly recommend this Boots on the Ground program."

Candice C.
Fairmount, GA

"Casey did an awesome job assisting with understanding everything we needed to know to be successful. I now feel that I can successfully make offers and close deals."

Candice J.
Houston, TX

"Greg provided essentials on the field experience that made the difference."

Adam C.
Nine Mile Falls, WA

"Thank you for your time, I learned a lot. We will do this for life."

Aaron B.
Oakland, CA

“Ali is the man, he is hands on with his training and he gives you a step by step system on everything you need to know about real estate.”

Aaron B.
New Iberia, LA

"Jason was an exceptional instructor. Very knowledgeable in his field and shared his experiences with class & answered all questions of concern."

Aaron C.
Peterborough, NH

"It's clear that Jared has done this for a long time. I'm excited to get rolling- I understand this process better now and I feel confident that the 10 offers I am submitting on Monday are a good bet."

Aaron D.
High Point, NC

"Life changing, thanks."

Ashley R.
Portland, OR

"Instructors had a great way of keeping things simple & using great metaphors. Third time was my charm. I'm much more confident & ready to understand the day-to-day and contract knowledge."

Ashley H.
Tucson, AZ

"Adam did great! he went over everything and specifically answered all questions & made sure to break everything down so I left feeling ready to go. I would have liked at least one extra day to make sure all relevant information really sticks."

Catherine M.
Kansas City, MO

“The education has been laid out step-by-step, which is critical in a learning process. I'm blown away at the quality of the company that I see in its people, values, and service. Response has impressed me in so many ways. I feel extremely confident to be supported, taught, and trained by them.”

Shalene P.
Olympia, WA

“The experience I had at Response was unique and genuine. We're passionate about doing well, and we feel Response has helped us accomplish that.”

Ryan C.
Olympia, WA

“I got into an accident that left me paralyzed. I have a wife and two kids and it was tough. I had no job for two years, as I tried to rehabilitate. We did some research and decided that real estate was the right career for us. Response provided me and my wife with the tools and knowledge to keep moving forward. They changed my life.”

Eric B.
Olympia, WA

“If you build a gameplan, you can learn how to make money with other people's money. The hands-on training was fun. I'm excited to get out there and go to work.”

Charles S.
Bloomington, IN

“This week has been really cool! They have great energy. This information is truly invaluable.”

Chrystal G.
Loveland, CO

“We were looking for something we could do to supplement our careers. This training, through Response, has helped us gain skills and insight- everything is becoming more and more clear. It has been outstanding and Response has gone above and beyond to help us with our financial situation. They care about our success.”

Debbie W.
Houston, TX

“Response has given me the freedom to do what I like to do. The support from Response has met and exceeded my expectations.”

George G.
Seguin, TX

“I needed a better way to provide for my family- and Response has given me that opportunity. The advanced training is great. If I hadn't of had this training- I would have walked away.”

John M.
Weeki Wachee, FL

“The training has exceeded our expectations. It has all been great. The best part has been meeting my one-on-one mentor. I ask her questions and she helps with answers. I'm blown away by the personalism from all the staff at Response.”

Michael W.
Philadelphia, PA

“This is a great program to take advantage of.”

Laguana B.
Kansas City, MO

“I enjoyed the training from Response. I love the hands-on experience and I'm ready to move forward.”

Sam J.
Bloomington, IN

“I'm really impressed with the knowledge we've been presented with.”

Priscilla J.
Loveland, CO

“I'm excited about getting started with wholesaling. Response has given us the knowledge to make this successful.”

Dennis D.
Atlanta, GA

“The instructors have done a phenomonal job. I feel equipped and feel ready to hit the ground running.”

Allen H.
Brooklyn, NY

“Knowledgeable, courteous, professional, factual, entertaining and motivation.”

Adam J.
Clarksville, TN

“Great training. Greg gas a wealth of knowledge. My only recommendation is to add in the curriculum more information regarding rehabs and flips.”

Adam M.
Brookhaven, GA

"-Fantastic training and insider knowledge! -Most homes on our Saturday tour were unavailable or very poor quality (could not be seen)."

Adam N.

"The 3 days have been well presented in an informed manner giving us a good basic platform to start our property investing journey. Both Richard and Karen were extremely helpful and accommodating with any questions and information anyone asked of them. The presentation was specific for contractual and strategic moves forward and I feel more than adequately prepared moving forward."

Adam V.
Toronto, ON

"Overall great workshop. Lots of good information and ways to get things done. Now I'm confident with looking for deals and looking forward to my first deal."

Adam W.
Nampa, ID

"The info given was what I needed to push me through the door of making deals."

Adedolato O.
Katy, TX

"Fantastic team of instructors, gave wonderful complementing perspectives on why we can do this valuable opportunities in REI. Very practical, real life and real world examples. Course curriculum and company support infrastructure top choice and partner of choice. I look forward to sharing my success stories to you all."

Adelita A.
Gilbert, AZ

"The BOG was great training as we move forward in this new journey in life... Thank you for your time..."

Adline M.

"Instructor was a very knowledgeable, entertaining instructor. Did not feel overwhelmed, taught clearly where I can understand an intimidating type of challenging topic for me."

Adonis P.
Bowie, MD

"He was very clear and gave me a lot of info. I literally knew nothing before now I know tons."

Adrian S.
Oakland, CA

"I love all the information that I learned. Before this I know nothing about REI. This has motivated me to shoot for my goals and dreams."

Adriana R.
Pompano Beach, FL

"I love all the information that I learned. Before this I know nothing about REI. This has motivated me to shoot for my goals and dreams."

Adriana R.
Pompano Beach, FL

"Both Brandon and Joe were very helpful every single day. Always asking if we understood and asking if we had any questions. It was great to go to Lowe's and get our own personal tour. The experience of visiting the homes was also helpful. I really enjoyed the examples both Brandon and Joe gave us on making phone calls. Thank you!"

Adrina L.
Sunrise, FL

"Joe was great! There was a lot of information: I enjoyed property walk throughs because I was able to see the property and talk to my class mated with their different experiences. I study a little more to feel more comfortable with. Many blessings to me!"

Aggrey K.
Haverhill, MA

"Good Job."

Ahmad H.
South Richmond Hill , NY

Awesome learning experience!"

Ahmed E.

"They are awesome teachers."

Ahmet K.
Glendale, CA

"It helped a lot to understand the RE word here in the USA. Jeff really knows what he's doing and he is an excellent tutor and I'm really pleased to have come along."

Bruce W.
Loveland, CO

"The training was excellent. Well done."

Bryan A.
Mesa, AZ

"I love how they both used their experience to help us understand the concept being taught or used their experience to answer questions we asked."

Bryan I.
Orlando, FL

"I liked how he made the class enjoyable and easy to learn. I'd like more time going over the numbers, that got me a little confused."

Bryan P.
Greeley, CO

"Amber and Greg were awesome. They were very patient with our questions. I really liked the hands-on training. I definitely feel more confident."

Bryan R.
Badin, NC

"These guys were great and my wife and I now feel excited to go get deals done!"

Bryan S.
Lake Dallas, TX

"Very much enjoyed both instructors. They were able to take the information and present it in a way that was understandable and fun. I learned a lot and they both are well learned."

Bryce M.
Aurora, CO

"The event contained valuable "get out there" pushes to get me going. I wish there was more info around finding cash buyers and deeper info on finding off-market properties."

Bryson H.
Wichita, KS

"Great patience with all paces of learners. Really appreciated the willingness to address all questions, especially the repeated ones. I would have appreciated more of a standard (university style) classroom setting where students do not just shout out, interject their own anecdotes, or try to teach class. Jason did a great job handling it, but it was distracting. It also become a technology teaching class where many did not even know basic computer skills to naviagate, word, excel, google, etc. Very professional, no vulgar jokes or language and fun to work with!"

Bryson H.
New Orleans, LA

"It was great to get real-world info on what to expect and not just a corporate school teacher. Go VOLS!!!"

Brent L.

"You were great! Thanks for your professional, yet entertaining attitude. The hand outs were great additions to the printed material. The only drawback was the number questions and overparticipation of certain attendees. While i know this is tough as an instructor, I feel like we could have covered a lot more material without these distractions & interruptions, so thats disappointing. Thanks again!"

Brent S.
Buckeye, AZ

"This filled in the blanks from our prior trainings with a super practical approach."

Brett D.
Centralia, WA

"Zap was awesome and taught the material extremely well. Explained and wrote out material so it was easily understandable."

Brett F.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Tim covered all the information in the best way possible. Tim has great energy and knowledge. Lots of info to take in but it was brilliant."

Brian B.
New Haven, CT

"I had a great time!"

Brian B.
Anderson, IN

"Exceeded my expectations."

Brian C.
Windsor, ON

"Very helpful information, will make the initial purchase much simpler. instructor is very knowledgeable in this field, very good."

Brian C.
Havertown, PA

"Wow! Great presentation and demeanor. Jared was very knowledgeable and presented in a way that all levels of students could understand. He took the time to answer our questions. Learned and exposed to a ton of information! Thank you, Jared!"

Brian D.
Denver, CO

"Great set of guys, and I would do this again."

Brian D.
Collbran, CO

"Every question was answered for everyone and clarified when asked. Perfect!"

Brian H.
Honolulu, HI

"Instructor was very interesting, funny, and knowledgeable about the service."

Brian H.
North Olmsted, OH

"Charlie was very friendly and knowledgeable. Our Boots on the Ground experience was awesome! We are going away from this training with much more understanding and motivation to act and succeed."

Brian I.
Sharon, MA

"Tim is awesome!!"

Brian K.
Titusville, FL

"Help in finding investors was the most useful."

Brian K.
Titusville, FL

"Good tips on finding investors/buyers."

Brian K.
Bronx, NY

"Really appreciated the extra time spent to answer questions."

Brian N.
Houston, TX

"Greg is an incredibly knowledgeable, capable, and sincere instructor who teaches from his very real work experience and thus expertise in this field! I would take his classes whenever I can in the future. I hope you can capture his instructional presentation in video form that we can refer back to and continue the learning curve!"

Ahyah B.
Naples, FL

"Really enjoyed this training and am eager to get out into the field and start to make things happen and also really enjoyed getting out into actual properties and doing real life situations."

Aileen L.
Reno, NV

"Lots of great info. Trainers were able to answer all of our questions. They also made me feel like they are doing the same steps that they preach. In other training I have fallen with other companies I always feel like there is a missing piece and can not move forward. Good job guys."

Aimee J.
Silver City, NM

"Very helpful and reassuring that the team is available and wants students to succeed, not just pay for the education! Thanks!"

Aimee P.
Holly, MI

"I don't feel as confident as I was hoping for doing deals. Very nervous. Wish we had one more day "doing fake deals" including the paperwork (ex. contracts) that would normally submitted during a deal. Running numbers on homes really helped me."

Aisiah M.

"I am very excited, my best investment yet."

Carlos R.
Marietta, GA

"Great speaker, very helpful information. Made us ready for the next step. Thank you so much."

Carlos S.
Los Angeles, CA

"Ali was an excellent and very informative instructor. It was a pleasure working with him. Given the opportunity, I would do it again."

Carlton H.
Chester, NC

"Very professional and encouraging."

Carmel I.
Randolph, MA

"Running the numbers was very helpful."

Carmela K.
Honolulu, HI

"Joe was very informative and easy going. Gave us a lot of info. Going on the actual excursion to Lowe's and looking at houses gives us a better understanding of what we need to expect. Working on goals and actually pushing ourselves to do it is actually making things easier as we take it step-by-step. Thank you for your motivation."

Carmen H.
Upper Marlboro, MD

"The instructors were outstanding! They both took their time to deliver the real estate investors class with perfection! I was very pleased!"

Carmen H.
Honolulu, HI

"Speaker was very friendly and knowledgeable, very good personality and made you feel like you have known him for a long time. Classes were very interesting, but too much information to get it in only three days."

Carmen L.
Denver, CO

"Boots on the Ground is an amazing chance to learn the info you need to know. It gave me the chance to hit the ground running."

Carmen T.
Pearland, TX

"Ali offered a lot of great information. Hearing it again, connecting the dots and bringing everything together. I liked listening to Ali because he offered real life scenarios."

Carmen V.
Miami, FL

"Chris made it so easy to understand the material. He was more than willing to answer all of our questions, which he did. He took his time, didn't rush the teaching. Best coach ever!"

Carol A.
Cedar Park, TX

"The training was wonderful and very informative. Great having a book to follow."

Carol A.
Palmdale, CA

"Great teachers!"

Carol B.
Findlay, OH

"Great way to dot your i's and cross your t's. We feel we can leave here and get to work."

Carol C.
Houston, TX

"This far exceeded my expectations!! I loved the calculations, all of the field trips to Lowe's and to see houses. Just awesome."

Carol G.
Saint John, NB

"Jared was delightful and incredibly patient. He has first hand experience, so he was very believable. I loved that he knew how Canada differs."

Carol J.
Colorado Springs, CO

"I could not have proceeded with my business without the valuable information presented over the three days. It gave me the boost I needed to get going!"

Carol N.
Portland, OR

"The presenters taught with me in mind - one step at a time. Technology was difficult for me at times. The Boots on the Ground training is awesome. Well worth the 3 days of training."

Carol P.
Twin Falls, ID

"We learned a lot. Everything was presented in an interesting and understandable way."

Carol P.
Twin Falls, ID

"We learned a lot. Everything was presented in an interesting and understandable way."

Carol S.

"I learned so much! Greg was patient and gracious. Excellent presentation."

Carol W.
San Diego, CA

"Presentation was concise, open for many questions. Showed real concern with us grasping concepts. Easy to smile."

Carolann D.
Portland, OR

"Very informative and I feel the information was presented in a very simple, easy to apply manner."

Carole G.
Krum, TX

"We received a huge amount of knowledge during this training and it was very well explained to us. Not only was it informative but it was also an enjoyable training."

Caroline E.
Hampton, GA

"He was very encouraging and a good teacher. I would love to recommend other people to attend this class."

Caroline S.
Sunrise, FL

"This presentation was clear and concise. Excellent!!! I especially liked the emphasis on finding cash buyers and finding deals and matching them. The simplicity of our purpose makes it easier to get started. Joe was entertaining as well as informative and I feel much better equipped than before taking this class to meet the challenges along the way. Thank you, Joe!"

Caroline T.
Neuilly Plaisance, France

"Very concrete information. Joe answered all my questions. I feel more confident about doing my first deal."

Carols M.
Capitol Heights, MD

"Good information, trainer was awesome."

Carolyn B.
Chicago, IL

"Loved the Boots on the Ground training, I got a lot out of it and I can't wait to get started buying and selling real estate."

Carolyn C.
Lubbock, TX

"The information was presented clearly. Tons of information was given. Helped to gain a better understanding of how to be a real estate investor, and an understanding of terminology. Appreciated the training and education provided!"

Carolyn C.
Woodridge, IL

"Very valuable training. One additional day would be of value. Goal setting assists in creating opportunity and moving forward. Workbook is detailed. Actionable steps provided. Pace was a bit too quick. Experience required to feel comfortable. Jeff showed hands-on experience relative to learning."

Carolyn D.
Dana Point, CA

"I really enjoyed it!"

Carolyn D.
Cypress, TX

"This was a learning experience for me. I learned valuable information on how to get cash buyers and locate properties."

Carolyn E.
Arlington, TX

"Loved the picture taking, classes were energized, the small class put me at ease, understood better, power point lesson workbook was super for note taking, a real teacher asking for feed-back on understanding of lesson info."

Carolyn J.
Buena Park, CA

"Jeff has great experiences to be able to share with us as students enhancing our understanding/motivation to execute our financial goals."

Carolyn S.
Bermuda Dunes, CA

"I was not able to assemble the process -- now I can. I wish I had realized I should have used the information in the book prior to attending."

Carolyn W.
Round Rock, TX

"Greg was the best instructor! Practical/usable info and format. Very open to questions and input from others participants."

Carrie A.
Miramar, FL

"Excellent presentation and class engagement provided by instructors."

Casper S.
Gaithersburg, MD

"This training removed the uncertainty that would've prevented me from ever making a deal."

Cassandra, B.
Springfield, MA

"This was very informative everything was put in an easy to understand step-by-step how to and what to do."

Cassandra, J.
Henderson, NV

"Richard and Shah were outstanding presenters. Their instruction styles reached each of us at different levels. I appreciate their patience and tenderness in explaining and re-explaining the information to those of us who were unsure of our confidence."

Catherine A.
Glendale, AZ

"The course was very informative. The speakers had great personalities. The only thing I would suggest is slowing down when speaking and going from one topic to topic. I understand time is limited, but it is a lot information to take in a a time. Overall, it was a great experience."

Craig B.
Flourtown, PA

"Chris was very helpful and answered all my questions very well."

Craig C.
Lancaster, MA

"The guys were great! Encouraging, but not pushy! Both very approachable, professional and personable. Jason's cheat sheets that summed up info were fantastic! Venue was easy access and comfortable."

Craig S.
Kansas City, KS

"I found the workshop very informative and refreshing. Mr. Murphy made the information clear and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to others."

Craig S.
Pearland, TX

"I appreciate the information we received from the training. Love the straight talk from Ali."

Craig W.
Inverness, FL

"Explained very well to understand and answer questions. Most productive seminar I attended."

Cristal R.
DuPont, WA

"Amazing trainers/event. Ready to get started."

Cristi M.
Phoenix, AZ

"The hands-on training with urgency was super helpful."

Cristian M.
Saint Cloud, FL

"The training was good. Only thing I would recommend is making visuals easier for visual learners."

Cristina B.
Cumming, GA

"Chris is awesome. Jason is awesome. Thank you so much, guys."

Cristina F.
Doral, FL

"Jason and Greg were extremely knowledgeable and patient. They answered all of our questions & walked us through the workshop in detail -- providing us the much needed golden nuggets. Thank you, guys."

Crystal D.
Rio Vista, TX

"I have a year of experience in investing and have purchased several properties. Therefore much of what we learned, I had experience with. However, after taking this course, I am interested in flipping, wholesaling, etc. Something I had not considered in the past. I really like the software and having the connections to Veil, Tax Sentinel, the Investors Expo, etc. My sister, Rochelle, attended with me and did not have any prior experience and the course was very beneficial to her."

Crystal M.
Coldwater, MS

"Greg was very professional and courteous on our way and level or learning process. He slowed down and explained everything to us when we had questions. I would 1,000 times attend another workshop ran by him."

Crystal O.
Rio Rancho, NM

"The class was super informative and really helped to tie everything together with this class and the resources. I can say I feel 100% confident."

Crystal R.
Colorado Springs, CO

"I liked the way john ran numbers with the class. It was very informative and helpful."

Chris M.
Fairfax, VA

"Great presentation and valuable information. Definitely gives confidence to the novice investor."

Chris M.
Austin, TX

"Greg was very personable and knowledgeable. It was an awesome experience."

Chris P.
Palmetto, FL

"Content was excellent. Delivery was effective and engaging. Material was great, the personal experiences and message delivered with material was just as valuable."

Chris P.
Waco, TX

"Andrea and Amber were great, however we missed two days of training due to miscommunication issues. I was extremely disappointed I was only able to see one days worth of info."

Chris S.
Sherwood, OR

"Ali was passionate, knowledgeable, and driven and it came through in everything he did! I have had a great deal of instructors, professors, and instructors, but Ali has been above and beyond the best I've ever had! Thank you!"

Chris S.
Clovis, CA

"Great insights into assignment strategies and shortcut tools to establish rehab budgets! Jeff is outrageously courteous, patient and professional. Equipped me with the info and attitude to confidently embark into this venture! I will likely take Boots on the Ground again because the experience was so enriching and informative!"

Chris T.
Grand Rapids, MI

"All of the events have been awesome. Jason was great. I would totally recommend this training to everyone!"

Chris W.
Inglewood, CA

"They were great! Very knowledgeable."

Chris W.
Bonita, CA

"Both instructors were very professional and helpful with questions and explaining different techniques. It was a very confidence-boosting weekend."

Chris W.
Bonita, CA

"I really liked the live call to a realtor by Charlie. Made me confident about calling agents on my own. Adam did a great job dissecting properties and explaining rehab budgets & determining ARVs."

Chris W.
Freeport, FL

"Ali kept it interesting, real, and enjoyable considering all the information."

Christa C.
Hagerstown, MD

"Great class, great information. Jared was awesome! Very informative & helpful. Would recommend to other people looking to get into real estate."

Christen L.
Orlando, FL

"Hands-on experience was very helpful."

Christen R.
Sidney, OH

"Give Greg a promotion!"

Christian A.
Kissimmee, FL

"We learned how to build our buyers list, what to look for in houses and the trip to Lowe's was amazing!"

Christian B.
Oakland, CA

"Great information and hands on training! I'm ready to get started."

Christian D.
Centreville, VA

"Jeff, you are awesome, I loved the efficiency model at Lowe's. The 25:1 offer ratio is money!"

Christian V.
Clermont, FL

"Boots on the Ground opened my eyes to wholesaling business. The information was wonderful and helped me understand the next step and opened my mind to the possibility of financial freedom."

Christiana H.
Beaverton, OR

"The entire workshop was excellent for me. I believe that the combination of the conference along with the hands-on -- going to Lowe's and looking at home and speaking to a Realtor - is extremely useful. I am confident that I will be able to close a deal."

Christie M.
McMinnville, OR

"I wish there was an opportunity to see a deal from start to finish. I also would love if there was a list that helped with that first cash buyer meet up."

Christin M.
Orlando, FL

"I loved Joe's sense of humor. he kept the classroom lively. He made the information easy to understand. I definitely feel prepared to leave this & make deals."

Christina D.
New London, NH

"Tom has been a fantastic teacher. He made what seemed liked difficult concepts very easy to understand. Tom worked very well with the entire group with very different personalities. It was a great 3 days. I would take the class again and will refer to other."

Christina F.
Austin, TX

"Mentors are great BUT whenever we asked about finding off-market properties, we were told that would be taught at the deal lab. I know it is upto Response to handle curriculum, but our mentor, when we signed up for the program, said we would be taught that here. We were disappointed in that b/c this was the only training we could afford. But Day 3 was the BEST. Speakers were awesome & answered every question we had. I was engaged & inspired every day :)"

Christina G.
Auburn, NY

"Informative and could be overwhelming with information with a professional whom has no Real Estate Experience. Brandon was exceptional with knowledge and explanation to bring it to my understanding. Thank you."

Christina H.
Dallas, TX

"Lots of information to take in -- still don't understand all of it. Great instructors."

Christina H.
Dallas, TX

"Lots of information to take in -- still don't understand all of it. Great instructors."

Christina H.
Dallas, TX

"Karen is excellent at training this class and making it as easy as possible. I don't understand all of this yet, but I will after I actually start doing deals soon."

Christina K.
Deerfield Beach, FL

"Only recommendation is a bit more guidance from trainers at house visits, to help identify issues in home, by room, which may need repair and discussion of costs. Great event."

Aja L.
Joliet, IL

"Helped with our confidence and getting started. Happy to be apart of a good team."

Akram A.
Apex, NC

"This workshop is a life changer for me and wife. Greg and Chris were amazing. “This is actually the first time I see a real applicable system that with dedication will lead to success and financial freedom. Thanks."

Al M.
Colorado Springs, CO

"This workshop is a life changer for me and wife. Greg and Chris were amazing. "So much information in such little time, yet i learned so much in great detail. I want to attend more BOG and learned even more. The jolly ranchers were a nice touch."

Charlotte N.
Gilbert, AZ

"Jared was very knowledgeable and took time to answer all our questions. He helped us face our fears and move past them. Thank you!"

Charlton H.
Sandy Springs, GA

"From the very beginning at the Gwinnett Center in Georgia, to my 3-day weekend with Dean, to the support I got from Bonnie, to the support from the Home Office, to the 3-day Boots on the Ground with John and Gena, this organization exudes transparency, authenticity, and integrity. Each next level of this organization is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to each next level. I feel that I have been given all of necessary information to begin wholesaling houses successfully."

Charmin G.
Newport News, VA

"Steve was very sincere and earnest in providing information. I truly wish we could have had a week with him instead of 3 days. Very motivated and excited to get started."

Chase H.
South Weber, UT

"Very helpful and knowledgeable. He stayed late asking questions. Provided bonus stuff which was very beneficial."

Chauncey A.
Roanoke, VA

"This was certainly a great experience. I feel more prepared now to go out and do deals. I only rated the course a 4 because I would have liked to spend more time in the class, otherwise, Joe was a great instructor and the course was wonderful!"

Chelsea L.
Oklahoma City, OK

"Shah was so upbeat and passionate about every word that came out of his mouth. We weren't spoon fed and given "the fish" but instead we were made to think for ourselves on what we learned and we were taught to fish. He encouraged us to DO IT! Yes, think on it, but to GO DO IT!! Personable and shared relatable stories. THANK YOU, SHAH!"

Cheron J.
Glen Cove, NY

"Boots on the Ground really helped me put together all the missing pieces. The instructors were engaging and really simplified the process. I now have confidence that I was lacking."

Cherry B.
Royal Palm Beach, FL

"Yes, the information is very valuable. I am very new to this information but I just have to continue reading and putting things together. I will be very interested in attending another Boots on the Ground to help solidify my learning tools. Thank you for the opportunity to learn."

Cheryl B.
Des Moines, WA

"I've learned so much thanks to Boots on the Ground! John as an instructor was very informative and did not mind going over things more than once. He wanted to make sure we all understood and are ready to make deals."

Cheryl C.
Coweta, OK

"Excellent short cuts, very much appreciated."

Cheryl F.
Parlin, NJ

"This was a very nice learning experience. Carl and I hope to do well with the knowledge."

Cheryl J.
Pickerington, OH

"Very patient and clear in process, very personable and approachable."

Cheryl K.
Lahaina, HI

"I really enjoyed meeting with Joe and Gena, they were very informative and I don't think I will ever forget them. I'm hoping to meet them again in the future. I just want to let them know how they will change our lives and to let them know how thankful I am! Aloha and Mahalo."

Cheryl L.
Chester, VA

"Excellent speaker. I learned valuable information that was not highlighted at the initial presentation 3 weeks ago. The importance of specific goals that cash buyers are imperative to the process and to get past the fears to make offers. Jeff was motivational and encouraged each of us to get started and make the offers and meet our specific goals; definitely needed. Thank you!"

Cheryl M.
Huntersville, NC

"Gave us great info, made everything relatable. Used great examples as well as sharing what he did to get started. Provided his own handouts. Very enjoyable, kept our attention."

Cheryl R.
Saint Charles, MO

"Exceeded expectations! Greg's knowledge of the field was exemplary. The class got off topic several times due to a chatty student or know-it-all attendee, but Greg did a good job of bringing us back on the track."

Cheryl S.
West Palm Beach, FL

"I have never experienced training at this level of excellence."

Cheryl S.
West Palm Beach, FL

"I have never experienced training at this level of excellence."

Cheryl S.
West Palm Beach, FL

"This is our 2nd Boots on the Ground - and boy it was worth it! These trainings are packed with so much information that there was no way I took it all in the first time around. Love the new hammer point software. Love Love loved the powers matching software! Thank you!"

Cheryl S.
Wilmington, IL

"Boots on the Ground was very beneficial with hands-on software, the actual walk thru of properties and reviewing actual numbers and calcualtions gave us the tools needed to get us going!"

Cheryl W.
Northfield, OH

"Chris was great at teaching each kind of deal and steps related to each specific kind of real estate deal. I think I am well prepared to start wholesaling and he has helped me tremendously to overcome my fear to start. He is an exceptional trainer."

Cheryle A.
Aliso Viejo, CA

"Put everything together to put my first deal out there. Took fears away."

Chesterfield B.
Upper Marlboro, MD

"I have a much better understanding of buy and hold, fast cash, and cash buyers. Ali is excellent and thorough with different action plans."

Chiniqua N.
Jacksonville, FL

"Chris was knowledgeable and personable. He taught a good approach to wholesaling using easy to understand techniques."

Chip P.
Cape Coral, FL

"Joe has a wealth of information and is very knowledgeable in this field. He comes with the experience to teach the class. The field trips to Lowe's were fun and informative. He could always get a job there, he knows more than most associates. The trips to the various properties were eye-openers and provided another tool for the toolbox. Great class, will attend another in the future for additional support."

