Advisory Board

At Response, we believe and treat our customer as our greatest asset. As such, we have a real estate and stock customer advisory board. We work closely with our board members, soliciting their feedback on the market pulse and how we are doing as a company. Many of our advisory board members have successfully completed transactions.
Response real estate workshops

Advisory board attendance criteria

Real Estate

  • Customer for more than three months
  • Attended a live Boots on the Ground
  • Attended a Real Estate Deal Lab


  • Customer for more than three months
  • Attended a live Trade Master Lab
  • Attended an Elite Retreat or Expo

Paul S.

“Walking in here to Response adds a lot of credibility- the place is really, really nice. They keep raising the bar as far as the speakers go.”

Are you interested in:

  • Learning from your peers
  • Sharing your insights
  • Learning new tips and tricks
  • Sharpening your skills
  • Giving back
  • Paying it forward

Then click here to become a member of our Advisory Board.

Vanima L.

“The education at Response is set up in such a way that anyone could build upon- but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”
Response real estate training
Response real estate workshops

Requirements for members

Real Estate

  • 3+ months in the program
  • Live attendance at both:
    • Boots on the Ground
    • Real Estate Deal Lab
  • Active Investor:
    • Working with agents
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Making and submitting offers


  • 3+ months in the program
  • Live attendance at both:
    • TML
    • Elite Retreat
  • Active Investor:
    • Working with agents
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Paper and live trading
  • Customer Name: Martin P.
  • Customer ID: D45LW
  • Location: E Stroudsburg, PA

"I got this deal from a bandit sign- I had no intention on keeping this deal. I had a couple investors come by, and no one liked it. We put some work into it by using private money, wrote up the contract using the coach Response provided, and we flipped it successfully in 17 days for our asking price."

  • Customer Name: Reen W.
  • Customer ID: Z537F
  • Location: Pawleys Island, SC

"I have had a successful career in residential real estate sales (including ownership in 2 companies) of almost 30 years. Background skills includes contract negotiation, prospecting, land development, and new home construction. Now living in Pawleys Island, SC with my wife Linda. Our foal area runs from Maryland to South Carolina. Looking to do land development, fix and flips, and wholesale deals."

  • Customer Name: Doug & Deborah D.
  • Customer ID: GKV8P & SG54X
  • Location: Prior Lake, MN

"We started in the Real Estate business here in MN just one year ago when we came to your seminar. Through the training we received at the Boots on the Ground we were able to purchase one of our investment properties way below the asking price. Now, we have real estate agents working for us to find properties in our price range. Because of the training we received with Response, we are able to quickly move on the right properties."

  • Customer Name: Doug L.
  • Customer ID: JCT3V
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ

"I've been in real estate for 15 years. I have a vacation property in our city and I'm currently looking for additional vacation properties. Financial freedom is why I've invested in real estate. I attended the 3-day workshop, then Boots on the Ground, and applied everything I learned from those classes, and within two days we had two investors. We couldn't thank Response enough."

  • Customer Name: Bopanna B.
  • Customer ID: NW6RP
  • Location: Albuquerque, NM

"I've owned a couple of rental properties, but I never did take the next step of owning and wholesaling, and had never flipped homes before. After the live event, I had a house and contacted several people to try and wholesale and I got several different responses and that was helpful to close the deal. The first purchase was really fast. I found a way to do it- it has been a really positive experience, and has been much better compared to the way I used to invest in real estate."

  • Customer Name: Robb A.
  • Customer ID: R763K
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

"We wanted to maximize our yield and money so we worked with investors and agents who would go to work for us in helping find the best properties that met those requirements. We knew it was best to work smarter not harder to be able to accomplish our goals. The two most recent properties we had the most success with were the properties we were able to flip quickly and with not much rehab expenses, and we were able to do this because of our Response education. Get our there and take that leap of faith."

Current Advisory Board Members
  • = Current Ambassador

Ambassador: Our ambassadors are among our most respected and favorable customers. They have not only completed the curriculum and successfully completed transactions, but they have become representatives of the brand and the education to our prospective students. They participate and volunteer their time at our events to help answer questions and give real life stories of how the education has helped them accomplish their goals.

Terry C.I am new to the Real Estate Investing world. I am looking to build a portfolio that will change not only my family's lives, but also my close friends and other members of my communities lives. Being a Combat Veteran, I have also put a focus on giving back to my fellow combat veterans who might not being doing quite as well as I am. This will include a housing project in the North Florida area where the veteran and or their family can stay while receiving care at one of the VA hospitals in the area. My area of interests are in the more non-traditional areas of real estate investing as well as whole selling deals and acquiring 20+ rentals. From the 3 day event all the way thru the Deal Lab, the instructors and coaches within the RESPONSE Family have given me just the right amount of assistance to not only teach me the Response System, but to also instill a sense of confidence within me that makes me know I can reach my goals.
Harmeet H.I am cash investor, been fortunate enough to learn from Response trainers. I am chef and IT consultant, love DSLR photography and Ariel Photography. Traveling is life. Motivational and inspirational content.

Elizabeth B.Since 2009, Elizabeth has been a contributing member to the field of Neurodiagnostics. With an extensive background in IONM, Elizabeth has held roles as a clinician, IONM educator and coordinator, EEG/IONM/EMU labs manager, board member, and professor. Her work has led to her an executive role where she focuses on operations, team empowerment and client relations. Elizabeth entered Response's Interactive Trader to explore her curiosity for the stock market. She shares her love for trading as an advocate to friends and family where she introduces options as an investment tool and is a currently part of Responses Protege training. Outside of the office, you can find Elizabeth exploring Nashville with her dog and wife, exercising and decorating for all holiday. Having a one-on-one coach while utilizing the Resource line has been invaluable during my time with Response. My trading and confidence escalated after attending the Elite Retreat in Utah where I met trainers as well as other students. Since this Retreat, I keep in touch with fellow students. We chat daily about trades, strategies and goof off every now and again! I am excited to have this skill set as a life long investment strategy for myself and my family and look forward to jumping into live trades prior to the end of the year!
Juan L.Hello, My name is Juan Losada I am 26 years old. I just started to learn about real estate in September and just got back from the diamond tour. currently, I am a full-time student at Florida Gulf Coast University. I have some experience in finance as I used to be a personal banker for Wells Fargo and a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual. I found the advisory line to be extremely helpful! They have provided me with great tips and advice on finding deals, and how to deal with certain scenarios such as joint ventures.
Bonita SpringsFL
Priya A.I am a dentist by profession. I got into the real estate business this past 3 years which started with buying my own home. I also come from a family background of people who believe in and invested heavily in real estate, which in turn took all of my mind blocks away from this form of investment method at an early age. My reason for getting deeper into this area now is to materialize my goal of having my own foster home ranch ranging anywhere from 40 to 1,000 acres with Equine therapy, Aqua therapy and organic forming with home schooling for children with special needs AND in the foster care system. Moving away from a lucrative profession like dentistry to one which is not lucrative has made me appreciate the importance of investment through real estate in order to bring forth the funds required for my project. Thank you. I am hugely impressed with the Response staff and team of educators and mentors! They are immensely knowledgeable, fantastic teachers and are kind human beings first and foremost with a priority to the human being! Obviously the leadership has set this tone of delivering great education with humane-ness for it to be visible at every level of their team. Well done!
Steven C.For the past 7 years (since Nov 2012), my full time work has been in commercial construction project management working for a general contractor throughout Montana. In the spring of 2015, my wife Kristin and I went through the Rich Dad Real Estate Coaching program from Robert Kiyosaki and as a result of that training, we focused on acquiring one rental property a year for our first 5 years in business. In the spring of 2015, my wife Kristin and I went through the Rich Dad Real Estate Coaching program from Robert Kiyosaki and as a result of that training, we focused on acquiring one rental property a year for our first 5 years in business. Now we own 4 rental properties that are producing positive cashflow every month (including an awesome 10-plex)! Despite these early successes, during the summer of 2019 I was feeling stuck because I realized we had mostly been using our personal funds to acquire our rental properties which I knew that wasn't scalable, so I was praying for ways to get to the next level in my life and in our real estate investing business. Thankfully the timing of the training I received from Response coincided perfectly and I have learned practical strategies for generating cash in shorter periods of time to complement the cash flow we have been enjoying from our rental properties. Now that we have two young boys under the age of 3, I really understand the true value of passive income even more! We thank God we have been able to keep my wife home with the boys more, and I am looking forward to what the future holds because of the additional training and support provided by Response! In August of 2019, my prayers were answered & I was introduced to the training provided by Response through a lunch event in my local area, and then it was really the subsequent 3 day intensive workshop provided by Response that caught my attention. I was really impressed with the fact that professional real estate investors who are still in the game were the ones teaching the workshop & subsequent trainings! I learned so much in that brief 3 days that I was confident I was in the right place at the right time; and I am excited to continue to build on the foundation I already have in place! One of the best things I learned from the training with Response was how to earn larger chunks of cash in shorter time frames; which I saw as a way to accelerate our acquisition of rental properties to further increase our cashflow. It would have been great to have attended this training from Response 4 years ago when I first started investing in real estate as I am sure I would have been able to acquire even more properties in that amount of time! I have also really appreciated the personal touch Response provides in all of their training and customer service!

