Advisory Board

At Response, we believe and treat our customer as our greatest asset. As such, we have a real estate and stock customer advisory board. We work closely with our board members, soliciting their feedback on the market pulse and how we are doing as a company. Many of our advisory board members have successfully completed transactions.
Response real estate workshops

Advisory board attendance criteria

Real Estate

  • Customer for more than three months
  • Attended a live Boots on the Ground
  • Attended a Real Estate Deal Lab


  • Customer for more than three months
  • Attended a live Trade Master Lab
  • Attended an Elite Retreat or Expo

Paul S.

“Walking in here to Response adds a lot of credibility- the place is really, really nice. They keep raising the bar as far as the speakers go.”

Are you interested in:

  • Learning from your peers
  • Sharing your insights
  • Learning new tips and tricks
  • Sharpening your skills
  • Giving back
  • Paying it forward

Then click here to become a member of our Advisory Board.

Vanima L.

“The education at Response is set up in such a way that anyone could build upon- but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”
Response real estate training
Response real estate workshops

Requirements for members

Real Estate

  • 3+ months in the program
  • Live attendance at both:
    • Boots on the Ground
    • Real Estate Deal Lab
  • Active Investor:
    • Working with agents
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Making and submitting offers


  • 3+ months in the program
  • Live attendance at both:
    • TML
    • Elite Retreat
  • Active Investor:
    • Working with agents
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Paper and live trading
  • Customer Name: Martin P.
  • Customer ID: D45LW
  • Location: E Stroudsburg, PA

"I got this deal from a bandit sign- I had no intention on keeping this deal. I had a couple investors come by, and no one liked it. We put some work into it by using private money, wrote up the contract using the coach Response provided, and we flipped it successfully in 17 days for our asking price."

  • Customer Name: Reen W.
  • Customer ID: Z537F
  • Location: Pawleys Island, SC

"I have had a successful career in residential real estate sales (including ownership in 2 companies) of almost 30 years. Background skills includes contract negotiation, prospecting, land development, and new home construction. Now living in Pawleys Island, SC with my wife Linda. Our foal area runs from Maryland to South Carolina. Looking to do land development, fix and flips, and wholesale deals."

  • Customer Name: Doug & Deborah D.
  • Customer ID: GKV8P & SG54X
  • Location: Prior Lake, MN

"We started in the Real Estate business here in MN just one year ago when we came to your seminar. Through the training we received at the Boots on the Ground we were able to purchase one of our investment properties way below the asking price. Now, we have real estate agents working for us to find properties in our price range. Because of the training we received with Response, we are able to quickly move on the right properties."

  • Customer Name: Doug L.
  • Customer ID: JCT3V
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ

"I've been in real estate for 15 years. I have a vacation property in our city and I'm currently looking for additional vacation properties. Financial freedom is why I've invested in real estate. I attended the 3-day workshop, then Boots on the Ground, and applied everything I learned from those classes, and within two days we had two investors. We couldn't thank Response enough."

  • Customer Name: Bopanna B.
  • Customer ID: NW6RP
  • Location: Albuquerque, NM

"I've owned a couple of rental properties, but I never did take the next step of owning and wholesaling, and had never flipped homes before. After the live event, I had a house and contacted several people to try and wholesale and I got several different responses and that was helpful to close the deal. The first purchase was really fast. I found a way to do it- it has been a really positive experience, and has been much better compared to the way I used to invest in real estate."

  • Customer Name: Robb A.
  • Customer ID: R763K
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

"We wanted to maximize our yield and money so we worked with investors and agents who would go to work for us in helping find the best properties that met those requirements. We knew it was best to work smarter not harder to be able to accomplish our goals. The two most recent properties we had the most success with were the properties we were able to flip quickly and with not much rehab expenses, and we were able to do this because of our Response education. Get our there and take that leap of faith."

Current Advisory Board Members
  • = Current Ambassador

Ambassador: Our ambassadors are among our most respected and favorable customers. They have not only completed the curriculum and successfully completed transactions, but they have become representatives of the brand and the education to our prospective students. They participate and volunteer their time at our events to help answer questions and give real life stories of how the education has helped them accomplish their goals.