Chito B.
Galveston, TX

"I really enjoyed the class and got a lot of info to take home."

Chizoba E.
Hampton, GA

"I learned a lot of new terms I wasn't familiar with before. I'm extremely confident that my mom will be just fine using all the info she learned."

Chloe B.
Eustis, FL

"I really enjoyed this! They both gave so much information. They were able to answer all our questions. Super knowledgeable. Very professional. The fields trips to Lowe's & visiting the houses was incredibly helpful. Great 3 days!"

Chris C.
Mount Sterling, KY

"Greg did a great job with further explaining to us how to get started. I really appreciate his support."

Chris D.
Lakewood, CO

"Appreciated the local insights and application in class."

Chris D.
Lakewood, CO

"Really enjoyed how Jeff instructed."

Chris H.
Leesburg, VA

"There was a very large value of material, and both Rick and Casey presented in a way that was very understandable and actionable. It exceeded my expectations in that we were actually able to see properties, find investors, and be able to actually complete a deal in 3 days. I was a skeptic before I came and a believer when I left. Rick and Casey worked well together in a divide and conquer strategy. Thank you, and I send best wishes to you both in all you do, both personally and professionally."

Chris I.
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you, Jared. You are incredible."

Chris I.
Los Angeles, CA

"I really liked how Matt broke down the ARV and walked us though the whole process. Best day was third day."

Chris J.
Bountiful, UT

"Great step-by-step training!!"

Chris J.
Denver, CO

"I feel much more comfortable in my ability to invest in real estate after taking Boots on the Ground."

Chris J.
Erskine Park, NSW

"Very good speaker, lots of knowledge. Looking forward to getting out there and making some deals."

Chris J.
Erskine Park, NSW

"Very good speaker, lots of knowledge. Looking forward to getting out there and making some deals."

Chris L.
Duluth, GA

"This program has enlightened me on real estate investing. I highly recommend this course for someone looking for very intuitive training."

Al M.

"I found Ali's training to be thorough. Listening to Ali's training makes me relax. Always asking questions."

Alfredo C.
San Francisco, CA

"Helped me to take action and overcome fear"

Ali H.
Pomona, CA

"Really awesome teacher & speaker with the knowledge I/we surely learn a lot."

Ali O.
Houston, TX

"Very knowledgeable & I appreciate that he actually is an active RE investor & practices what he teaches."

Ali R.

"Very good event, it was fun."

Alice A.
Dewey, AZ

"Very educational and down to earth useful information. Had great examples and explanations of the whole process. Excited to get started!"

Alice J.
La Cruces, NM

"Fabulous experience and I realy feel like we can do this. Great opportunity. Field Trips help immensely to help understand process."

Alice T.
Medford, OR

"I found Joe to be wonderful. He took time to explain details so I could truly understand what I need to do to become wealthy. He gave us several excellent local examples. The walk through properties helped greatly for what to look for. Going to Lowe's was very educational regarding costs & labor for rehabs. I would love to do this again because of Joe."

Alicia B.
S Pasadena, CA

"Best part of the class was information which perhaps was a lot in 3 days. But enthusiam was great."

Alicia D.
Mesa, AZ

"Karen is fantastic trainer w/real answers and applicable knowledge & experience to share. I have been a trainer myself for 5 years and her communication style, pace, tone and info given was perfected. Karen is a valuable asset to the Response team!"

Alicia E.
Ball Ground, GA

"Boots on the Ground training has been full of tremendous opportunity. I feel I have received all the tools/information to begin my REI career. Moved quickly-that's ok-I absorbed; but know it's going to be up to me to apply these tools daily-I'm excited to move forward-John and Gena were awesome trainers/teachers! Enjoyed their energy and disposition-very effective! Thank you John and Gena-much blessing to you!"

Crystal W.
Silvis, IL

"Thanks, Charlie, for his extra tips and handouts. I was looking for "formulas" to make solid offers and account for all expenses the best we can. I feel we got that! Also thanks for putting up with my computer shortfalls! :)"

Csilla T.
Mangilao, GU

"Karen was very friendly, professional and polite. She provided us with a lot of additional information. She took time to answer all of our questions and spent one-on-one time when requested. We were very pleased with her training and knowledge. WE LOVE KAREN."

Curtis C.
Lexington, KY

"I learned a lot and the class was very outstanding. Greg was very clear!!"

Curtis H.
Bloomington, CA

"Great Job!"

Curtis J.
Dallas, TX

"Great for me."

Curtis M.
Midlothian, VA

"Was information I needed to learn. The process is simple and easy to work. Enjoyed the trip to Lowe's, house walk-thru, putting the numbers together."

Cynda N.
Grand Junction, CO

"They were very well-informed, presented info thoroughly, was cheerful & excited about it all. Shared extra nuggets about the steps involved tips and tricks to be sucessful and would clarify our concern. Would back track and explain super helpful & personable! Thank you, this is an amazing program. I feel sucess can truly be mine!"

Cynde G.
Hutchinson, KS

"I do not give the highest mark usually, but in this case I really feel that it is deserved. He did a really great job. I really did learn a lot."

Alicia H.
Hillside, FL

"I enjoyed the sessions and I am encouraged and feel more confident to get going."

Alicia O.
Fernley, NV

"I feel like we could have done some of the activities prior to the workshop to maximize the time in the workshop, like calling the realtors."

Alicia S.
Temecula, CA

"This event is what I needed to get my business going. I had book knowledge but needed the application. This is a must to get a business to succeed!"

Alicia S.
Temecula, CA

"Great trainers, very informative. Thanks!"

Alicia S.
Langhorne, PA

"Jeff is excellent. He explained the system. Simple and to the point, very detailed. Job well done!"

Alicia S.
Langhorne, PA

"Very well taught class! Very helpful tips and tricks that I found very promising to make my real estate business very very profitable. Thank you Jared! Job well done!"

Alisha J.
New Albany, IN

"Adam was great! I wish he could stay here with us! He made it very understanding and made us feel comfortable! GREAT INSTRUCTOR!! :)"

Alison D.

"We have truly enjoyed the instructors. They are very engaged and enjoyable to follow. Very informative!"

Alison D.
San Diego, CA

"More time reviewing how to look at properties on the realty sites on the first day would be helpful."

Allan P.
Ashland, MA

"The class was very informative and helpful. Jeff was great, everything he covered was helpful and he had everything already written down so we didn't have to constantly take notes. We were able to concentrate on what he was teaching."

Allan P.
Ashland, MA

"The class was very informative and helpful. Jeff was great, everything he covered was helpful and he had everything already written down so we didn't have to constantly take notes. We were able to concentrate on what he was teaching."

Allen B.
Gervais, OR

"On my way with loads of information."

Allen B.

"Great guys honest and knowledgeable"

Allen H
Brooklyn, NY

"Excellent, useful, vital, professional, knowledgeable, promising."

Allen P
Virginia Beach, VA

"They both have an abundance of powerful knowledge. This was phenomenal and AMAZING."

Allen R
Grand Rapids, MI

"Probably the best training I ever attended. Thanks!"

Allison S.
Charlotteville, VA

"Because we've done a bit before BOG I was hoping to be more in depth on some things the group was very inexperienced in. Joe did a great job answering questions and making sure everyone's questions were answered. He was great."

Allison T.
Newnan, GA

"Did not know what to expect - but it was great!! Learning how to factor costs of repairs was great. The scripts to buyers and realtors was also great."

Alnita M.
Jacksonville, FL

"This training experience was excellent and it was a valuable use of my time. I learned many things from the best instructors that I have ever had. I appreciate the opportunity to have this experience Thank you!!!"

Alonzo R.
Stroudsburg, PA

"Gena was a fantastic teacher. She makes sure the material is understood before moving on. Overall, a lot of knowledge that is valuable to succeeding in the real estate."

Alpoiter T.
Denver, CO

"I'd recommend Tim and Greg any day and time. Thank you guys for your faithful commitment to the business. Please keep in touch."

Alvin D.
Parkville, MD

"Joe made me feel like I was his only audience. He is a walking wealth of knowledge with a treasure trove of tips to assist us in navigating the system. He is truly professional and personable. Thanks!"

Alyce H.
Monroe Twp

"The class on a whole was very educational compared to investments I was already involved. This was a very fast moving class, however I have all the material to work with. Thank you for the patience to teach me."

Alyssa F.
South Jordan, UT

"BOOTS WAS AWESOME! I love that we actually got to work!!! We didn't just learn what to do, we did it! Thank you so much Jeff! You were amazing! Loved all the details!"

Amanda B.
Azle, TX

"Chris is a great teacher! he broke the information down in such an easy way that I was able to understand it. I am now ready to go out into my city and become a more confident investor."

Amanda B.
Thornton, CO

"Most important was the push to activity do the things being taught there is a lot and i', leaving feeling that I need to take the course again next weeks."

Amanda H.
Colorado Springs, CO

"Amber was an absolute joy to have as our mentor! She was so pleasant and full of value information. She was amazing!"

Amanda H.
Longview, TX

"Trainers were AWESOME!! Very experienced; very friendly; very professional in handling group. Enjoyed the class experience and looking forward to next steps of program."

Amanda L.
Marietta, GA

"Instructors were great! I thought we may walk through a complete deal together filling out the contracts, etc together. If that was added that would make this even better."

Amanda P.
Beltsville, MD

"So much information that is useful. He forces you into action - it is not simply just talk. The walk through was a great experience as I have never gone through a fixer upper & visualized what I need to do in order to make a deal. Beforehand, I did not know any steps."

Amanda R.
Northglenn, CO

"I would have liked it better to have only one speaker. But I understand people have busy schedules."

Amanda R.
Gilbert, AZ

"Gives wonderful examples and realistic expectations/goals."

Amber B.
Jacksonville, FL

"Tim made what could be very overwhelming easy to understand. Lots of valuable information presented in a simplified way. The three days did not feel nearly as long as they could otherwise seem because of the manner in which it was presented."

Amber C.
Deltona, FL

"Joe was an excellent instructor. Because of his familiarity of the area and market, I wish he would have presented during the property reviews. I wish the property reviewing would have included some properties pre-selected by the instructors to ensure we had strong insights and things to look for in properties. I would have liked to have spent more time learning about finding cash buyers. I feel like we have a strong grasp on the other steps but need that one early/crucial step."

Amber G.
Ames, IA

"Walk throughs & repair budget very helpful! Going over funding & private money was great. Great class & high energy from instructors - I don't think we should tell people to take Sunday off LOL Thank you!!"

Ashley A.
Sedro Woolley, WA

"I learned a lot valuable information. Looking forward to our first deal!"

Ashleigh A.
Rockville, MD

"I enjoyed the hands on instruction where we got to make calls, see properties and get moving. I feel as though I now have the knowledge to move forward and the courage."

Ashlee M.
Bethany, OK

"I attended the last day of the event only. Coming in the last day, I had very little knowledge of the info shared prior. But the info was presented in a very simple and effective manner. I left with a well rounded understanding of most of the info from all 3 days and even hands on experience our in the field and the market!"

Ashlee J.
Clinton, UT

"I really liked the information I was given the first two days, but I was left somewhat confused. However all the sudden day three everything fell into place and made complete sense! I was very pleased with this workshop. Thank you!"

Aseree C.
Bloomingdale, IL

"Would love to attend again."

Asenath P.
Marietta, GA

"Learning how to calculate the max offer was very beneficial. I really liked going to Lowes and visiting the houses. Jeff is an excellent teacher. I am very glad that I decided to invest in this opportunity."

Arthur P.
Marietta, GA

"Learning how to calculate the max offer was very beneficial. I really liked going to Lowes and visiting the houses. Jeff is an excellent teacher. I am very glad that I decided to invest in this opportunity."

Arthur M.
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I was very comfortable with his teaching style. He was very personable."

Arthur M.
Prospect, KY

"Was great, I enjoyed it very much. I am excited to try what I have learned."

Arthur L.
Monterey Park, CA

"Great experience, learned a lot of cool stuff."

Arthur B.
Maumelle, AR

"I learned about all the steps needed to find properties, steps needed to wholesale, fix or flip and all other ways to invest. I am very excited about using this program to invest in properties."

Artemisa G.
Indio, CA

"Paul was outstanding, very energetic, funny, interactive and overall very knowledgeable. I am leaving today feeling confident with wholesaling and very motivated. He truly is a great trainer I would love to sit in another training presented by him. Thank you Paul, you were awesome!"

Art H.
West Chester, OH

"Jarid was extremely helpful."

Art G.
Punta Gorda, FL

"Joe was very much able to take this subject and make it understandable, interesting and attainable. He not only knows the material he can help you connect the dots and motivate you to take action. Would love to take the course yearly to keep myself on track! Much thanks, Joe."

Arnold G.
Corpus Christi, TX

"I would recommend Greg. Very highly informative. I feel ready to begin real estate!"

Arnold C.
Ontario, CA

"Great class, would do it again."

Armando O.
Oxnard, CA

"Ali is a great instructor."

Ala I.
Ewa Beach, HI

"Both Joe and Brandon did a great job presenting the information, clearly and very simple and understanding."

Alain M.
Greenbrae, CA

"I learned a hell of a lot in this training I feel ready to start in real estate!! Thank you Shah!"

Alan B.
Freemont, MI

"I would like to see more hands-on with the software with step by step instructions."

Alan H.
New Braunfels, TX.

"Thanks to both John and Greg for furthering my experience in the real estate meetings. Very good presentation and information. I look forward to putting their information to the real world and getting my first sale under my belt. "

Alan M.
San Antonio, TX.

"Mr. Shah was awesome would like to go another Boots on the ground with him. Will go to other boots on the ground. Will need further help but we will give this a real try."

Alan S.
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Make workbook a little thicker. Ink goes through very easily."

Alana A.
Redwood City, CA

"I would recommend talking about finding cash buyers and agents sooner in day one so we can working in calling during lunch on day one Zap was great!!"

Alana P.
Eaton Rapids, MI

"Would have liked 2 more days to go over things, and look at more properties. I am a little bit of a slower learner, but am going to be great."

Albert C.
Bayonne, NJ

"Great instructors very patient with all student questions the course really covers A-Z how to start as a real estate investor thank you."

Albert M.
Seattle, WA

"Exciting 3 days were worth it. Now to put theory to work."

Albert R.
Fruita, CO

"I am not a computer of knowledge, so it was hard to keep up."

Albert T.
Bowie, MD

"Great Instructor."

Albettha B.

"Excellent BOG! I feel more prepared and equipped to create and close deals. Feel more confident finding buyers!"

Arlene R.
Las Cruces, NM

"Mike was great!!"

Arlene M.
Highland, CA

"Their experiences and stories are invaluable. Really liked the thought processes of both of them as we did the walk throughs in the houses."

Arlene I.
Honolulu, HI

"The notebook was great and I did not have too much notes to write. It was really easy to follow. Joe was always patient and willing to answer questions."

Arlene G.
Houston, TX

"Jason was an amazing instructor -- kept me engaged and has incredible knowledge."

Arlene F.

"Chris was a very good teacher and was patient with questions that we asked him. I would recommend this training, especially with him."

Arlan M.
Lakeway, TX

"Both trainers very knowledgeable and especially patient multitude pf questions. Would recommend to anyone in exploring this opportunity."

Arifa S.
Plymouth, MI

"Best teacher I ever have very helpful and friendly. Stacy was excellent too. We just love this Boots on the Ground event."

Arielle K.
Dallas, TX

"The presenters were EXCELLENT. The information in the presentation is so beneficial. It's organized and easy to understand. I do believe I can take this info, leave here, and begin applying it. As far as the company, everyone has been professional and supportive. I will be taking advantage of the Mentor Hotline."

Ariel E.
Falls Church, VA

"This is a training with hands-on learning that helped me a great deal with knowledge pertaining to real estate investing. I want more because I am able to experience the real market on a particular market."

Arianne P.
Slidell, LA

"Thank you!"

Argie A.
Cerritos, CA

"Really enjoyed the class & the instructor was excellent!"

Arel G.
Lone Tree, CO

"It would be great to have a BOG concentrated just on wholesaling."

Archange P.
Stoughton, MA

"Great presenter -- down to earth, great sense of humor. Gives you hope that you can do this and consistently and reminds me that I should rely on Response for directions."

Araceli T.
Lynwood, CA

"The most relevant workshop I've ever attended. I especially appreciated all the practical tips, which I will be able to put to immediate use."

Araceli S.
Calabasas, CA

"Great location! Great, accessible presenters. Very helpful!"

April W.
Temple, PA

"Jared was great! Information provided was informative and will help me to get started with the tools and techniques to allow me to be successful. Much appreciated!!"

April W.
Temple, PA

"Jared was great! Information provided was informative and will help me to get started with the tools and techniques to allow me to be successful. Much appreciated!!"

April S.
Roswell, GA

"John and Gena were great teachers. I enjoyed learning more and am excited about the opportunity that awaits."

April E.
Roanoke, VA

"I am a little more comfortable now to make a offer, but still nervous as hell. I received a lot of great information that was understandable. You didn't talk over my head, thank you."

April B.
Dallas, TX

"Excellent instructor!"

April B.
Dallas, TX

"Excellent instructor!"

Antwone W.
Aurora, CO

"Great teachers - wonderful."

Antonio T.
Odenton, MD

"I feel I have learned so much about wholesaling. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise. This workshop has really broken down and simplified the process."

Antonio F.
Philadelphia, PA

"I'm definitely learning with more knowledge and a sense of optimism. I'm anxious to get started and though I still have more strategies to learn I no longer feel completely lost."

Antonio C.
Aurora, CO

"I personally felt that the primary speaker jumped from topic to topic without applicable reference on notation. He was very quick and gave little details on specifics. Many people were confused. He was exceptionally courteous and professional. I loved the overall class."

Antonio A.
Los Angeles, CA

""Ali was funny. Amazing event. Very grateful for Ali!"

Anthony S.
Jacksonville, FL

"Jared's hands-on approach using his personal stories (strengths and challenges) was great! His ability to walk through each section with such detailed information helped bring the moving pieces together. Thank you, it's been a great bootcamp."

Anthony S.
Dorchester, MA

"A ton of valuable info laid out in a concise manner. Will grow from here, but a serious head start. "

Anthony R.
Trenton, NJ

"The presenter gave a substantial amount of information that was quite frankly overwhelming. However, Rome was not built in one day! I believe in the program."

Anthony P.
Killeen, TX

"Great course and superb speakers who worked great with students. They did an outstanding job. Answered all questions and provided valuable information and insight into the business."

Anthony P.
Sunnyside, WA

"Karen is phenomenal! It was great to go though the whole process of finding properties, viewing properties, contacting agents and buyers and setting up officers! Karen is awesome."

Anthony M.
Long Beach, CA

"Best ever. Now I'm ready to go. Really learned what I needed to know."

Alexa A.
Littleton, CO

"Adam is amazing. Super knowledgeable and caring. I love the class. Adam's RE organizer was a huge resource. I hope others get access to something like it."

Alex K.
Fife, WA

"Software was a bit dated and not as accurate."

Alex M.

"Great stuff."

Alex P.
Melbourne, FL

"Buy everyone lunch!!"

Alex R.
Wasilla, AK

"I like the hands on approach to learning- this class is all that! Looking forward to my first venture."

Alex U.
Leesburg, VA

"Loved it. Jared was very direct to the point. Easy to learn. Loved walking thru the properties and do the wholesale and rehab."

Alexander W.
Jacksonville, FL

"Jarid is a awesome instructor; very knowledgeable on all topic and eager to ensure that you are learning all that he is teaching. I appriciate all that he does to go the extra mile."

Alexandera Y.
Westampton, NJ

"Wonderful seminar. Teacher was phenomenal!! Yes, I learned a lot. The pace of class was perfect. Teacher was very very patient with other students in class."

Alexandria D.
Lady Lake, FL

"John was great! We called the response help line a couple of weeks ago to ask about a possible deal. The person that answered the phone said that we should not call until after we had attended BOG."

Alexandria W.
Jacksonville, FL

"Great class! I understand it all thank to jared! This is completely doable!~ Can't wait to get started!"

Alexis W.
Charlotte, NC

"Great teachers, great knowledge, great energy."

Alfonso M.
Lawrenceville, GA

"Pretty good info, but as a suggestion I would recommend you split students according to their knowledge. I think everyone in the room needs to get the maximum of the training and due to some of us it was their first time talking about RE they needed more baby steps than the other of us that had some experience. So please start splitting students according to their knowledge. Besides that everything was great!!"

Alfonso M.
Lawrenceville, GA

"Pretty good info, but as a suggestion I would recommend you split students according to their knowledge. I think everyone in the room needs to get the maximum of the training and due to some of us it was their first time talking about RE they needed more baby steps than the other of us that had some experience. So please start splitting students according to their knowledge. Besides that everything was great!!"

Amber T.
Cleburne, TX

"they are great to work with!"

Ambrose N.

"This was a great experience for me as a first timer in real estate. The instructors were courteous and professional and gave great information and training."

Ami B.
Pueblo West, CO

"The expectation set by the 3 day was that we would each be doing actual deals and walk away nearly completed on those deals. That said, the information and teaching were excellent and invaluable."

Ami G.
Hampton, VA

"All agenda objectives were met & presented in different ways repeatedly. Hands on classwork & homework was effective and motivating. I found my weaknesses & was able to get valuable guidance. Thanks Jared & Greg :) "

Aminda K.
Rockville, MD

"Jared was great. I found the content and delivery to be very helpful and feel more comfortable with the process overall. Hands on training was beneficial."

Amy J.
Gilbert, AZ

"Awesome class!"

Amy L.
Forty Fort, PA

"Both Chris & Brandon were very knowledgeable, professional and easy to listen to, they answered questions & were extremely easy to approach. Time flew by as they made it interesting and understandable. Nice guys!"

Amy M.
Tracy, CA

"A lot of good info!"

Amy M.
Grand Prairie, TX

"The class liked to ask questions which was good at times, but most of the time it was off topic."

Amy S.
San Jose, CA

"Ali is extremely helpful with his teaching style, I loved the fact that we weren't just reading out of the text book. Ali is super funny and made the class setting comfortable and very easy to learn. Thank you, Ali."

Amy S.
Brooklyn, NY

"Geoffrey is very professional and approachable. He explains things in a clear way. The info is very practical, hands on and pulls together the last day."

Amy W.
Kent, WA

"Training is well-presented and easy to understand. Gena is good in answering our questions when we need further clarification. She presented the strategies on covered topics."

Ana C.
Suwanee, GA

"Adam was an extraordinary instructor! He teaches each subject thoroughly and makes sure each student understands the subject clearly. Very friendly, professional and genuine. Would recommend 10/10! :)"

Ana K.
Ljubljana, Solvenia

"I loved energy and enthusiasm that Karen showed at the event. She was very patient, always professional, even when we asked the same questions more than one time. 2.5 days is not enough to learn everything, but it's definitely a good start. At the first possible opportunity we will attend inner Circle in Utah. There is only one way for not succeeding in this business: by not doing it! It is just a matter of when (not if). Thank you very much for this opportunity and insight; we'll be in touch. THANK YOU & AND LOTS OF DEALS!"

Ana M.

"Craig is so good at teaching and explaining over and over until all of us understand the lesson. He is very sweet and professional. I would like to see more of him."

Ana R.

"Loved it!"

Anabel E.
Atlanta, GA

"Good training workshop."

Anabela M.
Palm Bay, FL

"Beat my expectations and would like to attend another. Thank you, Dawn + Joe."

Anastacia B.
Indian Trail, NC

"The event offered some very valuable information. Rick taught with simplicity and understanding and displayed a very good knowledge of the business."

Anayensi J.
Draper, UT

"Overwhelming at times due to how much information we cover. Jared did an amazing job!"

Ancizar A.
Longwood, FL

"Looking for more information on tax sales actions - good class- need more! See you in Utah!"

Andre B.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL

"The training was amazing. I was very nervous at the beginning but now I'm confident I have enough knowledge to start doing deals. Joe was thorough in teaching me and he gave some AMAZING ideas and bonus information."

Andre B.
Lauderdale Lakes, FL

"Joe and Craig were awesome at going over the training materials in detail and there was alot of extra information that I really appreciated."

Andre D.
Oakland, CA

"Great hands-on learning experience, to put the talking and training documents in action was highly valuable."

Andre H.
Gray Court, SC

"Very professional - Iearned so much and I plan on getting involved 100%."

Andre J.
Hampton, GA

"Very informative and lots of Q&A and even some role play I liked."

Andre M.
Smyrna, GA

"Great information, continued trainer development a plus. Need more time with Boots on the Ground - maybe another session that we would close a deal during. Boots on the Ground trainers demonstrated genuine passion."

Andre W.
Honolulu, HI

"The practice and hands on training provides useful information to create more confidence to do something I have not done in this way. Showing how a continuing agreement can save deposits and limit losses is very valuable. Now to apply it. "

Andrea C.
Spirit Lake, ID

"I enjoyed hearing about the personal experiences of the trainers along with their tips on how they make deals work for them."

Andrea H.
Lake Mary, FL

"Ricky was great! Thanks Rick! I appreciated all that Rick taught!"

Andrea J.
Delafield, WI

"Excellent semi-hands-on training that shows many ways for beginning and intermediate investors and rehabbers to grow to the next level or get started now! Anyone with this interest can make money with this program if they apply the training. Joe was a great down to earth instructor that shared the information well and related it to real life experiences. Great job! Thank you!"

Andrea R..
Sacramento, CA

"John was super informative. His presentation style was relaxed and he made the learning fun. I feel confident we'll be writing deals this weekend."

Andrea S.
Elliott City, MD

"The class was very helpful and enjoyable the speaker was great."

Andrea S.

"Great information."

Andrej B.
Velenie, Solvenia

"Karen was really great! I like her the most. Thank you, Karen!!!"

Andres L.
Miami, FL

"Great workshop! Greg was amazing I learned a lot of practical things. I'm ready to act! We did a lot of active exercises that taught me a lot!"

Andrew B.
Cutler Bay, FL

"This was awesome!"

Andrew H.
San Diego, CA

"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Ali is AMAZING and entertaining. Very funny! I feel that what I've learned from this workshop is exactly what I need to get a running start in real estate investing! Thanks!"

Andrew M.
Denver, CO

"Both were very easy to understand and very useful information. Thanks."

Andrew M.
Staten Island, NY

"Watching Jeff walk through the house and point out rehab points was invaluable. Teaching us to think rehab from the outside in was great. Teaching us how to price rehab was something I had never experienced and will take with me for the rest of my life."

Brian W.
Minooka, IL

"Great people, informative."

Brian P.
Luzerne, PA

"Thank you for help, hope me and Tom do good."

Brian P.
Arvada, CO

"The structure of the class was good, execution of the syllabus was done well. Amber's personality kept it fun and she kept the interest of the group while getting the info across, her personal experience was a big help."

Brian R.
Canal Winchester, OH

"I was skeptical at first, but I would definitely recommend signing up for this. The confidence built from this class invaluable."

Brian R.
Mokena, IL

"Truly explained everything step-by-step and took away the fears I had to put this program to work. The examples were outstanding. Going to the properties really helped to bring it all together."

Brian S.
Athens, GA

"The material was exactly what I expected and very informative. We left feeling very excited and ready to take action. John and Gena were awesome. They spent time before and after sessions answering questions."

Brian S.
Hagertown, MD

"I wish I would have found this sooner! Jared does a great job teaching."

Brian S.
Hagertown, MD

"I wish I would have found this sooner! Jared does a great job teaching."

Brian T.
Lakeville, MA

"Excellent overall experience. I appriecate the clear answers to questions and concepts. The instructor never hesitated to answer any questions, no matter how basic."

Brian W.
Fransco, TX

"Roy and Ali complemented each other. Good team."

Bridget H.
Blaine, MN

"Efficiency techniques were very helpful. Great presentation that led us down the path of why we are doing each step and then brought it all together. Thank you!"

Bridget H.
Blaine, MN

"Efficiency techniques were very helpful. Great presentation that led us down the path of why we are doing each step and then brought it all together. Thank you!"

Brienne P.
Phoenix, AZ

"Both gentlemen were excellent teachers. They spoke to a level the class understood. They were knowledgeable to all questions asked and very patient. I was able to both enjoy the class and learn from it. Both presenters were fun and funny. I hope to keep learning at the same level, hopefully even still from the information that was presented."