Theresa B.I have been in accounting for over 25 years. I love learning. The education that I have received from response has been fantastic. I have studied and achieved my CPA license and PHR. I also have learned CAD/CAM, programming CNC equipment, and writing computer programs to operate industrial equipment. I am divorced with 2 amazing sons. I enjoy traveling, the outdoors, reading, and quilting. I have enjoyed the educational experience with Response. There are multiple perspectives to trading based on personality. Each presenter provides a different perspective which allows you to find the perspective that best fits your personality. The customer service is outstanding!
Roosevelt R.JOYCE and I got involved in real estate about five months ago. We are interested in providing some type of assistance for the homeless especially veterans, but basically any homeless people in general. We received excellent service from the Advisory line each time we have called, (which have been many). Our inquiries have been answered and many times they have provide additional information to assist us. The Advisory staff is knowledgeable of Response’s systems and go the extra step to make us feel comfortable when we contact them for assistance.
Upper MarlboroMD
Corey F.I am a 21 year Air Force/National Guard veteran, 12 years in the corporate world leaving as a Sales Director, and now a current business owner transforming communities one business at a time. The training and support received has been phenomenal. The expertise and support provided by Response have exceeded previous experience with other programs and have made us feel important and that our success is just as important as theirs.
James M.I have just started in the Real Estate business, and I look forward to the many great opportunities it will provide for me and my family. I currently own 2 successful companies in the medical equipment space, and will use my experiences there to propel my future in real estate. My wife, soon, and I plan to use the real estate business as our escape, and retirement plan. I have learned so more information in a short amount of time, that will actually have a positive impact on my family and future, than I ever imagined. This course has changed the future of my career forever.
Anton F.My wife and I are both retired from the aerospace industry, and will be celebrating our 34th anniversary next year. Our real estate experience has mainly been for our personal home, though we have turned a few into rentals over the years. We've experienced the benefits real estate investing can bring when done right, and the pains when done wrong. We elected to give Response a try as we had not (deliberately) tried flipping houses, and wanted to have a better understanding of how to do things right. It's early in our new adventure, but we plan to bring in several family members to expand the business as we go forward. We have learned much from Response regarding real estate investment that truly we wish we had known 30+ years ago. The Boots on The Ground and Deal Lab classes were the best, and the coaching excellent. It's obvious that the trainers and staff truly care about helping you succeed, and that support is greatly appreciated. One unexpected aspect of the classes has been the focus on asset protection, which will by itself pay for the courses several times over. I've been sufficiently impressed that I also invested in the Stock Options training, and can say that it has been eye opening. It will definitely be a benefit going forward, and help me management my existing investments that much better. Thank you, Response!
Clark M.I'm new to real estate and excited to enjoy the life I've been given. The people in this industry are great and everyone's been positive. It's a big change from playing video games 16 hours a day for the past 8 years. I love how Response & associates think creatively about investing; instead of competitive.MooresvilleNC
Styron P.My name is Styron Powers, on the right is my wife, Jacqui and in the middle our beautiful daughter Amanda. Jacqui and I joined Response because we love learning new competencies and intend to add another cash flow to our income streams. Recently I partnered with Amanda on our first rental property purchase together. The first of many! In the near future, we will teach and enroll Amanda in Response’s Option Trading curriculum, providing her the tools to control her financial journey. For years we worked in the corporate world as engineers, for Fortune 100 companies. We have been blessed to grow our net worth with 401K’s, IRA’s, Equity and Real Estate Investments. My primary lesson learned in the world of investments, invest in yourself and gain the necessary competencies. We invested through Response, just as we did by obtaining college degrees and various professional certifications. We recently completed the Trade Masters Lab and the Elite Retreat. Both opportunities gave us more exposure to competent and successful options traders. And we recently signed up for the Protégée program, where we get even more opportunities to learn and be guided. “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I have called the Traders Help Line numerous times. Every individual is professional, knowledgeable and clearly understands Option Trades. Response training materials are numerous and of high quality as are their instructors. The key ingredient to success, using these great resources and Subject Matter Experts to build your own confidence and competency.PalatineIL
Daniel M.I am a 26 year old geologist living in Calgary Alberta. I enjoy the outdoors, playing sports and spending quality time with my friends and family. The Response training I have received over the past 4 months has been my first introduction to the exciting world of options. I look forward to continuing my learning over years to come! I am extremely pleased with the training I have received through Response. The courses I have taken so far have been extremely valuable and the customer service has also been really good!CalgaryAB
Kerry Z.Response has given me hope and excitement for my future. I was married And was a stay at home Mom of three children for 20 years. I had the strength to leave a marriage after being abused and financially controlled. I then got a job as a Counselor for troubled youth in a group home. This led to 80 hour a week with all awake overnights and I had teens home at the time. I then went to work as a special education teacher. The hours worked yet I had difficulty going to work to make someone else money as I brought home a menial pay. It was not enough to pay the bills. I had two kids that were in college. The financial struggle was real. I had to figure something else out. A dear friend of mine invited me to a response training and I am forever thankful. I am well on my way being successful as a real estate investor thanks to the endless support Response offers. With every new step in the process, the mentor line was always willing to walk me through anything and everything. I am excited about the growth potential and I am so incredibly thankful that I am in control of my future! My own success! Response has given so much knowledge as well as the support when I acted on what I was taught!!! There was more knowledge than I even realized I needed to know!!! Critical knowledge when starting this new journey!!
Legertha E.My interest in Real Estate has always been a goal. I acquired four rental properties in 2008. The knowledge I have received from Response has been very valuable and plan to continue the education thru the Response Corporation. I am originally from a farming community in Moro, Arkansas I have resided in Memphis, Tennessee since 1982 I have one son and a lovely daughter-in-law I enjoy gardening, traveling, meeting people. In the past 6 years, I have become the primary caretaker for my mother, which has lead me to dive deeper into research of Holistic and Organic Health, my number one passion. I started in the insurance industry after seeing the effects of having no life or health care insurance for families and how it affected their savings and legacy.
Licensed Insurance Agent
Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee
Registered Dental Hygienist, BS in DH
Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas
I believe in building trust and long term relationships with each person as I assist with their unique individual needs of Health, Housing and Wealth. I hold myself to the highest level of personal and professional integrity and promise only to recommend products and solutions that are in my client’s best interests. I recently enrolled into the Response Corporation and the educational experience has helped me personally with my own properties. I realize that I must reorganize my personal business with asset protection immediately. Thank you Response for the opportunity.!!!!
Laura W.I actually have no previous real estate experience but am really looking forward to mastering this game. I used to be a professional dancer, turned choreographer, dabbled in holistic health coaching and have 2 certifications as a vegan chef. I am a single mom of 2 teenagers, 3 cats and the sweetest dog in the world! I am excited to meet new people who are on the same path as I am right now. I still have a lot to learn but I have gained a great deal of knowledge from the Response training. I can see that they have this process figured out from all angles, and provide help for you in whichever area you want to pursue.TorranceCA
Peter TMy love for Real Estate started when I was a teen growing up in Jamaica. My father was a Contractor, and I always love to watch my dad building houses around the neighborhood. I am also a Certified America Red Cross Instructor, Diploma in Photography, and Diploma in Culinary Arts. My dream and passion were always to become a Real Estate Investor. I live in Vancouver, WA with my amazing wife, son and Stepchildren. My wife and I share the same vision to become a Real Estate Investor. Presently, I am pursuing my Broker License, and I am very excited to take my career to a higher level. I always love to give back to the community. When the offer arises at the Deal Lab to be apart of the advisory board, I did not hesitate. I knew that’s where I wanted to be. We join the Response July, 20, 2019. We are very happy to be a part of the Inner Circle. Response has been fantastic! The support they gave us, is more than first class. I love the continuous education you get from the Response Training, and the support you get from the support line. Our mentor Kimberly Thurman is superb! her level of knowledge in this business is flawless. My wife and I are very active putting out offers everyday, and we are very confident with the support of our Mentor and Response, we will definetly accomplished our goals.VancouverWA
Qaiser A.I am 39 years professional full of enthusiasm, motivation and full of energy. I am an MBA with vast experience in Retail Forex Business and Pharmaceutical Consultation. Married and blessed with five beautiful kids. I started my own business in 2018 as a Pharmaceutical Business Consultant and did very well. My past professional experience is in top Management. I always wanted to manage my assets by myself so I got an amazing opportunity to join Response and learned that I should have done this long before. By joining Response classes It gave me an opportunity to take full control of my assets and use them in a better way to generate more profit. The learning process was is an amazing experience with the Response tea. It's worth to join Response.BethpageNY
Oksana W.I am a wife, mother, business owner and investor. That last one - definitely thanks to Response :) when I started the program, I knew absolutely nothing about stocks, let alone options. Today, almost a year later, I have successfully been trading options with impressive return results. I manage two personal accounts with an average annualized return of 72.92% (as of Aug 31, 2019). Life changing! Everybody on the response team is extremely helpful and genuinely wants us to succeed in our investments. The level of support is encouraging and motivating. Investing in our financial education has been the best decision we made as a family last year. Thanks Response!LeesburgVA
Jennifer T.I started my real estate business in January 2019 and through the knowledge and support that Response has given me I’ve been able to effectively help people in my area. I have two daughters, my oldest at college I am just at home doing school with me. I consider Response an invaluable keystone in my success thus far. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure to speak with or meet in person as been a true pleasure and have helped me on my course.ChicagolandIL
Jesse C.I have had all my experience with real estate through the Response team. Ive learn amazing information to use on my business and many ways to generate leads and wealth strategies for every aspect of my life. The education from Response is phenomenal. It is alot of information but once the dust settles it all works well and efficient.FresnoCA
Sherry R.I have been involved with Real Estate for 22 years, creating the Real Estate Plus ads for my local newspaper, Visalia Times-Delta. Also investigating for a local Investor, a Preacher and his wife who were stealing through Real Estate actions in business and in their congregation and we put them behind bars where they belong. It taught me valuable lessons in Real Estate. So now I am starting my second journey at 64 and excited to begin. I have been married for 19 years to an amazing man, we are a mixed family, I have 2 daughters, 2 stepsons, 4 granddaughters, and 4 grandsons. I am a Blessed woman indeed. I am an Artist, Writer, Counselor, I love nature, teaching, among other interests and I am Spiritually grounded, (not religious). I have been extremely Blessed to be a part of this company's excellent education process. This company and their people share their professional and personal experiences, teaching you how to succeed to a level you could never do alone. They are honest, loving business men and women that are top of their game willing to share their stories and experience to help you grow and the support is unsurpassed! I know when I first began I was scared and unsure of this journey, but now am excited to begin. They not only give you the edge above the competition with the software and the knowledge they possess, but the entire experience so far has been amazing and excellent to be part of. They have put together a program unsurpassed by anything I've seen. And I researched several other programs. I am so thankful to have the support and knowledge of some of the greatest business minds in the market! I look forward to helping others on this great journey.VisaliaCA
Edward A.My brother and myself started the Response training in May. We both have other jobs and we both have to work extra hard to achieve our goals of personal and financial freedom. We plan to help a lot of people out there trying to find affordable housing. We believe that with the positive training and mentoring we are receiving from Response we can accomplish our goals. At Response, they don't just teach it they live it- real hands on experience and the people are truly grateful for how far they have come as most of them were former students themselves.
Eduardo G.I have tried for several times to invest the stock market but never had the confidence to go deep into this investment strategy. Now with the training I am having with Response and the experience of the trainers I have now all the elements to be successful in this area and I am very confident that I can reach my objective in a very short time. I am married for 19 years and have two daughters. The ELITE RETREAT that I attended recently in Utah was a great experience and full of important techniques and insights to be successful in the stock market. All the trainers were very good and the atmosphere during the training period fantasticDoralFL
Rita J.I was a successful student achieving several degrees. I had a 35+ years career as a practicing graphic designer working for large and small corporations... part of the oriinal team that built back in the 90's for example. Later in my career I gave back by becoming an instruction at the high school and college level showing students how they could have a viable career in the arts. Always working for someone else, helping them build their fortune, left me frustrated. I have dabbled in real estate sales in the past. I have played the stock market with my savings. Getting involved with Response in order to reap the benefits of my efforts seemed logical. I also spend time growing a business educating my community about the benefits of cannabidiol, CBD, after receiving incredible results. I decided to take advantage of both the Real Estate and the Trader programs with Response. I have been interested in the Real Estate market for years maintaining an inactive license... the Real Estate program with Response inspired me to actively participate. I have traded in the stock market for decades... the Trader program is allowing me to take my skills to the next level of market investing. Both programs together make me a stronger investor allowing me to achieve my dreams of financial abundance into my retirement years. I can go at my own pace working from home. I set my financial goals and Response provides me witht the tools and strategies to reach them!West Palm BeachFL
Joseph G.I am currently working for WellMed as a Data Engineer. I am an older gentleman who wants to make my wife smile by being financially independent during our future retirement. I live in San Antonio, Tx where I am blessed to have 2 stepsons with grandchildren. My education is a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and Masters in Business Administration. Every class that I am involved in during the educational agenda with Response is an exciting adventure. Response makes me hungry for more information to give me the tools that will help incorporate additional income from option trading. Response is a business and conducts themselves in that manner. However, the customer relations and presentation of material is done so in a fashion that goes beyond a business and makes the distribution of knowledge in a caring and progressive manner.San AntonioTX
Forrest O.I have been helping my family organize and closely manage our estate since 2017. We were researching and learning as much as possible to strengthen our position but always felt our financial strategy was missing pieces. The knowledge from Response has helped tremendously. We are making educated decisions and getting our investing foundation in place. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Response has simplified and codified financial investing and stock options trading fabulously. After exploring many alternative educational programs, I can confidently say Response is by far above and beyond the pack. Choosing to work with Response is a great investment.DublinOH
Peggy K.I decided to become a real estate investor in Feb 2019. Rather than spending my retirement at home crocheting, I realized it was not to late to have some funds to give back to others who have supported me. This challenging course of action has so far been joyful. All of the education I have received so far has be excellent. Even the Bios of new investors on the wall of the training room have been helpfull. This adventure would not have be possible for me without education and support. Cheers to all the associates who man the call up telephone line.SpokaneWA
Kristen F.Hello! My name is Kristen Falls, and I created my business Gratitude, Invested in order to further my mission of working to bring out the good in the world in any way that I can. My focus currently is predominately the greater Phoenix area in AZ, however I am excited at the opportunity to invest in any geographical area. I joined the investing initiative with RESPONSE in order to increase the impact that I can have through my passion for real estate investing and community development. My chief aim is to have a positive impact on the world in a massively transformative way. Please feel free to reach out if you think there may be opportunity for us to collaborate, I look forward to meeting you! @thekristenfalls RESPONSE has been an incredible blessing, coming to my life at exactly the right time. The education and community is invaluable and I am certain that I will benefit from having the company to partner with throughout my life's vision of investing in our global community. I am excited for the opportunity to reciprocate as well as pay forward all of the greatness that RESPONSE provides.PhoenixAZ