Aaron C.
Peterborough, NH
Adam C.Atlanta, GA
Adam T.Covina, CA
Adanu J.Chestermere, AB
Adeleke O.Grand Prairie, TX
Adrian B.Victoria, Toorak
Adrian J.White Rock, BC
Adrienne B.Riviera Beach, FL
Ajit S.Orange, NJ
Al (william) R.Austin, TX
Alan D.Madison, SD
Alan S.Highlands Ranch, CO
Alberta R.Tomball, TX
Alecia B.Seatac, WA
Alexander K.Hoover, AL
Alexis M.Alameda, CA
Alfredo M.San Diego, CA
Alfredo V.Toronto, ON
Alice A.Dewey, AZ
Alice P.Basseterre, St Kitts
Alice W.Houston, TX
Alicia O.Elmont, NY
Alicia R.Newman, GA
Alicia Y.Curepe, TT
Alina F.Hialeah, FL
Alina S.San Antonio, TX
Allain C.Bonnyville, AB
Allan O.Menlo Park, CA
Allan S.Billerica, MA
Allen M.Lakeland, FL
Allison D.Kent, WA
Alphine F.Houston, TX
Amanda E.Sparks, NV
Amelia Y.Ottawa, ON
Amipeliasi H.Salt Lake City, UT
Ammon S.Colorado Springs, CO
Amreshni C.Raleigh, NC
Amy L.Melbourne Beach, FL
Amy S.Ponder, TX
Ana S.Temple City, CA
Anastacio T.Vallejo, CA
Andre B.Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Andrea B.Germantown, MD
Andrea J.London, ON
Andrea M.West Valley, UT
Andrew M.Chesterfield, VA
Andrew P.Saskatoon, SK
Andrew R.Nampa, ID
Andrew S.Ardrossan, AB
Andy F.Modesto, CA
Andy W.Jacksonville, FL
Aneice F.Chicago, IL
Anette A.Portsmouth, VA
Angela C.Alexandria, MN
Angela F.Indianapolis, IN
Anica K.Fort Worth, TX
Anil R.Parker, CO
Anita B.Victoria, Toorak
Anita C.Clinton, MD
Ann B.Fishers, IN
Ann D.Wyandotte, MI
Annamaria M.Tucson, AZ
Anne C.West Linn, OR
Anne D.The Woodlands, TX
Anne G.Lyungsbro, Sweden
Annette D.Tucson, AZ
Annette G.Sacramento, CA
Annette J.Memphis, TN
Annette V.Orlando, FL
Annie E.North Bend, WA
Anthony A.Katy, TX
Anthony B.Las Vegas, NV
Anthony N.Clarksville, TN
Anthony R.Lathrop, CA
April D.Missouri City, TX
Arleigh J.Philadelphia, PA
Arnold M.Espanola, NM
Arnold Y.Texas City, TX
Art W.McKinney, TX
Arturo D.Plantation, FL
Ashish S.Richmond, VA
Atiqur R.Glenview, IL
August K.Lehigh Acres, FL
Baky I.Ocala, FL
Bala Z.Chino Valley, AZ
Barbara K.Highspire, PA
Barbara L.Huntington Beach, CA
Barbara P.Denver, CO
Barbara S.Milwaukee, WI
Baris H.Walnut Creek, CA
Barry M.Corrales, NM
Becky L.Chandler, AZ
Ben A.Kimberly, WI
Ben C.Lithia, FL
Ben L.Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Benito S.Federal Heights, CO
Benjamin H.Maple Grove, MN
Bernard F.Ardmore, PA
Bertha O.Houston, TX
Beth D.Commerce City, CO
Beth F.Rogers, AR
Betty E.Twain Harte, CA
Betty F.Modesto, CA
Bettye P.Cordova, TN
Beverly F.Tampa, FL
Bill C.Regina, SK
Billie H.Vancouver, WA
Blanche H.Los Ranchos, NM
Bob H.Altoona, PA
Bob M.Scottsdale, AZ
