Our ambassadors are among our most respected and favorable customers.

DISCLAIMER: MUST READ - The ambassador program is comprised of a group of individuals who are former and/or current response education customers. They are listed here to provide substantiation for representations they may discuss about their educational experience and them completing real estate transactions. They occasionally travel to live events and provide a testimonial about their education experience with Response. At the beginning of their time in front of any customers, they are introduced by the trainer as a former student and that they are compensated for their time and effort to attend the event. They are not coached or instructed on what to say, but asked to convey their experience with Response.

It is prohibited for them to discuss any details about the transactions they complete, the amount of time or effort it took for them to complete any transaction and they are not allowed to share any specific or range of dollar amounts they did or did not make in the transaction.

Further disclosure about these customers is made that they purchased advanced training and their results are not typical and all results for every customer with any or every different deal will vary.

Results rely on individual effort, time, and skill of each customer, as well as market conditions and other factors. Outside of the general details of the deals these clients discuss, we are unable to track exact monetary results.

Instead, we survey for customer satisfaction concerning the value of the education, training, support, and overall satisfaction. Survey respondents typically rate their experience of our products and services over 4.8/5. Survey results are comprised of an average rating across all products and services within a 12-month period. Some case studies may include representations regarding earnings, time, and effort. You should not view the following representations as typical, common, or expected. Do not base a decision to purchase education and training on any Done-a-Deal story or case study.

Below, you'll find a list of a few of our customers who have become Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors attend our real estate preview events and talk about a deal they have completed and answer questions from prospective students. You may remember one being at the first event you attended.

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  • Customer Name: Troy K.
  • Customer ID: B9RVF
  • Location: Richmond, VA

Everything I've learned regarding real estate investing, I've learned from Response. Both my wife and I were in corporate America for a total of 42 years. We figured we needed to do something else. My wife began turning malls into better spaces- then we started flipping houses. It became a full-time job for my wife, then we talked and decided I'd join her as well. In April 2014 we went to the trainings, I was there supporting her- then three months later I left my 22 year gig and began working with my wife flipping homes and eventually multi-unit properties.

  • Customer Name: Raymond P.
  • Customer ID: M9ZVL
  • Location: Farmingdale, NJ

I am a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL. I received my BS and MBA degrees. I have owned and operated my own technology consulting firms R. Francis Associates and The Manta Group, since 1989. I was the winner of the Western Monmouth Circle of Excellence award – Best Small Business in Monmouth County 1999 and recognized with a proclamation from the New Jersey state legislature for this achievement. I served as the president of the Belmar, NJ chamber of commerce and vice president of the Howell, NJ chamber of commerce. I have bought and sold several properties over the years but more as business functions then as investing deals. In 2016 I took my Response training and formed a real estate investing company and have been actively pursuing my goal of being a real estate investor. I have bought and flipped 5 properties so far and look forward to many more. I have been able to get my children involved in this business venture. My daughter has her real estate license and my son is working with me on my flips, learning the various trades.

  • Customer Name: Reen W.
  • Customer ID: Z537F
  • Location: Pawleys Island, SC

I have had a successful career in residential real estate sales (including ownership in 2 companies) of almost 30 years. Background skills includes contract negotiation, prospecting, land development, and new home construction. Now living in Pawleys Island, SC with my wife Linda. Our foal area runs from Maryland to South Carolina. Looking to do land development, fix and flips, and wholesale deals.

  • Customer Name: Becky L.
  • Customer ID: ZLD8N
  • Location: Oro Valley, AZ

I have been a student of Response since February 2016, and I have done multiple deals. We purchased a commercial building without doing our due-dilligence or asking advice of support. Now we're trying to sell it. Going back, I would have contacted support and did more due-diligence and more than likely would not have purchased it. My fears include losing money, mistakes, what my family might say. My why is having financial freedom and having more time.

  • Customer Name: Robert W.
  • Customer ID: W4NP6
  • Location: Flint, MI

Hello, we are Bob and Lydia Whitworth from Flint Michigan. We took the training in 2014, and we now have six rental properties which provide us with a great passive income. We also have one lot of land, and have purchased trust deeds and are currently studying up on tax liens. We enjoy being ambassadors and letting other investors know about our experiences. When he isn’t relaxing, Bob also has a part-time job, and enjoys watching sports. Lydia enjoys reading, taking cruises, and supervising Bob. Current ambassador.

  • Customer Name: Jean M.
  • Customer ID: MJRF4
  • Location: Steilacoom, WA

I grew up in a small town in Washington, and graduated college at the age of 57. I went to a real estate seminar with one of my best friends and decided that it didn't seem like rocket science and thought we could do it. I was looking for some extra funds because my husband's medical needs and he had to quit his job because of it. We started to invest in the Seattle area. The education taught us to sift through the information, communicate with people, and to have a team of trademen, or contractors, who were willing to help us get things done. One of the great things that the Response education provides is the ability to answer our questions. This career changed my life!