Reina B.My experience with investments prior to attending the Response seminar was limited to stocks and real estate. Although, I became intrigued by options while at business school because a couple of my classmates talked about their trades, I did not have the time nor real understanding to pursue options trading. I’ve had a successful career in Corporate Accounting/Finance, and am currently working in R&D running the program operations for the medical device division of my company and enjoy the diversity of my responsibilities. However, the corporate world is not always stable and I want the same financial freedom that many of the Response students seek. The Response training is excellent and is helping me expand my income generating strategies. I appreciate the step by step approach and the thorough explanations provided by the trainers. Additionally, the helpline support is excellent and I appreciate having an expert to help ensure I’m applying my knowledge appropriately.
Granada HillsCA
Cheryl G.I have been married for 10 years, have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. We love to travel and spend time with family and friends. We are avid Saints fans and take the annual Saints Ahoy charity cruise. We are new to real estate but are excited about the future. Response has given us the tools to set up and build a business that is a reflection of us. The business model allows us to become independent and help others. WIN-WINLaPlaceLA
Donna V.Donna's professional journey includes 25 years in Public Relations and the last 8 years serving clients in both consumer and investment financial services. She has been a real estate investor for the last four years in Florida but calls southern Indiana home where she was raised and still has family and life-long friendships. Donna has held two securities licenses and worked with private wealth clients along with their Advisors at JPMorgan Chase. In addition, she is a published writer both in the business industry sector and travel industry. Donna continues to be passionate in helping others take fear out of retirement, outliving your savings and sharing with those who seek financial peace for their families.
Madeira BeachFL
Troy N.I have worked in technology for more than 25 years and have enjoyed the challenges along the way. I am an avid gardener. I like to sing. (With a name like Nightingale, what would you expect.) I have a large family that I enjoy. But I have been looking for something that I could do outside of the corporate world for sometime now. Especially something that would help me to achieve the financial freedom and independance I want to begin doing some of the mentoring and giving back that I have always wanted to do more of. The response programs, training, and coaching have all helped me to realize this goal. I am now on a path to a brighter future for me and my family. The educational content is top notch. But what really makes so good is the fact that everyone along the way is already walking this talk. Our teachers and trainers and coaches and hotline are all traders. They have already done what we are wanting to do. They are still doing what we hope to do. It is incredibly motivating to be included into a group so full of capable mentors.St. PaulMN
Bruce KMy wife Kara and I have been in the high technology business for most of our careers. We have also purchased and run several small businesses. Since we retired approximately 10 years ago, we have been looking to get involved in some sort of an investment opportunity. We think we have found the perfect opportunity in the stock options arm of Response. My wife and I have been blown away by the quality and effectiveness of both the face-to-face training as well as the webinars and online training.HendersonNV
Janice H.I have been a Registered Nurse for 40+ years working full time taking care of people and their families. I have a beautiful daughter, son-in-law and 2 fantastic grand children. Through Response my eyes have been opened to a more promising future. The weekend trainings have been so inspiring and the Elite Retreat was the most encouraging training yet!! Each one has opened more doors and information to me.. ALL of the trainers and backup team members have been so knowledgeable and supportive. So willing to share their own journeys and discoveries. Options has truly opened my eyes to a MORE PROMISING FUTURE!! My outlook before Response was rather bleek.... having been a nurse for soo many years, watching my nurse family work till they couldn't do it anymore, becoming disabled and/or dying. Then if you retire you suddenly find that" retirement nestegg" you worked and saved for isn't enough to live on. Well Response has opened up a whole new Adventure / undertaking.... I'm so excited at the prospect of making a better future for not only myself... but my family and best friend.......its like the Pot Of Gold at the end of the rainbow.. I haven't been this excited and motivated in years.! I even think I would like to look into the realestate part of Response at some point...but for now I'm going to focus on learning and applying Options.CantonMA
Lois D.I am a retired registered nurse who never had any education or interest in anything financial. I followed the herd in putting money in an IRA and lost significantly when the market took a down turn. I’m taking the path less traveled and educating myself to better my life on a limited income. I cannot say enough positive things about Response. Every instructor has been caring, articulate , and patient with me, (and others in classes). They truly care about you and want you to be successful. I recently met a successful man who told me he traded options. He began telling me all of the same things that I have learned at Response. It was a wonderful reinforcement of the teachings of Response.AuburndaleMA
Joe M.I have been a teacher for 32 years and have be involved with thousands of young adults during my tenure. It is time to hang up my public school teaching shingle and start a new adventure. My career with the Response will not only allow me to enjoy my retirement but also hopefully continue educating others about the opportunities within the program. I think everybody should add more financial security in their lives. Response is not only a team of experienced, financial experts but a network of peers that will share and aide in the opportunities that are a part of the program. I have already made new friends in a short time all across the country and we share our interest both profession and personally. It is a must do program for the person wanting to add more success to their lives!!!DyerIN
Phedre & Anne B.I am an industrial engineer and I have been in the garment manufacturing business for the past 10 years. Real Estate investing has always been an interest of mine but I always thought I needed a boat load of money to start. Response has really opened my eyes in terms of all the different ways I can actually invest right away. My plan is to have a few rental properties while also doing wholesaling full time. My wife Anne and I have 3 kids and we love to travel. I've been a student with Response for 3 months now and I have learned so much, and it's been really exciting. There is still much to learn, but I am comfortable in knowing that the team at response is available to help me every step of the way. Response is not only helping me in Real Estate investing strategies, but more importantly, it's helping me structure my business for success, and providing me with the support along the way with the training material and the support boots line. I am really excited for what's to come and plan on sharing my experience with you guys here!MiramarFL
Sharlene L.I have worked in corporate America for 31 years wearing many different hats along the way in business analysis, applications development, client training, billing/financial analysis and asset recovery services. I work with peers and clients in the US, as well as, Latin America, Canada and Europe. I enjoy the cultural aspect of my job. I knew nothing about trading stock options before being introduced to Response. I look forward to continual growth and successfully putting into practice all the things I am learning so that I can make money no matter what the market is doing. I am single and enjoy the outdoors/nature, helping others/volunteering, sci-fi shows & movies, jazz concerts, gospel choirs and singing. I personally have been impressed with Response's education and service excellence. The live events (Trade Masters Lab, Elite Retreat) were great learning opportunities with exceptional speakers/instructors. Response delivers quality training and support and I absolutely feel their drive and passion for me to be successful in trading.CharlotteNC
Jeff L.With a corporate background in sales and management, I found my true passion years ago with the bond I had with my first boxer, Rocky. I am professional dog trainer and have been operating my business for over 18 years. My wife and I have been looking for an opportunity that we could do together that would provide us more freedom and that is exactly what Response is able to provide to us. I knew right away that Response was the right company for us and I am looking forward to being an advocate in providing feedback, support, and helping others to find the same. I knew right away that Response was the right company to learn with, I have been impressed with their high level of professionalism and ability to take constructive feedback to make improvements where needed. Response makes it easy to learn and keeps the concepts concise making it a simple program for anyone to follow.Port CoquitlamBC
Faye K.I became a Registered Nurse with a baccalaureate degree (BSN) to make a difference and for 37 years I have successfully changed the lives of co-workers, patients and their families for the better. Now it is time to make a difference in another arena. I am married to a man who has for 27 years given me an environment to be my best self and rejoices in my decisions and partnering with Response. Between the two of us we have five children, seven grandchildren, five grand dogs, and two dogs. I love to travel, bicycling, swimming and loving life. I live on 13 acres and enjoy the country charm, peace and quiet. I have worked hard all my life but never knew how to work smart. I have made a good living and lifestyle but as it comes time to retire I do not have the resources to maintain this lifestyle. Response has given me the knowledge and opportunity to work smarter and for this I'm truly grateful. I chose to work with Response as my partner because they have helped me every step of the way. I have received knowledge and direction because of the educational program. I plan to use my work ethic and the support I have received from Response to achieve my personal goals.Oregon CityOR
Viviana G.I am an Investment Banker with more than 12 years of experience in the origination of Capital Markets solutions for large corporates. I have been close to the stock market and derivatives during my MBA from Columbia Business School and my bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Now I am looking to apply my knowledge with the practicality and executability of Response's tools and pivot from advisor to investor. Practical, simple, powerful concepts and a very good tool.CamarilloCA
Jared K.I am 29 years old and have recently started a family. I am feeling the importance of financial security more now than ever, I want to provide everything my family possibly needs and more! As a business owner, I am constantly working to grow the business and ensure it will be around after I decide to retire as well as make enough to save properly for retirement. But I have always known that I need to have my money working for me rather than just sitting in savings. Before I signed up for the program I was always interested in stocks and I have done some investing in the markets. But, to be honest, I never really knew what I was doing, just traded on what people said. Every person I talked to seemed to have a different opinion and contradicting advice, but mainly what I heard most was "options!? that's a great way to lose all your money" After reading many books trying to figure out just what piece of advice was the right one I found that I would have to take it upon myself to learn about stock trading rather than trying to figure out who was right and who wasn't (the hard way). Fortunately, a good friend of mine asked me to join him to a live event with Kevin O'Leary and Jeff Tomasulo. The presentation was great and we both made the choice to further education with Response. At the start, I had no idea it would catapult me in such a strong forward moving direction. But after attending the TML and just recently the Elite Retreat (my favorite part of it all) I have huge confidence through understanding "risk management" and I am truly enjoying trading options. It is actually a lot of fun! The environment for learning was perfect! Each presenter was clear to understand, had a ton of knowledge in the markets and was happy to answer any questions the group had. Each event I attended left me inspired and motivated to learn more and the best part of it all is my new found knowledge has not only given me the confidence to trade options but I am truly enjoying trading options. It's fun! When you understand them it gets better and the more I learn the more confidence I gain. The response online platform has so many educational videos to watch and I plan to watch them all at least twice. I left the Elite Retreat with only one thing I found disappointing...It was over. I would do it all over again just for the experience and to be part of that environment again. Thank you to Response and the entire team that put this together.CalgaryAL
Keion F.I have been a software developer for over 15 years and I have a family of 4. My schedule can be quite busy and hectic at times. I wanted to do something that will allow me to create new income streams for myself and my family. I started working with Response to find a way to leave the 9-5 world behind and build real wealth. I have learned so much from their very knowledgeable and patient Response instructors who were able to greatly simplify the process of trading options. They are very transparent with teaching which strategies are best for different traders. One of the things I enjoy the most is the fact that the instructors do not only teach theory, but they are also traders themselves that can share real-world experiences.OttawaON
Keith M.I've been stock investing for about 3 years. I was fortunate enough to attend a Response seminar in February of 2018. This was when I added options trading to my skill set. The online tools have been invaluable and the application has made it easier to understand the ins and outs of stock & option trading. The ability to easily manipulate the data and trends for stocks has been a great benefit. I find it to be a great tool especially for beginners.JacksonvilleFL
Abram M.I have been married for 2 years and we have 5 children between us. My hobbies/interests include finance, technology, and fitness.CharlotteNC
Jim L.My wife and I are now at 31 years of marriage and we have two beautiful daughters, two awesome son-in-laws and three very inquisitive grandchildren. I’ve been training, teaching and working in Orthopedics for over 24 years most of which was served in the US Air Force. I am a retired military veteran with a deliberate fishing habit and an occasional hunting addiction. I got started with Response in 2016 and the training is by far the very best I believe one can get. I’m very excited to be a part of such a finely tuned educational program.WasillaAK
Sherri M.I have been in the real estate business for 15 years as a real estate broker. I’m very excited about getting into investing. I knowledge I have gained from Response and the connections are invaluable. The information I have learned from Response and the resources will take me far in life.CharlotteNC
Sandra T.My name is Sandra Tatum. I live in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I have bachelor degrees in Business Administration. I have worked for a property, casualty and financial service firm for over 29 years. I started my adventures into real estate as in 2009 buying and holding single-family residences. I only wish I had the Response training then, it could have saved me some headaches and money. In my spare time, I am an avid reader and writer. I enjoy spending time with my family and playing card and board games. In addition, I am very passionate about inspiring others to make positive life changes. I believe paying it forward will allow me to leave this world better than when I arrived in this world! With my, new training from Respond, my investment strategy is beginning with wholesaling, to ultimately buying commercial properties. I started my adventures into real estate as in 2009 buying and holding single-family residences. I only wish I had the Response training then, it could have saved me some headaches and money. Response is in a Class Above the REST! All of my training, from the coaches and mentors, have been positive, and insightful. No matter how many questions you may have there is always some ready and willing to answer your questions and there is no time limit. I FEEL VALUED!Mission HillsCA
Zoran V.Being active realtor for five years I helped/worked with many real estate investors, home sellers and buyers and all that made me think why am I not on that side of transaction as I know that RE investing is something that can help me to have more freedom while I can support the lifestyle I want for my family. So a couple of months ago I decided to become an active real estate investor and that is when I found about Response, someone who can guide me and teach me how to become a successful real estate investor. At this moment I can't be happier and more excited that I have found them and chose them to work with. Being enrolled in different learning and mentorship programs offered by Response as well the support I have been, so far, provided with it opened so many new doors for me that there is no way that this combined with my dedication to success can't make me a very successful RE investor, in less time than expected. If I can do this everyone else can do it!Fort WorthTX
Kay F.I have studied Stocks, Options and Futures in the past, but realized that I didn't really have the full understanding to be successful with investing. I am now enjoying investing with more confidence. I live in Virginia, and I am planning to early retire using my investing knowledge as a second career. With the Response training, I am becoming more comfortable with my knowledge and feel confident that I will be successful. I have found the coaches and trainers truly care to that the students understand and apply the concepts correctly.BristowVA
Bryce M.I first encountered the world of stock trading at the age of 19 while attending my second year of University in British Columbia. As an ambitious millennial I saw stocks as a viable way to fast track my financial goals and avoid trading my time for money in a traditional 9-5 job. I quickly opened an account and began placing trades but to my surprise my account balance barely grew during the next 8 years. I had some great winners and some painful losers but lacked the true knowledge I needed to find consistent results. That's when I attended one of Jeff Tomasulo's live events. I am now 29, have a great job in sales and am getting married in a few months. I have completed the Trade Master Lab and recently returned from the Elite Retreat in Utah. While I haven't yet escaped my 9-5 I can proudly say I have earned enough to pay for our entire wedding from the skills the Response team has taught me. Interactive Traders has given me the knowledge, structure and most importantly the confidence to make reliable money trading options. I have learned more in the past 8 months with Response than in the first 8 years on my own. As I close in on my 30th birthday I feel excited and prepared to pursue my dreams of travel, family and financial freedom as a result of this program.CalgaryAB
Ben C.I am a Florida native, FSU Graduate with a few degrees that led me into Real Estate investment and management. I got my start in real estate investment and management in 2009 with a large holding company in Tallahassee. I have been a Realtor in Tampa Bay since 2012 and I have run a successful wholesale team going on 7 years now. When the market was down, we thrived on opportunities in the REO market and building rental portfolios. As the market has bounced back, I have grown as a traditional Realtor handling around 40 listings and purchases a year. My investment and wholesale business has grown along the way as well. I would say my business is split pretty evenly between the two sides.