Brienne P.
Phoenix, AZ

"Both gentlemen were excellent teachers. They spoke to a level the class understood. They were knowledgeable to all questions asked and very patient. I was able to both enjoy the class and learn from it. Both presenters were fun and funny. I hope to keep learning at the same level, hopefully even still from the information that was presented."

Brightie S.
Quartz Hill, CA

"I found Boots on the Ground with Jared to be very educational. I really would enjoy taking another Boots on the Ground training."

Brightie S.
Quartz Hill, CA

"I've found the experience I've received as well as everyone I've come in contact with who are within the company very pleasant and extremely helpful. Thanks for everything."

Britt C.
Colfax, NC

"Tons of information shared. I feel more prepared to move forward and take the next steps toward my 1st deal."

Brittany B.
Kent, WA

"I feel confident in starting week one in my business. Gena and Kim were very informational, clear, and effective. I honestly feel this is the first day to a new life and I am forever grateful for this education."

Brittany C.
Naples, FL

"Chris was beyond helpful, not just in teaching the Boots on the Ground program, but also in helping us get started with our first deals and making offers! Highly recommend Boots on the Ground in general, but very glad Chris was our instructor to aid in our new venture. Thank you for such an awesome program!"

Brittany M.
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Had great time, you guys kept it light hearted and fun. Drawings could use a little work. :)"

Brock A.

"Andrea and Amber were awesome! They made sure that every student in the class understood the content before moving on. This training is far superior to others I have attended. They are more organized and the classes were taught very well. I plan on writing offers tonight after class!"

Brooke B.
Tempe, AZ

"Super informative - learned so much! Very easy to follow, and enjoyable."

Brooke W.
Haysville, KS

"I liked everything, lots of great information. I liked going to view properties, huge help."

Bruce C.
Palo Alto, CA

"We both really enjoyed and learned a lot from the class."

Bruce H.
Susanville, CA

"There is so much information to learn, it was all covered and explained in detail to where no one in class was left behind. A lot of hands-on training, which was very helpful in getting over the fright stage. I am ready and eager to go get my first deal!"

Bruce R.
Spring, TX

"Very informative, good flow of course material."

Carie H.
Fort Smith, AR

"Chris is a great instructor. He gives realistic views and goals and helps you understand the process. I feel that I will be very productive and successful in my new journey to freedom."

Carin L.
Foster City, CA

"Yes, it was a lot of valuable info. I took the classes. I have been saying I have wanted to do this for a long time, so now I have to reschedule my time so I can accomplish what I need to do, thank you."

Carl B.
Queen Creek, AZ

"Time went by so fast - It was a great class!!"

Carl H.
Los Angeles, CA

"Speaker was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and made sure I understood concepts step-by-step. I enjoyed her humor and teaching technique of writing down examples although we had slides. Examples were very helpful. Enjoyed!!"

Carl L.

"Greg made it plain and simple I am very new to real estate investing. This has helped me out a lot. Thanks."

Carl L.
West Greenwich, RI

"Chris explained everything clearly."

Carl P.
Grand Rapids, MI

"I'm still hungry for more details!"

Carl S.
San Dimas, CA

"This was the best class I have ever taken. Thank you very much!!!"

Carl W.
Overton, NV

"Shah was very clear and easy to understand. I feel like he taught my wife and I in a manner we felt very comfortable with. He made me feel like I can do exactly what I want to with real estate investing if I work hard. I know that I have a full team behind me to help me with my success."

Carlos F.
Revere, MA

"Chris was very patient with us and took the time to answer our questions, very nice person."

Carlos G.
Lawrenceville, GA

"Great information, exceeded my expectations."

Carlos M.
Houston, TX

"One of my a-ha moments was finding my hope in a hopeless and negative world -- hope in my God-given value that I allowed to be tarnished. God bless."

Andrew P.
Los Angeles, CA

"While I know this course provided an inroduction to options and trading in general, I really enjoyed learning something new and am excited to start on my own. Although it's a lot of information to absorb at once, I wanted to learn as many strategies as possible. Might consider taking the advanced class. This is the push that I needed to get myself going and further understanding the world of trading. My goal was to find a way to make money while traveling at the same time."

Andrew R.
Belleville, IL

"Excellent trainer, made me feel like this is profitable and worth the money we paid."

Andrew S.
Maple Glen, PA

"Chris is awesome! Thank you!"

Andrew S.
Coram, NY

"Very informative, was hard to keep up and take notes at the same time. If you write a note you miss something if you don't take notes you forget. Extra talking around the room sometimes made it difficult to follow along. Was very helpful, but unfortunately did not get it all."

Andrew W.
Pine Bluff, AR

"Chris was very professional and straight to the point. He taught us exactly what we needed to learn about this business to succeed."

Andrew W.
Franklin, WI

"I was hoping for techniques, practical tips, algorithms, step-by-step. It's hard to get started."

Andria B.
Saint Louis, MO

"This was wonderful & exceeded my expectations."

Angel A..

"Joe is awesome, he is great asset very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the class that he teaches, make every possible effort to make you understand. Keep up the good effort to make you understand. Keep up the good work, Joe."

Angel A.
Orlando, FL

"Joe was very thorough and available to answer any questions or clarifications. The program really helped develop the real world application beyond the numbers."

Angel B.
Lynchburg, VA

"Jared was great! Very precise, knowledgeable and thorough. I feel comfortable knowing I can start making deals and money"

Angel C.
Saint Rose, LA

"Good training -- very positive."

Angel C.
Youngsville, NC

"I haven't landed a buyer but am more comfortable on how to get them."

Angel E.
Aurora, CO

"I really enjoyed getting the quick numbers or formula to calculate the cost of repairs to send a quick offer. Seeing the process being done made it easier to understand."

Angel J.
Spring, TX

"I am ready to confidently price and present homes to buyers. Contracts are no longer a fear. Massive action was taken in just 3 days & it was a huge eye-opener into what it takes to make deals happen."

Angel S.
Los Angeles, CA

"If I attended Boots on the Ground again it will be with Ali."

Angela A.

"If I attended Boots on the Ground again it will be with Ali."

Anthony M.
Palm Bay, FL

"Enjoyed it. Very informative."

Anthony M.
Baltimore, MD

"Thank you Tim, your presentation was very informative. We are ready to put our boots on the ground to get our business started. We are ready for this journey. You are the best!"

Anthony M.
The Woodlands, TX

"The hands on was priceless."

Anthony L.
Cypress, TX

"Very professional. Answered all questions."

Anthony L.
Cypress, TX

"John works with everything that required some extra explanation, we appreciate him! He made us feel comfortable, not to fear we can do this. He answer all our questions, made himself available to us on a one-on-one basis. He was kind, very patient, finished each lesson on schedule. We truly enjoyed John! Thank you! "

Anthony H.

"Systematic & very detailed. Rick is very patient and paced the training very well."

Angela A.
Chandler, AZ

"I appreciate you being patient with me and all my questions. Great personality."

Angela A.
Tempe, AZ

"Information was highly valuable, and well executed. I struggled to follow and understand due to lack of preparation and understanding fundamentals to the industry. Lack of homework done did not help me follow. I did my best."

Angela B.
Sparks, NV

"I just thought there was going to be one-on-one training and thought there would be a lot of more hands-on and was excited to really make a deal in these 3 days, but it was like a seminar so I was a little disappointed."

Angela B.
Burleson, TX

"This was the best and most informative real estate seminar that I have ever attended."

Angela B.

"Chris and Greg were awesome presenters!"

Angela C.
Alexandria, MN

"Greg added his personal stories wherever they fit. I loved that. He is patient and super helpful."

Angela C.
Birmingham, AL

"This was extraordinary! I never knew any of this. With the program, we are set up to succeed as RE investors. I really like the hands on experience."

Angela C.
Pearland, TX

"Greg was exceptional! He is the trainer that you do not want to miss out on. Very informative, very knowledgeable, extremely patient. He goes above & beyond to ensure we understand the material & hands on work. Love Greg!! P. S. he strongly believes in this company was good at identifying the company & products."

Angela E.
Fairfield, CA

"Shah was very good. He was very patient. Made sure we understood no matter how many times he had to repeat himself. This was a very eye opening workshop that helped me with my fears."

Angela F.
Austin, TX

"Fun! Enlightening."

Angela G.
Charlotte, NC

"Really loved the scripts and being forced to make the calls. Loved the education on rehab numbers. Loved the trip to Lowe's. Going through a house with Jeff and looking at the issues was so confidence building. Great workshop! Would love to have had a time to actually offer a property to a buyer."

Angela H.
Springfield, VA

"The training was great! I'm more confident that I will be successful!"

Angela H.
Florence, AL

"I loved the training experience. I would recommend this training event to anyone wanting to invest in real estate."

Angela L.
San Francisco, CA

"Very, very informative."

Angela M.
Dothan, AL

"Very pleased - answered all my questions."

Angela M.
Castro Valley, CA

"Felt the class was a little basic and too many questions from the same person(s) when the teacher is teaching. Maybe vet the level of class on knowledge/level of understanding. Boots on the Ground should be more days lots of information to retain."

Angela N.
Post Falls, ID

"I wasn't able to connect the dots or see a bigger picture until Boots on the Ground. I'm so glad that this event is held. Thank you again & I can't wait to get to the deal lab."

Angela P.
Pikesville, MD

"Joe's professional teaching was excellent because he helped me by breaking down the math of this process and making it understandable for anyone on any level of education. "

Angela R.
Post Falls, ID

"Joe was an outstanding trainer for Boots on the Ground. He explained the situation thoroughly and made it very easy to understand. Perfect and highly recommend Joe and the 3 day class."

Barbara S.
Gulfport, FL

"Both presenters were very professional but down to earth. This was one of the best real estate investing seminars I have ever taken. There was so much practical information presented in a very comfortable atmosphere. All questions were answered and personal stories were shared."

Barbara S.
Wasilla, AK

"Great 3 days! I feel much more confident about this process. My husband and our friend brought me into this and I knew nothing and was still uncertain that I could help them. After this weekend I know that with work, persistence and help from Richard and all the others, I can do this!! Still nervous-but more assured. Thank you so much! Looking forward to talking to you on the phone for deals!!"

Barbara T.
Auburn, NY

"Excellent. He took the time to clarify if we didn't quite get it the first time through. I feel confident that this training will be profitable to myself and my partner."

Baris H.
Concord, CA

"I loved the class. It was very practical. My confidence is really up. I'm ready to send offers. Thanks, Ali, for sharing his experience and knowledge."

Angela S.
View Park, CA

"I received an organized teacher to help me."

Angela S.
Belton, MO

"Very interesting!"

Angela S.
Eaton Rapids, MI

"It was great to call the cash buyer and use the script given, it made it easier to break the ice of speaking to someone and to be able to ask what they needed or what they are looking for and get a cash buyer. Yeah!"

Angelia H.
Bergenfield, NJ

"Jared presented info in a way that facilitated getting a deeper understanding of very loaded course material. He made me feel that it is doable and there are ways to getting around my own challenges and fears and still get the job done. Deal made."

Angelica F.

"Wonderful experience. So much learning!! Chris was very professional and down to earth. Thank you!!"

Angelica J.
Fresno, CA

"I like the going to homes and running numbers."

Angelo M.
Glen Burnie, MD

"Hands on experience at hardware store and properties was invaluable."

Angie B.
Van Buren, AR

"I had a great experience with Boots on the Ground. Chris was amazing he explained everything in great detail. Everyone in class had a lot of great questions and Chris gave great examples and explanations. I have learned a lot and can't wait -- very excited to get busy."

Angie H.
Marshall, NC

"Very good class. Very in-depth on all things that help you get a great start. Excellent ability to present material with relatability to enable me to apply to realistic situations."

Angie M.
Roswell, GA

"Loved the repetition stated different ways to allow everyone to learn in our own way. Loved learning about the How to's, whys and why nots and being able to utilize scripts."

Angie N.
Union City, CA

"Great information. Would love to ask more questions. Overall, the experience was awesome!!!"

Anirys M.
Waterbury, CT

"Extremely courteous, humble and informational. They took their time to answer all questions asked."

Anisia P.
Scottsdale, AZ

"I wanted more hands-on practice. The Boots on the Ground was a great learning experience and I wanted to have more detail on contract and completing 1st deal. Very valuable mentorship experience. Thank you."

Anita C.
Rio Rancho, NM

"This event and the speakers exceeded the previous Boots that Charlie presented - much more user friendly and in a much more ordered progression. I feel better about the program."

Anita T.
Columbia, MD

"Both Greg and Brandon were very knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. They did an excellent job presenting the material and answering questions. The only way I'd feel better prepared would be if they were walking me through my first deal.Thanks Greg! Thanks Brandon!"

Baris H.
Concord, CA

"Great instructor - taught the process step by step and clearly. Answered all questions, open and friendly."

Barry B.
Bradford, ON

"A lot information in 3 days to retain. Lot of work in the next few weeks to get looking. Lots of work -- small steps first then we can run."

Barry J.
Markham, IL

"Great information and Joe and Charlie added TONS of experience that had improved my knowledge and I am more confident. Thanks guys!"

Bath L.

"The class really helped provide clarity & direction on next steps & where to get started. Now I feel like I know how to apply what we've learned."

Beany M.
Dunnellon, FL

"Joe was awesome! He explained things very well. Would recommend his training class."

Beatrice R.
Wheaton, IL

"Please do not stop doing these training they are very helpful, and professional!"

Becky B.

"Class was helpful. I need a more advanced class. I need to pay off debt and need a passive income. I need a mentor to help me in the next step to fullfill my goals. If I could get someone like Ali that can think outside the box, that would be fantastic. Thank you :)"

Becky M.
Tulsa, OK

"I wouldn't change anything."

Anjelis O.
Miami, FL

"Would be great to get more info on deal desk."

Angie E.
Evanston, WY

"Right now I feel a bit overwhelmed... This is totally new to me but I feel better knowing that I can get ahold of people to answer my questions. I think I may want to attend again so I understand it all better. I like that it was lots of knowledge, now I just need to assimilate. Thanks!"

Ankur K.
Weston, FL

"I would prefer seeing a deal live in action to build my confidence. The first step is always the hardest."

Ann C.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I liked the explanations of questions/answers when we didn't understand the first time. The instructors were both very knowledgeable and answered the question until we all understood. I liked Joe's golden nuggets, tips and tricks I liked the way they explained the theory then put it in real world experience we would come across."

Ann G.
Holly Springs, NC

"I appreciated that the trainer mentioned things that were not in the book. Helped to clarify items from first class."

Ann H.
Carrollton, TX

"This was our 2nd Boots on the Ground and it was a true learning experience. It was direct and covered in detail, to the point on buying properties. We are prepared and ready to start strong. Thank you for this experience."

Ann L.
Groveport, OH

"This was so good. Learned a lot and could have done at least 2 more days. Excited about the opportunity to make extra income. Our instructor was outstanding."

Anna A.
Hagatna, GU

"Karen really helped me understand the nitty gritty stuff of real estate that we deal with out there. Thank you, Karen!! God bless you and I love you!! My family thanks you!!"

Anna A.
St Augustine, FL

"I enjoyed my training."

Anna C.
Thomasville, NC

"Greg shared a lot of personal experience and achievements of his own which is very helpful."

Anna D.
Orlando, FL

"The information I received at Boots on the Ground is the best I have ever received. Jason was very informative, very knowledgeable. He made everyone feel welcome and comfortable, he's the best."

Anna D.
Orlando, FL

"Joe was great. Information was great. I would recommend boots on the ground to everyone who is interested in real estate."

Anna D.
Fresno, CA

"The BOG training was excellent, the most informative and comprehensive training/workshop by far that I've ever attended. Thanks to all involved!"

Anna E.
Cottage Grove, MN

"Chris is a great instructor. He is patient and answers everyone's questions. Very good session."

Anna G.
Houston, TX

"The classes were great. I left each with the knowledge to go out and make this work without having wonder what the next step is. I have each step I need to move forward."

Anna L.
Dublin, CA

"He was so great!!! Thank you so very much!!! P.S. Hope and praying he feels better soon! =)"

Anna L.
Ludlow, MA

"Great presentation. Learned a lot."

Christina M.
Waldorf, MD

"It would be beneficial to have the workshop for two more days to address the questions that will come up as a result of the info. Being presented to for three days may not be long enough for some folks."

Christina N.
Los Angeles, CA

"While I am still nervous about starting out this business, I feel better about proceeding forward."

Christina P.
McAllen, TX

"Would have liked a smaller class, it stated it would be a class of 10 people. I would like a Boots on the Ground in my area of town. I drove 6 hours to attend class. I am not in the same market."

Christina R.
West Covina, CA

"Give more time to run numbers and be able to stay for questions after class. Charlie was awesome! He taught with enthusiasm to teach. He really showed that he wants his students to learn. He passed out handouts and really engaged with demonstrations. Thank you, Charlie, for your patience and your knowledge."

Christina R.
West Covina, CA

"Ali was a great instructor. I learned great strategies and lots of techniques. He made me more comfortable."

Christina S.
Littleton, CO

"I wish to have had more time, but it was great information learned with these guys."

Christina V.
Phoenix, AZ

"Very informative, professional and friendly trainers."

Christine C.
Yardley, PA

"Fantastic! Thank you, Jeff!!"

Christine F.
Tomball, TX

"I am loving the Boots on the Ground."

Christine G.
Dublin, CA

"Very pleased with the knowledge of the speaker and loved his learning technique. Ali was amazing and very helpful. I am comfortable and confident I can do what I need to now in regards to being successful in Real Estate investing. Would highly recommend this training to family and friends and I already have. Thank you, Ali."

Christine J.
Saint Paul, MN

"Chris did an awesome job -- very courteous, professional, and patient! Knowledgeable, easy to understand, personable. Thank you for taking your time to come to Minnesota."

Christine K.
Denton, TX

"Greg is a personable, knowledgeable presenter. Enjoyed the class, learned a lot. Didn't fall asleep. Thanks, Greg."

Christine M.
Detroit, MI

"The training was very well presented. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything so we could understand all the training. He provided phone numbers where we could get help beyond this training."

Christine P.
Granbury, TX

"I really liked when Karen actually called a realtor."

Christine S.
Weston, NSW

"Rick made the whole process so easy to understand. I went from feeling overwhelmed and questioning if we had made the right decision to being excited to do my first deal. Thanks, Rick."

Christine T.
Pitman, NJ

"Great information. Speaker very knowledgeable in all areas of real estate investing."

Annabelle G.
Longmont, CO

"Very impressed with the level of training and support offered. The best part was that they have you actually do everything in real time with real houses and realtors scenarios vs. examples of possible scenarios."

Annamaria M.
Tucson, AZ

"He reinforced my belief that I can succeed at real estate investing and I will."

Anne B.
Waukesha, WI

"There needs to be more clarification between the Boots program and the mentoring. Viewing 3 properties in one day is too much. Greg was very informative and friendly. He really explained things in great detail and answered all questions professionally. The level of professionalism and humanity in Greg far exceeded that of the first training group."

Anne C.
Woodburg, MN

"Chris did a good job at working with many different levels of investors--from beginners to experienced."

Anne W.
Palm City, FL

"Being former educators, we must say Joe is an exemplary teacher and knows the material like the back of his hand. I wish I could take his class again. Please continue to have Joe educate because his technique and style fits the majority of population. Plus, he's funny."

Annette D.
North Port, FL

"Very easy to follow along. Patient with questions. Knows the ins and outs of deals and explained things well enough to build my confidence in wholesaling. Thank you for taking the time to teach me."

Annette D.
Gainesville, FL

"It was fun, informative, 'enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed' listening to Joe. Loved his enthusiasm and willingness to simplify and answer questions. Feeling inspired. Thank you. Go Cubs!"

Annette M.
West Palm Beach, FL

"Tim was energetic, informative, and super supportive."

Annette P.
Chicago, IL

"I feel more knowledgeable and less fearful. I believe I received very valuable skills to be successful in real estate. Joe and Charley were awesome!!! Thanks guys!"

Annette Y.
Westlake, OH

"Layman's terms were very helpful. Very dedicated instructor."

Annie Y.
Oceanside, CA

"Would like some lease options classes. Especially legal aspects and acceptance terms and seller financing."

Anthony A.
Katy, TX

"Jason is an excellent trainer!"

Anthony A.
Katy, TX

"Excellent job by Greg! Good strategy and practical training. We need added to response software!"

Anthony B.
Savage, MN

"Great resources. The training (Boots on the Ground) was very valuable and highly informative. Continued support is needed."

Anthony G.
Los Angeles, CA

"Both instructors are very insightful and took the time to answer each question."

Barbara S.
Richardson, TX

"So much real, usable information, my head is spinning, but that will calm down and I am so eager to begin. Chris showed total professionalism, understanding, and great knowledge on the subjects presented. This is life changing! I am ready again to change my life in a wonderful way."

Becky T.
Tualatin, OR

"I've been impressed with all of the information, support, and tools."

Belinda F.
Los Angeles, CA

"Love this class."

Belinda M.
Providence, RI

"It is so great to have all the information provided and with such patience."

Betty F.
Modesto, CA

"Liked that we actually had to do what was being taught. Very good realistic information pertaining to the California market. We are ready to move forward."

Betty K.
Tucson, AZ

"Great event. I learned a lot and am more confident to do deals."

Betty R..
Livermore Falls, ME

"I felt like the training was extensive and personalized. Very, very good teaching from both instructors!! I feel like they answered all our questions and gave us a real great start."

Bettye C.
Essex, MD

"Instructor was awesome! Very knowledgeable and explained everything in layman's terms so that everyone understood. I liked that she shared real experiences from her investment background. Shes funny, funny, funny! Which made the class enjoyable and less stressful."

Beverly F.
Rancho Cordova, CA

"Adam was very clear in presentation, even with two people who were not listening and interrupted frequently. He always kept his composure and was respectful. It would be nice for the class to be a little longer and to maybe spend two days visiting potential properties."

Beverly H.
Port Orange, FL

"I really appreciated all the information, but especially the info presented on day two: Evaluating the lists of properties and the trip to Lowe's. The visit to the homes for sale & evaluating afterwards was also very educational."

Bevlin D.
Raleigh, NC

"This training (BOG) was exceptional. Very much exceeded my expectations. Joe really bought the experience to life. He clearly explained various situations we may face, highlighting areas of special interest or needing more research on our end. I really appreciated the team concept he encouraged. Thanks, Joe!"

Bhaier R.
Bayonne, NJ

"Can't wait to close my first deal. Jeff was phenomenal. I will recommend this workshop to everyone who is willing to take a change."

Bianca C.
Long Beach, CA

"The information is a bit overwhelming, and a bit more review would be helpful."

Bianca P.
Groves, TX

"Greg was a great educator. He was patient, witty, and answered every question with great detail! In terms of the last preliminary event before boots on the ground - I wish more detail would have been discussed about the difference in LLC in Texas vs Utah. Which was clear after it was explained in Boots on the Ground. Thank you, Greg! Great class!"

Bilal N.
San Diego, CA

"Plenty of information, I need some time to absorb. Definitely planning on revisiting the Boots on the Ground program, as I wasn't as prepared as I should have been because of some technical difficulties. Other than that, trainers were excellent at presenting as much as they could in short amount of time, thank you!"

Biljana W.
New Braunfels, TX

"I had a great experience!"

Bobby H.
Aurora, IN

"Jared is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of confidence and experience. I enjoyed his presentation."

Bobby H.
Aurora, IN

"Great group!!"

Bobby J.
Colorado Springs, CO

"John was great. He was very open and willing to share all of his experience with everyone. The information was extremely valuable. Good training."

Bobby P.
Galivants Ferry, SC

"Made process more believable that the program really works."

Bonita C.
Waxhaw, NC

"Chris was great! Very informative and helpful."

Bonneva R.
New Albany, IN

"Adam is a wonderful instructor, he was very helpful. He explained things very well and was very willing to answer questions."

Bonnie L.
New Albany, IN

"Information given was very overwhelming at first, lots to absorb by asking questions, it helped out to get the jist of what is presented. Unfortunately, I only attended the 3rd day and wished I'd attended the other 2 days. I will lean on my sister for her insight as she attended all 3 days."

Bonnie L.
San Francisco, CA

"Information given was very overwhelming at first, lots to absorb by asking questions, it helped out to get the jist of what is presented. Unfortunately, I only attended the 3rd day and wished I'd attended the other 2 days. I will lean on my sister for her insight as she attended all 3 days."

Bonnie S.
Huntsville, AL

"Learned a lot through ground working, looking at properties and estimating value and repair value. Excellent personality for training and calm demeanor to keep you engaged."

Bonnie W.
Wauwatosa, WI

"Everyone here was helping each other, we will do it."

Brad B.
Wolcott, CT

"They were very helpful and very professional. Hoping to do well with this and better my family's life. Thank you for everything and God bless."

Brad G.
Ladera Ranch, CA

"Absolutely incredible, highly valuable info. best training I could have asked for and beyond my wildest expectations! Thanks, Ali, for going above and beyond and for presenting from a real world, realistic, and fun manner. Huge added value from a highly knowledgeable and over qualified source!"

Brad O.
Westminster, CO

"Amber & Andrea kept things moving -- a lot of knowledge. It was a fun learning experience."

Bradford G.
Maple Valley, WA

"Very knowledgeable instructors. Great experience."

Bradley P.
Holly, MI

"Great 3 days. Lots of hands on training. Jeff made it lots of fun. Going to Lowe's was great. Thanks."

Brady O.
Castle Rock, CO

"A very enjoyable experience. Lots of learning and hands on experience. I feel confident I can do everything in the class."

Christopher H.
Fair Play, MO

"I really enjoyed Boots on the Ground! Greg was very helpful in getting me a better understanding of what to do. I now can do what I need to do to get what I need. I know that I can and succeed in real estate."

Christopher H.
Midvale, UT

"Excited to start, Jared is amazing, knowledgeable, and very easy to understand. He knows his stuff! Would recommend class to all and especially from Jared!"

Christopher L.
Joliet, IL

"Helped with our confidence and getting started. Happy to be a part of a good team."

Christopher M.
Hilton Head Island, SC

"Joe did a good job at taking charge. His knowledge and experience helped me understand subjects where I had a hard time initially."

Christopher M.
Thornton, CO

"Would like to learn more advanced things and purchasing ourselves."

Christopher P.
Palm Bay, FL

"This event drilled down on the details of the different aspects of real estate investing. I have learned so much and am looking forward to learning more with my personal boots two-day training to drill down even further. Joe was a great speaker and full of knowledge. Definitely gave me more confidence in this venture! Thanks so much."

Christopher R.
Minnetonka, MN

"I received information that will help me close a deal this week."

Christopher R.
Berlin, NJ

"Jeff Jansen delivered an incredible amount of content in a very small amount of time. He speaks with precision, clarity and absolute confidence. This education is worth multiple multiples of the investment. I came in utterly unsure of how to create an offer, find buyers and select properties. I haven't even left the training and have already made my first offer."

Eve M.
Melbourne, FL

"Really enjoyed class -- would definitely recommend to others and would take class again."

Evarson A.
Coon Rapids, MN

"The training was amazing, lots of good information. Adam is a great instructor and he knows a lot about real estate. I'm glad he was my instructor. Thanks, Adam and Response."

Evanel S.
West Palm Beach, FL

"Thanks Rick, I really appreciate the teaching."

Evan W.
St Petersburg, FL

"Very useful real world tips and tricks! Thank you!"

Evan K.
Ada, MI

"Excellent pace of presentation. Instructor was very good at alleviating the anxiety of first time real estate investing. Would like more homework of developing offers -- unfortunately this was pushed to the last day. 3 days were nice -- would have liked another day to practice."

Evan A.
Surprise, AZ

"The training was hands on & really informative. Can't wait to start."

Eva S.
Skokie, IL

"The experience is promising to hope great knowledge if I put into action that was taught. Hoping an end result of meeting my goals."

Eunice P.
Hampton, VA

"The entire Boots on the Ground exceeded my expectations. Although I work with investors, I now understand better what they should look for. This class will help me to eventually step out of realtor position into investor full time. This is my retirement goal."

Ethel F.
Concord, NC

"It is a good opportunity to the people who want to improve their lives. Thank you."

