Buyer’s Agent and Listing Agent

When a property owner decides to sell his home and needs help doing so, he will usually hire a listing agent to put list property on the MLS and let the market know it’s for sale. There are certain rules to follow and some legal documents to complete when selling a home; thus, an agent will be of great help. You may know your property’s value, but an agent will know its best market value and make sure you’re not selling it too high or too low. An agent’s list of connections is also one of the best things you can take advantage of. It’s easier to market your home with an agent’s help because he or she will know where to put your ads and who to target. Also, your agent will assist you in properly preparing your home for showings and making a good impression to buyers.

On the other hand, there is the buyer’s agent, or an agent that represents a potential buyer. If buyers want the home-searching to be easier and more convenient for them, they’ll enlist an agent for the job. It’s a great idea to hire an agent because he or she will help you identify the best properties to check out. Your agent will also know which properties will match your preferences and where to find them. Agents are knowledgeable of multiple locations’ economic and geographic status, which matters to most buyers. Also, your agent will help you choose the property that matches your budget, and not only that, he or she will point you to properties that will also satisfy you. Also, home-buying includes legal documents and such, which agents understand. Save yourself from the stress, and let an agent help you with it.

One important fact to keep in mind: a listing agent represents the seller, while a buyer’s agent represents the buyer. Don’t let terminology confuse you.