Bobby T.Norman, OK
Bode F.MD City, TX
Bopanna B.Albuquerque, NM
Brad W.Upland, CA
Bradley C.Las Vegas, NV
Bradley F.Highland, UT
Brandy P.Eugene, OR
Brenda C.Philomath, OR
Brent B.Melbourne, FL
Bret B.Santaquin, UT
Brian K.Coquitlam, BC
Brian L.Fort Collins, CO
Brian R.Roseville, CA
Brian S.Athens, GA
Brittany K.Gilbertsville, PA
Brittany M.Highlands Ranch, CO
Bruce B.Colorado Springs, CO
Bruce M.Newport, VA
Butch O.Wichita Falls, TX
Calvin C.Pearland, TX
Camala T.Biola, CA
Candace F.Paxton, MA
Carl P.Grand Rapids, MI
Carlos H.Sacramento, CA
Carmen M.Miami Beach, FL
Carmine D.Longboat Key, FL
Carol B.Sharon, MA
Carol W.San Diego, CA
Carolyn S.Bermuda Dunes, CA
Carolynne D.Kapolei, HI
Carson F.Winnsboro, SC
Catherine D.Deerfield Beach, FL
Catherine K.Osceola, IN
Cathy J.Everett, WA
Charles B.Huntsville, AL
Charles D.Panama City Beach, FL
Charles G.Boerne, TX
Charles M.Rockaway Beach, NY
Charmaine K.Milford, NE
Cheryl B.Seattle, WA
Cheryl R.Livermore, CA
Cheryl S.West Palm Beach, FL
Cheryle D.Aurora, CO
Chesterfield B.Upper Marlboro, MD
Chris B.Sierra Vista, AZ
Christina G.Auburn, NY
Christina W.Eau Claire, WI
Christine C.Yardley, PA
Christine K.San Antonio, TX
Christine P.Granbury, TX
Christopher B.Tamarac, FL
Christopher C.New Germany, MN
Chuck S.Slidell, LA
Cindy J.Crowley, TX
Cindy S.Beaverton, OR
Cindy W.Middletown, OH
Clayton C.Cresco, PA
Clint C.Regina, SK
Cody W.Reading, PA
Corey L.Coon Rapids, MN
Cuc B.Garland, TX
Curtis C.Portland, OR
Curtis E.San Dimas, CA
Curtis L.Titusville, FL
Cynthia C.Sugar Land, TX
Dalal H.Las Vegas, NV
Dale H.Fort Worth, TX
Dameshia D.Houston, TX
Damian S.Valrico, FL
Dan K.Newcastle, WA
Dana C.Mukelteo, WA
Dana S.Tulsa, OK
Danery A.Norwalk, CA
Daniel F.Columbus, OH
Daniel P.Regina, SK
Danielle B.Spring, TX
Danny J.Joshua, TX
Darien C.Memphis, TN
Darlene F.Houston, TX
Darnielle T.Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Darpan H.Costa Mesa, CA
Darrell D.Saginaw, MI
Darryl R.Saint Louis, MO
Darwin K.Blue Springs, MO
David A.Littleton, CO
David C.Cape Coral, FL
David D.Los Angeles, CA
David G.Glendale, AZ
David H.Monsey, NY
David H.Otsego, MI
David R.Loveland, CO
David S.Mills River, NC
Dawn J.Ashley, IN
Deb B.Longmont, CO
Debbie E.Longmont, CO
Debbie G.Braunfels, TX
Deborah K.Tulsa, OK
Debra B.Haiku, HI
Debra S.Bothell, WA
Debra S.Stoughton, MA
Delfina M.Phoenix, AZ
Denise M.San Francisco, CA
Denisha S.Valrico, FL
Dennis B.Durham, NC
Dennis W.Centennial, CO
Derek G.South Windsor, CT
Derek S.San Francisco, CA
Derrick P.Fresno, CA
Diana B.Grand Junction, CO
Diana H.Glendale, AZ
Diane B.Trenton, MO