  • Customer Name: Kevin T.
  • Customer ID: 859HV
  • Location: Riverside, CA

I worked for a company for 23 years in Southern California. One day, after vacation, we went through a reorganization of the company and I was laid-off. I received a mailer- an invitation to a real estate event at a hotel. I went, signed up for the 3-day workshop, and I was gearing up to go to work. After the workshop, I knew this was what I needed to do. Response has met all the commitments they've made to me and I'm so grateful for that.

  • Customer Name: Mary V.
  • Customer ID: 6SGDP
  • Location: Sheboygan, WI

I joined Response about 3 years ago. I have been a real estate agent for 16 years. However, being an investor is wearing a different hat. I have learned more details about various aspects of investing. Currently I own single-family and duplexes around the U.S. I am currently in the process of purchasing a new construction 40 unit complex in Texas. Response has been my door to the future making my bottom line better than ever. Current ambassador.

  • Customer Name: Thom G.
  • Customer ID: 3KSBW
  • Location: Poway, CA

Thom Gilbert growing up in Santa Cruz, California was a dominant competitive athlete who gained most of his confidence through his physical abilities. On December 24, 2001 at 23 years old he was in a catastrophic snowboarding accident, his L1 vertebrae was pulverized and pushed into his spinal cord leaving him instantly paralyzed from the waist down, a paraplegic. In the hospital he had his L1 vertebrae and rib removed, ground up and placed inside a titanium cage creating a spinal fusion between his T12 and L2 vertebrae. After surgery the Doctor said he would never walk again or be able to have kids and to start adjusting to living life in a wheelchair. Today, Thom can walk with a cane, lives in San Diego California with his wife, Lisa and their two sons, Jackson and Dylan who are 12 and 7 years old. He has defied all odds mentally and physically because he did not listen to someone else’s opinion about himself. What is in our hearts and minds are stronger than anything else that someone can tell us about ourselves. Thom and Lisa are self-employed and started their own real estate investing company TLC Investment Properties Inc. He has handcycled in marathons and triathlons through the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He enjoys coaching his sons’ sport teams and puts family first because he learned that at you lowest point all you have is the people around you and the memories you make with them, all the material stuff does not matter and can be replaced. Through his accident he has learned to stay positive, create his own happiness, focus on being grateful for what you do have, and to bring love into everyday like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Customer Name: Chris C.
  • Customer ID: 4XGJH
  • Location: Norwood Young America, MN

On July 3, 2018 my business partner and I bought a new primary residence for $160,000. We then used the lease with the option to purchase strategy on our previous house for $1600/month. This created a positive cash flow of $750/month because the net cost of our previous house was only $850/month. Not only do we get the amazing level of cash flow, but we may also make a profit of $23,000 if they exercise their option to purchase. Without the training from Response we would have never known about this strategy. Thank you for all the help you have provided us to complete this deal.

Response real estate training
Response real estate training
  • Customer Name: Cheryle D.
  • Customer ID: X6T9V
  • Location: Aurora, CO

My focus as an investor currently is fixing and flipping in Denver Metro area. I spend my time exercising 5 days a week at a gym, reading, entertaining, and spending time with my husband, family and friends. In the spring and summer gardening is my passion. My husband and I love to travel as much as possible and enjoy wine tasting. We also have fun going to the movies.

  • Customer Name: Drew U.
  • Customer ID: 346SV
  • Location: Murrieta, CA

I am a retired Program Manager from Aerospace IT and started investing in 2013 because I wanted to reinvest retirement funds, increase rate of return, have cash flow, time, and financial freedom. When finding great deals I try to investigate all aspects of the property so I can determine repairs, etc. that are needed. Then I construct a bid that is reflective of the repairs and the disposition strategy for that particular property. Technology is a big help when determining the AVM. The tools and processes embedded in the SW are invaluable. Photos and other sources of info are important in constructing the bid.

Response real estate training
Response real estate training
  • Customer Name: Sheldon D.
  • Customer ID: P9Z4K
  • Location: New Market, MD

Taking the training in 2010 and doing their first deal in 2011, Sheldon Davis and his wife are investing in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. When starting out, their greatest fear was in not knowing what they didn’t know. Their goals were to fund their retirement and to travel. They now take their extended family on trips.Taking an education-centric approach to their investing, the couple “burned up the phone lines” to support in their first deals. Their cautious approach to deal selection relied heavily on due diligence, and the numbers had to work or they moved on to another opportunity.Their investing includes retail flips, mortgage notes, tax liens, private lending, and rental properties. Their rental cash flow provides income security to allow other strategies. Knowing that the profit is made on the front-end purchase of a property, their due diligence is extensive, including worst case analysis and planned exit strategies.They have made mistakes, never the same one twice though. Using technology for research in their due diligence process, they can evaluate many deals, compare best and worst case scenarios, and plan exit strategies. All of this preparation leads to profitable results, even when the ideal result doesn’t come to be.