It is easy to sell properties here in Tampa Bay because I truly love it here! When I am not working I am playing Volleyball, Golfing, Skydiving, cheering for the Tampa Bay Lightning, or taking time to give back to one of the incredible local charities that make this community so great. I am always happy to share my experience with young investors and Realtors coming into the market.
Tampa BayFL
Harry M.I have been in law enforcement for 25 years. I've got a few more years to go, but I wanted something that could help with retirement and provide a little more for my family in the meantime. I'm married with two beautiful children. I enjoy spending time outdoors or working with my hands building things. I also have a little sports photography business that keeps me busyLoganvilleGA
Lisa & David P.David retired as a SgtMaj from the United States Marine Corps and I worked as a Social Worker for 25yrs and we are advocates for inclusion. We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren and we value spending time with family and friends. We started our Option Trading education and live trading in April of last year and we have gained and lost but blessed to say mostly gained in our trading efforts. When someone told me that you could make money on a stock price going down I thought they were NUTS but I wanted to hear more!! We started learning about Option Trading with Response and we started putting our education to the test and low and behold we made 50% on our first Call Option trade and 98% on our Put Option trade. I have been hooked ever since. You win some you lose some but overall I do not think there is an easier way to make money. Trading does not take much time and you can make money while you sleep, eat and most importantly while your spending time with your family. If I just had one sentence to use about Option Trading, I would use Nike's logo in the middle of my sentence - Get some education and Just Do It, because in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.HendersonNV
Clint C.I am a husband, father of three, business owner, investor, and currently a Service Delivery Manager with G4S Canada. My real estate focus right now is on creating cashflow. We are currently working on setting up rent to own options in my home town. As well we are looking to acquire some multi family properties using little to no money down deals. My interests are sports (hockey, football and Mixed Martial Arts), personal and professional growth, and having adventures with my family. I aspire to be a very successful investor, an educator, a published author, and the best father and husband I can possibly be.ReginaSK
Stephen M.As you can see from the picture I am a musician as is my wife and we had a very busy holiday season in music with 10 performances from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We do a lot of music everything from Classical to Folk music which keeps us very busy around the holidays. As for Real Estate I have been involved in RE for many years and own property in several states. But it wasn’t until I became involved the Response’s Real Estate program that things began to work in our favor and we are on the road to succeeding in RE. In addition to the music keeping us busy during the holidays my wife and I have 7 children and 5 grandchildren who keep us very busy when we are not doing music. Response has been great to work with and we looking forward to a long relationship with them.North ReadingMA
Mike & Deborah M.We are Real Estate Wholesalers, which is what we do in our current business. We are just part time option traders. We love to spend time with our granddaughters Autumn & Gabby, who live just a short distance from our home. Scuba diving is one of our hobbies when we can break away from business. Plan to expand and do more option trading in 2019, God willing. We love to being involved with our Church and always pray that our business will continue to be successful.LakewoodCO
Eva R.I am a wholesale real estate note investor in Texas, just getting started. Hobbies include "grandma time", horses, zoos and watching my husband bowliing. I need to know more about getting third party funding for my deals.GroesbeckTX
Carla B.My name is Carla Bradford. I live in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I have bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Studies and Minors in Economics and Accounting. I worked for the Federal Government for over 31 years prior to beginning my adventure as a real estate investor. In my spare time, I am an avid reader who enjoys sports, cooking, travel, spending time with my fiancee, family and friends and training for my 12th race and 1st half marathon. My investment strategy begins with wholesaling and transitions into rehabbing, fix and flip, and ultimately fix and hold.ElsmereKY
Jerry M.After graduating from Western Michigan University with a BBA in accounting I held various accounting and commercial lending positions and earned my CPA. I also became a Realtor and entreprenuer. I recently started to embark on the real estate investor journey by enrolling in the Response program which I find challenging and rewarding!PortageMI
Rob & Lydia W.Hello, we are Bob and Lydia Whitworth from Flint Michigan. We took the training in 2014, and we now have six rental properties which provide us with a great passive income. We also have one lot of land, and have purchased trust deeds and are currently studying up on tax liens. We enjoy being ambassadors and letting other investors know about our experiences. When he isn’t relaxing, Bob also has a part-time job, and enjoys watching sports. Lydia enjoys reading, taking cruises, and supervising Bob. Current ambassador.FlintMI
Mary V.I joined Response about 3 years ago. I have been a real estate agent for 16 years. However, being an investor is wearing a different hat. I have learned more details about various aspects of investing. Currently I own single-family and duplexes around the U.S. I am currently in the process of purchasing a new construction 40 unit complex in Texas. Response has been my door to the future making my bottom line better than ever. Current ambassador.SheboyganWA
Son N.My focus is making money to buy car and house. I like doing exercise, dancing, learning, gardening, and eating seafood, vegetable, ... I love nature, travel, people.HoustonTX
Patrick M.Well my name is Patrick Mirzayan, I am Armenian, live in Northern Virginia, 28 years old, married with a 2 year old son. Played piano for 18 years, semi-pro magician for 15 years (Random I know). Been in sales my entire life, started in the high end jewelry world with my parents who owned 2 stores. Learned how to design jewelry on a computer/CAD program. Went to college and received my bachelors in Marketing with a focus on consumer behavior. I went and got my real estate license while working in retail to try and mix things up a little bit. I figured if i can sell someone a diamond ring for 10k-50k i can probably sell something bigger. So in 2016 I started and dabbled in commercial real estate for a bit, learned a ton from my mentor who was in the industry 30 years plus. After a couple months I had 4 deals working in the commercial world but I did not like how long it took for deals to close. So I transitioned into residential and figured out it was a whole new monster. New contracts, new terms, new laws, everything was different. Started off in residential a little rocky, was very slow to do a transaction. Got my first listing about 2 months after starting and just was not really liking it as much. I went to see Tony Robbins in Fairfax Va with another agent in our office, got our minds straight, went to the Seminar taught by Doug, got the program and loving every minute of it sense. We went to the program in June or July, started a real estate investing company called Procapitus Properties with my new partner Zach Wessolleck (who was who is who went with me to Tony Robbins, and all the programs and is also here for the training in Utah) in October, Have started to focus on how to help other investors find investment properties, purchased our first rental property (4 unit) in December that is generating a fantastic cash flow. We would have never even thought about looking into investment properties or any of that if it had not have been for the training and what we learned and how our mindsets changed. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to learning more, growing my mind and our company.WoodbridgeVA
Trudy R.I do a few assignment contracts and I do a lot of the construction myself. I love it!HobbsNM
Selina M.I enjoy game nights with friends and family, taking my dog for walks and reading. My husband and I have invested in rental properties and tax liens in the past year. I also found I enjoy trading options because I love working with numbers and have been learning all I can to understand the various trades.AuroraCO
Clara B.I've been a teacher for 11 years. I enjoy scuba diving, art, and option trading.BarrigadaGU
Cheryl S.We have held an interest in real estate long before we came across Response Training. Response gave us the confidence and ability to pursue this dream of investing and holding rental properties. When we are not reviewing properties and making offers, we like to ride Harleys, go boating and playing with our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. West Palm BeachFL
Horus H.One of my goals is to become a full time trader. My hobbies include reading books, exercising, hiking, writing in my blog or other stories, meeting new people and I travel whenever I can.San DiegoCA
Tanya M.I now live in New England but two years ago I held an active Florida real estate license and did many flip projects with my fiance. I am constantly looking for flips! I love logging into the Response trade tools everyday and checking my positions. I also love nature, summer baseball, classic rock...and I'm a closet writer!HyannisMA
Penny H.My real estate focus is currently buy and hold as rentals. I am an accounting director in local government and plan to retire in less than 6 years. I am using real estate investments to increase and supplement my income in retirement. My husband and I purchased a motor home this past year and enjoy taking cross-country trips and weekend staycations in our home state of Florida. The passive income from real estate helps us in expanding our love for travel.RiverviewFL
Bruce M.I enjoy hiking, hunting, and being outdoors. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I currently own single family homes in my portfolio but this year I will scale to multi-family houses and apartments.NewportVA
Nathan L.Nate and Cindy currently reside in San Antonio, Texas, due to Nate’s service in the United States Air Force Reserve. In their free time, they enjoy showing their 1992 Chevrolet Corvette at various local car shows, and teaching their daughter to race go-karts. Additionally, they enjoy biking, hiking, camping, and exploring their new home in Texas. While Nate has enjoyed serving his country over the past 23+ years, retirement may not be too far away. Looking beyond military service, Nate and Cindy are currently working to establish other forms of income. This includes stock options trading, and establishing a real estate business completing fix and flips, and purchasing several multi-family rental properties. Current ambassador.San AntonioTX
Tara C.As a seasoned real estate investor Tara has developed a diversified real estate portfolio and leverages many different tactics to continue to grow her REI company. As such you can find her flipping both single family residences and multi family units, buying and holding small homes to large apartment complexes, and expanding her rental portfolio through her non profit, Northern California Housing Alliance which prides itself on helping those less fortunate find reliable and affordable housing. Tara is also a licensed real estate agent and has years of real estate experience and is a full time, local residential real estate expert specializing in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and the Greater Sacramento areas. She is committed to getting results and building trust for her clients by customizing a tailored strategy to meet each individuals needs. Tara graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration from the prestigious Wake Forest University in North Carolina where she earned both academic and athletic scholarships. Prior to her career in real estate, Tara owned a restaurant management company and managed over 1,000 employees. While running her company, and playing semi-professional soccer, she earned her Masters in Business Administration from UC Davis Graduate School of Management graduating with honors and distinction of Beta Gamma Sigma. In addition to her formal education, Tara is a member of the Sacramento Association of realtors, and she serves as the MCD Women’s Operators Network Chapter President. When she isn’t busy selling and flipping houses, Tara can be found cooking fabulous meals, playing sports, exercising, and spending time with her husband James and daughter, Saylor.El Dorado HillsCA
Yoko H.My main focus for the last 10 years has been making very affordable RE investments in the Kansas City area for myself. But recently I started helping other investors do the same, which brings in great ROI and cash flow. I have my power team there which I have built over the years. I feel very strongly that everyone should have passive income from RE investment in his/her portfolio. But my new interest is in Hospitality Industry…in other words, I started a Luxury Vacation Rental in Oahu, Hawaii this year about which I am very passionate and excited, and I am learning a lot about this type of RE business and hope to expand it in the future as well.San JoseCA