Diane P.Waasis, NB
Diane S.Marietta, GA
Dinah M.Calgary, AB
DJ L.Northridge, CA
Donna F.Taunton, MA
Donna S.Mount Laurel, NJ
Donnie S.Pflugerville, TX
Dorcelle H.Kentwood, MI
Dorothy N.Portland, OR
Doug D.Prior Lake, MN
Doug L.Scottsdale, AZ
Douglas B.Spring, TX
Drew U.Murrieta, CA
Dulcie H.Winnemucca, NV
Dusty F.Apache Junction, AZ
Dwaine A.Spring Hill, TN
Dwight J.Ypsilanti, MI
Earl S.Matteson, IL
Eddie P.Raleigh, NC
Edward F.Kansas City, KS
Edward H.Lincoln, RI
Edward M.Jacksonville, FL
Edward R.Parrish, FL
Eldon H.Oakland Park, FL
Elin S.Cape Coral, FL
Elisa L.Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth H.Gainesville, FL
Elizabeth M.Southfield, MI
Else D.Carson City, NV
Elvina B.Spring, TX
Emily B.Kennesaw, GA
Eric B.Davis Junction, IL
Eric C.Lawrenceville, GA
Eric L.Kansas City, MO
Eric S.Long Beach, CA
Eric T.New Bern, NC
Errol A.Suwanee, GA
Estelle B.Garner, NC
Ester T.El Paso, TX
Esther R.Battle Creek, MI
Eva R.Groesbeck, TX
Evan A.Surprise, AZ
Felicia B.Longmont, CO
Felicia T.Andover, MA
Felipe C.Pacifica, CA
Florencio S.Carson, CA
Frank B.West Palm Beach, FL
Frank C.Los Angeles, CA
Frank F.New Castle, IN
Frank P.Plumas Lake, CA
Frantz H.Jamaica, NY
Gary & Jill C.Beverly Hills, FL
Gary F.El Cajon, CA
Gary G.Lawrenceville, GA
Gary M.Laramie, WY
Gary S.Albuquerque, NM
Gaylin D.Merriville, IN
Gene P.Canton, GA
Genie G.Cypress, CA
George B.Sarasota, FL
George E.Saint Johns, FL
George G.Seguin, TX
George M.Tucson, AZ
George S.Foothill Ranch, CA
Gil B.Westerly, RI
Gilbert M.Elk Grove, CA
Ginger G.Reno, NV
Glenn H.Los Ranchos, NM
Glenn K.Framingham, MA
Gloria S.Guilford, CT
Glorimar G.Sterling, VA
Godfrey H.Brampton, ON
Gordon M.Seattle, WA
Govindarajan S.Cary, NC
Grace L.Richardson, TX
Grace P.Saint Cloud, FL
Greg D.Denver, NC
Gregory A.Colorado Springs, CO
Gregory B.Naples, FL
Gregory H.Daytona Beach, FL
Guntis L.Naples, FL
Haig J.Melbourne, FL
Haripriya P.Fremont, CA
Harold H.Albuquerque, NM
Harry H.Richmond, TX
Harry S.Gainesville, GA
Heather C.Indianapolis, IN
Helen A.Austell, GA
Helen L.Los Angeles, CA
Herman H.Glendale, AZ
Holly S.Kearns, UT
Ian H.Mesa, AZ
Ingrid C.San Bruno, CA
Iris M.Hampton, VA
Isabel W.Discovery Bay, CA
Ivis P.Durham, NC
Jack P.Las Cruces, NM
Jacob B.Fruita, CO
Jacob O.Houston, TX
Jacquelyn S.Desoto, TX
Jacynthe F.Osceola, IN
James B.Cape Coral, FL
James C.Toms River, NJ
James D.Coeur D Alene, ID
James D.Glenwood, NJ
James H.Riverdale, GA
James N.Los Angeles, CA
James P.Sterling Heights, MI
James S.Draper, UT
James T.Hewitt, NJ
Jan K.Scottsdale, AZ
Janet F.New Castle, IN