Esther W.
Braintree, MA

"Great 3 days - not just taking notes - but doing things Really hands-on."

Esther R.
Battle Creek, MI

"Jared was a FANTASTIC presenter. He was thorough, entertaining, knowledgeable and the list goes on. Thanks for a great Boots on the Ground experience!!"

Esther H.
Oregon City, OR

"I wish that I had been told before the class to have an LLC, google voice number, and business cards."

Esther B.
Greensboro, NC

"Send more instructors like Greg. The best! Had plenty time for questions and answers. Plenty of info, but with the notes taken I can easily go back and understand. Seems like an honest man and a man of integrity!"

Estelle B.
Garner, NC

"I really enjoyed the training, the information was interesting and made the whole concept of real estate investing easy to understand."

Esteban H.
Orlando, FL

"Thanks, Joe, for all help."

Esteban C.
Los Angeles, CA

"I found Boots on the Ground very motivational and let's meet people in the same line of business that I am pursuing, I learned new approaches to advance in real estate."

Ervin S.
Colorado Springs, CO

"Love this training. Would definitely recommend it to someone looking to get into real estate. Thank you, Response!!"

Errol K.
Tucson, AZ

"Outstanding presentation and presenter. Super informative tied up all nice and neat. Excellent training and trainer!"

Ernesto E.
Wellington, FL

"You're the best and thank you much for everything."

Ernesto E.
Nogales, AZ

"Very detailed and committed to the participants. Knowledgeable on the material and subjects."

Ernest P.
Dallas, TX

"Karen was a very good instructor because she has (plenty) patience... THANKS!"

Ernest B.
Joliet, IL

"Great job, very informational, I'm very happy."

Erling I.
Burien, WA

"I was, and still am, a novice, but I know exponentially more than I did before."

Erline C.
Honolulu, HI

"Enjoyed Boots on the Ground. It helped to reinforce the different exit strategies. Love the flow charts and tips."

Eris N.
Jacksonville, FL

"Absolutely wonderful! Thanks!!!"

Erin W.
Stanwood, WA

"Jared and Jerry took the time to make sure all questions answered and did not worry about time. They were more concerned with making sure everyone understood the subject matter. At the Home Depot fieldtrip Jerry spent a lot of time answering questions. Both Jared and Jerry related real world examples from their own experiences, which made the information real. Thanks."

Erin S.
Mc Lean, VA

"I didn't like hotel location. Too hard to get to during rush hour times in dc area. Overall, great experience. Really enjoyed learning from both. Felt more real" than seminar before."

Erin P.
Broomfield, CO

"This training was valuable and informative, however I feel like it was slightly misrepresented in the prior class. They said we would have full team that there were lists of buyers, sellers, contractors, tax acountants etc available to pick from for us. Dino should possibly explain that there is a lot of hard work needed instead of leading us to believe its an easy package team deal."

Erin K.
Reno, NV

"Great info -- glad we came -- ready to get going. Our interests are more toward preforeclosure and foreclosure. Want to dive into that."

Erin F.
Wayland, MI

"He was an exceptional speaker/teacher!!"

Erin A.
Omaha, NE

"Jason was awesome! We had someone in our class who was extremely disruptive, rude and possibly cognitively impaired but Jason was able to control the room and keep on track as well as keep the individual from escalating from crazy to dangerous."

Erika W.
Horizon City, TX

"Would like more hands on with computer software and how to navigate more effectively. Need more than 3 days to retain half of the information."

Erick D.
Houston, TX

"Awesome program, Greg is very helpful and courteous easy to understand, and very patient. It was a pleasure to learn from him and I can't wait until he comes back to Houston to take this class again."

Erica D.
Houston, TX

"Craig and Ali were very informative and helpful. I am excited to begin this journey with our game plan intact."

Erica A.
Westminster, CO

"Amber is just so wonderful and such a great trainer - Loved the time spent w/ her and she really made the training fun and understandable. Thank you!"

Eric W.
Naples, FL

"Great analogies with respect to real situation applications for better understanding of material. Field trip to Lowe's! Real estate walk through was a great practical experience!"

Eric T.
Honolulu, HI

"Tons of information, Joe kept us engaged and was entertaining."

Eric T.
Inglewood, CA

"Now that I'm armed with the seven steps to close any deal, I know I can achieve any goal I imagine. Thank you!!!"

Eric S.
Greenville, MI

"Great experience. Tons of info! Learned a lot! Jeff was awesome!"

Eric S.
Calgary, AB

"Adam was a great instructor, frequently offered extra time to us before class or during lunch. Good style for a small group. Would like to see more canadian content -- financing options, and resources in real estate elite."

Cindy M.
Miami, FL

"Jason and Murphy were able to answer all questions asked. Would have been helpful to see a demo deal done. My overall experience was great!!! Thank you both for your time."

Cindy M.
Edmonton, AB

"Excellent information. Looking forward to using and applying info and putting all of it into action. I feel confident with the guidelines. Jared is an excellent instructor, open in communication in making the process & understanding logical. Thank you!!"

Cindy S.
Beaverton, OR

"Excellent! =)"

Cindy W.
Fruita, CO

"Karen was great! She was thorough and patient when questions were asked. She was awesome at explaining the content and offered additional information to help with getting going. Now were ready to just 'Do It'."

Cirabel O.
Miami, FL

"Lots of great info -- a lot for the time alloted. Joe, for those of us who are slow processing, it would be helpful if you slowed down a bit. I really enjoyed learning from both of you, it is clear that you know your stuff!"

Ciro D.
Smithville, ON

"Exceeded my expectations. Really good. The instructor was very informative and professional. I would recommend this training."

Cissy M.
Pittsburg, PA

"Jared was a pleasure, made us feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable. I would love to attend his class again!!!"

Claire V.

"The information we received was valuable (they're practical and useful) and our trainer exceeds my expectation. I feel like I can go out and implement all the ideas and concepts. Zap made it educational and fun."

Claire V.

"The information we received was valuable (they're practical and useful) and our trainer exceeds my expectation. I feel like I can go out and implement all the ideas and concepts. Zap made it educational and fun."

Christopher S.
Acworth, GA

"This training was extremely helpful in understanding the system. I feel I am much closer to fast tracking my success."

Christopher T.
Las Vegas, NV

"The coach was very helpful and gave a lot of info to be successful at this business!"

Christopher W.
Lithia, FL

"Rick was great, very personable and took the time to explain things well while keeping class on track with agenda."

Christopher W.
Lithia, FL

"Rick was great, very personable and took the time to explain things well while keeping class on track with agenda."

Christopher W.
Lindenhurst, NY

"There's other strategies on top of these that I would like to learn."

Christy E.
Benton, TN

"Jason did an awesome job training us! He is highly knowledgeable and very patient. He didn't mind repeating things and went to great lengths to explain things, great job!"

Chrystal G.
Loveland, CO

"Simple, actionable steps. Simple, so I can put it to use immediately. Actually doing the steps. Practical practice."

Chuck P.
Elk Grove, CA

"PowerPoint copies in the book, with the black background, makes it impossible to write notes or highlight specific info. I think a breakfast snack should be provided for the cost of the class."

Chuck S.
Slidell, LA

"Good info, every student is at different stages. See value in training! I am a right brain thinker, Jeff was easier to understand."

Chuck S.
Saint Paul, MN

"I appreciated all the extra handouts and extra knowledge Jason provided. More than willing to answer any questions or explain anything that didn't make sense the first time."

Chuck T.
Tahlequah, OK

"Kind of overwhelming, but realize a great deal of information needs to be learned."

Chuck W.
Arlington, WA

"Great class, glad we attended. Ready to get some deals."

Cia S.
Sylmar, CA

"Very patient when questions were asked."

Ciara D.
Columbus, OH

"It seemed like a lot of the content on the first day was redundant but made more sense once we started putting it into practice. It made more sense they were thorough when walking through houses. I feel like I have the information needed to get started."

Cindelle B.
West Hempstead, NY

"A lot of information covered."

Cindy A.
Cincinnati, OH

"I came in confused. After three days working with Geoffrey, I know that I will be succeeding as a real estate investor with my husband."

Cindy C.
Saint Marys, GA

"Really enjoyed Boots on the Ground. Joe and Adam did a great job. Learned a lot!"

Cindy C.
Medford, OR

"Lots of great instruction/information and taught in an understandable way. Excitedly expecting an amazing future in real estate investing."

Cindy D.
Edgewood, NM

"The three-day retreat speakers promised we would make a deal during the Boots on the Ground. I understand that I would not make any deals since I am out of my area (state), but nobody made any deals this weekend. I will be taking this info back to my area to try out and hopefully make a deal. John was a terrific speaker and was very knowledgeable."

Cindy F.
Lexington, MA

"Very much enjoyed this class. Chris does a great job getting the information to us in a professional, yet friendly, comfortable way. Tons of great info."

Cindy F.
Ward, AR

"Chris was a very informative trainer and kept my interest level and excitement about real estate investing high. Ready to do this."

Cindy F.
Calgary, AB

"Andrea speaks well and concisely. Her challenge is to address all levels of education- from the know-it-alls to the extreme newbies. Great job, Andrea."

Cindy G.
Berlin, NJ

"Jeff and Jared were amazing. The material was so informative & exceeded my expectations. I loved walking through the houses because it showed me things I never thought of looking for. I learned way more than I could ever learn on my own. I definitely will be sending my children and I can't wait to put my first house under contract!! "

Cindy G.
Reno, NV

"So much information given but made understandable. We were given contact information for the things that we are not sure on or had forgotten. Excellent instructor!"

Cindy H.
Douglasville, GA

"For me, I have no real estate knowledge, I need more training -- not that the instructors weren't teaching well, it seems that I was rushing and not retaining what was said. I plan on going over everything that was taught, I'm positive that I will feel better and absorb what was taught. It's just at this moment I feel overwhelmed."

Cindy H.
Washington, MI

"Adam was great and easy to follow and has great experience in housing. I thought it would be more about all different ways-- not just wholesaling. One woman would not shut up! I think we missed valuable information. I wish he would have been more proactive in making her stop without offending her."

Cindy J.
Crowley, TX

"The instructor, Greg, really explained things clearly and was very patient to explain things again for anyone who didn't understand needed more instruction on specific information. We really learned a lot on the days we attended. Thank you."

Cindy L.

"Information was very valuable, all questions answered and fears are smaller. Great job by instructors."

Cindy L.
Lancaster, CA

"Great hands-on information! John spoke in terms we could understand and see ourselves doing it. He spoke slow enough, yet kept it moving."

Branden B.
Snoqualmie, WA

"I think we should have been able to come up with a lot more/better listings from our broker agents and I don't think we were really taught well enough what all the criteria we should have been asking our agents in order to receive A-B listings. I would've liked Gena to have had at least a couple good listings that we could have raw numbers on since we obviously don't know what we are doing yet. I think some listings worksheets could be highly beneficial with different scenarios of costs, etc., that would be awesome!"

Branden M.
Bradenton, FL

"Event was great, fun and informative. Instructors were outgoing."

Brandi S.
Lithia, FL

"Boots on the Ground exceeded my expectations. After leaving the last event, I was pumped and ready to start making deals but quickly felt stuck and wasn't sure what to do next. BOG not only tells you but walks you through step by step on what to do and where to spend your time."

Brandi W.
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Such great instructors & extremely knowledgeable. They were both amazing and explained things so well!"

Eric R.
Washington, DC

"Great training, really simplified things."

Eric P.
Centennial, CO

"All material covered should be in the bookcharts, otherwise highly enjoyable. Thanks."

Eric L.
Margate, FL

"Enjoyed the extra details."

Eric L.
Margate, FL

"Information was very detailed and helpful."

Eric L.
Twin Peaks, CA

"Good strategies from different viewpoints good place but not all stories worth the time."

Eric K.
Overland, MO

"Both instructors went above and beyond to show us how to really make the training fun and helpful."

Eric J.
Minneapolis, MN

"Adam is one of 5 people who explained information to me that I 100% understand. I would love to train under him if possible."

Eric H.
Middleton, ID

"John did a fantastic job presenting the information. He took time to make me understand each section. He was very patient and thorough in answering all of the questions. He is obviously very knowledgeable, which was great to get the information from an experienced investor. The material was very well done and relevant."

Eric F.
Richmond, VA

"What to say to realtors and buyers helped me big time -- also how to run numbers on a property."

Eric E.
Liberty Twp, OH

"When signing up we were promised that "our hands would be held" for the first 3 deals. I don't see where that happens. Yes, we received holding on deal #1, then deal #2. Joe was a great instructor and very knowledgeable. His sense of humor made the workshop interesting and held our attention."

Eric B.
Pullman, WA

"Joe is very knowledgeable speaker with great real world experience and keeps the students attention with his high level of enthusiasm and excitement about real estate investing. Joe is a fantastic motivational speaker. I truly enjoyed my time in the classroom and the time seemed to fly by. I'm looking forward to progressing in my journey with great enthusiasm."

Eric B.
Parachute, CO

"Tim was very torough with his teachings. He wasn't boring. Made the class great. And he also took time from his family to be with us. I greatly appreciate it."

Eric B.
Louisville, GA

"The experience is very rewarding for me and my wife. We have NO real estate experience and basically had no clue what to expect. I am leaving the training with more confidence in my ability to do a deal."

Ephratah I.
Cincinnati, OH

"Clueless but Boots on the Ground training made it more clear. Still not 100% comfortable but I learned enough to implement what I was taught. I loved the Lowe's trip and the software that we used to run numbers, very convenient."

Emile R.
Snellville, GA

"Speakers were able to help me overcome my fears."

Elvis B.
Honolulu, HI

"Very informative and provided evidence when available. Excellent source of information, very motivated."

Elvi M.
Santa Barbara, CA

"Confidence in doing busines as an investor in real estate with valuable information and tools to succeed. Learning how to build cash buyers list, obtain properties and build a dynamic team of professionals to have this training and information brought to us in our beautiful city of Santa Barbara was awesome!"

El-Regina H.
Lawrenceville, GA

"I really enjoyed having both of the trainers teaching from different ways to get us to the same successful results."

El-Regina H.
Lawrenceville, GA

"This is my 2nd time with Jared and my experience was even better than the 1st because everything I had forgotten about because I did not use the wholesale methods, was explained in a way to help me incorporate wholesaling to my real estate profile. Now I am ready to add wholesaling to my can do as an investor."

Elma M.
Deltona, FL

"It was a great experience viewing the home and getting actual perspective. Thank you very much for all time and knowledge."

Elliott L.
Cheney, WA

"Everything promised was given, delivered and explained with enthusiasm. Beyond this, Gena gave extra time to fix software problems with products promised for the class. They were passionate about us getting us started making offers. The program was successful because they used examples from their own experience (was good). As a team they handled all of our problems."

Ellen W.
Winston Salem, NC

"Boots on the Ground was beyond my expectations. With the info/knowledge I've gained I'm ready to begin reaching out to cash investors and wholesaling."

Ellen P.
Penn Hills, PA

"Chris was informative, patient with questions, and easy to follow during the training."

Ellen M.
El Cajon, CA

"Practical applications such as phoning realtors, info on evaluation of properties was great. Thank you."

Ellen J.
Vero Beach, FL

"Joe is very positive and knowledgeable. And encouraging. He answered all of my (many) questions and explained the info clearly. I feel more confident in moving forward."

Ellen D.
Horsham, PA

"I believe I have enough information and confidence now to do my first deal."

Ella K.
Sacramento, CA

"Empowered me to feel confidence and motivated to buy and sell real estate without the fear of failing."

Elizabeth W.
Knoxville, TN

"Great speaker! He was very though and really cared if we understood. So happy he was so transparent about how he did things. Having a speaker that actively does deals made me feel more confident going into everything."

Elizabeth S.
Chandler, AZ

"Loved the Lowe's trip and how to put the different packages together. Jeff went at a good pace - was clear and thorough - has great personality to be instructing. After day three I feel confident in what to do now."

Elizabeth S.
Boca Raton, FL

"Loved it! Going through the entire process - beginning to end - in easy to understand language, visit to Home Depot, running numbers. Thank you!!! Also your patience in answering all of our questions."

Elizabeth S.
Boca Raton, FL

"Chris is amazing! He really breaks it down into easy to understand chunks. Highly recommend Chris."

Elizabeth S.
Sunnyvale, CA

"Still overwhelmed and skeptical, but this will go away with experience and time. Ali was great, his stories and funny nature really helped ideas stick and will help me remember everything I learned."

Elizabeth M.
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Andrea and GIna made the class so interesting. I look forward to it every day. Does that make sense? I think so!"

Elizabeth K.
Bluffdale, UT

"Jeff did an amazing job, he was funny, informative, and not intimidating :) Boots on the Ground was perfect for someone like me who had no idea where to start. Now I have a plan and I can take action with much more confidence!"

Elizabeth J.
Belleville, IL

"Adam was very informative. He answered questions and reviewed material."

Elizabeth H.
Sarasota, FL

"Both speakers did an amazing job with teaching us in such a way that I had no problem understanding. They made sure that we understood each topic before moving on. Both of them were very professional while being very humble."

Elizabeth H.
Glendora, CA

"Jared Muir was totally awesome! Was very professional and curious. He answered all questions given to him."

Elizabeth C.
Melville, NY

"I was especially impressed by the instructor's teaching technique, it was awesome and easy to understand."

Elizabeth C.
Seattle, WA

"Very good instruction and content. I believe I have a good roadmap to get me started. Thanks Adam and John!"

Elizabeth C.
Havertown, PA

"Jared was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain processes and procedures in a way that a beginner with no experience could understand. Very informative."

Elizabeth C.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

"Rick used his own experience in his presentation which made it more helpful in understanding the concept of wholesaling vs being an investor."

Elizabeth C.
Richmond, VA

"Actual phone calls and doing numbers efficiently was very helpful. Speaker was awesome & funny!"

Elizabeth B.
Anaheim, CA

"Made us excited about the class. Had us interact with each other. Made us want to come back to the class to learn."

Elizabeth B.
Bay Point, CA

"Great program. Great Class. Now I have a clear path to be Real Estate investor."

Elishavah W.
North Bay, ON

"Greg went over and above to make sure we understood the content. He was very approachable and explained things thoroughly. I came in feeling overwhelmed and am leaving feeling much more competent. This training was excellent and invaluable for me carrying on with investing in real estate. Thank you!"

Elise S.
Mesa, AZ

"Could use a fourth day and no homework. Homework was unexpected and with job demands, was a bit overwhelming. This led to decrease sleep, and decrease in learning. But the good news is that a video of Boots on the Ground is available. Presenter was excellent, just wish I was not so worn out and tired!!"

Elisa L.
Tucson, AZ

"Overwhelming, but solid, great information. The "real world" information was really helpful and gave great direction to get started. Putting together "plan of action" was helpful and special, thanks for being available after class."

Elijah S.
Sapulpa, OK

"When learning about funding it was a relief off of my back. At 18 years old I have been trying to make my dreams come true. This event taught me so much on how to make that happen. I'm glad I know I have help."

Elger M.
St Petersburg, FL

"Ready to capatalize off real estate and learn as much as possible to be successful."

Eleanor H.
Katy, TX

"These two trainers were excellent and went above and beyond the material in the Boots on the Ground booklet and the website to make sure that everyone understood everything and answered all of our questions."

Eleanor B.
Naples, FL

"I am very motivated to complete my initial preparatory steps, search for buyers and investigate available properties in my target areas. I realize that much information was presented that I must still absorb. Thanks, Joe!"

Eldrick G.
Reidsville, NC

"I am very motivated to complete my initial preparatory steps, search for buyers and investigate available properties in my target areas. I realize that much information was presented that I must still absorb. Thanks, Joe!"

Eldon R.
Laurel, MD

"Learned a lot! Although I am already an investor, I gained a wealth of information. Especially when it comes to wholesaling, I knew little to nothing about it. By the end of class today, I now feel I can add this as an extra option in our business. My wife and I are extremely excited to start."

Eldon H.
Oakland Park, FL

"No fee to park car was a plus factor. Trainer was exceptional."

Dan H.
Holland, MI

"Really enjoyed Chris' style. He took extra time to explain when there were questions. Good personal examples."

Dan J.
Crowley, TX

"Collecting more nuggets of gold to solidify my real estate foundation."

Dan L.
Jacksonville, FL

"Tim was great! He was very down to earth and honest."

Dan L.
Jacksonville, FL

"Great. Full of energy, good material."

Dan R.
Menifree, CA

"Adam is very knowledgeable, professional, patient and understanding. It was a pleasure being in his class. I learned a lot and he helped provide the confidence to go out and begin my real estate investing career and more importantly, to be successful with it."

Dan R.
San Leandro, CA

"I was hoping for a bit more explanation on the financing end, but I realize this was not the venue for it. Well worth the time."

Dan S.
Chicago, IL

"All the information provided was simple and broken down to actually do the most important things or steps to complete a deal as fast as possible."

Dan S.
Chicago, IL

"I really enjoyed the fact that Matt would make sure any and all questions were answered. So that myself and the entire class understood."

Dan S.
Chicago, IL

"Being my first time, it is a lot of information but there are very good resources to reach out to. Thank you, Joe."

Dan S.
Chicago, IL

"I am thankful for Joe giving us is local tips & expertise on top of all the steps & instructions. Thank you, Joe!"

Dan S.
Sumner, WA

"I now have a better understanding of the program and the process. The actual paperwork involved with various deals is somewhat confusing to me still, but the support system I have will guide me through. When I get a couple deals done, I believe it will fall into place."

Dana G.
Mounds, OK

"Greg was great! It is helpful to learn from somebody with real life experience."

Dana M.
New Smyrna Beach, FL

"Exceptional training, will put it to work asap. Enjoyed the delivery and expert advice and tips on how to succeed in this new found real estate training."

Dana O.
Westminster, CO

"Amber & Andrea were awesome teachers!!!"

Dana S.
St. Albert, AB

"Lots of information - wow."

Dana S.
Tulsa, OK

"Paul was careful to explain everything in detail. We laughed, we questioned and we learned. I left the class feeling empowered with the knowledge that I will need to begin this chapter in my life and career."

Dandre L.
Chicago, IL

"The class was very informative, fun and most of all gives the confidence to move forward in real estate! Thanks!!"

Dania G.
Lake Worth, FL

"Enjoyed the training very much. Instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He kept everyone motivated and encouraged everyone to participate. Totally would enjoy seating through another one of his trainings."

Daniel B.
Lexington, KY

"The 2nd time I did this I got a lot more out of it. More things stuck with me."

Daniel B.
Lexington, KY

"The 2nd time I did this I got a lot more out of it. More things stuck with me."

Clarissa J.
Columbus, OH

"Lowe's field trip was extremely valuable. House viewing field trip was very informative. Both instructors were very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous."

Clarissa P.

"The real world techniques were the most valuable information. It allowed me to have a better understanding of the overwhelming information received. Thanks."

Claude M.
Chicago, IL

"Craig was very understanding, all lessons planned out very well."

Claudette C.
Miami, FL

"Tim was extremely helpful and engaging! He's a natural speaker that truly wants the best for his students."

Claudia T.
E Northport, NY

"I appreciated the fact that Tom & Adam taught this class from their different experiences. For instance, I believe Tom's experience in construction made him very valuable to us. His experience allow him not to generalize. Adam's experience from a teaching point of view and real estate experience made him able to teach to each and every level. Thanks to you both."

Claudine R.
Stotfold, UK

"I found the trainings very detailed and insightful. It was delivered by 2 trainers who are clearly passionate about real estate and are keen to share this experience. Can't wait to see them again in November at the Expo."

Clay A.
Conroe, TX

"It all ties together in the end. Thank you for the clarity."

Clay M.
Anderson, SC

"Enjoyed the instructor's experience and knowledge. Very realatable, provided good content."

Clayton C.
Anderson, SC


Clifford O.
Tacoma, WA

"Second time presented differently -- learned a lot more."

Clifton A.
Queens Village, NY

"Got everything I need to make first deal. Achievable recovery, confidence, fundementle, systems. Great Workshop, guys."

Clifton D.
Margate, FL

"Certainly learned everything to make a success in real estate. Every question or concern I had was answered completely. Met a number of really nice people and made friends with all those with similar goals from the future. Will begin my journey on Monday morning."

Clifton T.
Mount Olive, NC

"A lot of information and will have to go back, sit down and sort through it. Very good software and head start on others trying to start out."

Clint D.
Collbran, CO

"Enthusiastic, informative."

Clyde J.
Vero Beach, FL

"Great guy and teacher."

Coco W.
Chicago, IL

"It was a great way to familiarize yourself with the real estate software."

Cody C.
Mesa, AZ

"I would like to get more information on what Doug Clark presented on. The information presented was great."

Cody L.
Concord, NC

"Makse you stop outside your comfort zone and learn the process faster and have one-on-one mentoring. Time to take what I learned and get to work. Thanks."

Cody P.
Oakland, CA

"If I apply learned principles, I believe based on my intensity and input, I can add considerate monthly income."

Coles L.
Cape Coral, FL

"I've learned a lot. I really like the materials."

Colette M.
Portland, OR

"John -- professional presentation, was very good at repeating important points, entertaining, sometimes spoke a little too fast. Kept my attention. Chris -- very professional, spoke slow with excellent eye contact entertaining, quite motivating. Overall -- loved the three-day class. Thank you. "

Colette M.
Portland, OR

"John -- professional presentation, was very good at repeating important points, entertaining, sometimes spoke a little too fast. Kept my attention. Chris -- very professional, spoke slow with excellent eye contact entertaining, quite motivating. Overall -- loved the three-day class. Thank you. "

Colin Z.
Venice, CA

"What I liked most about the class is the step-by-step process on executing deals. I appreciate actions above just seminar talk."

Colleen F.
Las Vegas, NV

"I totally enjoyed this training and look forward to going to next training of the Deal Desk. I am ready for my first deal and many of others. Both Shah and Richard were great instructors and very knowledgeable."

Colleen L.

"I appreciate that each trainer has been so patient, courteous and friendly. I have been impressed that they seem like they genuinely do want us all to be succesful. It appears that they truly enjoy their job with Response as they each build their own investment portfolio. I was also impressed and glad they allowed a mother to bring her small child to class. It was very minor distraction, but everyone in class can relate to parenting. It is so much more important that the mother had this opportunity than to worry about anyone else being distracted. Kudos."

Colleen S.
Lauderhill, FL

"Fun workshop."

Collene T.
Waco, TX

"Very disappointing that 1-65% does not apply to fix and flip. this is why I paid for access to funds. This course was pitched at wholesalers, not fix and flip. The girls presenting Boots on the Ground were amazing, very knowledgeable. definitely a huge asset to your company."

Concepcion A.
Avondale, AZ

"In this presentation I learned a lot, thanks to Karen, she is a wonderful guide."

Connie B.
Gervais, OR

"This was wonderful, the information was great and easy to follow. The room was a little cold for me. There was a lot of construction in the hotel at the same time."

Connie B.
Houston, TX

"Loved the knowledge gained to start to build my buyers and realtors list: how to use Lowe's to cover so much contract work fast and efficiently, how to run numbers on houses fast to submit offers, knowing what to look for outside of the things given in the system."

Connie C.
Portland, OR

"Great class! Super helpful! I cannot wait to retake the class again."

Connie D.
Arvada, CO

"Appreciate that Andrea was local. She put our area in perspective. I am still overwhelmed, but have more confidence to begin this adventure. The class was informative practice, but fun as well. This trio did a great job. Thanks."

Connie J.
Fort Worth, TX

"It's been awesome. I've received much more than I expected. Thank you!"

Connie L.
Las Vegas, NV

"The teachers were informative and friendly. They made information easy to understand. They answered so many questions and clarified so much!"

Connie M.
New Iberia, LA

"The material was presented very professionally. Jason was an excellent speaker/teacher/trainer. Excellent experience!"

Connie S.
Atwater, CA

"Jared was an excellent teacher. Feel confident now and cant wait to get started."

Connie T.
Independence, MO

"Adam was very informative. He explained the process in a way we could understand. He was very patient with us and answered our same questions as if it was the first time he was explaining it. He gave us information beyond the program and had us practice what we learned, which was very exciting and helpful. Otherwise, I might have been reluctant to start. I will bring my other ideas here to his classes. Excellent."

Conrad I.

"Extend the course more dates to review the information to ask questions."