Lauri M.I enjoy travel and adventure and love to water and snow ski. My husband and I have also had the pleasure of scuba diving in many places around the western hemisphere. We raised two wonderful daughters and love spending time with them. In 2018 my real estate education started. We have completed one renovation flip and are currently financing another with partners we met in Response training. In addition I also would like to focus on wholesaling properties.Canyon CountryCA
Juan Carlos F.Before starting in Real Estate in 2018, I have my own investment firm. I like the freedom and been able to spend time with my family and friends. My hobbies are: playing basketball and tennis with my four daughters. My wife Inma is from Madrid, Spain and we lived in North Arlington, Va.ArlingtonVA
Thom G.Thom Gilbert growing up in Santa Cruz, California was a dominant competitive athlete who gained most of his confidence through his physical abilities. On December 24, 2001 at 23 years old he was in a catastrophic snowboarding accident, his L1 vertebrae was pulverized and pushed into his spinal cord leaving him instantly paralyzed from the waist down, a paraplegic. In the hospital he had his L1 vertebrae and rib removed, ground up and placed inside a titanium cage creating a spinal fusion between his T12 and L2 vertebrae. After surgery the Doctor said he would never walk again or be able to have kids and to start adjusting to living life in a wheelchair. Today, Thom can walk with a cane, lives in San Diego California with his wife, Lisa and their two sons, Jackson and Dylan who are 12 and 7 years old. He has defied all odds mentally and physically because he did not listen to someone else’s opinion about himself. What is in our hearts and minds are stronger than anything else that someone can tell us about ourselves. Thom and Lisa are self-employed and started their own real estate investing company TLC Investment Properties Inc. He has handcycled in marathons and triathlons through the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He enjoys coaching his sons’ sport teams and puts family first because he learned that at you lowest point all you have is the people around you and the memories you make with them, all the material stuff does not matter and can be replaced. Through his accident he has learned to stay positive, create his own happiness, focus on being grateful for what you do have, and to bring love into everyday like there’s no tomorrow.PowayCA
Marie Joy G.I love options! I love calls and puts! Other than trading, I'm also an elementary teacher. I live on an island that is 35 miles long. I enjoy going on hikes with my friends and swimming at the beach.DededoGU
Shaun S.I’ve just started as the North American Industry Lead for an Australian based SaaS startup focusing on Engineering Data/Document Management. I’ve worked in this space for almost 12 years and love innovation, disruptive technology, process improvement/excellence. I’m able to work in this space because I have a great wife who supports me and encourages me to take risks and chances. We have two beautiful girls, 6 and 2. They are the reason I push so hard to do a good job and stay fit/healthy. Real Estate Focus: My wife and I are actively looking to buy our first rental property in Houston. Interests: Stocks and Options, I’ve been trading for about 7 years and have gotten much value out of the Response tools and courses Hobbies: I love sailing, it’s my favorite activity. Playing guitar, backpacking and skiing are up there as close seconds. Really anything outdoors and active. I just finished my 3rd obstacle course race (tough mudder) and have set a goal to do another one this year with a half-marathon.HoustonTX
Wes S.Marketing and Business Development is my passion. I had a 45 year career working with 16 early-stage companies, 14 of which are still in business. In retirement, I still watch the market, learn about options, and landscape the garden around my home. I teach a Bible Study for young couples in my church. My wife and I love to travel.PlanoTX
Miles N.Motivated by the opportunity to have financial freedom, I look to learn wherever I can. I love dirtbiking, hiking, and training for triathlons.Lake Havasu CityAZ
Riona & Vivian N.Riona currently is involved with options trading, business and real estate investing part time. Her hobbies are scuba diving, adventure sports, dappling with guitar, photography, cooking and writing.MississaugaON
Shannon M. I am an avid traveler, foodie, and Bichon Mama. Learning about options is something that can help support my hobbies.EdgewaterNJ
Phyllis G.My real estate focus is "buy, fix and flip". One of my strengths is project management and I choose to combine that strength with my passion for design in support of building on my retirement income. My husband and I have put our life's work into rehabbing a 1860's farm house and the 5 acres that surround it, it is my/our hobby. Our home is our sanctuary and we love spending time sharing what we have built and enjoying the peace of it all. Family, friends, and the simple joys of life are my primary interests, and I love making something out of nothing (my mother's gift) and of course paying it forward when possible. DaytonOR
Richard H.Our real estate investing focus is on doing fix and flips in the DFW area. We love to travel, especially to Florida. We also enjoy boating on our beautiful lake here.San FranciscoCA
Cheryle D.My focus as an investor currently is fixing and flipping in Denver Metro area. I spend my time exercising 5 days a week at a gym, reading, entertaining, and spending time with my husband, family and friends. In the spring and summer gardening is my passion. My husband and I love to travel as much as possible and enjoy wine tasting. We also have fun going to the movies.AuroraCO
Janice A.I am a retired Bakery Owner. I always wanted to learn to trade Stock Options but never had the time because we were growing our business. I am very happy to be a member of the Advisory Board.Los AlamitosCA
Laura T.I am a 6th grade teacher in Guam. Response came to Guam in May of 2018 and from them I started to learn how to trade options. Thanks to them , trading has become my love and passion. DededoGU
Zap M.Zap Martin is a productivity entrepreneur, strategist, musician, curriculum designer and critical thinker. Zap has been active real estate investor since 2010.San DiegoCA
Sherry D.I am a retired university professor. I have taken an interest in stocks. I love to kayak and fish. I am also enjoying my woodworking skills in the workshop. I am a health nut and plan to enjoy retirement for many years ahead.OrlandoFL
Doug D.We started in the Real Estate business here in MN just one year ago when we came to your seminar.Prior LakeMN
Bettylynn S.Bettylynn is a published author. She specializes in Executive Leadership and is a Master Coach.TorontoON
Konrad K.We are currently starting year four of a ten year program focusing on buy and hold properties. BakersfieldCA
Loretta S.I’m having a fabulous time learning stock options this past several months, which is a shift from my previous year practicing real estate wholesaling.DenverCO
Ben L.I renovate properties in San Antonio Texas. I have also acquired rental properties in several states.Rancho Santa MargaritaCA
Greg A.I run three businesses and enjoy biking, hiking, golfing, and movies when I have time.LeesburgVA
Jens F.I have invested in real estate to help people who can’t afford to buy their own home. My interests are skiing, hockey, and hiking.HanahanSC
Lamarr K.Lamarr is a seasoned housing expert and has an MBA degree.TallahasseeFL
Drew U.I've completed the following types of deals: rentals, tax liens, mortgage notes, land, and fix and flips. Current ambassador.MurrietaCA
Barb U.I've completed the following types of deals: rentals, tax liens, mortgage notes, land, and fix and flips. Current ambassador.MurrietaCA
Tim C.Self employed business owner. Wedding & Event DJ. Softball Player. Golfer. Proud father and grandfather.Stafford SpringsCT
Raymond P.Graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Received BS and MBA degrees. Bought and flipped 5 properties. Current ambassador.FarmingdaleNJ
Lisa S.I am a grateful wife, grandmother and mother, former school teacher, current landlord, host international UC Davis students to keep me young and learning, love Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, cooking organic dinners, baking, tidepooling and singing in the church choir.WoodlandCA
Lynn S.I love trading. It’s exciting to have a trade come together that fits all my criteria. I also love learning, which is a good thing since I came into options trading with no prior knowledge or experience with the markets. It’s been a fun ride!Fort WorthTX
Shawn S.I am a Precious Metals Broker for Worldwide Precious Metals. I would not be involved in this opportunity had it not been for the financial education that I received.EdmontonAB
Cynthia S.I work for a large Florida hospital system. I enjoy running, biking, painting, scrabble, crosswords, reading and finding shells on the beach.Altamonte SpringsFL
Christopher P.Have been in the real estate business since 1994. Hobbies include Real Estate investing, Stock/Option Investing, Tennis, Guitar and Outdoor enthusiast.ClearwaterFL
Dora T.I have had an interest in the securities industry for some time. I have many hobbies and am an eclectic person. MorrisvilleNC
Paul S.I tend to march to my own drum, and harmonize well with others I love trying new fun things. I lean toward adventure, but home movie nights and a house full of friends is always on the table!KatyTX
Laurie S.My interests include travel and reading. My hobbies are boating, golfing, blogging, and working out.MacombMI
Nancy A.I'm a LONG time Realtor- 40 years! I enjoy community volunteer work and dancing.TitusvilleFL
Mike F.Mike & Paula Fischenich are very enthusiastic about real estate and the opportunity it offers. They spend their time and energy building spec homes, flipping projects, or selling real estate.FlagstaffAZ
Reen W.I have had a successful career in residential real estate sales(including ownership in 2 companies) of almost 30 years. Background skills includes contract negotiation, prospecting, land development, and new home construction. Current ambassador.StevensvilleMD
Janet M.I enjoy a rich life thanks to experiences and studies. My life is perfect for me: a combination of passionate work in business and in education with a social balance.Colorado SpringsCO
Graeme K.I am an experienced licensed full-service professional investment advisor working with both big bank dealers and now, a smaller investment firm.TorontoON
Kevin L.My focus with respect to real estate is in small multifamily properties (2-4 units) and creating ways to acquire these properties with maximum upside. I play soccer and I am an accountant.San FernandoCA
Regina S.I currently live in Ypsilanti, MI. I am a Social Worker and have been working with Children and families for nearly 12 years. I joined Response in March 2018 and just started out in Stock Trading. My long-term goal is to live a flexible financial lifestyle that will enable me grow my wealth, save my time and create confidence in my future. A flexible financial lifestyle will give me freedom and choices to decide where and how I want to live. My hobbies include volunteering in my local Church, reading, spending time with friends and family members and Karate training. My investment strategy is to actively trade in Stocks (Options) and eventually transition into Real Estates.YpsilantiMI
Vincent & Anne L.The Real Estate business is relatively new to me but I have been involved in business and ministry for many years. I started an import/export company with a partner here in San Francisco in the 80's and then left that company to be more involved in ministry at my church. I also ended up starting my own graphic design and media company. This year my wife Anne and I connected with Response and started our Real Estate Investment Company, Verity Property Investors. Connecting with Response has been a great experience for my wife and I. Response put us on an accelerated track to learning the Real Estate business. Prior to connecting with Response we both had only very limited knowledge of the Real Estate business. We learned a lot from Response in a short amount of time. That experience lead us to do our first deal several months ago in our city, San Francisco. Our connection with Response has truly lead us to a whole new level for our Real Estate business. We are looking forward to continuing to learn more from Response and to do more deals.
San FranciscoCA
Thomas S.BloomingtonIL
Martin P.E StroudsburgPA
Teri K.Salt Lake CityUT
Matt C.San DiegoCA
Mara Lee H.St GeorgeUT
Lindsay W.UkiahCA
James P.Sterling HeightsMI
Jeffrey T.SparksNV
Robb A.PhoenixAZ
Derek S.San FranciscoCA
Doug L.ScottsdaleAZ
Betty F.ModestoCA
Bopanna B.AlbuquerqueNM
Charles D.Panama City BeachFL
Susan P.Port CharlotteFL
David D.IrvingTX
Becky L.ChandlerAZ
Scott L.Moses LakeWA
Melvin T.AuroraCO
Royce R.Peachtree CityGA
Samuel B.MadisonIL
Eric C.HoustonTX
Baris H.Walnut CreekCA
Martik M.La CrescentaCA
Shoghik M.La CrescentaCA
James H.ColemanTX
A Roselyn L.New OrleansLA
Aaron C.PeterboroughNH
Aaron K.LahainaHI
Aaron L.LancasterCA
Abdi M.DuluthGA
Abdirazak O.SaugusMA
Adam T.CovinaCA
Adam C.AtlantaGA
Adanu J.ChestermereAB
Adedeji A.SouthfieldMI
Adeleke O.Grand PrairieTX
Adeline M.West CovinaCA
Adnauer A.MiamiFL
Adonia H.DenverCO
Adrian G.ChelseaMA
Adrian B.VictoriaToorak
Adrienne B.Riviera BeachFL
Afiba A.WoodlandCA
Ajit S.OrangeNJ
Akasha L.KulaHI
Akbar M.GlendaleCA
Akina & Aric H.SeattleWA
Al (william) R.AustinTX
Alan S.Highlands RanchCO
Alan D.MadisonSD
Alan S.St Pete BeachFL
Alan D.BurnsvilleMN
Alan S.Highlands RanchCO
Albert R.HobbsNM
Alberta R.TomballTX
Alberto R.Santa RosaCA
Alecia B.SeatacWA
Alejandro L.Santa RosaCA
Alex K.OttawaON
Alex L.WorcesterMA
Alex H.New YorkNY
Alex & Susan B.South West CityMO
Alexander K.HooverAL
Alexander S.FarmingtonUT
Alexey K.CorvallisOR