  • Customer Name: Donna V.
  • Customer ID: 5P7VH
  • Location: Madeira Beach, FL

Donna's professional journey includes 25 years in Public Relations and the last 8 years serving clients in both consumer and investment financial services. She has been a real estate investor for the last four years in Florida but calls southern Indiana home where she was raised and still has family and life-long friendships. Donna has held two securities licenses and worked with private wealth clients along with their Advisors at JPMorgan Chase. In addition, she is a published writer both in the business industry sector and travel industry. Donna continues to be passionate in helping others take fear out of retirement, outliving your savings and sharing with those who seek financial peace for their families.

Response real estate training
Response real estate workshops
  • Customer Name: Stephen M.
  • Customer ID: 4VMLZ
  • Location: North Reading, MA

As you can see from the picture I am a musician as is my wife and we had a very busy holiday season in music with 10 performances from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We do a lot of music everything from Classical to Folk music which keeps us very busy around the holidays. As for Real Estate I have been involved in RE for many years and own property in several states. But it wasn’t until I became involved the Response’s Real Estate program that things began to work in our favor and we are on the road to succeeding in RE. In addition to the music keeping us busy during the holidays my wife and I have 7 children and 5 grandchildren who keep us very busy when we are not doing music. Response has been great to work with and we looking forward to a long relationship with them.

  • Customer Name: Zap M.
  • Customer ID: 74WXH
  • Location: San Diego, CA

Zap Martin is a productivity entrepreneur, strategist, musician, curriculum designer and critical thinker. Zap has been active real estate investor since 2010 and is a licensed Realtor in the California. Zap leverages his real estate team and his personal experience as an investor to help buyers and sellers make strategic, researched real estate decisions. Zap believes that every buyer, seller and investor needs a team on their side. Zap also uses proceeds from his business to support missions such as the Just Married Ministry and Miracle 139 special needs ministry. Prior to his business development experience, Zap trained and taught with the California Department of Justice Peace Officer and Standards Bureau (POST) was a law enforcement supervisor and a certified FBI Hostage Negotiator. Zap holds a minor degrees in Music and History, and an undergraduate major degree in Economics: Law & Society, from the University of California, San Diego. His graduate degree is in Business. As a musician, Zap has combined his love for music and charity through his CD "Beloved" - a Children's Lullaby CD that supports children with special needs.

Response real estate workshops
Response real estate training
  • Customer Name: Phyllis G.
  • Customer ID: RJHL5
  • Location: Dayton, OR

My real estate focus is "buy, fix and flip". One of my strengths is project management and I choose to combine that strength with my passion for design in support of building on my retirement income. My husband and I have put our life's work into rehabbing a 1860's farm house and the 5 acres that surround it, it is my/our hobby. Our home is our sanctuary and we love spending time sharing what we have built and enjoying the peace of it all. Family, friends, and the simple joys of life are my primary interests, and I love making something out of nothing (my mother's gift) and of course paying it forward when possible.

  • Customer Name: Juan F.
  • Customer ID: LM5WS
  • Location: Arlington, VA

Before starting in Real Estate in 2018, I have my own investment firm. I like the freedom and been able to spend time with my family and friends. My hobbies are: playing basketball and tennis with my four daughters. My wife Inma is from Madrid, Spain and we lived in North Arlington, Va.

Response real estate workshops
Response real estate training
  • Customer Name: Nathan L.
  • Customer ID: 7Z84T
  • Location: San Antonio, TX

Nate and Cindy currently reside in San Antonio, Texas, due to Nate’s service in the United States Air Force Reserve. In their free time, they enjoy showing their 1992 Chevrolet Corvette at various local car shows, and teaching their daughter to race go-karts. Additionally, they enjoy biking, hiking, camping, and exploring their new home in Texas. While Nate has enjoyed serving his country over the past 23+ years, retirement may not be too far away. Looking beyond military service, Nate and Cindy are currently working to establish other forms of income. This includes stock options trading, and establishing a real estate business completing fix and flips, and purchasing several multi-family rental properties. Current ambassador.


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Attend our introductory workshop events and encourage others to get started.

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What is the compensation?

We pay a daily rate for your time and cover travel expenses. Plus you get to "pay it forward" and inspire others!

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Be on time, be professional, smile and have fun!

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