Constance P.
Lakeland, FL

"Very positive and enjoyable. Made the education very learnable and enjoyable. Thank you."

Coraima A.
Aurora, IL

"Really enjoyed the hands-on training with visiting Lowe's and multiple properties. I better understand questions and the numbers and feel more confident in stating/making deals. Jason was very nice and funny - made learning an enjoyable experience."

Corey W.
Hanover, MI

"Very pleased with this class and all the classes we have been to. This company is very useful and knowledgeable."

Corina J.
Surprise, AZ

"The instructor was very informative and professional. She answered all my questions and was very successful."

Corinne L.
St. George, UT

"Great training, Jeff kept us very engaged in the content - great speaker and presenter. Very detailed and practical."

Corinne L.
St. George, UT

"Very engaging instructors. Presented lots of details and personal experiences stories. Great class!"

Corliss F.
Galena Park, TX

"This was a very great class."

Cory J.
Houston, TX

"I learned more than I can comprehend, and I love it. I feel like I can be successful with this info."

Cory M.
Orem, UT

"I didn't know what I didn't know. I realized that anyone can do this if they are willing to do the work and follow what the instructor taught in the class. Jeff was amazing and made learning fun. The system that is taught is amazing and made any learning great."

Cory S.
Roswell, GA

"John and Gena were great teachers. I enjoyed learning more and am excited about the opportunity that awaits."

Courtney C.
Bordentown, NJ

"Paul was so informative and wonderful!"

Courtney F.
Belton, TX

"Greg is extremely knowledgeable and freely shares his experiences for the group's success."

Courtney K.
De Pere, WI

"Jeff was engaging and took the time to ensure we understood everything we went through, he answered our questions. Going to Home Depot and walking through was incredibly helpful, as well as actually getting out and seeing houses in person. It was great as a spouse to get to experience and a better understanding of everything! Thanks! :)"

Courtney K.
De Pere, WI

"Jeff was engaging and took the time to ensure we understood everything we went through, he answered our questions. Going to Home Depot and walking through was incredibly helpful, as well as actually getting out and seeing houses in person. It was great as a spouse to get to experience and a better understanding of everything! Thanks! :)"

Cyndi C.
Hamilton, OH

"Very informative and I liked the way the information was presented. For example, the workbook along with the verbal. Thank you, Jeffrey."

Cynthia B.
Albuquerque, NM

"Rick and Eric went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood the material that was presented. When I had questions, Eric sat and explained what I didn't understand. Very professional."

Cynthia C.

"The printed material should be more organized. Add an actual run down through the whole process from call to closing."

Cynthia C.
Lauderhill, FL

"This workshop was extremely valuable to the future of my working towards my financial satisfaction. The two presenters were courteous, professional, and know their craft. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Boots on the Ground training is excellent."

Cynthia C.
Santa Clarita, CA

"Charlie was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. I was impressed with his presentation and knowledge."

Cynthia C.
Sugar Land, TX

"Jason was amazing!! I would recommend Boots on the Ground to everyone. :)"

Cynthia D.
High Point, NC

"My confidence level has sky rocketed!"

Cynthia H.
USAF Academy, CO

"Awesome workshop! Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and showing me that I can change my financial future. The trip to Lowe's was awesome. I learned about what is available for rehabing. I was totally clueless prior to the trip. The drive to see properties was so helpful. I have a better idea on how the whole process works. It makes me less nervous about facing my first deal. John and Jeff were a great team. Positive attitudes, answered all my questions, and full of information."

Cynthia J.
Tampa, FL

"Both instructors were very encouraging and inspirational. They presented with real life examples and genuinely displayed their knowledge. At first I was hesitant and not clear on what it takes to invest in real estate with Response but now my eyes are opened. Thank you for everything."

Cynthia L.
Woodbridge, VA

"Awesome job, Greg! Would love to do another Boots on the Ground with Greg again. His patience and ability to convey and teach concepts is invaluable. Thanks again."

Cynthia R.
Mont Clair, CA

"John made us feel comfortable, not to fear we can do this. He answered all our questions, made himself available to us on a one-on-one need. He was kind, very patient, finished each lesson on schedule. We truly enjoyed John! Thank you!"

Cynthia S.
Denver, CO

"Whooo rah!! Enjoyed my experience, very informative."

Cynthia S.
San Marcos, TX

"Karen went the extra mile by staying through lunch and helping me with some issues such as, real estate agents that I asked for leads and how they replied so differently. She also helped me with my computer skills. She showed me how to use software and answered lots of questions. She is very encouraging. Third day pulled it together with going out and also presenting great material in a linear fashion that I can follow and do."

Cyrus H.
Hampton, GA

"I understand the fix and flip process a lot better and I can better service my cash buyers and investors. I understand how to estimate repair costs."

Dagmar S.
Bonia Spgs, FL

"The training was awesome. We received a lot of good information. I feel ready to do my 1st deal. Joe was an informative, professional instructor with a lot of knowledge."

Dagmar W.
Spanaway, WA

"The team was very informative. Taught to the level of the audience."

Dagmar W.
Spanaway, WA

"The training I received today was much more conducive to my learning. Thank you, Adam."

Dainty D.
South Holland, IL

"Jason and Zach were awesome teachers. It seems like we needed a longer weekend but they did the best they could. I had a great training session!!"

Daisy F.
Orlando, FL

"Was very interesting and valuable. I learned a lot about how to calculate numbers for repair and MAO."

Daisy R.
Hollywood, FL

"I loved the experience I had at Boots on the Ground, very informative and I also love that they want us to succeed. Thank you."

Daisy T.
Akron, OH

"The workshop really helped calm my fear of doing something different that I have ever done before, although it has crossed my mind many times. Thank you Boots on the Ground for your training."

Dale D.
Wasilla, AK

"Rick was a great trainer and a great person to know. Would love to work with him forever. Good luck in your future."

Dale F.
Wayland, MI

"Everything was great!"

Dale G.
Phoenix, AZ

"Class was enjoyable, I learned a lot. I felt the Lowe's trip was somewhat a waste as we could have done the same thing with pictures and it was just very hot."

Dallas H.
Wailuku, HI

"Thank you. Everything we were offered was realized at the Boots on the Ground. Lots of info, but great we have the software and workbook. Need to go out and do the legwork. Need to call the helpline. Aloha."

Dallin C.
Salt Lake City, UT

"The information was great! However, we were "sold" on the idea of finding non-MLS listings, but the training was mostly MLS listings. I want to learn how to pre-foreclose properties."

Damaris G.
Lake Worth, FL

"Joe was excellent. I watched him before coming to the training on One of the things that I like the most is his clarity with numbers and his positive attitude. I wished I lived near him because he would not have two weeks without a call about a property. LOL Joe was excellent!!"

Dameisha S.
San Dimas, CA

"Joe is very personable and offers valuable info. He exercised tremendous patience while teaching. The trip to Lowe's gave insight on what to consider when flipping a house and possible resources. The hands-on viewing of homes surfaced questions and I wouldn't have considered alone. Thumbs up!"

Damian H.
Chester, VA

"Joe did a great job teaching the class. I Learned a lot and I am glad I did the boots on the ground. The Lowe's visit was very informative when visiting the houses, he gave a good critiqiue and did a really good job."

Damian S.
Valrico, FL

"I think it was quite helpful in painting the picture of what we need to do on a daily basis, quite informative and the word tracks and scripts were very helpful."

Damien C.
Davie, FL

"Engaging and informative. Knowledgeable speakers above and beyond. Excited about my one-on-one moments with them."

Damond C.
Parachute, CO

"Very knowledgeable!!"

Dan A.
Salem, OR

"Jena: very easy to understand, loved your way of teaching!!"

Dan B.
Sparks, NV

"Appreciated the bonus material not included in the slide presentation."

Dan F.
Kansas City, MO

"I plan to attend more as availabe hands on experience very helpful."

Dan G.
League City, TX

"Walking through the properties & running renovation costs was very helpful. Running the numbers on properties to find the max allowable offer was helpful. Information on how to find realtors/cash buyers on was good."

Dan H.
New Braunfels. TX

"This Boots program is awesome. Greg and John, the instructors, were great. I don't know how it could be better. It wouldn't matter what amount of experience you may or may not have before you came in -- you would go out with a motivated, inspired, and informed step-by-step method that's sure to make you successful in the Real Estate Investing world."

Dan H.
New Braunfels. TX

"This Boots program is awesome. Greg and John, the instructors, were great. I don't know how it could be better. It wouldn't matter what amount of experience you may or may not have before you came in -- you would go out with a motivated, inspired, and informed step-by-step method that's sure to make you successful in the Real Estate Investing world."

Dan H.
New Braunfels. TX

"Adam was very knowledgeable and helpful. I think a follow up Boots on the Ground program should focus on going out to potential properties and making offers. I've always thought you really learn anything faster by actually doing it for real."

Gustavo G.
San Diego, CA

"This training has been very helpful to my wife and myself, we are looking forward to making our first deals. Adam and Shah were very knowledgeable and friendly."

Gustavo G.
Marana, AZ


Gurubandhu K.
Wasilla, AK

"Rick was personable and seemed like he really cares."

Guilna A.
Brockton, MA

"I learned more than I ever knew. I believe I can succeed following this experience. Tim knows his stuff and teaches it well."

Greta V.
Aurora, CO

"Jason is very knowledgeable and works to explain information in several ways. He has answered all questions and given much more than I really expected. Very approachable and extremely knowledgeable."

Gregory W.
Lithia Springs, GA

"Instructors were very knowledgeable, articulate, easy to understand. They were patient and made the concepts plain."

Gregory W.
Lithia Springs, GA

"Very clear, articulate, passionate and intriguing. Very knowledgeable, answered all our questions. Stayed late for after questions. Suggestions: Name plates for students at their desk."

Gregory F.
Broken Arrow, OK

"This was the first experience that I've had in real estate investment, and it has been refreshing, enlightening, insightful and revealing of how easy this kind of work or profession can be with the proper system, processes, and guidelines. I do believe that I can be successful by putting everything in operation, and stick with it."

Gregory C.
Hartford, CT

"I thought all information was very valuable it is work to do, but with practice and doing it will get you there."

Gregory B.
Naples, FL

"Joe has a very nice way to explain things in detail so that you can understand it better. Joe gave us so much knowledge and experience that allowed me to understand the info. I really liked both trainers and the variety each taught."

Gregory B.
Fuquay Varina, NC

"Very informative."

Gregory A.
Dewey, AZ

"I understand now!"

Gregoire L.
Brockton, MA

"Thank you guys, you really did such a good job. I have the opportunity to learn a lot from you. Thanks!!"

Gregg M.
Canyon Country, CA

"Great seminar/workshop. Learned lots of useful information."

Greg P.
Harrow, ON

"Time management concerns -- allowed unproductive, distracting side bars. Great bonus info -- thanks, Jared."

Greg P.
Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Jeff has the personality to keep you interested and have you get to your answer in plain english from a question that seemed to be in french."

Greg N.
Las Vegas, NV

"Adam promised me lunch for getting the class into the properties but never delivered. I WANT MY LUNCH!!! lol. Great class, however, I think more needs to be focused on the actual writing of contracts."

Greg M.
Memphis, TN

"Wonderful, informative experience!"

Greg D.
Denver, NC

"Rick was great. I signed up to really learn about off market properties. I am a contractor, my wife is a realtor. So most of the information we have and know. We were looking for stuff we do not know or have access to."

Greg D.
Loveland, OH

"Ollie and Jason were great!"

Greg B.
Jupiter, FL

"Received very strong practical tactics to succeed."

Greg A.
Sarasota, FL

"TMI though the digestion track was well explained."

Grant S.
Logan, UT

"Charlie did a great job of presenting his material -- material was not tied in well with 1st presentation. Was quite disappointed about that. Class was not aware that there were 2 different versions of the real estate software. We should have been told that there were different versions available. Charlie did a good job on his material but was not the same material or philosophy that Doug pitched in his seminar."

Grant M.
Honolulu, HI

"I like this as initial info, but I want to make $45k a month. I want more help and tools."

Grant D.
Windsor, ON

"Amazing teacher in every way!!"

Graham H.
Niagara Falls, ON

"The class was great, it has made me commit to a new path."

Graeme F.
Gresham, OR

"Great presentation."

Grady F.
Mishawaka, IN

"Adam was great to work with. It would be nice if there was a little more advanced training. He can only go as fast as the group. I don't feel like it was worth this much money. I can do to the home store on my own. I hope all the tools that are at my disposal are worth the money."

Grace W.
Whittier, CA

"Was given all the details to get started, great presentations."

Grace R.
Dayton, OH

"All questions were answered very clearly and to the point. The whole program was very informative. I enjoyed myself and hope to put what I learned to good use and make some money while doing so. Thanks for the information."

Grace M.
Dunnellon, FL

"Joe is an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable. I would recommend that everyone should attend one of his courses."

Grace M.
Bordentown, NJ

"Always wanted to Wholesale. This course gave me the step-by-step process to go out and do it. Thank you!"

Grace C.
Rockville, MD

"The training materials are state of the art, very useful and current in practical setting. It is awesome and super! The Lowe's trip was very realistic and educational. The house instruction opened my vision and areas to look for in rehabilitation cost, which is very important."

Gordafreed G.
Chicopee, MA

"Learned a lot. Can't wait to get started. Thanks very much for the training. Definitely worthwhile."

Gor D.
N Hollywood, CA

"Awesome trainer! He was very professional, humble and courteous."

Gor D.
N Hollywood, CA

"Wonderful learning experience. Speakers/teachers are great. Thank you!"

Golbourne W.
Riverside, CA

"Good beginning and better future."

Goh C.
Singapore, Singapore

"Everything is fine. Thank you."

Godfrey D.
Boston, MA

"I loved the enthusiasm of the trainers! I hope to be a trainer one day!"

Glynis M.
Linden, NJ

"The training was very professional, the presenters were skilled, knowledgeable, personable, humorous. I learned a lot of invaluable information that will be very necessary."

Glynis L.
Houston, TX

"Thanks for having repeat Boots on the Ground events."

Gloria W.
Godley, TX

"I'm so glad I was able to fianlly attend a Boots on the Ground event. This helped me a great deal. Thursday was a little mind boggling! The Home Depot trip was kind of boring for me because I am very knowledgeable in that area. I can see where it would be useful though. Saturday was the best day!!"

Glynis V.
El Paso, TX

"Overwhelmed with information and will put in practice."

Glynis V.
Tucson, AZ

"He was great. Very down to earth in explaining the training. Wish classes were more frequent. Explained everything so well, what to see at homes, repairs that are needed. Wish all speakers were as easy to speak like him. Awesome, Chris."

Glynis N.
Lakeway, TX

"Very informative -- a lot info to digest."

Glynis M.
Denton, TX

"instructors were great, they answered all my questions."

Glynis L.
Spokane Valley, WA

"Loved our instructor. He was awesome. The way he taught us and was willing to answer our questions and was very patient."

Gloria J.
Monterey Park, CA


Gloria G.
Three Rivers, TX

"Still have fears but need to work on getting this to work for me."

Gloria D.
Palatine, IL

"Very happy. Excellent job."

Gloria C.
Orlando, FL

"A lot of info. Everything came together."

Gloria A.
Killeen, TX


Glenn W.
Springfield, IL

"Very good training, I learned a lot. Enjoyed the training. Very helpful."

Glenn S.
San Antonio, TX

"Great knowledge to move forward as a successful investor."

Glenda P.
Galivants Ferry, SC

"It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot. Paul was very helpful and has a real ability to teach."

Glenda I.
Orlando, FL

"I learned a lot, will do it again!"

Glenda G.
Sacramento, CA

"Request that PowerPoint slides in handbook change to white background. I can't highlight or write anything."

Glenda D.
Miami, FL

"Jeff Jensen was a great instructor. He explained everything in great detail. I felt that he cared for us to learn what he was teaching. I learned a lot and feels more confident about this new adventure as I am brand new to real estate investing."

Glen S.
Greenville, GA

"Instructor was great, covering material throughout Boots on the Ground training book. Prior to attending it, was explained that Boots on the Ground event would be putting in offers on houses and following through the process without using realtors, while also using the strategy of ""wholesaling"". Not that the event wasn't informative, however that the event was explained in the right way before attending."

Glen M.
Raleigh, NC

"Wow! So much information. It makes sense now that we have seen it in action. Mary -- Great plan and energetic, simple (not simplistic) content. Love the RULES TO FOLLOW FOR SUCCESS. Jeff is a great presenter."

Gladys H.
Houston, TX

"I have really enjoyed the Boots on the Ground. Now I know the number I want to go after."

Gladys C.
Singapore, Singapore

"Rick was presenting very well, he is the best."

Gitonga K.
Santa Ana, CA

"Great coach!"

Gisela G.
Riverview, FL

"This presentation has helped me become familiar with terminology related to real estate as well as becoming familiar with procedure to succeed. Joe's experiences and examples made the sessions run smother and relatable to our every day life. We enjoyed the sessions tremendously and will gladly recommend it and also do it again."

Gitonga K.
Miami, FL

"It went by very fast and I feel there was much that wasn't covered. Other students from other markets had different areas and questions and info covered. I feel I need to take this again :)"

Girma D.
Charlotte, NC

"This training is extremely helpful to go and take action in real estate. The way the training was delivered was professional. Thank you!"

Girlande S.
Brockton, MA

"Good training. Knowledgeable speaker."

Ginger G.
Sparks, NV

"Great training! I have great expectations. Chris is an exceptional trainer and a very patient man."

Gina W.
Tucson, AZ

"Wow. Greg far exceeded what I expected to get off and running. The information and setting was priceless. The experiences Greg shared in keeping us motivated and giving me what I need to know to start and make things happen. I feel motivated to work my business -- Greg's down home charm appeal allowed an easy ear and fun atmosphere. Thank you!"

Gina N.
Hacienda Heights, CA

"Really appreciate the patience of the speakers, their engagement with us, and the helpful hints and professional tips they gave us."

Gilberto M.
Miami, FL

"Totally enjoyable and lots of helpful, understandable, valuable information!"

Gilberto C.
Chicago, IL

"I believed that the speakers were great because they spoke from experience and knowledge. This made them seem real instead of like a speaker that has never done any investing. Thank you."

Gil M.
Brampton, ON

"Information presented was very helpful, clear and entertaining too."

Gerry R.
Anaheim, CA

"Want to get more info on the response software. Some papers didn't seem to work."

Germaine W.
Baytown, TX

"Adam was the best, he explained in detail to whoever was confused. I have never ask questions in class before, I felt very confident speaking. Love the class."

Gerardo O.
Fontana, CA

"Excellent! Ali is outstanding in his delivery of information in that he puts it in practical, real-world scenarios."

Gerardo L.
Punta Gorda, FL

"It was excellent and I will recommend it to all. Especially if instructed by Joe. Very helpful."

Geraldine B.
Springfield, MA

"Learned a lot. Very excited. It's good to learn from people that are doing the business. I appreciate the support system. I'll need it."

Gerald R.
Bakersfield, CA

"This class is quite good and very informative and it will allow us to attain our goals."

Gerald H.
Tomball, TX

"I had a good time, may god bless you."

George W.
Glade Park, CO

"Knowing this was the training from the beginning instead of a pitch would have been awesome!"

George W.
Selma, IN

"I would have gotten more from the class if I was more competent with technology. Other classmates assisted me and that was of great help."

George S.
Springfield, OH

"This training was very informative. It helped me build confidence in myself."

George R.
Scottsdale, AZ

"This was a fantastic training. Boots on the Ground is essential. I really learned a lot, and could go with much more of this type of training. Material was made unerstandable."

George R.
Santa Clara, CA

"Step by step mentors, strong power team."

George R.
Gainesville, GA

"Excellent visuals that are gone over line by line. Every question was answered to the questioner's satisfaction. The ability to go out with experienced investors and go through the inspection process was invaluable!"

George P.
Scottsdale, AZ

"Adam and Charlie work very well together and present in a very logical way. They are a great team."

George P.
Fort Worth, TX

"Great learning experiences. Pleasantly surprised about the whole experience."

George P.
Orland Park, IL

"Speakers had vast knowledge of business because of experience and needed more days to cover information."

George L.
Orange Park, FL

"Awesome course! Can't wait. Need to get out and do some of the things I learned in class."

George G.
Seguin, TX

"Brandon was very easy in his approach to topics with a logical plan that could be followed and understood. His excitement for us was genuine which made you want to know more. Thank you."

George G.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Overwhelmed -- need one-on-one, could not keep up, not the instructor's fault. I'm just having a hard time processing all the info. Instructors are very knowledgeable."

George F.
San Antonio, TX

"Chris was very professional and easy to understand. I would love to have him as a mentor."

George B.
San Antonio, TX

"The instructors were outstanding. they provided valuable information that will allow me to be successful."

George B.
Temecula, CA

"John was very informative and easy to listen to. My wife and I enjoyed our learning experience."

Geoffrey W.
Burke, VA

"It is a lot of material to absorb in a short period, but I walked away knowing the basics of wholesaling. I thought the trip to Lowe's and visiting homes was very valuable and the short cuts of doing the rehab estimate okay factor/tool. Jeff's knowledge was extremely impressive and helpful when discussing all kinds of questions. This was very different then the three-day workshop and totally different than what I expected."

Gentry O.
West Valley, UT

"To my understanding I thought this class was going to show us how to find and purchase properties under 10k like Doug was showing in the first Seminar. The info taught was valuable as well as the homework to help push us to start making moves towards real estate. I was expecting to learn how to buy HOA homes in distress."

Genny S.
Honolulu, HI

"I was a little disappointed that the workbook was not available on the first day of class."

Genevieve M.
San Francisco, CA

"Excellent, excellent."

Dina T.
Magrath, AB

"The information was overwhelming but well presented. Questions were answered and I felt we learned so much from Gena, she has knowledge and is encouraging and easy to deal with. Thank you."

Dionna J.
Newport News, VA

"Awesome instructor! Very knowledgeable on the subject matter."

Djap M.
Bluppton, SC

"I thought that Joe was professional with his work and at the same time he makes it laid back and fun. Enjoyed the three-day class and would recommend this class to people."

Dolly C.
Castro Valley, CA

"Great class and now we have a game plan."

Dolores G.
Warwick, RI

"Class was wonderful!! Very informative."

Dolores L.
Panama City Beach, FL

"John was very informative. He was friendly and very much personable. I enjoyed his class."

Dolores M.
La Puente, CA

"We were given so much more than the workbook."

Dolores R.
Saint Cloud, FL

"I want to do Boots on the Ground again. I need to see and do things more than once to digest it. I have a sleep problem and it is hard for me to completely concentrate. Joe was great."

Dominic C.
Saint Joseph, MO

"John and Gina were very engaging, professional, courteous and patient. I appreciate the personal experiences and expertise. I found them to be very realistic and grounded with their education and techniques. Thank you for everything!"

Dominick B.
Palm Bay, FL

"Learned a lot. Enjoyed Joe's educational style & sense of humor. Time went by very fast."

Don B.
Media, PA

"Excellent information, but for me the pace was a bit rapid. I am looking forward to execute my plans and perhaps attending another Boots on the Ground."

Don B.
Denver, CO

"Very informative and inspiring."

Don B.
Albuquerque, NM

"Very detailed -- hard to assimilate. I need to review it more."

Don C.
Saratoga, CA

"Adam's presenation was organized, informative and worthwhile. He was very engaging with the class and responded to questions in a professional manner. We learned many new techniques to help us purchase properties. Very experienced yet able to transfer that information in a pleasing and competent manner."

Don C.
Omaha, NE

"I think Jason did a great job. Glad to be a part of the Boots on the Ground training. Looking forward to getting started in this business. Thanks again, Jason."

Don F.
Pleasanton, CA

"Ali not only gave us the tools, he taught us to work the tools until we got it and he kept you involved and excited through his passion for what he believes in and has excersied himself."

Don F.
Zeeland, MI

"Joe was entertaining and very informative. I learned a lot from this Boots on the Ground training."

Don O.
Downers Grove, IL

"Jeff knows what he's talking about and observes time/schedule like a marine sergeant. The course went really 'short and sweet'."

Don S.
Schaumburg, IL

"Excellent property inspection field trip. Discussions on all aspects of wholesaling properties was layed out clearly and was summed up on last day with precise figures to solidify what was learned the prior 2 days."

Don T.
Midlothian, VA

"Overall, the training session was very beneficial. I did feel that the timing to call realtors/investors was very tight and could have been longer, even if it extended the classroom time each day. Also, PDF templates on all critical documents could be housed on portal in the future. Jeff did a great job facilitating the session over 3 days. Thanks!"

Don T.
Charlotte, NC

"Great team, keep up the great work!"

Don W.
Plano, TX

"Greg did an excellent job providing useful information."

Donald A.
Cleveland, GA

"The training gave me more knowledge to be able to talk to people and make deals happen. I now have no doubt that I can be successful in real estate. Learning to do things more efficiently."

Donald B.
Philadelphia, PA

"This class has taken a lot of the mystery out of the real estate business for me."

Donald E.
Gresham, OR

"Would always recommend this training."

Donald G.
Arlington, VA

"This training was very impressive for me. Mr. Chris is very motivated to teaching the class."

Donald M.
Lexington, MA

"Chris is a personable, relatable and affable instructor. He easily breaks down complex issues and makes them easily understandable."

Donald S.
Darien, IL

"Jeff gave a lot of information in these three days, and it is going to take a while to digest it. I'm so pleased that we had these training manuals to help us remember the right information. The #4 rating is really on me, not Jeff! I'm older and a little slower."

Donald W.
Leesburg, FL

"I did not realize Boots on the Ground was geared towards wholesaling. I would have liked to learn more about other types of transactions. The information presented was very good. I did learn valuable information."

Donise S.
Alexandria, VA

"I worried that the content would be over my head, but the instructor/speaker was willing to go at our pace. He was knowledgeable and funny. I'm looking forward to starting this new venture with the teaching I learned in just 3 days."

Donna D.
Woodland, CA

"This class was useful because it enabled me to have a better understanding of wholesaling. I also under better the process for weeding out good real estate investments vs. bad ones."

Donna F.
Taunton, MA

"Attending the Boots on the Ground this weekend has been fulfilling. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to move forward and change my life. Jason and Mike were both personable and informative as well as respectful. Very enjoyable to be around."

Donna L.
Poway, CA

"We appreciate all your bonus information. Your strategies and methods are unique and we learned so much in 3 days. Believe me, our conversations carried late into the evenings. We hope to put everything into practice right away. Thank you for all the entertainment and fun."

Donna M.
Brampton, ON

"Ali was a great trainer. He was very informative and friendly. He explained everything in detail."

Donna M.
Fort Worth, TX

"Thank you for everything you taught me. I greatly appreciate It. i will use everything you taught me. I wish you the best in all your endeavors."

Donna M.
Beaverton, OR

"A lot to learn and I want to use it."

Donna M.
Belton, MO

"I really enjoyed the trainers."

Donna P.
Webb City, MO

"The only problem that I had was that you wanted everyone to hurry up. I am disabled and I was doing the best I could, but you made me feel like that wasn't good enough. Otherwise very informative and helpful. Thanks!"

Donna R.
Orlando, FL

"Joe and Rich were a wealth of knowledge. They made sure that everything was understood before moving on. I left the 3 days very excited and ready to commit full time effort to building my network, knowledge, and deals!"

Donna S.
Irvine, CA

"Extremely informative. Helped enlighten me to be a productive wholesaler/investor partner."

Donna S.
Ponte Vedra, FL


Donna W.
New Orleans, LA

"Greg was extremely transparent and helpful as he shared his firsthand experiences. Excellent presenter. A whole lot of information to digest in 3 days. Looking forward to putting into practice the principles learned."

Donna B.
Ocoee, FL

"Excellent content and Joe is extremely knowledgeable."

Donovan O.
Laveen, AZ

"A real eye opening course. Fun and informative."

Dorayn M.
Thousand Oaks, CA

"Loved it for the resources. Informative, great arena in which to learn, ask questions, make mistakes, and network. I feel supported."

Dorcas F.
Honolulu, HI

"Instructor was very courteous and very patient."

Dores J.
Elk Grove, CA

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and accommodating."