Alexis M.AlamedaCA
Alfred C.League CityTX
Alfredo V.TorontoON
Alfredo O.WoodstockGA
Alfredo M.San DiegoCA
Alice P.BasseterreSt Kitts
Alice W.HoustonTX
Alice T.Camano IslandWA
Alicia O.ElmontNY
Alicia R.NewmanGA
Alicia Y.CurepeTT
Alicia (Charlie) S.HonoluluHI
Alina F.HialeahFL
Alina S.San AntonioTX
Allain C.BonnyvilleAB
Allan O.Menlo ParkCA
Allan S.BillericaMA
Allen R.Fleming IslandFL
Allen H.HoustonTX
Allen & Margaret B.GervaisOR
Allen & Susan R.Grand RapidsMI
Allison D.KentWA
Allison P.KatyTX
Alphine F.HoustonTX
Amber T.Colorado SpringsCO
Amber D.HanoverMD
Amelia Y.OttawaON
Amil A.TunapunaGU
Amipeliasi H.Salt Lake CityUT
Amishi S.San FranciscoCA
Ammon S.Colorado SpringsCO
Amreshni C.RaleighNC
Amy N.Salt Lake CityUT
Amy L.Melbourne BeachFL
Amy S.PonderTX
Ana T.Forest HillsNY
Ana S.VistaCA
Ana S.Temple CityCA
Ana S.Grand PrairieTX
Anastacio T.VallejoCA
Andre B.Lauderdale LakesFL
Andrea J.LondonON
Andrea R.SacramentoCA
Andrea G.HendersonNV
Andrea J.LondonON
Andrea H.BronxNY
Andrea W.Sterling VA
Andrew S.ArdrossanAB
Andrew R.NampaID
Andrew M.ChesterfieldVA
Andrew S.BarrieON
Andy F.ModestoCA
Andy W.JacksonvilleFL
Andy H.AuroraCO
Andy G.AustinTX
Aneice F.ChicagoIL
Anette A.PortsmouthVA
Angela C.AlexandriaMN
Angela W.EsteroFL
Angela F.IndianapolisIN
Angelica M.WilmingtonMA
Angie .Van BurenAR
Anica K.Fort WorthTX
Anil R.CupertinoCA
Anil R.ParkerCO
Anita B.VictoriaToorak
Anita C.ClintonMD
Ann B.FishersIN
Ann S.CupertinoCA
Ann S.St Pete BeachFL
Ann Y.Saint PaulMN
Ann N.RichmondTX
Ann R.Gold CanyonAZ
Ann D.WyandotteMI
Anna F.LeducAB
Anna O.Mc LeanVA
Annamaria M.TucsonAZ
Anne D.The WoodlandsTX
Anne C.West LinnOR
Anne G.LyungsbroSweden
Annessia R.LoganvilleGA
Annette D.TucsonAZ
Annette J.MemphisTN
Annette V.OrlandoFL
Annie E.North BendWA
Anthony N.ClarksvilleTN
Anthony A.KatyTX
Anthony C.OwassoOK
Anthony A.KatyTX
Anthony B.Las VegasNV
Anthony R.LathropCA
Anthony S.Northbrook IL
Antoine S.NapaCA
Antonia H.BonitaCA
Antonia G.YigoGU
Antonio M.Lago VistaTX
April D.Missouri CityTX
Ariel G.EnglewoodCO
Arleigh J.PhiladelphiaPA
Armando E.WaterburyCT
Arnold Y.Texas CityTX
Arnold M.EspanolaNM
Art W.McKinneyTX
Arthur S.New YorkNY
Aruna V.RedmondWA
Ashish S.RichmondVA
Ashley S.AthensGA
Ashley Q.Princeton JunctionNJ
Ashwini V.BellevueWA
Astrid F.DallasOR
Athena B.Las VegasNV
Atiqur R.GlenviewIL
Audrey J.HoustonTX
August K.Lehigh AcresFL
Autumn J.Kailua KonaHI
Avonelle J.Queens VillageNY
Avonelle J.Queens VillageNY
Ayorinde B.Valley StreamNY
Azhaar H.Castle RockCO
Bala A.BroomfieldCO
Bala Z.Chino ValleyAZ
Barbara L.Huntington BeachCA
Barbara S.MilwaukeeWI
Barbara P.DenverCO
Barbara W.CentennialCO
Barbara H.Sun LakesAZ
Barbara M.WataugaTX
Barbara P.Ellicott CityMD
Barbara D.HendersonNV
Barbara S.Shelby TownshipMI
Barclay M.Pembroke PinesFL
Barry M.CorralesNM
Ben A.KimberlyWI
Ben L.RialtoCA
Ben S.Saint LouisMO
Ben C.LithiaFL
Ben K.LahainaHI
Benjamin H.Maple GroveMN
Benny B.KennewickWA
Benoit D.LorraineQC
Berkley R.CentennialCO
Berlon P.HendersonNV
Bernadette S.Sandy SpringsGA
Bernard F.ArdmorePA
Bernard C.QuincyMA
Bernard L.LancasterCA
Bernard C.Santa FeNM
Bernice F.MililaniHI
Bertha O.HoustonTX
Beryl S.NapaCA
Beth F.RogersAR
Beth D.Commerce CityCO
Bethania C.ConcordCA
Betty E.Twain HarteCA
Betty J.LynnwoodWA
Bettye P.CordovaTN
Beverley T.MiramarFL
Beverly E.OakdaleCT
Beverlyn J.BoulderCO
Bianca L.NapervilleIL
Bill H.Cape CoralFL
Bill D.SouthamptonNJ
Bill L.OmahaNE
Bill C.ReginaSK
Billie H.VancouverWA
Billy K.WoodstockGA
Billy N.GeorgetownTX
Blanche H.Los RanchosNM
Blue R.RosevilleCA
Bob M.ScottsdaleAZ
Bob D.MesaAZ
Bob M.ScottsdaleAZ
Bob S.WestminsterCO
Bob R.TucsonAZ
Bob H.AltoonaPA
Bob F.StuartFL
Bobbie B.AtlantaGA
Bobby T.NormanOK
Bobby J.Colorado SpringsCO
Bode F.MD CityTX
Booker R.AbileneTX
Brad S.KunaID
Brad W.UplandCA
Brad S.EvergreenCO
Brad H.BeaumontAB
Brad M.McKinneyTX
Bradley C.Las VegasNV
Bradley F.HighlandUT
Bradley T.Las VegasNV
Brandan M.KalamazooMI
Brandi W.Highlands RanchCO
Brandon B.Havre de GraceMD
Brandon W.GilbertAZ
Brenda C.PhilomathOR
Brenda W.AlpharettaGA
Brenda B.RiverviewFL
Brenda Y.BostonMA
Brenda C.Palm HarborFL
Brenda C.GilbertAZ
Brent B.MelbourneFL
Bret B.SantaquinUT
Brett F.Ft LauderdaleFL
Brian R.RosevilleCA
Brian S.AthensGA
Brian B.TucsonAZ
Brian B.AndersonIN
Brian L.Fort CollinsCO
Brian D.BrentwoodCA
Brian L.Flower MoundTX
Brian D.ShoreviewMN
Brittany M.Highlands RanchCO
Brittany K.GilbertsvillePA
Brittany B.EugeneOR
Brown A.FontanaCA
Bruce B.Colorado SpringsCO
Bruce G.PlantationFL
Bruce K.IrvingTX
Bruce H.GreensboroNC
Bruno C.KahukuHI
Bryan M.TampaFL
Bryce P.LehiUT
Buddy & Emily P.SalemOR
Butch O.Wichita FallsTX
Caleb M.SuffolkVA
Caleb C.HuttoTX
Calvin C.PearlandTX
Camala T.BiolaCA
Cameron C.BakersfieldCA
Candace F.PaxtonMA
Caren R.OlympiaWA
Caren T.New AlbanyOH
Carl P.Grand RapidsMI
Carl B.Queen CreekAZ
Carl G.Bloomfield HillsMI
Carl S.HuntingtonNY
Carl Z.WebsterTX
Carla M.West New YorkNJ
Carlos H.SacramentoCA
Carlos R.MontrealQC
Carlos G.Jackson HeightsNY
Carlton M.Del ValleTX
Carmen M.Miami BeachFL
Carol B.SharonMA
Carol W.San DiegoCA
Carol B.HoustonTX
Carol C.Pleasant PrairieWI
Carol S.KealakekuaHI
Carolann S.BoontonNJ
Caroline C.Los AngelesCA
Carolyn B.Colorado SpringsCO
Carolyn V.HoustonTX
Carolyn S.Bermuda DunesCA
Carolynne D.KapoleiHI
Carolynne D.KapoleiHI
Carrie M.HonoluluHI
Carson F.WinnsboroSC
Cassandra J.HendersonNV
Cassandra T.CantonGA
Catherine K.OsceolaIN
Catherine D.Deerfield BeachFL
Catherine M.WeatherfordTX
Cathy J.EverettWA
Cathy S.Round RockTX
Celia V.Grand JunctionCO
Chad B.ValricoFL
Chanh X Susan U.CalgaryAB
Chantal C.BrooklynNY
Charla O.Manitou SpringsCO
Charlene C.GeorgetownTX
Charles M.Rockaway BeachNY
Charles G.BoerneTX
Charles T.MinneapolisMN
Charles G.AnchorageAK
Charles F.Los AlamitosCA
Charles P.Colorado SpringsCO
Charles A.Palo AltoCA
Charles B.Pinellas ParkFL
Charles F.RoswellGA
Charles F.AnchorageAK
Charles H.RenoNV
Charles P.Indian Rocks BeachFL
Charles R.RuskinFL
Charles K.CheyenneWY
Charles M.Salt Lake CityUT
Charles B.HuntsvilleAL
Charles G.BoerneTX
Charlie Mae F.ShilohGA
Charlotte F.SacramentoCA
Charmaine K.MilfordNE
Charmaine M.BridgeportCT
Chase J.BellevueWA
Chelsey W.Kansas CityMO
Cheron J.Glen CoveNY
Cheryl R.LivermoreCA
Cheryl B.SeattleWA
Cheryl A.KimberlyID
Cheryl M.BrielleNJ
Cherylle G.LowellMA
Chesterfield B.Upper MarlboroMD
Chloe H.EverettWA
Choice C.AuburnWA
Chris B.Sierra VistaAZ
Chris M.AustinTX
Chris B.Sierra VistaAZ
Chris M.CypressTX
Chris K.Little RockAR
Chris C.OrlandoFL
Chris A.CantonGA
Chris M.BolingbrookIL
Chris R.KelsoWA
Christian H.BostonMA
Christian E.Daly CityCA
Christina G.AuburnNY
Christina W.Eau ClaireWI
Christine P.GranburyTX
Christine K.San AntonioTX
Christine C.YardleyPA
Christine O.Red OakTX
Christine A.SaratogaCA
Christine C.New YorkNY
Christine O.Red OakTX
Christine P.PuebloCO
Christine H.SaskatoonSK
Christine & Johnny S.CerescoNE
Christopher M.LaurelMD
Christopher C.New GermanyMN
Christopher F.Boynton BeachFL
Christopher L.AustinTX
Christopher B.TamaracFL
Christopher S.LindenMI
Christopher & Dora N.WillowbrookIL
Chuck S.SlidellLA
Chuck D.RentonWA
Chuck S.BellevueWA
Cindy S.BeavertonOR
Cindy J.CrowleyTX
Cindy V.KyleTX
Clark K.RigbyID
Clavonne H.RochesterMN
Clay P.San JoseCA
Clayton C.CrescoPA
Clement O.ArlingtonTX
Cleveland H.AjaxON
Clifford O.TacomaWA
Clifton A.Queens VillageNY
Clifton A.Queens VillageNY
Cody W.ReadingPA
Colleen B.EugeneOR
Conner B.BondurantIA
Connie C.LakevilleMN
Cordelia O.San AntonioTX
Corey L.Coon RapidsMN
Cory A.CharlotteNC
Cory M.OremUT
Courtney C.CampbellCA
Craig W.Punta GordaFL
Crista F.South St PaulMN
Cristina F.NorthglennCO
Crystal W.PhiladelphiaPA
Cuc B.GarlandTX
Curtis E.San DimasCA
Curtis L.TitusvilleFL
Curtis B.RichardsonTX
Curtis W.OrlandoFL
Curtis C.PortlandOR
Cyndi M.KulaHI
Cynthia C.Sugar LandTX
Cynthia B.BowieMD
Cynthia M.Saint RobertMO
Cynthia L.YorktownVA
Cynthia B.BowieMD
Cynthia B.YigoGU
Cynthia M.North BaldwinNY
Cynthia M.WimberleyTX
Cynthia S.NewburgMD
Dabula G.SeattleWA
Dagmar C.SeattleWA
Dalal H.Las VegasNV
Dale H.Fort WorthTX
Dale N.CalgaryAB
Dale T.CantonGA
Damian S.ValricoFL
Dan K.NewcastleWA
Dan F.Kansas CityMO
Dan N.FlorissantMO
Dan S.ChicagoIL
Dan Q.Princeton JunctionNJ
Dan W.SacramentoCA
Dan T.ManitowocWI
Dana S.TulsaOK
Dana C.MukelteoWA
Dana I.BloomingtonMN
Dana E.WaterburyCT
Danery A.NorwalkCA
Daniel B.Bermuda DunesCA
Daniel P.ReginaSK
Daniel C.WindermereFL
Daniel E.ManchesterNH
Daniela G.Jackson HeightsNY
Danny J.JoshuaTX
Danny V.Red DeerAB
Danny W.EulessTX
Darien C.MemphisTN
Darla V.WashingtonDC
Darla V.WashingtonDC
Darlene F.HoustonTX
Darnielle T.Lauderdale LakesFL
Daron K.GoodyearAZ
Darpan H.Costa MesaCA
Darrell D.SaginawMI
Darren L.MiddletownMD
Darryl R.Saint LouisMO
Darryl C.ManchesterNH
Darryl D.WashingtonDC
Darwin K.Blue SpringsMO
Darwin P.PasadenaTX
Darwin B.BaytownTX
Dave J.BelfairWA
Dave H.San MateoCA
Dave K.North PortFL
Dave M.CambridgeON
David G.GlendaleAZ
David G.Port CharlotteFL
David D.Los AngelesCA
David A.LittletonCO
David R.LovelandCO
David S.DenverCO
David H.OtsegoMI
David H.MonseyNY
David E.CarbondaleCO
David S.BearDE
David M.BrentwoodCA
David S.MinneapolisMN
David A.WilmingtonMA
David B.CalgaryAB
David P.CalgaryAB
David M.TacomaWA
David L.Commerce CityCO
David L.LondonON
David S.NormanOK
David S.Mills RiverNC
David M.WilliamsburgVA
David B.SeffnerFL
David S.Shelby TownshipMI
David H.ParkerCO
David V.AustinTX
David W.Long BeachCA
David W.MorgantonNC
David W.KiheiHI
David D.Palm CityFL
David (RANDY) C.Cape CoralFL
David & Barbara S.PenroseCO
Dawn J.AshleyIN
Dawn L.MiddletownMD
Dawn H.Princeton JunctionNJ
Dawson W.ComptonCA
Dayton G.Lake ElsinoreCA
Dean B.HillsboroOR
Deanna S.KunaID
Deanna B.Highlands RanchCO
Deb B.LongmontCO
Debbie R.ParrishFL
Debbie G.BraunfelsTX
Debbie E.LongmontCO
Debbie E.LongmontCO
Debbie K.MartinezCA
Debora J.Las VegasNV
Deborah M.Kansas CityMO
Deborah K.TulsaOK
Deborah C.JolietIL
Deborah D.WaimeaHI
Debra S.WoosterOH
Debra S.Safety HarborFL
Debra S.BothellWA
Debra B.HaikuHI
Debra P.Las VegasNV
Debra S.Mount HollyNJ
Delbert C.AnchorageAK
Delethia J.CharlotteNC
Delfina M.PhoenixAZ
Denise M.San FranciscoCA
Denise K.KamiahID
Denise R.La RomainGU
Denise O.FernandinaFL
Denise N.DallasTX
Denisha S.ValricoFL
Denisse M.MiamiFL
Dennis B.DurhamNC
Dennis W.CentennialCO
Dennis S.Colorado SpringsCO
Dennis P.NaplesFL
Dennis J.PalmdaleCA
Derek T.NapervilleIL
Derek G.South WindsorCT
Derrick P.FresnoCA
Diana H.GlendaleAZ
Diana B.Grand JunctionCO
Diana E.Cottage GroveOR
Diane P.WaasisNB
Diane S.MariettaGA
Diane B.TrentonMO
Diane G.CarlsbadCA
Diane C.GeorgetownTX
Dianne R.AcworthGA
Dick H.BrightonCO
Dinah M.CalgaryAB
Diomedes M.North BergenNJ
Diontrise B.EllenwoodGA
DJ L.NorthridgeCA
Dmitry D.BellevueWA
Don M.AuroraIL
Donald H.WimaumaFL
Donald L.Elk GroveCA
Dondra B.OcalaFL
Donna F.TauntonMA
Donna C.OrlandoFL
Donnie S.PflugervilleTX
Donovan W.ArvadaCO
Donyea M.TallahasseeFL
Dora A.AtwaterCA
Dorcelle H.KentwoodMI
Dorothy N.PortlandOR
Doug H.PhoenixAZ
Doug R.San ClementeCA
Douglas B.SpringTX
Douglas B.SpringTX
Dris H.Winter HavenFL
Dulcie H.WinnemuccaNV
Durand S.CarmichaelCA
Dusty F.Apache JunctionAZ
Dwaine A.Spring HillTN
Dwight J.YpsilantiMI
Earl S.MattesonIL
Earl C.ClintonCT
Ed C.Pilgrim GardensPA
Eddie P.RaleighNC
Edward R.ParrishFL
Edward F.Kansas CityKS
Edward R.Oro ValleyAZ
Edward F.Port CharlotteFL
Edward H.LincolnRI
Edward M.JacksonvilleFL
Edward G.Alta LomaCA
Edward O.Fort LauderdaleFL
Edwin D.Lago VistaTX
Eileen W.SmyrnaGA
Eileen F.SkokieIL
Eldon H.Oakland ParkFL
Elena C.Laguna NiguelCA
Elisa L.AtlantaGA
Elizabeth M.Idaho SpringsCO
Elizabeth M.SouthfieldMI
Elizabeth W.SpringTX
Ellen L.BrickNJ
Elmer S.HiloHI
Eloise M.Atlantic BeachFL
Else D.Carson CityNV
Elsie C.IrvingTX
Elvina B.SpringTX
Emilio & Roberto M.MiamiFL
Emily B.KennesawGA
Eric B.Davis JunctionIL
Eric C.LawrencevilleGA
Eric S.Long BeachCA
Eric L.Kansas CityMO
Eric T.New Bern NC
Eric R.WashingtonDC
Erika A.EdmontonAB
Erin E.BothellWA
Errol A.SuwaneeGA
Estelle B.GarnerNC
Esther R.Battle CreekMI
Esther B.GreensboroNC
Ethan M.Saint PaulMN
Ethan W.Lowst GroveGA
Eugene W.SpringTX
Evan A.SurpriseAZ
Evangelos T.WildwoodMO
Evelyn A.BowieMD
Evelyn W.New YorkNY
Evelyn A.BowieMD
Evonne K.AustinTX
Fatima R.IrvingTX
Felicia T.AndoverMA
Felicia B.LongmontCO
Felicia B.LongmontCO
Flor G.Los AngelesCA
Florencio S.CarsonCA
Floyd B.JacksonvilleFL
Fran B.TigardOR
Francine & Terence F.YorkSC
Frank P.Plumas LakeCA
Frank B.West Palm BeachFL
Frank R.QincyMA
Frank C.Los AngelesCA
Frank F.New CastleIN
Frankie Ka Wui H.StouffvilleON
Frantz H.JamaicaNY
Fred H.PalatineIL
Fred R.OrlandoFL
Freddie M.WimaumaFL
Gabriel O.HatfieldPA
Gabriel N.San JoseCA
Gail P.Port CharlotteFL
Gail M.AuroraIL
Gary S.AlbuquerqueNM
Gary M.LaramieWY
Gary G.Saint Clair ShoresMI
Gary D.RosedaCA
Gary L.West JordanUT
Gary C.WashingtonUT
Gary F.El CajonCA
Gary P.HaywardCA
Gary G.LawrencevilleGA
Gary & Jill C.Beverly HillsFL
Gautam B.Jacksonville BeachFL
Gaylin D.MerrivilleIN
Gaylynn L.Prescott ValleyAZ
Gene P.CantonGA
Gene P.CantonGA
Gene B.Van BurenAR
Genevieve M.San FranciscoCA
Genie G.CypressCA
George E.Saint JohnsFL
George G.SeguinTX
George B.SarasotaFL
George W.SelmaIN
George S.Foothill RanchCA
George F.BurbankCA
Gerald M.BrownsburgIN
Gerald P.Lake StevensWA
Gerald Z.RockvilleMD
Gerard F.DurhamNC
Gerard & Dana W.CalgaryAB
Geri M.CalgaryAB
Gi R.HagatnaGU
Gian Franco S.WestonFL
Gilbert P.Las VegasNV
Gilbert M.Elk GroveCA
Gina M.LibertyMO
Ginger G.RenoNV
Glendan L.CrestonAB
Glenn H.Los RanchosNM
Glenn K.FraminghamMA
Glenn M.SacramentoCA
Glenn O.FolsomCA
Gloria S.GuilfordCT
Glorimar G.SterlingVA
Godfrey H.BramptonON
Gordon M.SeattleWA
Gordon U.McLeanVA
Govindarajan S.CaryNC
Grace P.Saint CloudFL
Greg D.DenverNC
Gregory A.Colorado SpringsCO
Gregory B.NaplesFL
Gretchen T.BranchburgNJ
Guntis L.NaplesFL
Guyton S.IndiantownFL
Gwendolyn G.BayportNY
Haig J.MelbourneFL
Hamilton R.WilmetteIL
Haripriya P.FremontCA
Harold H.AlbuquerqueNM
Harry S.GainesvilleGA
Harry H.RichmondTX
Heather C.IndianapolisIN
Heather W.Chula VistaCA
Heather A.MesaAZ
Helen A.AustellGA
Helen A.RosewoodCA
Herbert P.RiverdaleIL
Herman H.GlendaleAZ