Janet J.Chandler, AZ
Janet M.Colorado Springs, CO
Janice K.Newberry, FL
Janita R.Vancouver, WA
Jason M.Tucson, AZ
Jay M.Roy, UT
Jay W.Forest City, NC
Jean M.Steilacoom, WA
Jeff E.Spirit Lake, ID
Jeff G.Torrance, CA
Jeff H.Portage, IN
Jeffrey T.Portland, OR
Jeffry S.Baton Rouge, LA
Jennifer F.Ventura, CA
Jennifer L.Waterford Works, NJ
Jens F.Hanahan, SC
Jerry S.Twain Harte, CA
Jessica M.Atlanta, GA
Jesus P.Manor, TX
Jim B.Garland, TX
Jim G.North Richland Hills, TX
Joan B.Hesperia, CA
Joan S.Pinellas Park, FL
Joanna B.Orlando, FL
Joanne H.Avon, OH
Joe A.Cuba City, WI
Joe J.Fremont, NE
Joe R.Jonesboro, AR
Joel M.Portland, OR
Joel V.Orlando, FL
John & Therese B.Plaquemine, LA
John A.Lake Elsinore, CA
John C.Colorado Springs, CO
John E.Norfolk, VA
John L.Huntington Beach, CA
John M.Orlando, FL
John S.Mesquite, TX
John V.Gig Harbor, WA
John W.Orlando, FL
Jolene B.Tacoma, WA
Jolene E.Candler, NC
Jon L.San Francisco, CA
Jon S.Anchorage, AK
Jon T.Robinson, TX
Jordan S.Machesney Park, IL
Jose I.Albuquerque, NM
Jose M.Doral, FL
Joseph D.Bentonville, AR
Joseph K.La Mesa, CA
Joseph V.Miramar, FL
Joseph W.Southfield, MI
Josia G.Meriden, CT
Josiah W.Oakland, CA
Josie H.Ewa Beach, HI
Joy C.Spring Lake, MI
Joyce J.Spanish Fork, UT
Joyce L.Grand Rapids, MI
Joyce M.Nashua, NH
Juan Carlos F.Arlington, VA
Juan Jose O.Harlingen, TX
Juan M.Mississauga, ON
Judy C.Chesapeake, VA
Julia S.Sebastopol, CA
Julie M.Boulder, CO
Justice G.Columbus, KS
Kane H.Escondido, CA
Karen B.Clearwater, FL
Karen F.Studio City, CA
Karen L.Pueblo, CO
Karen R.Ellenton, FL
Karen S.Lincoln, NE
Karl F.Davie, FL
Karlye R.Tulsa, OK
Kathleen M.Keizer, OR
Kathy C.Canton, MA
Kathy K.Nashville, TN
Kathy O.Livermore, CA
Kathy W.Ocala, FL
Katrice S.Mesquite, TX
Kecia H.Atlanta, GA
Keerti J.Garland, TX
Kei A.Carrboro, NC
Keith J.Las Vegas, NV
Kelly B.Spring, TX
Kelly R.Memphis, TN
Ken W.Albuquerque, NM
Kenneth D.Denton, NE
Kenneth P.Greensboro, NC
Kenneth R.North Port, FL
Kenny G.Centerville, UT
Kent R.Kankakee, IL
Kerry K.Milford, NE
Keshwan R.Raleigh, NC
Kevin B.Bowmanville, ON
Kevin d.W. Middleton, WI
Kevin H.Chewelah, WA
Kevin L.San Fernando, CA
Kevin S.La Salle, MB
Kevin T.Riverside, CA
Kevin W.Pasadena, CA
Khalid A.Antioch, TN
Kim F.Spokane, WA
Kim R.Las Vegas, NV
Kimberley N.Redwood City, CA
Kitani L.New Orleans, LA
Konrad K.Bakersfield, CA
Kris P.Fort Myers, FL
Kristian H.Saline, MI
Kristie F.Colorado Springs, CO
Kristina L.Cocoa, FL
Kyle D.Houston, TX
Kyle L.Zeeland, MI
Lamarr K.Tallahassee, FL
Lance B.Tamarac, FL
Larry F.Montrose, CO
Larry J.Cane Ridge, TN
Larry O.Universal City, TX