Doria B.
Doral, FL

"Both speakers were very well versed and professional. Made me feel at ease and they gave us alot advice. What I liked best they gave me a lot of confidence by saying not to feel bad if you don't remember everthing."

Dorin P.
Vancouver, WA

"Great Teachers! I learned a lot!"

Doris L.
Omaha, NE

"Very useful. Information comes really fast. Wish I had known it was going to run late and that I had to be late getting to work. Work the night and very little time to do assignments and sleep."

Earl P.
Knoxville, TN

"Did a great awesome job explaining all materials, was not just text book instruction. Can tell he is leading by experience."

Earl M.
Peoria, AZ

"Great course, great speaker, and loved the small group."

Earl H.
Goodyear, AZ

"The class was very informative and I learned a lot. I would only suggest that the workshop be 30 or more minutes longer. Karen was outstanding instructor and super personable, always bubbly and full of energy."

Earl H.
Simpsonville, SC

"Good questions and awesome sessions. Instructors were patient and informative."

E. D.
Coweta, OK

"I thought the facility was nice. Our instructor, Greg, was very personable and candid. I felt like he was trustworthy. He followed the program very well. He taught in regular terms and verbage and I really appreciated that. When I left I felt like I understood more how to do the basic exercises and a little (little) less overwhelmed. Thank you, Greg, for your time and valuable personal stories."

Dyrrick W.
Los Angeles, CA

"Class was awesome!!"

Dylan P.
Bellevue, WA

"Finding cash buyers was a main focus and that should remain the case."

Dylan R.
Wasilla, AK

"Excited and scared to get started but with all that was given to me plus contact information. I am confident to start my/our business right and heading in the right direction. Joe had a lot of golden nuggets that shed new light on things I didn't know!"

Dwight S.
Fishkill, NY

"Jared was a great teacher. He answered every question that I asked and he made sure that I could understand it before he moved in the next topic."

Dwight G.
Loveland, CO

"Excellent information. Good, practical steps -- especially Lowe's trip and property value thoughout."

Dwight F.
Winter Haven, FL

"I missed the first two days due to work but I was able to come on Saturday and acquire a vast amount of information."

Dwayne J.
Springfield, MA

"I was really Impressed by the hands-on assistance. I struggled with the match, but Jared was very helpful. Thank you."

Dwane J.
York, PA

"Very well presented and informative. Also spent time clearing up any confussion for everyone, also did a great job of showing how to get repair cost on rehab."

Dustin S.
Leesburg, VA

"Very informative throughout and very professional. I feel I'm ready to go out and be successful in the field."

Dunieski O.
Miami, FL

"Good lesson! Strong knowledge was transmitted. We learned a lot during this Boots on the Ground. Very benificial and worth the money. Both Greg and Jason rock!"

Duane M.
Canton, GA

"Everything very detailed and east to learn. Was a lot to take in in two days but I'm ready."

Duane F.
Sacramento, CA

"It was way beyond my expectations, it was phenomenal, that is Ali was."

Drusso F.
Mc Farland, CA

"I think we have the potential to make it and be successful."

Drew V.
Newnan, GA

"I think the speaker was very knowledgeable and the info was great but the only thing I would change is have stuff be more hands-on, so we get more experience/offers in."

Drake S.
Wooster, OH

"I'd rate better if I could."

Drake S.
Wooster, OH

"Very informative! it was a pleasure to attend his class and I learned a lot."

Doyel G.
Leesburg, GA

"Tim was very personal and informative. His information really helped me in understanding the process. Thanks."

Dovie C.
Banning, CA

"Very well put together class with hands-on education. Easy to understand once the formula is shown. Will take me an actual deal completed to really understand! Lowe's trip and the property inspections we attended gave insight on "how to" and the steps needed for deciding if property was worth investing in. Very good class, great learning experience!!"

Douglas W.
Willow Springs, MO

"I was excited to learn anything and everything Greg was able to teach. I was even more excited when I left knowing it is extremely easy to make Boots on the Ground work for me."

Douglas F.
Lodi, CA

"Learned a lot and feel more confident."

Douglas D.
Olympia, WA

"Both John and Gena have a lot of experience which they shared without reservation; that was wonderful and very helpful. Gena was extremely savy about how to wholesale deals and shared experiences and taught the class with the enthusiasm of nurturing mother. Very appreciated!"

Douglas C.
Saint Charles, MO

"I thought it was very helpful how Adam explained step-by-step what we need to do to complete the sale."

Douglas C.
Alexandria, VA

"Jason was excellent! I really enjoyed him as an instructor. He is a great teacher and has the perfect demeanor for Boots on the Ground. I learned a lot."

Doug W.
Barrie, ON

"Jared expanded parts of the excercise book when needed and was very helpfull."

Doug S.
Chester, VA

"Class needs to be 4 days with the 4th day (preferably a Friday) as a workshop day where you contact cash buyers, realtors and sellers under the instructor's supervision. The last half of the third day was painful. Too much information in too little time. Very confusing and frustrating. Everything written on the poster pad sheets should have been typed before hand and given as handouts."

Doug S.
Granger, IN

"Very practical and hands-on info which was extremely helpful to a newbie like me. Adam did a wonderful job and made us feel good about our investment. The walk through at Lowe's and the specific properties were really good. Thank you."

Doug R.
Baxley, GA

"Knew his stuff and had answered all questions."

Doug R.
Charlotte, NC

"Ability to estimate and create offers at time of viewing a property, Lowe's trip, inclusion of details and presentation of material very well done!"

Doug M.
McMinnville, OR

"Great class, awesome instructor very good job of covering material. Would atend any class he teaches."

Doug L.
Clarksville, TN

"Aligned all the steps that I was missing."

Doug L.
Scottsdale, AZ

"These 3 days have been very informative and extremely easy to get out and put all the knowledge into action. Excellent trainers!"

Doug G.
Kerrville, TX

"Greg was personable and professional. Awesome teaching and material!"

Doug D.
Prior Lake, MN

"Provided a simplified process. Used local examples provided by us."

Doug C.
Atlanta, GA

"Gena is sooo natural! Most enjoyable."

Doug B.
West Richland, WA

"I liked the ease and flow of the presenter. Paul made sure to include each member of the group. I enjoyed the hands on nature of the course. Paul seems like a good dude."

Dorris L.
Memphis, TN

"Thanks, guys!"

Dorothy W.
Fenton, MO

"Very informative, over and above expectations."

Dorothy R.
Jonesboro, AR

"Needed this information so much and appreciate the instructor's teaching very much."

Dorothy M.
Seattle, WA

"Excited to get started. Two great instructors."

Dorothy M.
Louisa, VA

"Being brand new to real estate investing, this course is valuable. Knowing where to get information and ehat to do with it once you get it can truly make or break a persons success. Joe's positivity is over the top. He pushed common sense approachable to dealing with cash buyers and sellers and real estate agents. Thank you."

Doris S.
Reidsville, NC

"Jason brought the book information to every day terms and gave a lot of information in an uplifting and encouraging way."

Doris N.
Fairfield, PA

"Learned even more from this 2nd Boots on the Ground than the first. Information began to sink in more! John has a very informal, friendly, informative manner & the fact that he is doing what he teaches gives me inspiration and confidence. Would recommend multiple Boots on the Ground training sessions to become more knowledgeable and confident in putting deals together."

Doris N.
Fairfield, PA

"Overwhelming information made manageable in a very professional and inspiring manner. They walk the walk, totally involved and caring about all attendees concerns. Took time for all questions and answered as fully as possible. Left feeling encouraged and knowing I have continued support."

Elba B.
Phoenix, AZ

"Great information and material. Thank you for all the support."

Elaine S.
Kirkland, WA

"Very well instructed. John was especially patient with repeat beginner questions."

Eileen C.
Saratoga, CA

"Very hands-on -- good. Also reinforced many things that I needed to be reminded of."

Eike S.
Venice, FL

"Excellent mix of theoretical and practical education and training. The book really backs up the instructor's presentation. Appreciated the "nugget of experience" the instructors threw in."

Ehud M.
Scottsdale, AZ

"Very informative! I think deal lab should be scheduled closer to Boots on the Ground."

Efrain S.
Miami, FL

"These three days provided very valuable information to better understand how to get through the process of wholesale business. Moreover, the actal real world experience of the speaker was invaluable. Joe was very knowledgeable about local/state trends and what works or does not work. That is of immense value."

Edye G.
Waipahu, HI

"I appreciate their knowledge of material and the way they teach/instruct in such a cordial and professional manner. Thanks, Jared and Zap."

Edward R.
Grand Junction, CO

"I can now see the path I need to take."

Edward R.
Oro Valley, AZ

"Chris was great! Humble, sensitive to class, very helpful! Patient, a success story."

Edward H.
Boise, ID

"I have been doing this for a year and my biggest hurdle is finding suitable properties for flipping. Many offers and low number of acceptable offers. John did really well presenting and I did learn some new tricks to use, but some info was redundant for me."

Edward G.
Lemon Grove, CA

"Info was inspiring and so informative."

Edward D.
Mesilla Park, NM

"This event and the speakers exceeded the previous boots that Charlie presented -- much more user friendly and in a more ordered progression. I feel better about the program. This was presented at the onset as 4-8 hours of work per week and I can see to be effective 30-40 hours per week."

Edward C.
Cincinnati, OH

"Patient and willing to go the extra mile to help you."

Edward B.
Vacaville, CA

"Class was well organized and informative. John was very patient and answered all questions thoroughly. The field trip to homes was very helpful."

Eduardo H.
Chicago, IL

"Thanks for your professionalism, awesome instructor learned a lot over these three days."

Edson D.
Randolph, MA

"Thank you for taking your time with each one of us. Learned a lot, most importantly, I learned what I came here for today on the last day and it honestly left me with no questions but a lot of motivation."

Edrick F.
Winterville, GA

"Greg and Jason was both excellent speakers. Spoke very outstanding. Two very experienced guys."

Edna Z.
Jeffersonville, IN

"Learned so much more than I could ever have imagined."

Edmy S.
Falls Church, VA

"Thank you so much for helping me to become a better agent and for feeding my passion. I am very excited for the future and to become a wholesaler. Maybe this class should empower more than software to find snap flips. The access to cash investors should be easier maybe they should be contacting us or attending this class. Grateful agent."

Edmund M.
Houston, TX

"These trainings were excellent and I learned a great deal."

Editha L.
Orange Park, FL

"First time to attend real estate class and I learned a lot. The course is very informative."

Edith F.
Ventura, CA

"Good class, learned a lot."

Edith D.
Roslyn Heights, NY

"Too much information in such a short time."

Edith B.
Florence, SC

"It was fun!!"

Edgardo A.
Visalia, CA

"This class was a great step in becoming financially independent. I loved the one-on-one attention and the depth of what we were taught. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and the instructors are making that possible through their guidance."

Edgar C.
Savannah, GA

"I enjoyed this workshop, it was great! Very informative and fun. Joe did his job very well. I believe I will succeed!!"

Edgar C.
West Covina, CA

"Fantastic on-the-job workshop. Adam, the trainer was articulate and knowledgable. He really teaches from his long experience in real estate. Very professional and a good sense of humor too. Information and resources he presented were fantastic and helpful."

Edgar A.
Cutler Bay, FL

"Both presenters were very informative and professional. I will definitely recommend this training program to friends and family. I truly learned a lot."

Edette C.
West Jordan, UT

"Jared was great to answer questions. He gave extra information. He connected the dots. Very thorough. Friendly and fun and engaging."

Ed Z.
Eugene, OR

"Attending this course has given me a streamlined approach to investing. Before I felt uncertain of the order of steps I needed to take. At this point I know exactly what I need to do."

Ed W.
Phoenix, AZ

"Please add the page numbers to the slides. Easier to follow."

Ed P.
Chicago, IL

"It was a great learning experience. I still need more but this was very informative."

Ed B.
Bradenton, FL

"As a realtor I felt a lot of the training was for newbies. Please consider a boots 101 for newbies and advanced boots for real estate professionals."

Ed B.
Findlay, OH

"Great way to dot the i's and cross your t's. We feel we can leave here and get to work."

Earl S.
Stockton, CA

"I love this class because of information. I believe I can succeed."

Enrique M.
Sparks, NV

"Thank you, very helpful, clarifies quite a bit."

Enos T.
West Park, FL

"Constantly engaged on the program, no down time. That's good."

Encarnacion S.
Lawrence, NY

"This was a wonderful event. I am so happy I had the opportunity to attend. The connection made with the teachers and classmates was invaluable. I would recommend this event to everyone. I learned so much regarding investing and running numbers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Emmitt D.
Grandview, MO

"The Boots on the Ground is a great program to go to."

Emmanuel H.
Garland, TX

"Thank you for sharing personal insight and telling us about your mistakes!"

Emmanuel E.
Silver Spring, MD

"We were taught step-by-step how to overcome our fears, and shown the advantages of different types of investments."

Emma R.
Kissimmee, Fl

"Workshop was worth the time spent. Learned a lot from it."

Emma G.
Lemon Grove, CA

"I enjoyed attending the training."

Emily M.
Pleasantville, NY

"Fantastic. We are very excited to rip it up out there."

Emily B.
Chattanooga, TN

"Really enjoyed meeting Jeff and Greg."

Emilia H.
Tracy, Ca

"The instructor was extremely knowlegable. I love the fact that he had the patience to answer all questions. Walking throughout the properties was also very valuable."

Brandon B.
Cream Ridge, NJ

"Jeff was very knowledgeable & answered and questions."

Brandon E.

"Would highly recommend. Thanks Chris and Brandon, great training, can't wait to get started."

Brandon J.
Brooklyn Park, MN

"This course was fantastic and Greg took a very genuine interest in each of us and our specific goals!"

Brandon K.
Mesa, AZ

"Speaker was enjoyable and personable. Overall a great experience."

Brandon R.

"Very informative and knowledgeable instructors."

Brandon Y.
Lincoln, CA

"Jared was a great presenter and made the information relatable and easy to understand. Visiting the properties and doing the walkthroughs were also very helpful. Jared also was personable and took the time to make sure we fully understood the information given."

Brandy A.
Huntington Station, NY

"Training was helpful and in depth."

Brayan V.
Sterling, VA

"Jared was really helpful in answering any questions we had. I felt that this training is getting me ready to complete many deals."

Breck B.
Oklahoma City, OK

"I loved the info I received when presented."

Brenda A.
Phoenix, AZ

"Chris and Brandon were great, very professional, but at the same time very personable. Their presentation included many scenarios that derived from personal experience which made it beneficial. I would absolutely recommend others to attend training with them."

Brenda A.
North Prince George, VA

"I recommend this training to anyone that is looking for a serious change in diving into the world of real estate investing. Plan to attend more than once."

Brenda B.
Excelsior, MN

"Helpful to learn more about hard money lending. Very helpful to learn how to estimate repair costs so quickly and which products to purchase for flips (at Lowe's). Very helpful to learn more detail about the wholesaling process."

Brenda C.
Bartlett, IL

"All the presenters were very knowledgeable. It was very helpful to hear from people that are not only trainers but they are doing what they're teaching us. We share the same purpose or goal, we want to make money. I enjoyed listening to Chris. He kept me awake when it was hard to keep my eyes open (work long hours)."

Brenda N.
Fremont, NE

"Adam is very patient and explained questions and answers thoroughly."

