Amazing Results at the Elite Retreat on July 24, 2019

The attendees scored it a perfect score on “would you recommend the event to others” 100%

And “did the event fulfill my expectations” 100%

Both Perfect!

The “Overall Experience” score totaled to be 4.94/5.

This event was focused on stock and options training.

The team did an amazing job with the clients while in Utah.


Here are just a few of the comments off the survey forms:

“The way the professionals explain everything and that they were always there to help”

“Useful detailed information, great network of extremely useful business companies”

“Great info – Asset Protection training, Tax training was super helpful.  Really enjoyed when the trainers all traded off showing the class how they would each tackle a certain trade. Super helpful to see different styles and approaches”

“Lots of laughing!  I loved the guys competing with each other to find the best trades.”

“The event ended up being more fun than I had anticipated.  I knew I would receive information and education, but it was also fun.”

“Walking away with a game plan and a clear understanding of what my days as a trader would look like on a regular basis.”