Hoang T.KentWA
Holly S.KearnsUT
Hongbing L.DenverCO
Howard U.MesaAZ
Hsiaman C.MarltonNJ
Hugh T.Lauderdale LakesFL
Ilana A.CantonGA
Ingrid C.San BrunoCA
Irene S.BradentonFL
Iris M.HamptonVA
Isabel W.Discovery BayCA
Isabel C.HicksvilleNY
Ishmat & Tienn W.Bryn MawrPA
Ivis P.DurhamNC
Ivy S.FremontCA
Izak H.Pleasant GroveUT
J Rudy D.CummingGA
J.c. T.Camano IslandWA
Jaciel S.CharlotteNC
Jack P.Las CrucesNM
Jack C.Salt Lake CtyUT
Jacky L.Coral GablesFL
Jacob B.FruitaCO
Jacqueline M.MiramarFL
Jacqueline B.SnohomishWA
Jacqueline M.OrlandoFL
Jacquelyn S.DesotoTX
Jacynthe F.OsceolaIN
Jaime M.BradentonFL
Jake R.StuartFL
James N.Los AngelesCA
James A.CaldwellID
James D.GlenwoodNJ
James H.RiverdaleGA
James S.DraperUT
James N.AndersonSC
James H.ClovisCA
James D.Coeur D AleneID
James C.Toms RiverNJ
James B.Cape CoralFL
James M.EudoraKS
James S.WoosterOH
James M.BellevueWA
James D.Coeur D AleneID
James G.WeatherfordTX
James C.PlanoTX
James T.HewittNJ
James V.PlainvilleCT
Jamie S.ArvadaCO
Jamie E.Colorado SpringsCO
Jan K.ScottsdaleAZ
Jan T.Costa MesaCA
Jane O.Central IslipNY
Jane O.GeorgetownTX
Janet J.ChandlerAZ
Janet A.DenverCO
Janet G.TitusvilleFL
Janet B.WaipahuHI
Janet F.New CastleIN
Janice M.OremUT
Janice H.HonoluluHI
Janita R.VancouverWA
Jason M.HelotesTX
Jason G.NorristownPA
Jason P.SeattleWA
Jason M.TucsonAZ
Jay M.RoyUT
Jay W.Forest CityNC
Jean M.SteilacoomWA
Jeanee S.SharpsburgGA
Jeanette H.AlexandriaVA
Jeanne J.Los AngelesCA
Jeanne P.ArvadaCO
Jeff H.PortageIN
Jeff K.LongviewTX
Jeff H.Fairfield TownshipOH
Jeff G.AustinTX
Jeff G.TorranceCA
Jeffrey A.Laguna BeachCA
Jeffrey T.PortlandOR
Jemicia K.San AntonioTX
Jenna W.DallasTX
Jennifer L.Waterford WorksNJ
Jennifer F.VenturaCA
Jennifer B.IrvingTX
Jennifer M.EdomontonAB
Jennifer O.AnchorageAK
Jeremiah A.SalemOR
Jerry S.Twain HarteCA
Jerry N.Elk GroveCA
Jesse S.BarrigadaGU
Jesse M.SandyUT
Jessica M.AtlantaGA
Jessica F.New YorkNY
Jesus P.ManorTX
Jill S.NormanOK
Jim G.North Richland HillsTX
Jim M.AustinTX
Jim T.LouisvilleCO
Jim H.Cathedral CityCA
Jim B.GarlandTX
Joan S.Pinellas ParkFL
Joanne J.AuroraCO
Joanne H.AvonOH
Joanne C.WyckoffNJ
Joe J.FremontNE
Joe A.Cuba CityWI
Joe R.JonesboroAR
Joe C.GastonNC
Joe F.Glen EllynIL
Joel M.PortlandOR
Joel V.OrlandoFL
John M.Sierra VistaAZ
John L.Huntington BeachCA
John S.MesquiteTX
John S.Fort AtkinsonWI
John S.RenoNV
John V.Gig HarborWA
John M.OrlandoFL
John M.Weeki WacheeFL
John S.West Palm BeachFL
John L.VancouverWA
John A.BellmoreNY
John B.RoselleIL
John A.Lake ElsinoreCA
John P.LittletonCO
John M.WaterfordWI
John M.SparksNV
John & Therese B.PlaquemineLA
Johnny S.CalimesaCA
Jolene B.TacomaWA
Jolene E.CandlerNC
Jon T.RobinsonTX
Jon S.AnchorageAK
Jon L.San FranciscoCA
Jonah B.EugeneOR
Jonathan P.TallahasseeFL
Jonathan F.MiramarFL
Jordan C.EnglewoodCO
Jordan S.Machesney ParkIL
Jose M.PortsmouthNH
Jose L.ConroeTX
Jose M.DoralFL
Jose I.AlbuquerqueNM
Jose & Adriana R.Pompano BeachFL
Jose & Sandra D.SouthfieldMI
Joseph D.BentonvilleAR
Joseph K.La MesaCA
Joseph W.SouthfieldMI
Joseph V.MiramarFL
Josh W.JupiterFL
Joshua B.WaukeshaWI
Josia G.MeridenCT
Josiah W.OaklandCA
Josie H.Ewa BeachHI
Joy C.Spring LakeMI
Joyce L.Grand RapidsMI
Joyce J.Spanish ForkUT
Joyce M.NashuaNH
Joyce M.Fair OaksCA
Juan M.MississaugaON
Juan Jose O.HarlingenTX
Judy K.WindsorCO
Judy H.EudoraKS
Judy O.Las VegasNV
Judy P.LittletonCO
Judy C.ChesapeakeVA
Julie G.New CanaanCT
Julie M.BoulderCO
Julie S.AlbuquerqueNM
Julie F.LeanderTX
Julie H.ConcordCA
June D.EdmontonAB
Justice G.ColumbusKS
Justin M.McKinneyTX
Kaitlyn M.Coral SpringsFL
Kambiz B.TorontoON
Kane H.EscondidoCA
Karen P.San DimasCA
Karen F.Studio CityCA
Karen B.ClearwaterFL
Karen R.EllentonFL
Karen L.PuebloCO
Karen B.Ft LauderdaleFL
Karen S.BearDE
Karen M.BolingbrookIL
Karen P.CummingGA
Karl F.DavieFL
Karlye R.TulsaOK
Kathleen C.PawlingNY
Kathryn A.HatfieldPA
Kathryn A.Benton CityWA
Kathryn D.E NorthportNY
Kathy O.LivermoreCA
Kathy K.NashvilleTN
Kathy N.Santa MonicaCA
Kathy W.ColumbiaSC
Kathy F.CheneyWA
Kathy W.KiheiHI
Katrice S.MesquiteTX
Katrina O.SpokaneWA
Katy S.Colorado SpringsCO
Kay H.ShorelineWA
Kecia H.AtlantaGA
Keerti J.GarlandTX
Kei A.CarrboroNC
Keith P.Saint CloudFL
Keith J.Las VegasNV
Keith & Alicia T.MorrisvilleMO
Kelly T.San AntonioTX
Kelly B.SpringTX
Kelly R.MemphisTN
Ken W.AlbuquerqueNM
Kenneth H.GlendaleAZ
Kenneth P.GreensboroNC
Kenneth R.North PortFL
Kenneth D.DentonNE
Kenneth W.Las VegasNV
Kent R.KankakeeIL
Kerry K.MilfordNE
Keshwan R.RaleighNC
Kevin T.LivermoreCA
Kevin B.BowmanvilleON
Kevin L.AuroraCO
Kevin T.EdmontonAB
Kevin W.PasadenaCA
Kevin S.La SalleMB
Kevin S.MabletonGA
Kevin C.Fort MyersFL
Kevin T.RiversideCA
Kevin S.MurfreesboroTN
Kevin d. W.MiddletonWI
Kevork & Theresa B.TamaracFL
Khalid A.AntiochTN
Kim R.Las VegasNV
Kim E.KellerTX
Kim T.AddisonTX
Kim S.AustinTX
Kimberlee/Craig A.Grand JunctionCO
Kimberley N.Redwood CityCA
Kimberly G.HyattsvilleMD
Kimberly C.CarrolltonTX
Kimberly M.BrielleNJ
Kirby R.Dsrt Hot SpgsCA
Kitani L.New OrleansLA
Kounehway G.FraminghamMA
Kris P.Fort MyersFL
Krissyels R.Pembroke PinesFL
Kristian H.SalineMI
Kristie F.Colorado SpringsCO
Kristina L.CocoaFL
Kyle E.WaterlooON
Kyle L.ZeelandMI
Kyle D.HoustonTX
Kyler O.Las VegasNV
Lai S.San MateoCA
Lakota V.FolsomCA
Lance B.TamaracFL
Lance D.SalemOR
Larry J.Cane RidgeTN
Larry O.Universal CityTX
Larry T.Council BluffsIA
Larry A.MontgomeryAL
Larry B.AtlantaGA
Latasha B.CahokiaIL
Laura T.CovinaCA
Laura D.KeizerOR
Laura L.Highland ParkIL
Laurie N.Colorado SpringsCO
Lavanda W.LakelandFL
Laverne W.LakelandFL
Lawrence P.MississaugaON
Lawrence S.ChubbuckID
Lawrence R.ColumbiaSC
Lawrence W.San RafaelCA
Lawrence R.JupiterFL
Lawton & Crystal S.PacificaCA
Lee H.YumaAZ
Leeroy P.CaboolMO
Leila C.WasillaAK
Leonard M.Federal WayWA
Leroy A.BellevilleIL
Lesley A.Huntington StationNY
Leslie B.LincolnNE
Leslie F.TorontoON
Leslie K.PlainfieldNJ
Libia P.NorwalkCA
Lichin M.SnohomishWA
Lidon L.NorcrossGA
Lilia T.SeattleWA
Linda T.MerrillvilleIN
Linda M.Overland ParkKS
Linda O.WilmingtonDE
Linda H.Pearl RiverNY
Linda C.OwassoOK
Linda R.GlendaleCA
Linda K.Port CharlotteFL
Linda E.Las VegasNV
Ling C.FremontCA
Lisa S.SuffolkVA
Lisa M.RaymoreMO
Lisa D.DenverNC
Lisa R.KankakeeIL
Lisa A.KingwoodTX
Livingstone S.OrlandoFL
Liz D.RentonWA
Logoi D.DaculaGA
Lordy N.CambridgeON
Lorhany S.PacificaCA
Lori S.AuroraCO
Lori M.CulpeperVA
Lori K.WoodstockGA
Lori M.ExeterNH
Lori & Larry G.VailAZ
Lorie K.CheyenneWY
Lorraine K.Mountain GroveMO
Lourdes U.Las VegasNV
Lucius J.MainevilleOH
Luiliany M.WindhamCT
Luis & Jose O.BurlingtonWA
Lurrine M.Spring ValleyNY
Ly H.CantonmentFL
Lydia K.RichmondVA
Mae W.SpringTX
Mahealani C.HonoluluHI
Malcolm P.EverettWA
Malissa C.CocoaFL
Mandy B.CatawbaNC
Manon F.MariettaGA
Manu A.Mont KiaraMY
Manvindra A.Mont KiaraMY
Marcia M.MurrayKY
Marco P.Long Island CityNY
Marcus R.LouisvilleNE
Marcy B.Ellwood CityPA
Margaret O.Des MoinesWA
Margaret G.LakemoorIL
Maria H.LincolnRI
Maria L.Huntingdon ValleyPA
Maria C.Boynton BeachFL
Maria F.HoustonTX
Mariana L.Lone TreeCO
Marina S.NorthbrookIL
Marina N.ManassasVA
Marisa T.CoronaCA
Marisol R.TorranceCA
Marissa O.HoustonTX
Marissa M.Fort LauderdaleFL
Mark B.Las VegasNV
Mark G.AppletonWI
Mark S.St. CatharinesON
Mark S.Round RockTX
Mark J.MesaAZ
Mark P.Lincoln ParkMI
Mark R.HoustonTX
Mark E.Land O' LakesFL
Mark B.SpringTX
Mark T.GeorgetownTX
Mark S.EvansCO
Mark G.DallasTX
Mark D.LincolnshireIL
Marlene D.AuroraCO
Marlene S.HonoluluHI
Marta S.DenverCO
Martha R.CentennialCO
Martha S.ArlingtonVA
Martin L.Grand RapidsMI
Martin H.SpringfieldIL
Martin D.AlbuquerqueNM
Martin D.FrankfortIL
Marvin H.BonitaCA
Mary W.SelmaIN
Mary R.DeltonaFL
Mary Ann M.LexingtonSC
Mary Gay C.FremontCA
Mary Jane B.Upper MarlboroMD
Maryam S.Westlake VillageCA
Mashonda W.TampaFL
Matt N.BellevilleIL
Matt L.NapaCA
Matt B.Highlands RanchCO
Matthew S.HernandoFL
Maura E.FolsomCA
Maureen E.Spirit LakeID
Mavis G.ReginaSK
Mecha C.LansingMI
Mel M.TukwilaWA
Melissa N.PortageIN
Melodie N.BowieMD
Miao Q.AllentownPA
Michael K.Cedar RapidsIA
Michael G.HendersonvilleNC
Michael S.Elk Grove VillageIL
Michael S.LewisvilleTX
Michael C.SpringTX
Michael T.BellevueWA
Michael H.Colorado SpringsCO
Michael L.RosevilleCA
Michael F.TorranceCA
Michael S.Elk Grove VillageIL
Michael T.VacavilleCA
Michael C.MiramarFL
Michael N.WoodstockGA
Michael H.North KingstownRI
Michael O.KennesawGA
Michael S.WichitaKS
Michelle R.LansingIL
Michelle P.FresnoCA
Michelle R.TempeAZ
Michelle L.Upper MarlboroMD
Michelle H.LithiaFL
Michelle M.DenverCO
Michelle T.TexarkanaAR
Michelle C.JacksonvilleFL
Michelle N.WorcesterMA
Michelle B.BarrigadaGU
Miguel C.HialeahFL
Mike D.KunaID
Mike R.KingstonOH
Mike S.Villa RidgeMO
Mike T.MiamiFL
Mike W.BradentonFL
Mike C.EnglewoodCO
Mike T.JacksonvilleFL
Mike J.HollywoodFL
Mike V.Chapel HillNC
Mike & Kasaundra M.Maple ValleyWA
Mildred C.Miami lakesFL
Mildred O.BakersfieldCA
Mildred J.GreensboroNC
Milledge W.SacramentoCA
Miqdad H.AtlantaGA
Miram B.MiamiFL
Miriam G.Santa RosaCA
Miriam S.Laguna BeachCA
Misty A.Powder SpringsGA
Moct Ma S.WashingtonDC
Molly B.SalemOR
Monica N.Colorado SpringsCO
Monica L.Hampton BaysNY
Monica V.AustinTX
Monte M.CantonmentFL
Montisha S.PhiladelphiaPA
Moses S.ChandlerAZ
Myrtice A.FayettevilleGA
Myrtle B.SharonMA
Myrtle A.MississaugaON
Mythili I.BroomfieldCO
Nabidour R.IrvingTX
Nachosa H.GreensboroNC
Nadia R.San ClementeCA
Nancy Z.Casa GrandeAZ
Nancy B.PachecoCA
Nancy K.YorkPA
Naresh V.RedmondWA
Narudee N.JolietIL
Natasha M.BrandywineMD
Nathan E.Mays LandingNJ
Neil A.SeattleWA
Nelly U.WaverlyNY
Nelson L.New OrleansLA
Nicheole A.Ellicott CityMD
Nicholas M.Overland ParkKS
Nicholas D.Miami GardensFL
Nicholas I.Mountain ViewCA
Nicole B.LorraineQC
Nina E.RosevilleCA
Noel T.KennesawGA
Noel W.LynchburgVA
Noelle B.Kansas CityMO
Norman M.Thousand OaksCA
Norman S.Castle RockCO
Norman L.ScottsdaleAZ
Odalys A.LindenhurstNY
Olga M.HooverAL
Olga G.North WindhamCT
Olin B.GreerSC
Olivia & Carolina L.San JoseCA
Olivier L.San DiegoCA
Ophelia R.SacramentoCA
Orlando V.SparksNV
Orvin K.WichitaKS
Osvaldo M.TampaFL
Otis J.HoustonTX
Otis P.CloverSC
Pam S.Las VegasNV
Pam S.WoodbridgeVA
Pam B.WayneNJ
Pam B.ColumbusOH
Pamela P.DanvilleCA
Pamela S.Sugar LandTX
Pamela W.Long BeachCA
Pamela B.HoustonTX
Pat E.PhoenixAZ
Pat S.BellaireTX
Pat J.DouglasvilleGA
Pat S.NashuaNH
Patrice P.SacramentoCA
Patricia B.TampaFL
Patricia C.JacksonvilleFL
Patricia M.BronxNY
Patricia E.ColumbiaSC
Patricia R.KilleenTX
Patricia E.TampaFL
Patricia G.ClearwaterFL
Patricia V.Chapel HillNC
Patricia G.ElginIL
Patricia P.KirklandWA
Patricia H.RichardsonTX
Patricia W.KennesawGA
Patricia S.ColumbusOH
Patrick S.WellingtonFL
Patrick L.ChamblyQC
Patrick W.Santa ClaraCA
Patrick R.MesaAZ
Patrick H.BurbankCA
Patrick M.Garnet ValleyPA
Patsy J.SumterSC
Paul M.Idaho SpringsCO
Paul L.BaltimoreMD
Paul S.BaltimoreMD
Paul D.BridgewaterMA
Paul H.SeymourTN
Paul Q.Fort CollinsCO
Paul P.Wake ForestNC
Paul H.Palm DesertCA
Paul D.MiddleburgFL
Paul S.AustinTX
Paul P.OrlandoFL
Paul D.HutchinsonKS
Paul S.BerwickPA
Paul L.Gold CanyonAZ
Paul H.CalgaryAB
Paul & Janet D.BedfordTX
Paula F.RenoNV
Paula M.San AntonioTX
Paulette P.Winter GardenFL
Paulina C.KiheiHI
Pearl & Amber M.MesaAZ
Pedro P.WestonFL
Penelope H.Mission ViejoCA
Perry B.SeviervilleTN
Pete H.FernleyNV
Pete O.Carson CityNV
Peter B.GrotonCT
Peter P.CupertinoCA
Peter W.FolsomCA
Peter B.WinfieldIL
Phil S.West ChesterOH
Philip U.CalgaryAB
Philip V.SalisburyNC
Philip C.MaryvilleTN
Phillip S.South BendIN
Phillip Y.SalisburyNC
Phyllis R.AlbuquerqueNM
Phyllis C.SmyrnaGA
Plamen A.AbbostfordBC
Priscilla W.SouthfieldMI
Priscilla M.Melrose ParkIL
Providencia Q.BrooklynNY
Purwati S.MeridenCT
Rachelle B.San AntonioTX
Raj R.Owings MillsMD
Rajinish J.ChillicotheOH
Ralph & Sue P.Port CharlotteFL
Ramesh B.AustinTX
Randy G.CypressCA
Randy G.WashougalWA
Raquel L.San DiegoCA
Raquel M.San AntonioTX
Ray O.PalmettoFL
Ray M.FremontCA
Ray O.AntelopeCA
Raymond E.RenoNV
Raymond S.Silver SpringMD
Raymond S.Silver SpringMD
Rebecca B.Sandy SpringsGA
Rebecca S.ActonCA
Rebecca P.ChesapeakeVA
Rebecca M.KalamazooMI
Rebekah R.RosevilleCA
Regina H.LennonMI
Regina C.Fort MyersFL
Regina A.SalemNH
Reginald G.GalvestonTX
Reginald Y.HonoluluHI
Reiling C.Cherry HillNJ
Renae W.VenetaOR
Rene S.ClaremontCA
Renee W.Laurel SpringsNJ
Renee P.Wake ForestNC
Retha M.PortlandOR
Reuben N.ArlingtonTN
Revance H.MilwaukeeWI
Rhea B.VancouverWA
Rhonda K.Mount SinaiNY
Rhonda P.Buffalo GroveIL
Rhonda P.MilpitasCA
Ricardo L.ClarkNJ
Ricardo & Karla T.MiamiFL
Rich L.Spring LakeMI
Rich L.Spring LakeMI
Richard S.TucsonAZ
Richard M.Fort SmithAR
Richard C.LawrencevilleGA
Richard M.SandwichMA
Richard N.NoviMI
Richard S.AnchorageAK
Richard S.HaywardCA
Richard K.StoughtonMA
Richard & Jana A.RosharonTX
Rick B.GilbertAZ
Rick S.Vero BeachFL
Rick C.BendOR
Ricky L.PhoenixAZ
Rob G.CypressCA
Rob T.BradentonFL
Robert W.FlintMI
Robert T.Pacific PalisadesCA
Robert H.GainesvilleFL
Robert R.Las CrucesNM
Robert S.MississaugaON
Robert H.ClintonTN
Robert T.SandyUT
Robert W.MaricopaAZ
Robert H.VancouverWA
Robert B.PhoenixAZ
Robert H.FentonMO
Robert S.TampaFL
Robert M.LittletonCO
Robert L.TulsaOK
Robert L.RenoNV
Robert W.EncinoCA
Robert W.RosevilleCA
Robert V.Mission ViejoCA
Robert S.CincinnatiOH
Robert H.OlympiaWA
Robert F.GilbertAZ
Robert C.CarrolltonVA
Robert C.BufordGA
Robert B.ChicagoIL
Robert J.EverettWA
Robert S.ShorelineWA
Robert B.FishersIN
Roberta E.WarwickRI
Roberto R.MiddleburgFL
Robin D.MesaAZ
Robin B.MariettaGA
Rodney B.Cape CoralFL
Rodney S.Cutler BayFL
Rodney F.JacksonMI
Rodney G.TroyMI
Roger H.AuroraCO
Roger T.CoarsegoldCA
Roger M.Santa MariaCA
Rohit M.MillburnNJ
Ron B.Las VegasNV
Ron B.Myrtle BeachSC
Ron D.Highlands RanchCO
Ron S.RosevilleCA
Ron T.El CajonCA
Ronald T.TexarkanaAR
Ronaye C.BellevueWA
Ronnie R.HuttoTX
Ronnie E.LenexaKS
Roo C.DeltaBC
Rosa S.RaleighNC
Rosalie R.GibbstownNJ
Rosalyn H.JamaicaNY
Rosamelia L.BonitaCA
Rosanne & Marylynn M.New YorkNY
Roscoe B.ChicagoIL
Rose S.Seal BeachCA
Rose S.ProvidenceRI
Rose Marie V.MolallaOR
Rose Marie J.RichmondCA
Roselyn F.GilbertAZ
Roslyn G.BronxNY
Roxana U.Fort LauderdaleFL
Roy P.GarlandTX
Roy S.Woodland HillsCA