Latasha B.Cahokia, IL
Laura L.Highland Park, IL
Laura T.Covina, CA
Laurel E.Reno, NV
Lauri M.Canyon Country, CA
Laurie N.Colorado Springs, CO
Laverne W.Lakeland, FL
Lawrence P.Mississauga, ON
Lawrence R.Columbia, SC
Lawrence R.Jupiter, FL
Lawrence S.Chubbuck, ID
Lee H.Yuma, AZ
Leroy A.Belleville, IL
Lesley A.Huntington Station, NY
Leslie B.Lincoln, NE
Leslie F.Toronto, ON
Libia P.Norwalk, CA
Lichin M.Snohomish, WA
Lileth N.Snelville, GA
Lillian P.Atwater, CA
Linda H.Pearl River, NY
Linda O.Wilmington, DE
Linda T.Merrillville, IN
Lindsay W.Ukiah, CA
Lisa D.Denver, NC
Lisa M.Raymore, MO
Lisa R.Melrose, MA
Lordy N.Cambridge, ON
Lori & Larry G.Vail, AZ
Lori M.Culpeper, VA
Lory H.Keizer, OR
Luiliany M.Windham, CT
Luisa M.New York, NY
Lurrine M.Spring Valley, NY
Ly H.Cantonment, FL
Lydia T.Bargersville, IN
Lydia W.Flint, MI
Lynn S.Fort Worth, TX
Malcolm P.Everett, WA
Malissa C.Cocoa, FL
Mandy B.Catawba, NC
Manu A.Mont Kiara, MY
Mara Lee H.St George, UT
Marcia M.Murray, KY
Marcus R.Louisville, NE
Marcy B.Ellwood City, PA
Margaret G.Lakemoor, IL
Margaret M.Hinesville, GA
Margaret O.Des Moines, WA
Maria H.Lincoln, RI
Marina N.Manassas, VA
Marisa T.Corona, CA
Mark B.Las Vegas, NV
Mark B.Spring, TX
Mark D.Lincolnshire, IL
Mark E.Land O' Lakes, FL
Mark G.Appleton, WI
Mark S.St. Catharines, ON
Marlene D.Aurora, CO
Marta S.Denver, CO
Martha R.Centennial, CO
Martin H.Springfield, IL
Martin L.Escondido, CA
Marvin H.Bonita, CA
Mary Ann M.Lexington, SC
Mary Gay C.Fremont, CA
Mary V.Sheboygan, WA
Maryann E.Noblesville, IN
Mashonda W.Tampa, FL
Matt L.Napa, CA
Matt N.Belleville, IL
Matthew S.Hernando, FL
Mavis G.Regina, SK
Mecha C.Lansing, MI
Melissa N.Portage, IN
Mella M.Casselberry, FL
Melvin T.Aurora, CO
Mercy E.Waltham, MA
Merla M.Yakima, WA
Miao Q.Allentown, PA
Michael G.Hendersonville, NC
Michael K.Cedar Rapids, IA
Michael N.Woodstock, GA
Michael S.Elk Grove Village, IL
Michelle H.Lithia, FL
Michelle L.Upper Marlboro, MD
Michelle M.Denver, CO
Michelle P.Fresno, CA
Michelle R.Lansing, IL
Miguel C.Hialeah, FL
Mike D.Kuna, ID
Mike F.Flagstaff, AZ
Mike R.Kingston, OH
Mildred C.Miami lakes, FL
Mildred O.Bakersfield, CA
Miles N.Lake Havasu City, AZ
Molly B.Salem, OR
Monte M.Cantonment, FL
Myrtle A.Mississauga, ON
Nachosa H.Greensboro, NC
Nancy B.Pacheco, CA
Nancy K.York, PA
Nancy Z.Casa Grande, AZ
Natasha M.Brandywine, MD
Neil A.Seattle, WA
Nelly U.Waverly, NY
Nelson L.New Orleans, LA
Nicheole A.Ellicott City, MD
Nicholas D.Miami Gardens, FL
Nicholas M.Overland Park, KS
Nicole S.Island Park, NY
Nina E.Roseville, CA
Noel W.Lynchburg, VA
