Cheap Bandit Signs

Cheap Bandit Signs

As you drive around your city, you have probably noticed signs in strategic locations advertising a house for sale, cash for houses or someone looking for an apprentice to make monthly income investing in real estate.

Did you ever imagine that you would be putting out signs to find properties and cash buyers? And not only signs but bandit signs! What is a bandit sign?  Bandit signs are typically used to promote limited time offers to a large group of people.  However, they may get quite costly when you find that you need to replace and buy them repeatedly.

You can order them from various web sites:,, or sometimes you can find them at a home improvement store.  You can even go to the dollar store and pick up white signs, paint them yellow and put them throughout town.

Do you want to pick up signs for free?  Let’s think outside the box for just a moment.  Is it an election year?  Whether it is a midterm election, primary election or a full-blown presidential election, candidates have flooded the city with their election signs.  They create them by the hundreds and put them out by the hundreds. There are signs for candidates ranging from city council to sheriff to mayor or governor or president of the United States.  These signs remind us not only to vote but to vote for a particular person.  After the elections are over, where do these signs end up?  Who goes around and gathers them up?  Wouldn’t it be great to help the candidate’s election committee and pick up these signs? What a Good Samaritan you are.

Simply contact the candidates, both winners and losers, and offer your assistance to pick up their signs.  They will be tremendously grateful for your help and you will have an abundance of signs that are ready to paint over with bright Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X 12 oz. Gloss Sun Yellow General Purpose Spray Paint from your local home improvement store.

Feel free to set out your new and improved yellow bandit signs around the city stating that you “Have a House for Sale,” “Must Sale” or “We Pay Cash for Houses.”