Roy T.RigbyID
Roy B.DavisCA
Roy P.VancouverWA
Ruby M.Grand RapidsMI
Ruggero S.WillowbrookIL
Russell S.PortlandOR
Russell W.IndianapolisIN
Russell C.BrooklynNY
Ruth B.CalgaryAB
Ruth C.TaurangaNZ
Ryan A.NewcastleWA
Ryan F.StandishMI
Ryan A.RoselleIL
Sabina P.RichmondCA
Sacheen S.EscondidoCA
Saira S.FayettevilleNC
Sakina A.New YorkNY
Salem N.RentonWA
Saliyo A.SarasotaFL
Sally R.WatkinsvilleGA
Sam S.StoughtonMA
Samuel G.PaysonAZ
Sanchia C.CharlotteNC
Sandi E.CarbondaleCO
Sandra D.DentonNE
Sandra P.Burr RidgeIL
Sandra & Lewis R.AlbuquerqueNM
Sandy B.Grand JunctionCO
Sandy N.CalgaryAB
Sandy & Herbert M.King GeorgeVA
Sara S.TorontoON
Sarah B.MontroseCO
Sarah B.DenverCO
Sarah B.Pinellas ParkFL
Scott R.NampaID
Scott D.BrentwoodCA
Scott E.NoblesvilleIN
Scott H.WilmingtonMA
Scott & Mary Anne S.OrlandoFL
Selvyn J.KernersvilleNC
Sengamphone S.HopkinsMN
Serge R.Dsrt Hot SpringsCA
Sergio F.Los AngelesCA
Shailesh I.AuroraIL
Shana K.SouthlakeTX
Shankar G.FriscoTX
Sharan C.StockbridgeGA
Sharmane R.AuroraCO
Sharon M.West LinnOR
Sharon S.Del ValeTX
Sharon C.TruckeeCA
Sharon D.Cape CoralFL
Sharon M.CarlsbadCA
Shaun C.cochraneAB
Shauna G.GoodyearAZ
Shauntell F.CantonOH
Shavone K.PearlandTX
Shawn E.TucsonAZ
Shawn G.BellevilleIL
Shawna W.NorfolkVA
Shayne F.Chula VistaCA
Sheila J.BelfairWA
Sheila D.PlantationFL
Sheila G.PensacolaFL
Sheila T.SpringTX
Sheila W.Mine HillNJ
Shelby S.LewisvilleTX
Sheldon S.CalgaryAB
Sheri F.PleasantonCA
Sheri H.Grand JunctionCO
Sherri W.ComptonCA
Sherrie M.KilleenTX
Shirelle E.BloomfieldNJ
Shirley S.Portersville PA
Shirley L.TukwilaWA
Shorai S.ChandlerAZ
Shu-i C.OkemosMI
Silvia G.Kansas CityMO
Simon M.LansingIL
Skyler S.FarmingtonUT
Sonja P.Colorado SpringsCO
Stacey M.SurpriseAZ
Stan M.DenverCO
Stan B.WayneNJ
Stanley R.Colorado SpringsCO
Stefan M.Las VegasNV
Stella A.LawrencevilleGA
Stephan A.FayettevilleGA
Stephanie M.LouisvilleKY
Stephanie S.San RamonCA
Stephanie & Walter J.ChantillyVA
Stephen K.Mount SinaiNY
Stephen I.GaithersburgMD
Stephen M.KeenesburgCO
Stephen B.YakimaWA
Stephen S.HamptonVA
Stephen S.San MateoCA
Stephen & Terry F.Terra CeiaFL
Steve P.StocktonCA
Steve S.Los GatosCA
Steve P.MilwaukeeWI
Steve J.HollisterCA
Steve M.TucsonAZ
Steve S.Chula VistaCA
Steve N.San DiegoCA
Steve P.PalmettoFL
Steve S.Chula VistaCA
Steve M.Colorado SpringsCO
Steve L.Las VegasNV
Steve J.South JordanUT
Steve C.Haltom CityTX
Steve S.San RamonCA
Steven W.RochesterWA
Steven T.SeattleWA
Steven S.AuroraCO
Steven E.Maple ValleyWA
Steven W.ParamusNJ
Steven T.KingslandGA
Steven S.GranbyMA
Steven K.BrooksvilleFL
Subramanian P.PleasantonCA
Sue Ellen O.MinneapolisMN
Sunday M.WashingtonDC
Surinder A.FlossmoorIL
Susan G.Colorado SpringsCO
Susan H.MontgomeryAL
Susan H.AlbuquerqueNM
Susan M.Mission ViejoCA
Susan B.ValricoFL
Susan N.HuntersvilleNC
Susan M.DenverCO
Susan K.LaieHI
Susan & Richard H.RowlettTX
Susana C.BaysideNY
Syed Anwar A.EdmontonAB
Sylvain J.EdmontonAB
Sylvain C.NaplesFL
Sylvia L.Los AngelesCA
Tabb B.Orange ParkFL
Tajuana C.WashingtonDC
Tamara W.Palm CityFL
Tami F.SimpsonvilleSC
Tammy M.ColumbusOH
Tanya R.Atlantic HighlandsNJ
Tanya & Lisa L.Fort WorthTX
Tara C.ArdrossanAB
Tara S.TempeAZ
Taylor B.Las VegasNV
Tecla F.Apache JunctionAZ
Ted V.ConcordCA
Teresa A.FontanaCA
Teri B.GilbertAZ
Teri K.LivoniaMI
Terilyn S.Colorado SpringsCO
Terrance F.Studio CityCA
Terrance L.HuntsvilleAL
Terri W.DickinsonTX
Terry M.SpringdaleAR
Terry B.Oklahoma CityOK
Terry M.MesquiteTX
Theresa C.AvondaleAZ
Theresa W.Cathedral CityCA
Theron L.West JordanUT
Thomas B.JacksonvilleFL
Thomas J.EndicottNY
Thomas L.ColumbiaMD
Thomas M.Palm HarborFL
Thomas H.Winter HavenFL
Thomas K.DunedinFL
Thomas F.BedfordTX
Thomas O.GlenviewIL
Thomas B.Wesley ChapelFL
Thurlow D.LeominsterMA
Thyra D.SurpriseAZ
Tifei H.Peachtree CornersGA
Tim L.CovingtonWA
Tim M.ColumbusOH
Timothy M.New BraunfelsTX
Timothy H.MukilteoWA
Tina C.Providence ForgeVA
Tina P.DahlonegaGA
Todd C.Fort CollinsCO
Tom W.CincinnatiOH
Tom N.EdmondsWA
Tom M.ChesterfieldMO
Tom H.SparksNV
Tom F.San JoseCA
Tom F.SimpsonvilleSC
Tom J.MississaugaON
Tom C.LakevilleMN
Tom D.PerryMI
Tom A.KimberlyID
Tom G.Kansas CityMO
Toney C.VancouverWA
Tonjala E.LansingMI
Tony H.AtlantaGA
Tony D.Cedar SpringsMI
Tonya S.Missouri CityTX
Toraya & Mike M.Lake StevensWA
Tracie G.AddisonTX
Tracy G.O FallonIL
Tracy P.ManchesterNH
Travis B.Sandy SpringsGA
Trece L.HarrisburgNC
Treva B.KatyTX
Trevor A.CantonGA
Tricia M.Vernon HillsIL
Troy K.RichmondVA
Troy L.ZeelandMI
Troy W.WillardMO
Trudy R.KeenesburgCO
Turk & Jackie B.newbornGA
Ty T.San DiegoCA
Ursula M.Baton RougeLA
Vaite B.ProvidenceRI
Valerie C.Highlands RanchCO
Valerie C.BronxNY
Valerie B.SantaquinUT
Vanessa M.PhoenixAZ
Vanessa R.Apple ValleyCA
Vanima L.Rego ParkNY
Vernal R.CaldwellID
Verneka M.HendersonvilleTN
Veronica D.JacksonvilleFL
Veronica C.TylerTX
Veronique M.SuperiorCO
Vickie B.FriendswoodTX
Victor L.Feasterville TrevosePA
Victor S.OxnardCA
Victoria V.EspanolaNM
Victoria V.LansingMI
Victoria J.BecidaMN
Vina B.SpringTX
Vincent L.ArlingtonTN
Virgil C.CrawfordvilleFL
Virgilio V.DarienIL
Virginia O.PalmettoFL
Virginia & Rodney F.RialtoCA
Vivek G.PleasantonCA
Vivien E.New YorkNY
Vladimir T.North LibertyIA
Wade D.FruitaCO
Wade V.ChandlerAZ
Walker A.FayettevilleGA
Walter L.ChattanoogaTN
Walter W.ColumbusOH
Walter L.PinecrestFL
Walter E.Cottage GroveOR
Wanda P.CantonGA
Wanda G.Staten IslandNY
Wanda & Terry S.RichardsonTX
Warren G.Grand PrairieTX
Waru W.WashingtonDC
Wendell Q.RenoNV
Wendy T.RiversideCA
Wendy J.BellevueWA
Whitney D.BraseltonGA
Will H.AshburnVA
Willard W.Las VegasNV
William R.New HavenCT
William R.New HavenCT
William G.PensacolaFL
William S.BradentonFL
William S.Pinellas ParkFL
William A.BowieMD
William K.YorkPA
William L.LouisvilleKY
William M.BronxNY
William G.YorkPA
William T.GaithersburgMD
William C.MillikenCO
William A.Country Club HillsIL
William S.ChesapeakeVA
William D.Orland ParkIL
William H.LovelandOH
William C.LynnwoodWA
William D.AuroraCO
Willie M.San BernardinoCA
Willie B.North Little RockAR
Willie J.BoulderCO
Yasuko F.FishersIN
Yayu C.ThorntonCO
Yolanda V.MesquiteTX
Yolanda H.SacramentoCA
Yolanda B.Upper MarlboroMD
Yoram G.PortlandOR
Yuriy P.UnionvilleON
Yvonne V.Colorado SpringsCO
Zachary W.WoodbridgeVA
Zachary D.LoomisCA
Zelda V.DarienIL
Dolores G.WarwickRI
Brad J.Fountain HillsAZ
Trish M.Fountain HillsAZ
Ravi & Nidhi S.FairfaxVA
Nicole M.BrooklynNY
Nicole K.TucsonAZ
Todd B.OrlandoFL
Victoria H.PawtucketRI
James C.East IslipNY
Don P.Wesley ChapelFL
Don R.ReginaSK
Donahue R.DouglasvilleGA
Donald J.SouthgateMI
Donald L.TorontoON
Donald L.Kansas CityMO
Rick & Nancy M. RiverviewFL
Doug W.CalgaryAB
Paul G.PeoriaAZ
Karla W.GreenbackTN
Daniel W.GreenbackTN
Dwight L.HopewellVA
Ryan D.FairfaxVA
Kimberly J.JacksonvilleFL
Leighanne E. & Sondra B.AtlantaGA
Brian N.HoustonTX
Jeff W.GermantownMD
Chloe B.EustisFL
Janet B.EustisFL
Dwight D.CalgaryAB
Dwight L.HopewellVA
Donald K.IndioCA
Nick A.GreshamOR
Nicholas I.MontclairNJ
Nicholas WRowlettTX
Niko S.TulsaOK
Debbie S.Fort WorthTX
Randy S.KellerTX
Daryl N.Lake ForestCA
Newell R.TampaFL
Donald W.White PlainsNY
Donn H.VallejoCA
Deborah B.FairfieldCA
Donna H.WakefieldMA
Stan H.WakefieldMA
Nelda T.HudsonFL
Shannan T.DenverCO
Nathaniel GTallahasseeFL
Nancy S.Pinella ParkFL
Donna P.Glenn HeightsTX
Nicole G.Glenn HeightsTX
Myron B.Van Buren TwpMI
Donna M.DenverCO
Donna P.DetroitMI
Mureka C.LelandNC
Donnie R.BellinghamWA
Ed W.NorfolkVA
Wendy A.BradentonFL
Mona H.FlorissantMO
Mohammad A.San AntonioTX
Miles M.HiloHI
Ed C.San JoseCA
Edgar J.Mission ViejoCA
Edgardo A.New YorkNY
Edward F.North Fort MyersFL
Mike P.LakewoodCO
Edna B.LakewoodCO
Edward H.St PetersburgFL
Edwin M.NepeanON
Doreen D.YonkersNY
Elaina R.Willow SpringsIL
Elaine B.WailukuHI
Elba N.Colorado SpringsCO
Eleanor W.Loma LindaCA
Richard Y. WestminsterMD
Ernest M.InvernessFL
Shamaila U.FairfaxVA
William & Berta C.Chula VistaCA
Angela C.BirminghamAL
Beverly S.Belle IsleFL
Charles H.ArlingtonVA
Mike B.ArlingtonVA
Scott W.Oak HarborWA
Dana O.WestminsterCO
Omar M.MiamiFL
Rick N.GilbertAZ
Gary & Tina C.PhoenixAZ
Scott M.ThatcherAZ
Chad D.Port OrchardWA
Dyanne B.WaipahuHI
Marie N.Pearl CityHI
Elizabeth A.GrahamWA
Elizabeth K.Saint LouisMO
Elizabeth R.TroutmanNC
Elizabeth S.ArvadaCO
Doug & Susan S.JacksonvilleFL
Jayne S.OaklandCA
Nancy T.El CerritoCA
Michelle S.MilpitasCA
Elizabeth B.MiltonMA
Michelle C.College ParkMD
Chad & Emelie D.Port OrchardWA
Michael & Cheryl P.ThorntonCO
Jeff M.WalnutCA
Michael M.Laguna NiguelCA
Michael L.LivingstonTX
Michael M.Park RidgeIL
Jedrel V.EdmontonAB
Eric C.HonoluluHI
Eric & Graciela G.HesperiaCA
Eric G.DorchesterMA
Elena P.RichlandWA
Michael D.ChandlerAZ
Vance & Meri Ann W.StuartFL
Emmanuel F.TorranceCA
Eric K.Federal WayWA
Melissa G.NeptuneNJ
Al A.FremontCA
Andrew & Leigh Ann K.Highlands RanchCO
Arvonne L.AuroraCO
Claudiu B.FredericksburgVA
Robert G.PelhamNY
Victoria K.ChandlerAZ
Randy & Cindy R.Mission ViejoCA
Jennifer H.MiamiFL
Gary S.Las VegasNV
Pam J.Fort CollinsCO
Rick & Minerva I.ChinoCA
Tom S.LondonOH
Greg W.Severna ParkMD
Denis B.Las VegasNV
Scott S.RenoNV
Whitney M.El MonteCA
Joseph H.WaldorfMD
Grace C.Las VegasNV
Monica N.Round RockTX
Marilyn I.DallasTX
Rephina L.San FranciscoCA
Guillermo V.Round Lake BeachIL
Lorraine Z.New Port RicheyFL
Edward & Christine L.WestburyNY
Vicky M.WanaqueNJ
Eric L.RentonWA
Eric P.SlidellLA
Eric S.GaltLA
Phil K.ConroeTX
Erick F.Sun ValleyCA
Erin M.SkokieIL
Ermine T.Lauderdale LakesFL
Ernie S.Kansas CityMO
Mike D.Oregon CityOR
Erika D.RomulusMI
Ernesto L.VancouverBC
Esther O.Virginia BeachVA
Cheryl R.Winter GardenFL
Matthew S.HernandoFL
Esther M.OakvilleON
John M.OakvilleON
Matthew K.RaleighNC
Farhaan D.OttawaON
Farnaz Z.Sugar LandTX
Jeff S.Mission ViejoCA
Corey G.Laguna HillsCA
Esha S.Silver SpringsMD
Fitzroy P.St. ThomasVI
Gail H.St. ThomasVI
Jacquelin S.BedfordOH
Nestor F.Chula VistaCA
Fred C.GainsvilleFL
Gabino N.TucsonAZ
Deanna N.TucsonAZ
Mary F.AtlantaGA
Feng Fiona C.Canyon CountryCA
Esther R.MiamiFL
Erline C.HonoluluHI
Norman H.HonoluluHI
Mary C.The WoodlandsTX
Mary Ann M.BremertonWA
Frank P.El CajonCA
Fleming S.Oakwood VillageOH
Franklin S. ProsperTX
Francillia F.SacramentoCA
Marta S.DenverCO
Marlon R.WellingtonFL
Robert H.WaukeganIL
Fred S.Great FallsVA
Frederick P.East LansingMI
Marleen CUrbanaMD
Gabe C.OremUT
Dallin T.Saratoga SpringsUT
Gabriel S.TamuningGU
Mary W.BaytownTX
Maria Z.BaytownTX
Margaret G.The WoodlandsTX
Marcia M.KearnyNJ
Felmar P.WaipahuHI
Furat B.South San FranciscoCA
Paula G.DenverCO
Martha . P.HaverhillMA
Gail B.WashingtonDC
Gail M.AuroraIL
Don M.AuroraIL
Gail M.Lake MaryFL
John M.Lake MaryFL
Lori M.Jacksonville BeachFL
Gary B.KalaheoHI
Gary H.EveshamNJ
Gary M.Toms RiverNJ
Gary W.ClovisCA
Genevieve C.MaderCA
George F.DallasTX
George K.KeaauHI
Maggie S.RoswellGA
Lyne B.GloucesterON
Gary S.PeabodyMA
Gene S.JacksonsvilleFL
George P.Vero BeachFL
George R.BronxNY
George R.TemeculaCA
Gerald G.BellinghamWA
Thumper B.Los AngelesCA
Janel A.San FranciscoCA
Sandra W.AtlantaGA
Glenda I.OrlandoFL
Irene S.PasadenaCA
Almira S.ArcadiaCA
Jacqui M.NewarkDE
Wade F.FremontNE
Lewis H.AntelopeCA
Ted S.Sierra MadreCA
Ingrid J.ArlingtonVA
Ed Z.EugeneOR
Lynette A.AlexandriaVA
Michael & Amy M.DentonTX
Matt L.SavannahGA
Carl S.AlexandriaVA
Gabriel L.CalabasasCA
Jenny P.KahuluiHI
Glenn L.South DartmouthMA
Lorrie C.AlexandriaVA
Gloria A.BloomingtonCA
Keppler A.BloomingtonCA
Gerard M.HudsonFL
Gregory B.PhiladelphiaPA
Gary G.MesaAZ
Amanda M.MesaAZ
Lori M.GenoaNV
Gonzalo R.San AntonioTX
Greg G.PhiladelphiaPA
Lonnie R.Silver SpringsNV
Grethel P.MontrealQC
Greg M.Santa ClaritaCA
Erick D.HoustonTX
Gerald M.ScituateMA
Linda R.HoustonTX
Glenna F.ApopkaFL
Jerry F.ApopkaFL
Frank H.PasadenaCA
Gizela G.ParsippanyNJ
Greg M.MasonMI
Glenn K.AnchorageAK
Greg P.SacramentoCA
Guillermo C.LafayetteIN
Guillermo B.LortonVA
Hal F.North HollywoodCA
Halina O.Park RidgeIL
Hans S.AventuraFL
Beverly H.Port OrangeFL
Harbhajan G.MooresvilleNC
Trishwant G.MooresvilleNC
Hari K.SurreyBC
Harold P.Orange ParkFL
Zolena P.Orange ParkFL
Victor A.SarasotaFL
Victoria G.Lake ArrowheadCA
Cory W.LeesburgVA
Harry M.MidvaleUT
Haydee G.AstoriaNY
David M.SpringTX
Heidi R.BloomingtonIN
Ron R.BloomingtonIN
Helen L.GreenfieldWI
Gaige P.ChandlerAZ
Sylvie P.EdmontonAB
Valerie G.CalgaryAB
Ruben V.TemeculaCA
Andrea M.AlexandriaVA
Jean M.AlexandriaVA
Devon C.EdmontonAB
Tim H.Ponca CityOK
April S.San DiegoCA
Darren H.CantonGA
Chantal M.CalgaryAB
Sarah B.Huntington BeachCA
Allan B.Huntington BeachCA
Mike S.Spring ValleyCA
Juan P.Queen CreekAZ
Rick S.TucsonAZ
Jack S.RichmondMN
Peter H.CalgaryAB
Concepcion M.San AntonioTX
Roberto P.ScottsdaleAZ
Lilian K.BerthoudCO
Jackie S.Oklahoma CityOK
Trista P.Grand JunctionCO
Earl R.CliftonCO
Reba M.LenexaKS
Tara P.ChandlerAZ
Cynthia L.PhoenixAZ
Huong T.Battle GroundWA
Greg Y.Battle GroundWA
Indravadan T.GaithersburgMD
Dharmishta T.GaithersburgMD
Holly M.MedfordNY
Deborah S.HoltsvilleNY
Hungsoon P.SeattleWA
Hoss F.San RamonCA
Ian B.EverettWA
Humberto V.DunwoodyGA
Howard M.Prescott ValleyAZ
Sanjay P.OrlandoFL
Jeffrey J.MesquiteTX
Cynthia G.LovelandCO
Jeff C.PhoenixAZ
Carter A.GoodyearAZ
Kimberly A.GoodyearAZ
Ihor W.CalgaryAB
Henry M.Bonita SpringsFL
Isaac P.AcampoCA
Tienn H.PhiladelphiaPA
Ishmat W.Bryn MawrPA
Jack C.New YorkNY
Jackie W.LaureltonNY
Jacob M.KealakekuaHI
Vickie B.Cedar HillTX
Wayne B.Cedar HillTX
Mike H.EnumclawWA
William H.EnumclawWA
Harry M.LoganvilleGA
Tara K.New HavenCT
Saji F.OrlandoFL
Wendy K.FredericksburgVA
Aminda K.RockvilleMD
Ross M.MesaAZ
Laura M.MesaAZ
William G.ChesterVA
Chadana K.Red OakTX
Sapphire B.Red OakTX
Anthony C.OaklandCA
Marree J.OaklandCA
Mary B.HoustonTX
Laurene F.Sun CityAZ
Robert F.Sun CityAZ
Jackie A.TucsonAZ
David H.Newport NewsVA
James G.LancasterCA
James A.Los AngelesCA
Gary E.LancasterCA
James J.CincinnatiOH
Amanda P.BeltsvilleMD
John M.MelbourneFL
Eve M.MelbourneFL
Terri K.YakimaWA
Shari L.Tinley ParkIL
Alison G.BrooklynNY
Anisia P.ScottsdaleAZ
Olinda R.San Tan ValleyAZ
Jayme W.RenoNV
Jade T.RenoNV
Marilen K.GilbertAZ
John & Diana B.UniontownOH
Joseph S.HoustonTX
Isadora T.HoustonTX
Ryan R.EriePA
Steve P.CincinnatiOH
Carol K.CliftonCO