Norman M.Thousand Oaks, CA
Olin B.Greer, SC
Orvin K.Wichita, KS
Pamela S.Sugar Land, TX
Pamela W.Marietta, GA
Pat E.Phoenix, AZ
Patrice P.Sacramento, CA
Patricia B.Tampa, FL
Patricia C.Jacksonville, FL
Patricia E.Columbia, SC
Patricia G.Elgin, IL
Patricia M.Bronx, NY
Patrick L.Chambly, QC
Patrick S.Wellington, FL
Patsy J.Sumter, SC
Paul A.Brockton, MA
Paul D.Hutchinson, KS
Paul G.Lake Forest, CA
Paul H.Seymour, TN
Paul I.Broken Arrow, OK
Paul L.Baltimore, MD
Paul M.Idaho Springs, CO
Paul P.Wake Forest, NC
Paul Q.Fort Collins, CO
Paul S.Baltimore, MD
Paula F.Reno, NV
Paula H.Palm Desert, CA
Paulina C.Kihei, HI
Penny H.Riverview, FL
Perry B.Sevierville, TN
Pete O.Carson City, NV
Peter B.Groton, CT
Peter P.Cupertino, CA
Phillip S.South Bend, IN
Phillip Y.Salisbury, NC
Phyllis C.Smyrna, GA
Phyllis G.Dayton, OH
Phyllis R.Albuquerque, NM
Plamen A.Abbostford, BC
Priscilla W.Southfield, MI
Providencia Q.Brooklyn, NY
Rachelle B.San Antonio, TX
Randy G.Cypress, CA
Randy P.Airdrie, AB
Raquel L.San Diego, CA
Raquel M.San Antonio, TX
Ray O.Palmetto, FL
Raymond D.Chicago, IL
Raymond E.Reno, NV
Raymond P.Farmingdale, NJ
Rebecca B.Sandy Springs, GA
Rebekah R.Roseville, CA
Reen W.Stevensville, MD
Regina H.Lennon, MI
Reginald G.Galveston, TX
Rene S.Claremont, CA
Renee P.Wake Forest, NC
Renee W.Laurel Springs, NJ
Revance H.Milwaukee, WI
Rhea B.Vancouver, WA
Rhonda K.Mount Sinai, NY
Rhonda P.Buffalo Grove, IL
Ricardo L.Clark, NJ
Rich L.Spring Lake, MI
Richard S.Tucson, AZ
Robb A.Phoenix, AZ
Robert B.Fishers, IN
Robert H.Clinton, TN
Robert L.Reno, NV
Robert R.Las Cruces, NM
Robert S.Mississauga, ON
Robert T.Pacific Palisades, CA
Robert W.Flint, MI
Rodney G.Troy, MI
Roger B.Suffolk, VA
Roger H.Aurora, CO
Rohinton B.Monroe Township, NJ
Ron B.Las Vegas, NV
Ron D.Highlands Ranch, CO
Roo C.Delta, BC
Rosalyn H.Jamaica, NY
Rose Marie V.Molalla, OR
Rose S.Providence, RI
Roy B.Davis, CA
Roy P.Garland, TX
Roy S.Woodland Hills, CA
Roy T.Rigby, ID
Ruby M.Grand Rapids, MI
Ruth C.Tauranga, NZ
Ryan A.Newcastle, WA
Saliyo A.Sarasota, FL
Sally R.Watkinsville, GA
Sam S.Stoughton, MA
Sanchia C.Charlotte, NC
Sandra D.Denton, NE
Sandy B.Grand Junction, CO
Scott E.Noblesville, IN
Scott L.Moses Lake, WA
Selvyn J.Kernersville, NC
Serge R.Dsrt Hot Springs, CA
Shailesh I.Aurora, IL
Shana K.Southlake, TX
Sharan C.Stockbridge, GA
Sharmane R.Aurora, CO
Sharon M.West Linn, OR
Sharon S.Del Vale, TX
Shaun S.Houston, TX
Shauntell F.Canton, OH
Shawn E.Tucson, AZ
Shawn G.Belleville, IL
Sheila J.Belfair, WA
Sheila T.Spring, TX
Sheldon D.New Market, MD
Sheri F.Pleasanton, CA
