Boots On The Ground

This course starts with the core basics. We cover how to set up your business, keeping it organized, and how to achieve both your personal and financial goals.

Caitlin M.

“My favorite part of Boots on the Ground was going to the properties and hearing the knowledge and expertise of those around me."

Get Ready For An Action-Packed Event!

  • One of our trainers is going to travel to your area for three days of intense classroom style instruction and in-the-field training.
  • You won’t leave without learning the steps of doing a “no money down deal” from A to Z.
  • Already a real estate investor, your trainer will teach from his/her own experience and in his/her own unique style how to put together real estate deals.
  • You will walk away from the Boots on the Ground training with confidence to achieve your real estate goals.

What our customers are saying about Boots on the Ground Training:

Linda O. (SKVT3)

Toledo, OH


Charles G. (MTL5J)

Holly Springs, NC


Caitlin M. (F9Z6X)

Orlando, FL


Kathy & Michael T. (ML3GJ & 6F3T8)

Pittshburgh, PA


Steve C. (SND8V)

Belleville, MI


Sam C. (74W9H)

Gary, IN


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