Clara E."Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and a dynamic presenter. Boots on the Ground was a great way to learn more about this aspect of wholesaling. The hands on homework and activities enforced the info presented. Thank you, Jeff! :)"CentrevilleVA
Clarence C."Three-day training is not enough. Calculation part should be given out like an example print out so we can learn it or self-teach afterward. But this class is very useful. "La PuenteCA
Clarence H."Chris was incredibly helpful and he gave valuable insight during the duration of training. Very professional. Love it."#N/A#N/A
Clarice Q."Enjoyed the class and was very helpful in understanding this real estate industry. "HagatnaGU
Craig B."Chris was very helpful and answered all my questions very well."FlourtownPA
Craig C."The guys were great! Encouraging, but not pushy! Both very approachable, professional and personable. Jason's cheat sheets that summed up info were fantastic! Venue was easy access and comfortable. "LancasterMA
Craig S."I found the workshop very informative and refreshing. Mr. Murphy made the information clear and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to others."Kansas CityKS
Craig S."I appreciate the information we received from the training. Love the straight talk from Ali."PearlandTX
Craig W."Explained very well to understand and answer questions. Most productive seminar I attended. "InvernessFL
Cristal R."Amazing trainers/event. Ready to get started."DuPontWA
Cristi M."The hands-on training with urgency was super helpful."PhoenixAZ
Cristian M."The training was good. Only thing I would recommend is making visuals easier for visual learners. "Saint CloudFL
Cristina B."Chris is awesome. Jason is awesome. Thank you so much, guys."CummingGA
Cristina F."Jason and Greg were extremely knowledgeable and patient. They answered all of our questions & walked us through the workshop in detail -- providing us the much needed golden nuggets. Thank you, guys."DoralFL
Crystal D."I have a year of experience in investing and have purchased several properties. Therefore much of what we learned, I had experience with. However, after taking this course, I am interested in flipping, wholesaling, etc. Something I had not considered in the past. I really like the software and having the connections to Veil, Tax Sentinel, the Investors Expo, etc. My sister, Rochelle, attended with me and did not have any prior experience and the course was very beneficial to her. "Rio VistaTX
Crystal M."Greg was very professional and courteous on our way and level or learning process. He slowed down and explained everything to us when we had questions. I would 1,000 times attend another workshop ran by him."ColdwaterMS
Crystal O."The class was super informative and really helped to tie everything together with this class and the resources. I can say I feel 100% confident."Rio RanchoNM
Crystal R."I liked the way john ran numbers with the class. It was very informative and helpful."Colorado SpringsCO
Daniel M."Jared did a great job with conveying valuable information. I have been involved with other groups and course seminars. This one so far has been the best. I recommend response/Boots on the Ground to a beginner or someone who has the desire to become an real estate investor."MassapequaNY
Daniel R."I really enjoyed the way the course was structured and taught practical, quick steps to submit offers. I came looking for ways to acquire more properties before the wholesales and the course fulfilled my expectations -- eager to get started and close many deals."PeoriaAZ
Daniel R."They did a really great job!!!"Cherry HillNJ
Daniel S."Ali was very helpful in calming some of my fears to continue going forward."PleasantonTX
Daniel S."Jared was a fantastic instructor he was very knowledgeable and personable. Was very open to questions and answered them with great knowledge. He was also funny, which was nice to have to break the silence that comes with classroom learning. He was excellent on the walk through."WindsorCT
Daniel T."Adam is great. Always asking if we have questions. Very motivational. Would recommend to others."Los AngelesCA
Daniel T."Adam explained each section very clearly. The amount of information was tremendous but so valuable. I think after reviewing all notes again and again, this will become easier each time having the ability to make cash buyers lists, realtor lists, and make offers for actual properties before the class finished is priceless. I'm looking forward to possibilty attending another Boots on the Ground in the future. Great Class."Los AngelesCA
Daniel V."Awesome, ready to flip houses. "AnaholaHI
Daniel W."The information was very precise, easily understood and presented in a professional manner. Zach was very helpful in everything shown."GreenbackTN
Daniela F."BOG event was very beneficial and NOT a wasted three days! Both Tim and Zap were amazing, they both have different ways on handling homes and that to me was very helpful!"Boca RatonFL
Daniele F."This has to be by far one of the most beneficial workshops I have EVER ATTENDED. If Adam is a reflection of the caliber of instructors/mentors within your system, then I am blown away. Not like pie-in-the-sky. I'm saying for the first time in my life I know I will take action to pursue the path of real estate investor and have success I am leaving this workship with a sincere sense of confidence to take genuine steps. Adam instilled a step-by-step formula broken down into bite size pieces. Man, it is bringing tears to my eyes as I write. He is open, honest, informed, flexible in his teaching style and sincerely knows/listens/and answers where you are and he won't stope until he gets you there. My God, what a talent and beautiful character/trait. This is a huge step for me. Not everybody gets that. Adam does. His tools & knowledge know just how to stretch you without stressing you. I am inspired. Most importantly, Adam said, "be honest, be you", that meant a lot to me. Then I didn't have to pretend or fake it. Took away the pressure for me more than I even knew. Somehow that cleared the path to begin with action. Well this is a lot probably saying same thing over and over because I am so grateful. Adam, you make the difference for me. I will be forever touched and on a mission to pass it forward. Thank you, sir."Kansas CityMO
Danielle F."I enjoyed the practical teaching, I.E. going to see houses and running the numbers, The presenters were vert supportive and energetic & gave examples of their experience which I really appricated."ParkerCO
Danielle S."This event has decreased my fear level and made me feel more confident in doing deals in real estate. Great instructor!"MabletonGA
Danli Y."I love the class. I'll support my daughter to success. Also I need Chinese translation :)"FontanaCA
D'ann G."I am thrilled to receive the "hands on" training and the step-by-step process of completing projects. I am more confident!"Stone MountainGA
Dannie J."I enjoyed the class and would recommend others who are interested in making changes in their life for the better. I would love for the class to be a week or at least 3 days."SeattleWA
Danny J."Multiple nuggets of gold!"JoshuaTX
Danny W."Wonderful presentation and very helpful presenters. Detailed, informative, gives us strong directions to help us succeed."Ocean ShoresWA
Daphney W."It was really a wonderful learning experience. Jared presented the material in a way that was easy to understand."Fall RiverMA
Dara W."Gena is a good teacher. Info was good, informational and tons of it. Three days is not long enough to try and absorb that much info. Need more practice on the numbers as far as offers."Horizon CityTX
Darcey D."Great information. Love the personal experience that the shared. Instructor was prompt with time."MaranaAZ
Daria H."Instructors were really helpful and patient and always willing to help us understand the content. Their presentation style was very clear and precise and they knew what they are talking about.
Would definitely recommend them! "
Darla W."I was so thankful that there was no octopus bandit trying to suck more funds out of me. It was super nice just to get trained. I still haven't even told my husband what this training cost us. Also, my son and I both need our own sign-in accounts.We only have one and our computer cannot access the program. Also, I think Boots on the Ground should be a five day class, spending two days working on furthering the setup of our cash buyers. More hands-on help for two more days. Thanks, great Boots on the Ground!"PahoaHI
Darlene H."I really appreciated the way Jeff's presentation was comprehensive and he was patient and made the experience fun. I now feel much more confident that I can do this. Jeff is a keeper!"Sugar HillGA
Darlene J."Great speakers/instructors! Learned so much. Instructors always available and helpful."FairburnGA
Darlene P."Paul was very informative and I would definitely put what he has taught me to work."RahwayNJ
Darlene S."We want more, please. Thank you."TempleTX
Darlito Q."Both speakers are very knowledgeable and can really impart what is needed to make money in real estate."Fort WashingtonMD
Darrell C."This was an excellent class. Learned how to use real estate pro. Will be very useful in future endeavors. The instructor was very down to earth and explained the content on a level to were I understood. If I had questions he took time to make sure everyone understood. Ready and eager to begin. "FlorissantMO
Darrell M."WOW!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity."Mound CityKS
Darren C."This was a huge amount of information that was greatly appreciated."La CenterWA
Darren F."Great class! Very informative and a great introduction in getting into real estate."FairburnGA
Darren T."I feel more confident to do this. I love the weekly agenda as a takeaway to have a clear process to be successful. I can do this. Thank you for the hands on training."League CityTX
Darryl B."This class was amazing! I am looking forward to Utah! "Saint LouisMO
Darryl H."Only here one day, but the information was well presented and in-depth."LithopolisOH
Darryl S."Greg is awesome! Very knowledgeable! Andrea is great and keeps it real!"FlorissantMO
Darvis W."Greg was very informative, knowledgeable, and presented the information in an interesting format. He was very courteous and had the class asking questions and he was giving insight to what we should and can do to reach our goal as investors."MemphisTN
Dave C."Joe is great! Very knowledgeable lots of great advice and own personal tips and pointers."Orchard ParkNY
Dave H."I think having the students get listings from an agent either early or before the 1st day, this will allow a better chance to find listings. Overall the class was very helpful and gave me better understanding of the overall process."LansingMI
Dave M."As with any group learning event, at times, personal questions about past or present situations took time away from the information to be taught."ClaremoreOK
Dave S."Great content. Great examples!"BrigantineNJ
Dave W."Great information and great interaction. Thank you for your help."WindsorCO
Dave W."Joe was able to fill in the cracks of the pages of the text with his extensive personal experience. He was careful to back track, often, when class members didn't get it. Field trips to Lowe's and into 5 houses was eye-opening into the processes and made me realize I can do this!"LynchburgVA
David B."Very informative class. Instructor was most helpful. Class laid good foundation in RE mechanics & functions. Intend to do 2 deals per month."FarmersvilleTX
David B."Ready to run."Panama CityFL
David B."Make sure there's no realtors in class giving their opinions over instructor. "TucsonAZ
David B."When I was sold this event, it was with the promise that proctors/experts would be flying to Philly for 'Boots on the Ground'. The event would be in a classroom setting, we could do deals, and the event would make me comfortable with the vague description given at the first meeting. The overall issue is this: the event has people show up with different exposure to real estate. Some are realtors, some have some knowledge, and some are complete rookies with zero knowledge. I fall there. For folks that are rookies it is my opinion that a 15:1 ratio of student/instructor is counter productive. I would have appreciated more hand holding. It is my suggestion that you break the class up, bring 3-4 instructors, break into more intimate groups."PottstownPA
David B."Great class -- knowledgeable presenter. Could not be more happy!"BufordGA
David C."Anxious to execute the training we received."CowetaOK
David C."Jared was an excellent trainer. "HenricoVA
David C."Adam did a very good job teaching the class and taking the system and breaking it down into steps that can be easy to follow. He also was able to answer all questions which were asked while explaining his answers."JacksonMI
David C."Karen is very spirited and fun-loving which are great character traits for a trainer/instructor. It was a pleasure to be in class with her."MinneapolisMN
David C."Knowledge and assistance and potential source of friends."BethesdaMD
David D."Would be a good idea to setup some deals prior to Boots on the Ground and actually do a live deal together."Fort LauderdaleFL
David D."I really appreciate all Joe did. He is a wonderful instructor. Learned a lot and more confident about all this."GainesvilleFL
David E."Valuable experience."Mount HollyNC
David E."I was scared to paralysis before this class, now I'm ready to go forth with much vigor. Tim answered every question before I had a chance to ask them. He's a 1st class instructor."CarbondaleCO
David F."I have a lot more confidence and tools to move forward."WacoTX
David G."Very poignant speaker, light hearted. Answered all our questions."Port CharlotteFL
David H."Tim was great! Learned so much and very excited to get my first deal done. Tim had a vast knowledge and experience. Three days well spent!"BountifulUT
David H."I thought there would be more training examples. I do like going out to see properties."Saint AugustineFL
David H."Adam was great!! There is always room for improvement. However, I cannot see where this class/instruction would need to improve his method. Or the method of this class."TucsonAZ
David H."I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I am walking away with a new understanding and confidence towards the wholesaling process."FayettevilleNC
David H."This course was incredibly helpful! It was great to have each step and some of the instructors' experience."RockvilleMD
David J."The workshop was very informative and very well worth the time and investment. The interaction in the class was also of great value. I will plan on attending Boots on the Ground again in the near future as a refresher and to gain more clarity after doing my first two - three deals."Oak HarborWA
David J."John did a great job of explaining the details and answered many problematic questions. "CottonwoodAL
David J."Thanks."TualatinOR
David K."Zap made our experience understandable and executable."LaceyWA
David K."The training will be a huge benefit for approaching realtors by phone or in person. The incredible amount of information helped to clarify and solidify questions. I had to begin the process to help me move from a to b to c in closing deals."SacramentoCA
David K."I have been in the banking business for years and this seems to be the best I have encountered, John is at the top of my list on overall purveyor of information."West SacramentoCA
David L."Would like a step-by-step handout and booklet to study from as a guide."HamiltonNJ
David L."Rick was energetic and spoke clear and was very skilled at answering all the questions. He showed he really cared. Best part was looking and going through 4 houses on the market."WasillaAK
David L."The key will be results, not activity. If I apply what was taught and it produces results-- taking this workshop will absolutely be worth it!"LaieHI
David L."Absolutely amazing! Can't wait to absorb all of the information. Keep an eye in these two!"Grand JunctionCO
David M."Well presented - good examples - easy to engage with. "West LinnOR
David M."Awesome REAL experience."RoanokeVA
David M."Very well presented and with a lot of caring for understanding. Also, very encouraging. "Las VegasNV
David M."Great idea to have 2 intructors so that we can get different views on certain subjects."ParkerCO
David M."John did a great job. I thought 3 days would be too long but now I'm thinking 4 days would be better."BrentwoodCA
David P."Very educational. "IndianapolisIN
David P."Need more on contracts -was brief."PanaceaFL
David Q."I appreciate the information and opportunity thank you. "SparksNV
David R."Good."MiddletonMA
David R."Very motivational, excellent as to how we can be successful in this business. Instructors were very knowledgeable."MiddletonMA
David R."I am learning a lot from Boots on the Ground."PhoenixAZ
David R."The information was very good, I needed it. A lot of info, now I just have to do it. "LovelandCO
David R."Thank you very much for all the information and help you provided. I hope to share news of progress as time goes on. "Battle CreekMI
David R."Joe was amazing, very good memory and the trip to Lowe's opened my eyes on where I should spend money on my rehabs. Going to the 3 houses with realtor was awesome."MuskegonMI
David S."Jeff was amazing. He spoke very clearly and did not speak above our heads. When he made a sample offer he was very direct and confident. He made it extremely easy to understand. Very personable. I am not surprised at all that he is extremely successful. Thank you, Jeff."PhoenixAZ
David S."Information was very well presented and explained."De PereWI
David S."Jared captured my attention all 3 days. I'm very appreciative of him for sharing his knowledge. Jared was great."Shelby TownshipMI
David S."I really enjoyed hearing real world experiences."SunnyvaleCA
David S."Greg and Jason were excellent instructors. They brought real world experience and practical knowledge to the class to make it a very relevant experience. They have provided the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in this industry."DiamondMO
David S."Very personable and informative. Enjoyed working with both Rick and Richard and am sure I will be working with them a lot in the future. "wasillaak
David T."Adam was very good. He showed us inside info about things as well as some of his own personal examples as they were comming up. The program is very detailed, but there is just not enough time to really cover "all" the details required. Seems that 3 days is insufficient. But with all of the things taught, I feel I do have a better understand of what's going on with wholesaling concepts."HarrisburgPA
David T."Shah and Adam, both were very good presenters and obviously experienced in real estate. I'm excited to get my investing back on track. The software is a game changer for me."PhoenixAZ
David T."Great class."OmahaNE
David W."Excellent presentation, very relaxed and fun."HomerMI
David W."I love the education!! Glad to learn from Rick & Doug!"DaniaFL
David W."I am very excited to be learning this entire program."DaniaFL
David W."Chris is very personable and knowledgeable. We enjoyed his workshop immensely!"RenoNV
David W."Jared and Jerry took the time to make sure all questions were answered and did not worry about time. They were more concerned with making sure everyone understood the subject matter. At the home depot field trip, Jerry spent a lot of time answering questions. Both Jared and Jerry related real world examples from their work experiences, which made the information real."StanwoodWA
David W."Lots of info. Great start. Gave us solid direction moving forward. "AlamedaCA
David Z."I've been watching this stuff on TV for years. I am so glad I decided to pull the trigger and take the classes. I'm very excited to put these practices and formulas to work and make my goals come true. Ali is a great teacher and he truly wants us to understand and use this knowledge to achieve are goals. Thank you, Ali."San JoseCA
David Z."Joe was excellent, informative, and very enthusiastic.
Rick needs to bring better energy and project his voice more. For the amount of money we paid and for starting a new venture, motivation and enthusiasm are key.
Also, a second presenter should be more familiar with the local market."
Davina P."Adam & Jerry were really helpful. The gave us a lot of useful information and helped us write an offer in class. I enjoyed the hands-on things we did like going out to properties and going to Lowe's. Also, filling out contracts in class. Jerry was very patient and knowledgeable, I would like to do the deal lab and have him as my coach. Thank you to Adam & Jerry.
One complaint - Red Lion. The construction was very noisy and disruptive to the class. We also stayed here and the construction was not very pleasing."
Dawn B."The amount of knowledge, support and guidance from Adam and Paul was invaluable. My partner and I are beyond ecstatic to get going in our investing career. We already made an offer and plan to make a couple more. WOW!"DenverCO
Dawn F."Greg was great."TempeAZ
Dawn R."I really enjoyed the class, however I really thought that this class should be a bit longer by a day or 2 because of the amount of classroom time needed and live training being done. I feel like maybe Jason would not have to talk so fast, people like who are hearing impaired could hear a bit better. With that being said, he was loud enough, just too fast sometimes to keep up and then I would feel like I'm behind in class."AbileneKS
Dawn R."I would have preferred to have a chance to call cash buyers during the class the way the agenda intended. It would have allowed me to be a step further into the process."AlamoGA
Dawn R."Very Knowledgeable and patient."KearnyNJ
Dawn S."It was great being trained by people who actually do this! They are fun, helpful, professional and patient, even when we did not understand. I feel everyone can learn this if they're awake. They made sure you get it. Thank you!"EvergreenCO
Dawn W."Very useful info & some great steps for future resources.
Funny too!!"
Redondo BeachCA
Dawn W."Lots of good info."Saint CloudFL
Day H."Program was presented very professionally and met all of my expectations. The instructor was obviously very experienced and was very professional. Looking forward to applying what I learned out in the market. Will definitely recommend program to colleagues. Thank you, Shah!"San FranciscoCA
Dean D."Practical exercises and demonstrations gave me a definitive path forward to success in the new bussiness."ArlingtonVA
Dean D."Great job, keep it coming."JamaicaNY
Dean R."Perhaps cover what to look for on a property that the buyers inspection could find that takes from your profit while looking at properties on Saturday instead of after in the classroom only. "ChattanoogaTN
Deana M."Jared was very real! Very honest and up front. He was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry; patient with all questions and very helpful."Toms RiverNJ
Deandre L."I really enjoyed myself. I learned about a whole new world of investing I knew nothing about. They helped me understand basic real estate. Boots on the Ground was an overall great experience, along with the 1st seminar. I've soaked up plenty of knowledge and I'm ready to put what I learned into action. Thank you all."FresnoCA
Deanita D."Jeff was extremely knowledgeable. The walkthrough of properties and trip to Lowe's were invaluable. "BowieMD
Deanna M."Jeff was efficient and effective in his presentation of material. I appreciated him being respectful of our time and keeping the focus on best methods for most/quickest success."CantonGA
Deanna W."Information presented too quickly. Other than that, Shah was informative, courteous, sociable, good sense of humor and patient with questions or repetition."GlendaleAZ
De'aree H."Ali is very knowledgeable in what he is teaching. I like how he does not teach out of the book. He gives real life examples of what he has gone through."PortlandOR
Deb D."I came in scared and doubtful. The information presented made everything simple and doable. Just follow the plan. Thank you."Prior LakeMN
Debbie B."It was a great workshop. Jason is a very fine instructor."FremontNE
Debbie C."I loved the small class size. Class was informal and everyone was comfortable speaking in the group by mid 1st day.
Ali made sure we all understood before moving on to the next subject. Ali also helped explain and present by using his experiences. Using humor helped us all relax! I enjoyed the class and the instructor. Can't wait to start moving on my goals. =)"
San RamonCA
Debbie E."Lots of great information. Might be helpful to run numbers on the 1st day. Thanks to Barry for staying extra each day. Tons of information to absorb in three days. An extra day or two for Boots on the Ground would be helpful. From the three-day, thought training would be slightly different. Appreciate both Amber and Barry, their personalities and knowledge. And thanks to Amber for also staying late the last day to share some additional strategies. Overwhelmed with knowledge, but ready for next step."LongmontCO
Debbie F."I would like one more day. Jason is awesome and I love the way he taught. What makes him a great is the little extra stuff he gave and told us more than what the book said. Thanks for a great 3 days."Oak ForestIL
Debbie G."Because I found this training so valuable, I would like more personalized help to get to my goal. "GarlandTX
Debbie G."Got some great ideas and a simple way to calculate. Would like more one-on-one help in the field. "GarlandTX
Debbie G."Adam was very attentive to questions. He really put things in a simple format and was very thorough!! Awesome teacher with great experience."GarlandTX
Debbie G."Exceeded my expectations!!"Palm DesertCA
Debbie H."Very informative. Jeff had great knowledge, experience, and energy throughout. Thanks, Jeff."Salt Lake CityUT
Debbie K."The instructor was awesome!!!! The class is phenominal!! I learned so very much!!!"WashingtonTX
Debbie L."Andrea and Amber were great. I would have liked to have more time to spend with them."BeltonTX
Debbie L."Instructor was incredibly personable and knowledgeable. Provided tips and tricks for flipping and overall quick evaluation of property values. Instructor presented material in an easy to understand manner. Attendees learned a lot watching instructors interact with realtor. I found this course very helpful! Thank you! It was great to get first hand and hands on experience. Gena was phenomenal!!"CARDSTONAB
Debbie P."Weekend was full of info given by 2 guys who were very personable and were always available for questions, they inserted some funny times too. "IndianapolisIN
Debbie R."Good speakers and class content. Enjoyed going over wholesale section (Bird dogging, assignment of contract, back to back) and field trips. Thank you!"Holly HillFL
Debbie S."Great speakers and great materials. Too much info too fast. A little overwhelming. Need to call the help line on Monday.
Info too much now, but I can see how it will be very valuable once I understand this process better."
Debbie S."Charlie was very knowledgeable. He explained questions very well and broke it down to where you could make the knowledge work. The cost for the program was similar to earning a college degree and that takes several years depending on the degree. We were only given the 3 days training which encompasses a shorter version of the Boots on the Ground and need more one-on-one time, a lot of information."Grand JunctionCO
Debbie S."This class was really informative. It was presented in an excellent manner, however I do regret that going into this training because of medical issues with my ability to take proper notes it made and will make it a challenge for me without a partner."BirminghamAL
Debbie S."Greg is VERY good at teaching this and actually gives oh so much more than he had to. He goes over and above, meeting expectations, answers any and all questions and does what he says. He's a real asset to your company. We need more training in between the 1st conference and this one because we had a deal under contract BEFORE we had a cash buyer and had to let it go. So more training is needed there."MontgomeryAL
Debbie S."Met all my expectations and more! Thank you very much for coming to Colorado Springs. Again, thank you."Colorado SpringsCO
Debbie V."This class was full of great, practical tips and advice. It more than fulfilled my expectations. We got hands-on, real practice talking to cash buyers, real-estate agents, visiting a house and estimating its repair budget, then verifying costs at Lowe's, running comps and making offers. Now it all makes sense! My confidence level has increased and my fears have decreased. Thanks!"forest cityNC
Debbie W."Information was amazing! Helped remove my fears of doing this on my own."HoustonTX
Debby L."Excellent information. Jason shared personal experiences."NewportMN
Debi A."Was very pleased with all the information and the speakers that shared their experiences too. I am motivated to be as successful as I possibly can, thanks to you!"SpokaneWA
Debora C."They were both easy going guys and let students ask a lot of questions."MoosicPA
Deborah B."Great weekend, exciting stuff. I went into this just wanting to wholesale. Flipping might be fun too. Thanks, Jason."HoustonTX
Deborah B."Jason was a masterful instructor. He connected with us immediately and was able to work with a very diverse group of adults, helping individually as needed, and encouraging all of us!
The content and hands-on aspect of this workshop was so incredibly valuable! We are anxious to get started--and we are confident that we will succeed!"
Deborah C."It was great, a lot to take in. Thank you!"Wesley ChapelFL
Deborah C."Coming into this with no understanding of the real estate field, these 2 mentors have helped me gain a firmer foothold with understanding what is needed and have given me a solid plan to follow and build upon. My fear of the unknown is still there, but my knowledge & excitement that this is something I can do is growing stronger.
Thank you."
Deborah F."I would love to have Joe and wife Stacy as my mentors. Thanks."
Deborah G."Gave me hope. "Grover BeachCA
Deborah G."Jeff is a dynamic and hilarious presenter. Valuable takeaways: Vistiting properties, running the numbers. Karen is so approachable and knowledgeable, especially with software. More on how to figure rehab. I would like to make Lowe's trip again and go over property estimate cost."DickinsonTX
Deborah H."John is an excellent presenter. He knows the product and is motivating, he's also engaging. But I must mention that I thought the subject would've include negotiation of pre-closures. However, I underestimate that the Deal Desk is a source for additional information."SacramentoCA
Deborah K."Jason took all the extra time we needed to understand each topic.
He went above and beyond what I expected.
He was very patient with everyone. "
Deborah M."Received a lot of excellent information -- enjoyed the field trips. Need to focus on goals, need to review, will probably go to another Boots on the Ground for reinforcement. Hotel was OK -- No microwave.... No food or breakfast -- had to go out if you didn't bring lunch! "CantonMI
Deborah O."I can hardly wait to start making deals with what I've learned in Boots on the Ground."CovinaCA
Deborah S."Tim was an excellent instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer any and all questions. Tim even looked at a few listings I picked out and told me which ones I should try for. He had very good advice and was able to give me advice on how to get around some of my fears. He is a great instructor to work with."CranfordNJ
Deborah T."Joe was very knowledgeable and helpful. Location and hotel was great."Ft PierceFL
Debra C."Great speaker, breaks down subject matter very well. He will answer any question you have simply. Entertaining as well."AtlantaGA
Debra C."This event was priceless. I'm ready to get started."CordovaTN
Debra D."Excellent! The knowledge and tools that are necessary for me to succeed as a wholesaler are unbelievable. And they aren't sending us out alone after the fact. We have access to our Mentors to help us through this process to ensure we've covered all the bases before we even make the first offer."ValdostaGA
Debra F."Tim was so informative and taught the class so we all understood what he was teaching."MontroseCO
Debra J."Should have a mock setting of buying from start to finish -- at least a 1/2 hour with instructor not students.
Don't get me wrong, speaker was excellent. "
Debra J."Great presenter full of energy very engaging: Would love to keep in contact with him but I know I need to stand on my own two feet. A testament to the training program that we have gone through. An asset to the response family."depereWI
Debra M."Chris & John did fantastic. Much information was given and it was fun also. I'm so glad I've joined this company. John & Chris were very helpful in explaining thoroughly any questions we had. Great trainers! Thanks!"TigardOR
Debra N."Thank you for your patience, expertise, & helpful hints. Still feel a bit like I'm drowning but don't have a life vest I know how to use."NorridgeIL
Debra N."Lots & lots of information. Very good information. I will definitely do deals asap."SalemOR
Debra O."Joe was great; very congenial and knowledgeable. Would like to attend another in my local areal."Cape CoralFL
Debra P."Speakers made sure we understood the subject being discussed. Exceeded my expectations of investing."Fort WorthTX
Debra P."Jeff was awesome! Great info -- very helpful. Putting it all together at the end, having daily activities to work on and progress our business is very exciting. Ah-Ha moment: going to Lowe's and realizing a lowe's contractor can do walk through inspections & installs. Thanks so much we are exited to begin our new lives!"ThurmtonMD
Debra P."I really liked the stories and comments for made through his lessons. He is extra fun. I learned a lot. Really liked the entire process."RichmondKS
Debra R."More hands-on training, due to everyone learning different methods at different levels. Some techniques are easier to follow than others. Overall very informative. Shah is a great teacher/instructor enjoyed him. "LakebayWA
Debra S."Greg exceeded my expectations! I was hoping to learn a few things and possibly feel closer to feeling comfortable making transactions. After 3 day with him I am confident that I have acquired enough knowledge to start investing successfully."WoosterOH
Debra S."So helpful, very concerned content was understood. Pleasant, approachable, encouraging."ArvadaCO
Debra S."Very organized."Mount HollyNJ
Debra W."I learned a lot. I feel confident in getting started. "OaklandCA
Decarlo P."The trainers were well versed in real estate. Enjoyed the class."MerrillvilleIN
Dedy K."Chris managed the whole class very well by getting through all the agenda but at the same time paid attention to all the questions of all attendees."San FranciscoCA
Dee S."Joe was very informative, he went above and beyond. Stayed to answer everyone's questions."WebsterFL
Dejan P."I would love to hear what strategies that were presented by Doug."LjutomerSlovenia
Dejan P."It was great."LjutomerSlovenia
Delaney B."Awesome training!!!"SherwoodOR
Delilah A."Both trainers are thorough, knowledgeable, good, if not the best teachers that I ever had in my entire life."Fort WashingtonMD
Delisa J."Thank you for the lessons and the insight into real estate investing. I am excited to get started and feel great knowing I have the Response team to back me up!"BostonMA
Della B."I received mega information which will be very valuable in the process of becoming successful in real estate. Thank you so much for all your help."MuleshoeTX
Delores C."It would be great to be able to do a deal with the group as part of the training."OssiningNY
Demetria C."The guys were great. They answered everyone's questions. They were very knowledgeable. They gave us their personal experiences to helped us understand the information being presented."ZebulonNC
Dena C."Thank you!"Carson CityNV
Dena J."Loved this training. I'm motivated and found this very informative."VabVA
Denease J."Boots on the Ground workshop was practical for both the novice and experienced investor. "MooreOK
Denice E."This training was very interactive and provided information that was just helpful for every day use.
Both gentlemen added humor in their teaching. The Lowe's trip was fun, the actual going to homes with the group took a lot of fear out of the process. The fast paced training is what I needed."
Kansas CityMO
Denice G."After being disappointed in the (lack of) amount of content presented in the first 3 day event, I have been pleasantly surprised with this workshop. I have enjoyed the presentations, the material was interesting, classes went quickly. I feel empowered to be an REI."SurpriseAZ
Denise B."I really enjoyed the instructors. They were very knowledgeable."BristowVA
Denise C."Casey was very informative and very friendly. He has a good voice for speaking. Casey made you feel like you were the same as him, not beneath him. Enjoyed the weekend."FairmountGA
Denise C."Joe was exceptional. High energy & extremely knowledgeable and made it fun."Gulf BreezeFL
Denise F."Craig was patient with all questions asked. He presented the information in a way that was easily understood, now we just do it."Port CharlotteFL
Denise H."The instructor was very informative. He taught the class on a level that everyone in the class could understand. I enjoyed the class."West ChesterPA
Denise H."Tim is an excellent instructor! His teaching style is easy to follow and comprehend. Great story teller that helps anchor in the information. Tim has made a believer out of my husband! Thank you!!!"NorfolkVA
Denise J."Would like more information on funding."San DiegoCA
Denise M."I was expecting the course to come with more than one instructor. It would be nice to also do the cash buyer calling on day 1 or day 2. This is a key piece to building business and closing deals. I am still a little afraid to speak with cash buyers today. Although I am going to push through it."CincinnatiOH
Denise R."Boots on the Ground, WOW! The information all came together and really made me understand and realize what strategy suits me best. Knowing that being a real estate investor is absolutely possible for me. Great opportunity, thanks!"WashingtonDC
Denise R."Chris is a dynamic instructor and I really appreciated his expertise and experience in showing examples and being knowledgeable. Thank you!"TucsonAZ
Denise S."Joe shared a true and valid point, when you start a new job you don't know what you're doing, but after taking the role one day at a time (jumping in), after 6 months you can basically do it with your eyes closed."Sandy SpringsGA
Denise V."Class was very informative. I think Chris did a great job at explaining on how to be a great investor."MargateFL
Dennis A."This is my second Boots on the Ground, this format made me feel more confident with a step-by-step checklist mindset.
Step process training. "
Dennis C."It was a great course. Learned a lot of info about buying and selling real estate."Cape CoralFL
Dennis D."Both Richard and Shah are very courteous and great speakers. Thank you so much for the wonderful/professional workshop."Las VegasNV
Dennis D."Several ah-ha moments. Thank you."GardnervilleNV
Dennis F."Joe is a great guy!"HonoluluHI
Dennis J."Super job presenting lots of info and making it easy to get my head around it. Down to earth and very practical explaining made it seem possible."NORTHGLENNCO
Dennis M."Very informative! Very thorough! I really appreciated the information and will be able to put it to good use."FowlervilleMI
Dennis M."Thank you for all the wisdom and time that Jared gave all of us. We were very blessed."PeoriaAZ
Dennis N."Joe was exceptional, he covered all my questions and was instrumental in my education."MiamiFL
Denny M."Greg did a great job in today's Real Estate Buying and Selling without being a Realtor. Stressed getting out what you put into it."San AntonioTX
Denny R."Joe did a great job of showing us the process. I would come to more events with Joe. I attended a RE workshop in Southbend, IN during this worshop I was misled that the Boots instructor would be bringing potential properties and buyers to the event. I am very upset that this was not the class and feel I was over sold on what to expect."GrangerIN
Denzel M."I liked the ABC concept. The instructor made everything easy to understand."WichitaKS
Deonna S."Details of strategies, on and off market ways to identify properties to purchase in order to wholesale or flip. Knowledge of speakers in expertise of real estate to investing step-by-step in order to find buyers to sell investment properties to."Santa ClaraCA
Derek A."Great experience. I would definitely recommend to others. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with."Elko New MarketMN
Derek D."Overall experience was down only because there wasn't enough time. Class needs to be at least four days. "FresnoCA
Derrick C."Very important information about how to proceed forward."RaleighNC
Derrick H."Mr. Muir was very knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I learned a lot and look forward to the future. "GlendoraCA
Desiree F."I came in with little confidence and unsure if I could be a wholesaler. After the 3 day Boots on Ground training, I'm confident and knowledgeable on how to get the job done. I'm most grateful for the tips, tricks and Lowe's run through."MariettaGA
Desiree F."Boots on the Ground training was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment. Thank you both!"AlpharettaGA