Sherri W.Compton, CA
Shirley M.Mesa, AZ
Shirley S.Portersville, PA
Silvia G.Kansas City, MO
Skyler S.Farmington, UT
Stacey M.Surprise, AZ
Stanley R.Colorado Springs, CO
Stephanie M.Louisville, KY
Stephen I.Gaithersburg, MD
Stephen M.Keenesburg, CO
Steve J.Hollister, CA
Steve M.Tucson, AZ
Steve N.San Diego, San Diego
Steve P.Palmetto, FL
Steve P.Stockton, CA
Steve S.Chula Vista, CA
Steve S.Los Gatos, CA
Steven E.Maple Valley, WA
Steven S.Aurora, CO
Steven W.Rochester, WA
Sunday M.Washington, DC
Surinder A.Flossmoor, IL
Susan H.Montgomery, AL
Susan K.Laie, HI
Susan S.Braintree, MA
Syed Anwar A.Edmonton, AB
Sylvia L.Los Angeles, CA
Tamara L.Wasilla, AK
Tami F.Simpsonville, SC
Tecla F.Apache Junction, AZ
Ted V.Concord, CA
Teri B.Gilbert, AZ
Terilyn S.Colorado Springs, CO
Terrance F.Studio City, CA
Terrance L.Huntsville, AL
Terrance W.Duluth, GA
Theresa C.Avondale, AZ
Theresa P.Fair Oaks, TX
Thom G.Poway, CA
Thomas B.Wesley Chapel, FL
Thomas J.Endicott, NY
Thomas K.Dunedin, FL
Thomas L.Columbia, MD
Thomas O.Glenview, IL
Thomas S.Bloomington, IL
Thyra D.Surprise, AZ
Timothy M.New Braunfels, TX
Tina C.Providence Forge, VA
Todd C.Fort Collins, CO
Tom F.San Jose, CA
Tom F.Simpsonville, SC
Tom G.Kansas City, MO
Tom H.Sparks, NV
Tom K.El Cajon, CA
Tom M.Chesterfield, MO
Tom N.Edmonds, WA
Tom W.cincinnati, OH
Trece L.Harrisburg, NC
Trevor A.Canton, GA
Trinity S.Elko, NV
Troy K.Richmond, VA
Troy L.Zeeland, MI
Troy W.Willard, MO
Trudy R.Keenesburg, CO
Ty T.San Diego, CA
Vaite B.Providence, RI
Valerie B.Santaquin, UT
Valerie C.Bronx, NY
Valerie C.Highlands Ranch, CO
Vanessa M.Phoenix, AZ
Vanessa R.Apple Valley, CA
Vernal R.Caldwell, ID
Verneka M.Hendersonville, TN
Veronique M.Superior, CO
Vickie B.Friendswood, TX
Victoria V.Espanola, NM
Vijaya K.Los Angeles, CA
Viladinophe J.Miramar, FL
Vincent L.Arlington, TN
Vincent S.Aspen, CO
Virgil C.Crawfordville, FL
Vladimir T.North Liberty, IA
Wade D.Fruita, CO
Wade V.Chandler, AZ
Walter L.Chattanooga, TN
Walter W.Columbus, OH
Wanda G.Staten Island, NY
Wanda P.Canton, GA
Warren G.Grand Prairie, TX
Waru W.Washington DC, DC
Wendell Q.Reno, NV
Whitney D.Braselton, GA
Will H.Ashburn, VA
William A.Bowie, MD
William C.Lynnwood, WA
William D.Orland Park, IL
William G.Pensacola, FL
William H.Loveland, OH
William L.Louisville, KY
William M.Bronx, NY
William R.New Haven, CT
William S.Bradenton, FL
William S.Chesapeake, VA
Willie B.North Little Rock, AR
Willie M.San Bernardino, CA
Winston C.Coral Gables, FL
Yoko H.San Jose, CA
Yolanda H.Sacramento, CA
Yolanda V.Mesquite, TX
Zachary D.Loomis, CA
Zap M.San Diego, CA