Desiree O."Really enjoyed Joe and his teachings. Definitely will take all he has taught us and definitely put it to work. Also loved his positivity. "WaipahuHI
Dessie G."I have really learned a lot at this Boots on the Ground event. I am a hands-on and that's what this class got. Thanks to Ali."PrairievilleLA
Devin K."Instructor is very hands-on to make sure we understand what to do, how, and when. We are only able to attend two days."ByhaliaMS
Devonne K."Personally, if the numbers and how-to was presented first, I would have felt better about talking to cash buyers. I got the "aha" moment after the numbers were run. Charlie was knowledgeable and fun."CliveIA
Devynne S."I'm highly motivated after all of this! I am confident that I will be able to succeed at investing because of the information delivered during this course."Capitol HeightsMD
Diana B."Nice job, Tim Rios!"Grand JunctionCO
Diana B."I learned a lot going through the properties and in the classroom."UniontownOH
Diana M."The guidance from both speakers will get me on the road to financial freedom quickly."San FranciscoCA
Diana V."This program is awesome! John is absolutely wonderful! Field trip to Lowe's and home inspection visits provided a great hands-on experience. Program software is a valuable resource that will be used to the max!"StocktonCA
Diana V."Boots on the ground seemed to pull together all the training so far. Very useful. I feel more confident. Loved the field trips. Especially going to houses and walking through."RichlandMI
Diane B."Very nice - right amount of information in time frame.
Doing actual home evaluations, number running, Lowe's -- getting our realtors & buyers."
Diane B."I enjoyed seeing and using the information in class put in real time action. I think you can read and watch videos but I learn by doing and that's what is most valuable about Boots on the Ground. Charlie has a great personality and is easy to learn from. Excellent."TrentonMO
Diane B."Trip to home depot could have been done in the classroom in a lot less time and devoted more time to instruction. So much to absorb... glad we can call for help."SedonaAZ
Diane C."The most helpful: Calling the buyers, having an online for the conversation getting over the questions, pricing for rehab."HamptonNH
Diane D."Tim is an amazing instructor! He involves and encourages student involvement and participation. He's very interesting to listen to, and he's extremely knowledgeable! I want him to be my mentor, if possible. "LakevilleMN
Diane E."4 stars!"Sandy SpringsGA
Diane F."A lot to learn. The tour of homes was great."Flora VistaNM
Diane H."I was really looking forward to this experience and the presenters did not disappoint! I found the format for the 3 days to be perfect to avoid burn out. The resource book provided was excellent and easy to follow. Will definitely use as I move forward. I felt empowered when challenged to contact realtor/investor when it worked perfectly! Only drawback was the choice of Lowe's we visited. There were two others closer to where most students lived. I know you can't please everybody, but a closer Lowe's would have pleased most!"Uppr MarlboroMD
Diane L."It helped to learn how to put the numbers together."AndoverMA
Diane M."A lot of info very fast. The instuctors both made handouts on detailed info/notes when I said I can't process & take notes as fast as they talk, I am very grateful!"Grand JunctionCO
Diane P."Loved all the training! learned so much. Jared was totally awesome!! He's worth every penny! I am so glad I invested in myself. Thank you, Response, for the opportunity to improve my life."WaasisNB
Diane R."A lot of information - working - making steps in the process doable."DunmorePA
Diane V."The workbook is very well organized and can be reviewed easily.
This workshop has help me get organized and gave me more confidence in being successful as an investor."
West Palm BeachFL
Diane W."Adam is very welcoming and personable. The information given was presented professionally. Adam went slowly and made sure I got the information before moving on. Great experience."FontanaCA
Dianna B."John was extremely informative, professional and entertaining. The materials that he provided gave me a much better understanding of the product and the possibilities to make great profit. I would enjoy taking another seminar with him as the instuctor."Winter HavenFL
Dianne C."For being in the room for such a long time, the seating is uncomfortable and the coffee was horrible. Too many nonsense questions and comments were stated and it interfered with class time. Overall the class was excellent and the speaker did a great job presenting the information."Panama City BeachFL
Dianne M."Very excited to be able to have Tom as my trainer - it's been quite the experience. I don't believe anyone could have given us more information. He's been the best and is the best trainer. He's truly a wonderful person and trainer. Thank you for giving him to us at this workshop in Manchester."ManchesterNH
Dianne S."Joe and Stacy were AWESOME! So informative with practical, experiential knowledge. Funny and fun. Make learning enjoyable! Helped me to understand better! Very good!!! Loved them both."West BloomfieldMI
Dick B."Great, great info. More info than I thought I would get! Speakers were very personal and helpful! Glad I had the chance of being around these people!"BurlesonTX
Dieter G."Thank you for a great 3-day training session. "Sugar LandTX
Dijonn W."Great instructor, really broke down the whole process."East Palo AltoCA
Dikila J."The email that was sent with the details for the event provided some anxiety because of the materials requirements. Andrea and Amber were great. They were very transparent. They didn't try to sell roses. They were truthful as far as I can tell. Boots on the Ground videos are not in sync with training I think. I was concerned with the 3-day workshop . I felt that portion of the program was misleading about transnational leading."KilleenTX
Dina J."Would have liked more hands-on learning: use of software, become proficient with how to wholesale, more specific use of Lowe's for rehabing. Instructor was very personable and informative. Instructors have to remember we are all coming from different backgrounds and move through use of software slower and not assume we know things. "FresnoCA
Dina J."This program truly provided me with a working knowledge of how to begin. It gave me a flow chart for how to work deals."FresnoCA
Evelyn G."Ali is a beyond amazing instructor. Very personable, attentive to students and questions. Very direct and concrete with information presented to group. His presentation of his own real world information is invaluable. The tasks (homework assignments) are very helpful. I cannot say enough positive things about him. Words cannot convey my appreciation for his help and knowledge."Daly CityCA
Evelyn J."Great instructor, knowledgeable and presents well and is attentive to students. Lots to absorb and need to study and do some more foot work before starting offer process. Lots of computer work involved and would need to dry run some before to prevent feeling conflicted in running info."River ValeNJ
Evelyn O."I personally was unable to digest and understand what was taught. I need more "hand holding," but thankfully my husband understands more as to the procedures and paperwork. The information was clearly presented, but as for me, it was too much with my dislike of calculating numbers. My husband is in charge. Thank you, you do a great job."River ValeNJ
Evelyn W."Great to have live interaction and hands-on activity (walk throughs). Would have liked to split class when in field (because of size and two instructors). Each can cover same material with each group. This would allow for some guidance on how to interpret what we're looking at in real time. Appreciated patience and kindness exhibited given the size and level of boisterousness of the class."New YorkNY
Evelynne S."Loved the extra info that Greg gave us."FrankfortKY
Evette B."He was very professional. Love how he started simple, stayed simple, finished simple. Which means everyday pertained to the next day. It is highly recommended that you attend all 3 days -- do not skip a day. Greg did an amazing job! Love how he explained everything. I would definitely do another class with him."Corpus ChristiTX
Evonne H."This class has already shown me that this method works!"BowieMD
Fabian A."Asset protection should be presented in the 1st day of training."ChicagoIL
Fabian D."Jared was great, I've learned much more and now I'm ready to start investing in Real Estate. He went the extra yard in every item and always made it very interesting to me. Thanks, Jared. "Santa ClaritaCA
Fabian P."Very informative, did not know this was all going to connect but by the third day I was very aware and confident in the training."Fernandina BeachFL
Fabian V."Class was great. I learned a lot."NorwalkCA
Faith D."This training is very helpful, mainly for the hands-on, unlike the other two. I feel confident this is not a scam to take my money but to have the freedom to do what I'd like to in the future. Mike and Jason are the perfect guys for this instruction because of their experience and success. Not to mention, they are good at what they do, and did for us this weekend."East HartfordCT
Faith K."Great presentation!"Walla WallaWA
Fallon M."Best instructors! Took their time to go over things if they were not understood!"NewnanGA
Fanda O."Jared not only has a gift of gold information for our class, but he is patient, and attentive."RidgewoodNJ
Fathia S."Thank you :)"DenverCO
Faustino H."Doing the work was invaluable. I was able to learn by doing and having someone to answer questions was great. I did things because Jeff pushed me beyond my limits. Things I would never have done on my own. "OswegoIL
Fazlul S."Excellent job done by Joe, it has been a fun learning experience. "PlymouthMI
Federico R."I was real inspired."AustinTX
Fegor U."Boots on the ground was amazing. I can't wait to close my first deal."JacksonvilleFL
Felecia W."The presenters were very knowledgeable and answered all questions with real life examples or explained to the fullest level of detail to ensure we all understood. Great guy!!!"HorshamPA
Felicia B."Pretty fast paced, there was a lot of info to retain in a short period of time. Would be awesome to focus MORE on how to obtain cash buyers. Especially for those with no real estate experience at all."SparksNV
Felicia Q."Great event. Lots of info was taught and experienced with hands-on training. Adam is a great energetic person who was very patient. A very good quality to have in this teaching environment. Very knowledgeable too! Thank you for your time, positivity, and energy."TacomaWA
Felix G."Gena did great job!"ThorntonCO
Felix I."Joe was good. I want to see him again in 3 years and let Joe know my progress. He did a great class. He explained everything good. He is funny and practical and very patient. Congrats Joe in your experience! "AnchorageAK
Feng L."This class was very helpful. It showed what I needed to know about starting wholesaling. The walk through was good. The overall session about cost and budgeting was good and informative."StocktonCA
Fernando T."Great training event."SylmarCA
Fezell A."Was able to use the real estate software a lot better. The group worked together as a team and I enjoyed the second Boots on the Ground."PortlandOR
Flora D."Speakers were very knowledgeable. Home inspections were invaluable. Could gain additional information attending a second session."ChicagoIL
Florence W."I only came for part of the 3rd day but Adam seems to be very knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth. Good speaker. "Rancho Santa FeCA
Fran M."Jared was very patient. His information and experience was very valuable. Would love to attend another Boots on the Ground. Especially one in the United States."Saint JohnNB
Frances C."Our instructor brought out everall suggestions in relation to how to do his examples helped me a lot to understand. Since I am a visual learner, his presentation for me was very helpful in making me to understand. Most of all I appreciated his patience with my many questions. He made us very comfortable in what we learned in this class. Adam gets an A+."CharlotteNC
Frances D."Very good, Jared did a very professional job explained very thoroughly every step of the way. "LancasterCA
Frances D."Very informative. Everyone has been so helpful. Gained so much confidence in the company. Prior to the expo I was still a little skeptical. Now fully confident that it's all great. Thank you so much."LancasterCA
Frances P."Greg broke things down into "real life" scenarios. He simplified things to make it doable. I learned more than I thought I would. "EdwardsvilleIL
Frances S."Please come more often so I can build my knowledge and remember more. It's too much info a short period to be able to remember. Thanks."Rio RanchoNM
Frances T."My primary goal was learning when to find the properties in my market area. Still have concerns with this, even today we did not find good ones, this part does concern me greatly."TallahasseeFL
Francesca F."Very good. I'm very grateful to Karen!"ItalyBaselga Di Pine
Francesca R."I am glad to have met Greg because he made me really see how real estate investing works, I feel motivated and confident about starting. "SchertzTX
Francesco G."Workshop was very informative and kept us engaged at all times which made learning easier.
Jeff and Jared are fantastic!"
Francine F."So well worth every penny spent to be a part of this team! Loved that we walked through the houses and the rehab budget. Just awesome!!!"YorkSC
Francis W."The rule of thumb for rehab was help full."PhiladelphiaPA
Francisca F."I enjoyed everything but mostly hands-on trips to Lowe's and switching houses. Learned a lot!! Thank you."HollandMI
Francisco A."Answered all questions, explained very clear through the course, able to go back if we need it, thank you."MesaAZ
Frank C."1. Easy to understand
2. Understand much more in regards to assessment, risk and getting resources.
3. Down to earth
4. Very encouraging and approachable. "
Frank K."Class was exciting but personal guidance and coaching is an important component as well."BramptonON
Frank L."Adam is an awesome teacher!"Spokane ValleyWA
Frank L."Very informative and educational."BrooklynNY
Frank P."What I am most excited about this class is the funding option, which is what was missing on all my other classes. Lots of information that's very interesting. I'm looking forward to putting it into operation."OxnardCA
Fred C."Very helpful!!"WoodbineNJ
Fred F."Ali and Chance were extremely professional, the information they presented was invaluable and if any individual did not understand a point, they made sure we would understand. In addition, both employees have a very good sense of humor."EncinoCA
Fred G."Very informative class with a lot of valuable information. The instructors Richard and Shah are very knowledgeable. The hands-on training and Lowe's field trip cost break down is very important for future property insurance. Thank you for all your help."SalemOR
Fred H."Chris was very professional and knows his business. Training was realistic and informative. I needed Boots on the Ground for motivation. I'm 90% more positive about doing this business and being successful. It provided me the know-how to make contact with investors."StaffordVA
Fred M."Have lunch, we paid enough. Plus save time and/or discount at location of event. Travel is too far, most distance in southern California. Gena is a great speaker."BellCA
Fred R."Our instructors, were great! This system will help me achieve my goals!
Fred S."I would love to have had more time on numbers and transactions.
Excellent presentation."
Fred T."Very helpful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you."ElizabethtownPA
Fredrick W."There were a number of ideas and strategies to digest; but, with curiosity and attention, one is able to capture the larger picture of how an active engagement of the process may yield a profitable beginning as selling engagement with real estate. I have 23 units of property, which I purchased with funds from retirement accounts; now I have an idea and load of processes to proceed with "no money" of my own."ChampaignIL
Freida D."Chris was a great teacher. He was informative, understanding, and patient."CharlotteNC
Frewoini T."Love them both."DowneyCA
Frida M."Great help, very encouraging. Jason is the best!"Battle CreekMI
Fritzlyne N."Show the video along with the instruction as an exit ticket to summarize."BrooklynNY
Furman B."These were excellent. They were specific and to the point. They put it to where the cows could get it."ClintonMD
Gabriel D."Amazing experience. Wealth of information that is going to be valuable information moving forward. Both Instructors emailed information that was super helpful. Answered all questions that were asked and broke everything down simple and understandable. Would recommend to anyone looking to invest in real estate! "DenverCO
Gabriel G."Great! The training is hands-on, just as promised and well distrubuted and thought of - not overwheloming, easy to understand and just around the perfect amount of information needed to succeed on wholesaling."CincinnatiOH
Gabriel O."We need more time to understand all the process of contract and transfer money. It's not really clear. The rest of the examples, experience, and advice are great.
I'd reduce the number of the group to be more personal."
Gabriel P."Excellent training. Making progress on building cash buyers already! Super excited!! "Newport NewsVA
Gabriel P."Everything was great except the hotel was under construction during our class. It was not the best of circumstances."SpringfieldOR
Gaetano N."The presentation and the instructors were fantastic. The examples using reality were very helpful. Great Job!!"Boynton BeachFL
Gail G."Joe's the best, thanks."GaryIN
Gail G."Rick was very detailed and thorough in his training and in explaining the course, verbage, real estate terms & calculation, He was patient and took time to engage the class in dialogue. He stayed on track, managing time and covered all sections where to walking away with a clear understanding of these process. His training has given me faith and courag! This is my first Boots on the Ground workshop, so I do not have anything to base it against, but Rick will be a tough act to follow."MariettaGA
Gail K."Most helpful: Lowe's trip, viewing houses running numbers, types of wholesaling, fix/flip fix/hold. Learning steps in the correct order weekly planning strategies."RoseburgOR
Gail N."We had all of our questions answered expecially about how to get money."PortlandOR
Gail P."Joe has a great way of getting things across to people. I especially loved his analogy of starting a new job, you were nervous but the more you did it and the more you learned, you became less fearful, more confident and better at your job. He gave us confidence and good nuggets to go by to succeed."Port CharlotteFL
Gail S."The trip to Lowe's was great for pricing. Jeff did a good job of explaining how to price rehabs.
The house walk through put most of the pieces together."
Mint HillNC
Gail W."Amber has a great way of teaching, is patient, keeps asking if we have any questions and are keeping up. A unique person and I hope she is the teacher for my next Boots on the Ground. "WichitaKS
Gail W."I loved the fact that John & Karen have actual experience wholesaling houses. They are both exceptional speakers and presenters. Thanks!!!"MansfieldTX
Ganna S."I liked that I've got lots of practiced knowledge that put me on the first step on this work."NC
Garret C."Great program and instructors."LargoFL
Garry S."Running the numbers over was very helpful. Being able to estimate a rehab.
Thank you. your style as a presenter is very succinct, pleasant, and friendly."
Fort LauderdaleFL
Gary A."A lot of great information. Still nervous, but I need to start."FlorissantMO
Gary B."So much info, it was almost overwhelming but will not deter me. John exceeded my expectations greatly. Can't wait until next Boots on the Ground."Deer ParkWA
Gary C."So much to remember."PortlandOR
Gary C."I wish I had done this 30 years ago. It would have prevented so much pain and heart ache. Thank you, Sir."PhoenixAZ
Gary D."Only thing I did not find very useful was the visit to Lowe's as I was already familar with rehabs."Fort LauderdaleFL
Gary E."Joe has a pleasant, yet professional method of teacher with just enough humor to keep you paying attention. Even though there was a lot to cover, he managed to get a high percentage of the material to be understood and absorbed. Thank you, sir. It has been a pleasure."Port Saint JoeFL
Gary I."I wish more time would have been devoted to contracts."JacksonvilleFL
Gary J."The training is excellent. The instructor is very professional and informative. This is the best Training I've ever been to. Jared is the man."FresnoCA
Gary L."Very well presented by speakers. I feel more at ease with getting started. Presented lots of information in an FUN enviroment, did enjoy would like to attend more Bootso on the Ground events. Thank you, Jeff and Adam."FresnoCA
Gary S."Great experience. Amber and Chris were great at explaining the information. This was a well spent three days."AustinTX
Gary W."Adam was both knowledgeable of the company system/informational/tools/procedures. Brought a wealth of personal information insight and advice, fabulous."CiceroIN
Gayla H."Gena was perfect to teach this class. She was down to earth, lighthearted, humorous, and easy to understand. She made it seem like anyone can do this program."MesaAZ
Gayle H."This was great practical information, I liked having the opportunity to use the software a bit & make calls during the class. The instructors were willing to help before class & during the breaks. I found the one-on-one help before class valuable. I liked the 9-4 format so the day is not too long. It gave me time to process information the end if the day."LakewoodCO
Gaylon P."I feel that some of the information was slowed by others students that effected the flow of the class. I do understand how and why, but feel too many target conversations/discussion happened during our SHORT three-day training. "ErieCO
Geary G."The class (every class) was fast but there was plenty of information and I have been told that we have plenty of assistance on the phone and online. I think that has set me up to take advantage of my previous experience. Everybody and every item was excellent. Thanks for all you do. "BlaineWA
Gedaliz M."Plenty of hands-on training, trainers always available for answering questions, patient with great sense of humor. They made the training fun. Road trips gave us real experience in pricing rehab and assessing properties. An awesome experience."East HartfordCT
Gene B."He was a great speaker. Very knowledgeable. Had a great time. "Van BurenAR
Gene H."Very comprehensive and complete overview of the program. John made it easy to follow along, kept the atmosphere light (good humor) and yet stayed on track. Presented a bunch of information in a short amount of time. I appreciated that John presented in a way that included everyone and did not talk over anyone's head, inclusive!!!"TigardOR
Gene M."Honest, forthright instruction. Didn't hold back punches. - Good.
Good experienced trainer!"
Geneva S."I loved it. Greg made it very easy to learn. We are very excited to get our first deal under our belts! Thanks, Greg!"Grand PrairieTX
Guy J."Boots on the Ground has definitely met my expectations. I am more confident than ever to go out there and make some deals."OrlandoFL
Guy J."The course was eye opening for me. I will invite all my friends to attend the training. "OrlandoFL
Guy M."Great speaker! He answered every question without hesitation."SunriseFL
Gwen B."I would recommend an actual deal transaction done by the speakers before the class is done. Perhaps doing a 5 day workshop including training days. This would solidify everything being taught in traing for Boots on the Ground. However, I will view all videos for training. "RiverdaleGA
Gwendolyn C."Too much info in so little time, but everything was great! "HartfordCT
Gwendolyn G."Needed to emphasize that we could have used friends as realtors to show listings when we were trying to show listings. Great course and this is the beginning of a new era in our life. Can't wait to save up for Utah. See you guys on the road."BayportNY
Hana D."It all went too fast for me. If my guest can't help me, I'm not sure I am organized enough to handle this. I don't learn well in groups."Costa MesaCA
Hanna B."Thumbs up!!!! Awesome training and program. It's the real deal. Very informational. "BostonMA
Hari A."Maybe look at homes first, then go to Lowe's and check out a real cost for improvement on said property. We couldn't access the website during the class. ("WasillaAK
Harold G."Excellent instructor."South JordanUT
Harold N."Wish I was smart enough to fully understand the presentation. Greg did a great job! "BixbyOK
Harper E."Very informative, learned more than expected."ArlingtonTX
Harrison B."Was told by a consultant that at the end of 3-day training would do a deal, or left with that impression."BronxNY
Harrison H."Instructor was excellent. Linked his info, open way of thinking."New OrleansLA
Harry N."The class was great. He was so informative. He answered every question I asked and more. He motivated me to succeed. I appreciate everything that he's told me. "LockportIL
Harry S."Jeff's presentation was excellent. He answered all of our questions and took the time to make sure we completely understood the content. He was very thorough!"GainesvilleGA
Hartelaus B."I was feeling very nervous about this investment prior to my Boots on the Ground experience with Ali. But after 3 days with his instruction, knowledge base, and real world expertise-- I feel 100% confident that this can be done. He genuinely cares and knows what he's talking about. We scored with Ali!"WailukuHI
Harvey J."I really enjoyed the class and found the info presented by Joe very valuable. He's a great and detailed instructor!"West Palm BeachFL
Hassan S."Ali made the learning experience fun and most importantly relatable. He had good personal stories to drive points related to real estate. Adam has answered all my questions and was always available, even before class started, to give us individual attention. He taught us how our markets worked so that we can take what we learned in this market to others."BellflowerCA
Hazel B."I am feeling very confident about my coming experience in real estate. This is largely do to the work of Joe. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in real estate."TallahasseeFL
Heathe L."Good information, great instructors. "Highlands RanchCO
Heather B."Chris was great, I really enjoyed the way he taught. He was great at explaining in detail and took time to answer any questions we had. I came away confident that I now know how and what to do to make first deals. He also gave us great advice on goals/schedules to follow to maximize our time and get deals put in daily."AlvaradoTX
Heather B."Great instructors. Informative and patient with questions. Thanks!"AtlantaGA
Heather C."I wish we had more time!"Rancho CordovaCA
Heather H."There is a lot of information to absorb in three days. It would be easier if it was walked through step-by-step (not the fault of Greg -- we had some talkers) from looking at properties to the process of closing. Will need more training for sure to solidify the information. Greg was a very down to earth great teacher."CypressTX
Heather P."Tim and Greg did a wonderful job!!! They called a lot of info down to keys that will help ensure our success, starting where we are. They made it very clear throughout that their primary interest was our success, step-by-step."WindsorCO
Heather R."It was very overwhelming. However, I am excited to get started on this new adventure in my life. Thanks for all the knowledge and support."SebringFL
Heather S."Just wasn't exactly what I had expected it to be. Was informative and fun, but NOT what I was expecting."CliftonCO
Hector E."The instructors did a great job of presenting the material and correlating to real examples. They were open to a variety of questions and took the time to answer thoughtfully and ensured the entire class understood the content."Santa AnaCA
Hector M."Joe and Dawn took time to explain, even at lunch or during breaks. Great ideas, exceeded expectations."KissimmeeFL
Heidi R."Packed with info! I learned about properties and how much to offer."North Miami BeachFL
Heikei K."I am still not very confident, feel like I need more. Totally worried. John was great and inspiring! Just think the material was not enough. I thought we would leave this training with a deal. I also thought there were a lot more funding options. I don't feel this package was marketed. "PuebloCO
Helen B."Zap was an amazing trainer, his style of training was clear, precise and always entertaining. If I could give him more than a 5, I would double that number!"DublinCA
Helen C."Awesome experience. The speakers were very knowledgeable and professional. Loved the 3 days and I felt I learned a lot from them. Super thankful!"Pembroke PinesFL
Helen D."I really appreciate Greg's teaching style! He helped me understand things that were difficult for me to understand in the beginning."Kansas CityKS
Helen D."The training and the instructor were fantastic. We gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in real estate. Only a couple of things we would like to comment: three days was very short for all the information we have received. And more hands on would be great if we could visit more properties. Otherwise it was great. We thoroughly enjoyed it. "SchertzTX
Helen W."Best training I've received yet! Karen was/is interesting, professional and provided great educational knowledge."yigoGU
Henry A."Intimidating at first, but throughout the training I have come to appreciate the value of all of the information mad available. "HephzibahGA
Henry J."Jared was a very knowledgeable. He helped me with a lot of my fears about the process. I liked that he incorporated humor into his teaching which made me more comfortable. I would like to take more classes with Jared."Mount JoyPA
Henry M."Very informative."BardnonFL
Henry T."Very comfortable asking any questions, additional time spent on areas of concern which eased our fears. The instructor stayed longer for questions when needed."PA
Heoung J."Fantastic/it's informative."South BarringtonIL
Herb T."Excellent training material, personal experience, and insights."Woodland ParkCO
Herbert G."Learned a lot of new information not presented in the previous workshop and I feel more prepared to make deals."Boca RatonFL
Herbert M."If you can solve a problem by throwing money at it, it's not a problem. Please explain 25:1 acceptance rate better because we are expecting more "NO's" due to more aggresive offers. "King GeorgeVA
Herbert W."Awesome training
1) Learning a fast way to do ARV.
2) Learning how to do a repair estimate for a home.
3) Very fast ways to find more buyers."
Heritier R."I am really happy that I attended Boots on Ground! Because I really gained a lot, I loved it, I enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to success."San AntonioTX
Herman B."I feel that this was very helpful in getting started. Can't wait to put this to use. Great speakers & lots of valuable info."WoodwayTX
Herman G."Great presenter!"Tega CaySC
Hernan M."Joe and Tim know the market very well and gave me a lot of tips on how to invest in the real estate market."OrlandoFL
Hiram J."At first I was nervous because I didn't have the knowledge, but now with the knowledge I know I have to become like John and Craig, the investors that presented to me. I appreciate the training, see you at the expo."TampaFL
Hitomi S."-Coaches were thorough and very detailed.
-Super happy, positive energy and willingness for all students.
-They went over and over difficult topics that we needed to learn.
-Joe and Craig were great people and we loved and enjoyed the class very much.
-I am originally from Japan and I was worried about speech speed, but coaches weren't speaking fast, so I appreciated that.
Thank you guys!!"
Hoang P."Loved to have additional slides of info. I will repeat the class with my guest in the future. Thank you very much."CentennialCO
Holly B."Very fun & educational. Thank you, Tim."ParachuteCO
Holly O."I really enjoyed our session with Jared - he was patient, honest, organized in his presentation and made it easy to follow and learn. I would recommend it and would attend again. His experience and case examples were valuable to learn from.
Thank you!"
Homero G."Restrooms where limited. It would have been great to have spent more time on contracts and repair estimates."DuluthGA
Howard S."Gena is great! (She gave us her cell and told us to call anytime!) Seriously she controls the room graciously, always allowing questions, whenever, patiently! She adds a bit of humor and stays focused. I am grateful to have had her as our instructor and can't imagine it could be better."ArvadaCO
Howard U."Well worth while, even for an experienced investor."MesaAZ
Howard Y."Jared had a great way of presenting his knowledge and experience in a way that was easy to follow and understand! He was real in helping us prepare for next steps in our success with Response and real estate. "WaipahuHI
Hsiaman C."Trainer was excellent, very knowledgable & efficient!! Awesome!"MarltonNJ
Huey T."I love Ali, I am enjoying his class. He is truly a great instructor."OceansideCA
Hugh H."Lowe's budget walk was great. How to run numbers was extremely helpful!!! How to find buyers/realtors and investors. Great Boots on the Ground training! "The WoodlandsTX
Hugh M."The presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and a very nice and kind person. Please keep him on the job. He is great."Baton RougeLA
Hugh W."Enjoyed the small class."Fall RiverMA
Hugo O."Thank you so much for all you guys teach us, you guys are the best. "West HavenCT
Hugo V."We need more strategies to find good deals. Let's spend more time doing this in class."MiamiFL
Hugo V."The instructor was excellent and provided awesome information to succeed."MiamiFL
Hyacinth S."Joe motivates me to pressure my dream, not to feel, but to go for it. I'm new to this but I know I can make it."SunriseFL
Hyatt W."Goals -- financial stability, longevity."GambrillsMD
Ian S."I enjoyed learning how to estimate repair cost, and pretty much the entire wholesale process. The workshop included steps on how to complete an entire wholesale deal."OrlandoFL
Ida A."Terrific training, facilitator was very informative, thanks. "HarrisburgPA
Idrees M."Great learning method. Loved the fact that there were two teachers available. "OsloNorway
Ignace P."Boots on the Ground is a definite must to attend in order to provide that face value help, at least for me. I love the support from the coaching line, but having the human aspect from Boots on the Ground, Joe Jurek is an excellent instructor and I wish I could have him as a personal mentor though this journey. He is very intelligent, experienced and I really appreciate his patience and assistance."OrlandoFL
Ijeoma C."Had people who were former students share real life experience and methods to help us meet our goals. Showed us step-by-step process in acquiring real estate."Silver SpringMD
Ilda A."I came in clueless, not knowing what to do and how to start. I feel confident now. The instructor was awesome. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made."La Habra HeightsCA
Ileana C."I like his personal experience and advice. I feel like he answered my questions."Costa MesaCA
Ilene P."Even though I was only there the last day, I learned a lot of info."CranfordNJ
Ilkka H."More interested in advanced strategies that Doug spoke about in London. Looking forward to learning those too, soon. "SöderkullaFINLAND
Imani J."This training event was outstanding!! I really enjoyed my time here. I was able to learn a lot of helpful information to help me move to exceeding my goal."AlbanyGA
Indya V."It was so easy to understand and I can't wait to use this knowledge to help shape my future!"WatkinsvilleGA
Inger N."Really good with all the examples and sharing of experience. Would have loved to get more one-on-one training. Will get it in the afternoon with Richard. Could have been longer days."StockholmSweden
Ingmar V."Clear presentation, carry on!"WarmenhuizenNoord Holland
Ingrid G."Speakers were welcoming and responded to questions in a timely manner, learning each topic was much easier and they made it simple!"CordovaTN
Ingrid J."I've been a bit disappointed many times before, so going in I didn't have great expectations- to clarify, with other programs, but I'm leaving today ready to put in my first offer this afternoon, after doing a walk through with the class. I feel my confidence is a lot stronger in every step of the process. Very valuable. Instructor was very detailed which I really appreciated and provided thorough examples that clarified and explained my questions."ArlingtonVA
Ioane S."Chris was great and explained things very well, very helpful. A real teacher."WaialuaHI
Irene H."Adam was extremely helpful and explained every concept in detail. He taught important matters that need to be known for safety and security for all. Legal intents and purpose."OkemosMI
Irene S."Ali was AMAZING! Loved the course. Ali went over everything I needed to know, I would take this course again with Ali. I feel confident I will succeed in this as an investor."KiheiHI
Iris J."Wonderful people and they both made sure we all understood everything."IrvingTX
Iris L."Extra slides in presentation should be accessible online. Presenter (Jared) should be able to email all students through "Boots on the Ground" using student names. "LaurelMD
Irving R."Great experience for me. Learned more than expected. Wish to do boots on the ground in another city."IndianapolisIN
Irving S."Excellent presentors!!!
Did a great job explaining the concepts and breaking things down."
Isaac J."Joe was very informative and was able to answer all questions very well."UplandCA
Isaac P."I am extremely excited to get started. Greg and John did a great job of helping everything sink in. I feel like they gave great advice and have helped bring the materials we have been working on into better focus. I am happy with my investment so far. I hope to use the teachings we have been given and parlay them into great successes. Hopefully one day I will be successful enough that you ask me to teach too."AustinTX
Isaac P."Jared was very thorough in his explanation of the wholesale process and was very helpful with questions along the way."AustinTX
Isabel L."I would like if there was more interactive as a group. 3 days is not enough to consume all the information needed."StaffordVA
Isadora T."Greg was a great presenter. He took his time to answer all questions and make sure we understood his answer."HoustonTX
Israel G."Enjoyed the hands-on training. Jared was easy to understand."San AntonioTX
Ivan G."I was blown AWAY by this class. Adam far exceeded my expectations. He presented the materials in a professional and friendly manner and ALWAYS took time to answer our questions. Thanks so much Adam!!"WilmingtonDE
Ivan L."I found this experience so fullfilling. I learned a lot. I recommend this to anyone. It's a life changer. I would love to come back to boots on the ground just for fun. Amazing energy from the instructors, very open minded. I love it here."Van NuysCA
Ivan S."The value of the course was in going over the steps on how to complete the steps. How to complete wholesale transactions, the field trip was one of the best aspects of the class as we got to actively see a property and have to run the numbers for a wholesale transaction."LawrenceNY
Ivanna T."It was great."New HavenCT
Ivean W."From day one, Karen was engaged with us and really cared if we understand every step from finding a property to making an offer, best trainer I have had in a while."GrangerWA
Ivy P."Zap was excellent in presenting Boots on the Ground. He made it fun and easy to understand. I highly reccomend Zap to any beginning real estate investor."San DiegoCA
Ivy S."The information on techniques were the best, as well as the entire training. "DallasTX
J G."Adam is articulate, knowledgeable, fun and funny The hands on nature was compelling and persuavive and creates a real sense of comfort and confidence. Richard was knowlegeable and empathetic."LakewoodCO
J R."This training was very helpful in driving home the concepts I learned from the basic training!!!"Palm HarborFL
Jack C."Amber and Andrea presented material in a way that was easy to understand. I feel like I'm ready to move forward with this experience to become successful in real estate investing."DenverCO
Jack P."It was an awesome experience. Adam not only knows the material but was knowledgeable of the market area I was interested in. He continually reviewed the prevoius day's work with us. He explained it so we would understand all of the language."Lake ElsinoreCA
Jack P."This event was very informative. I am excited about putting these techniques to use. "Las CrucesNM
Jackie A."I very much enjoyed this 3-day Boots on the Ground course. Tim was super at explaining all the concepts and net steps. He was very interesting and fun. He made things easy to understand and didn't make us feel belittled or "not smart". He answered all questions clearly and was very motivational
Thank you for making me feel that it is possible do this and NOT GIVE UP!! :)"
Jackie B.Lots of info and became clearer after the days went along. Great experience and I'm looking forward to a successful career. Thanks."TampaFL