8 Powerful Strategies the New Real Estate Entrepreneur Can Use to Overcome Negative Thinking

It’s no secret that negative thoughts provide the fuel for the engine of self-destruction.   New real estate entrepreneurs quickly come face-to-face with multiple opportunities to become discouraged, and unless they take concrete action to overcome negative thinking, these opportunities can quickly derail their hopes and desires for success.  Negative thinking in real estate investing can best be defined as the process wherein the entrepreneur tends to search and find the worst outcome for an investment decision or reduces their expectations to the worst possible scenario.  This process may manifest itself in a myriad of different ways for you as a beginning real estate entrepreneur.

Consider the situation when you are searching for your first potential real estate rental.  As you review the available properties, you begin to look for all the ways in which each property WON’T work as a rental.  Maybe there isn’t a large enough yard, or maybe the bedrooms are too small.  Every property seems to have more and more problems.  It doesn’t take long and your entire thought process has become one centered on the negative aspects.

First of all, you need to realize that you are not alone when you have these thoughts.  It’s almost human nature to think of the “what if” problems and to dwell on negative outcomes.  This situation, however, should not persist if you want to have success in the fast-moving world of real estate today.  Investors and entrepreneurs like yourself are having success all across the globe investing in and using real estate strategies to create wealth.  The thing that almost all of these individuals have in common is that they have learned how to overcome negative thinking and to change those thoughts into positive ones.  When this happens they soon find that there are solutions to almost all the small and large problems that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Let’s look at eight powerful strategies the new real estate investor can use to overcome negative thinking, keeping in mind the fact that becoming a positive minded person is a process.


Strategy #1 – Recognize Negative Thoughts as Learning Experiences

Negative thinking is primarily based on fear or apprehension of things that have not yet taken place.  When a new entrepreneur begins a journey based on the unknown, negative thinking is quite common.  Your first responsibility is to identify the fact that you are actually dwelling on the possibility of failure or disappointment.

Your thought process may be based on things you have heard of happening or things that you have read about.  The outcome of your present real estate investment should be different from any negative things that may have happened in the past.  Now is the time for you to learn from past mistakes, both personal as well as those mistakes of others.  Your goal is to learn from these mistakes.  It is also extremely important that you learn to use those negative thoughts as learning experiences and not as expected outcomes in the future.

Your goal must be to remove negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones.  This exercise of turning negative thoughts to positive ones should be something that you can recall when faced with unfortunate events.  You need to be able to think back to when you were thinking in a negative manner and visualize how you changed the thought pattern to a positive one.  The very act of remembering that you were able to change the thought pattern will be a help in repeating the process when you encounter yourself thinking in a negative way.


Strategy #2 – Remove and Replace Negativity in Your Surroundings

Charles F. Glassman is a well-known doctor in New York who wrote a book titled, Brain Drain: The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life.  He wrote, “Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.”  That is certainly true for real estate entrepreneurs who allow themselves to be ruled by those negative thoughts.  This being the case, you should ask yourself why you tend to think in negative thought patterns.

It’s no secret that we are oftentimes a product of our environment.  We think and act like the people we associate with.  The relationship between our thought process and the physical environment is also real.  If you work in a dark and dreary, cluttered, and depressing room, your thoughts will mirror your surroundings.  One quick way to improve your thought process and to remove the negative thoughts is to improve your physical environment. This includes cleaning the room where you work, the car you drive, and the way you dress.

It also includes removing negative things and people from your surroundings.  Don’t expect to have negative thoughts if you associate with people who are constantly complaining and voicing negative thoughts.  If you want to improve your entrepreneurial success, start by improving your friends and associates.

When you go and inspect a property, dress the part of the successful entrepreneur.  You will be surprised how much more success you will have when you already act successful.  As you remove negative people and things from your environment, you will quickly find yourself thinking in a more positive manner and positive thinking yields positive results.


Strategy #3 – Identify Personal Investment Fears and Don’t Let Them Drag You Down

There is no guarantee that any individual real estate purchase will be successful, but if you follow proven investment strategies, you will have a much greater chance of succeeding.  The reverse is also true:  There is no guarantee that any individual real estate purchase will fail!  Unfortunately, there are many new real estate entrepreneurs who fall into “the negativity trap” where they actually act and believe that failure is eminent.  Don’t let this happen to you.  It’s natural to have investment fears, but those fears can and should be controlled when you learn proven investment strategies, and then incorporate that training into your new real estate venture.  The more training you have, the greater your chance of success.  Still fear is something that can plague new entrepreneurs.

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Before you can eliminate fear as part of your negative thinking, you need to be able to identify what that fear is actually based on.  Are you afraid of talking to people?  Do you have a fear of losing money that is needed for other purposes?  Take the time and identify the fears you have and then use concrete steps to overcome that fear.

If you allow fear to remain festering in your investment life, it can and will drag you down.  The best way to minimize or even eliminate fear of investing is to gain knowledge and experience.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  This is certainly true when you are attempting to eliminate fear as part of becoming a more positive minded person.


Strategy #4 – Recognize Negative Thought Patterns and Change the Patterns

Your goal should be to change your entire way of thinking from negative to positive.  This requires you to be able to recognize and understand how the negative thought pattern works.  Negative thought patterns are not always with you but tend to occur during times of anxiety and stress.  As a new real estate entrepreneur, you may feel levels of stress occur when attempting to try something new.  When these negative thoughts surface, you need to take positive action and replace the negative pattern with positive thoughts.

As you take affirmative action and change negative thoughts to positive ones, you will feel better and can expect to experience a change in behavior.  Simply speaking, you will be able to become more focused on your new entrepreneurial activities.  The act of changing negative thoughts to positive ones may be difficult at first, but as you practice changing the way you think, you will see changes in other aspects of your life. After practicing this thinking process, positive thinking will become natural.

In essence you will start to become a more optimistic person who smiles more, listens more, is grateful and has faith in others.  These are all traits which will improve your outlook on life as well as your ability to overcome negativity.


Strategy #5 – Take Positive Action Steps That Yield Immediate Results

Action is critical if you want to overcome negative thinking.  Small steps that can be reproduced are essential elements to becoming a more positive optimistic person.  As a real estate entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity of locating and identifying properties that fit your investment strategies.  This process can be time consuming and might lead to some negative thinking.  If you find yourself in a situation where you begin to doubt your abilities or start to think that you can’t find the right property, then it’s time to take small positive action steps.

You might start by making a goal of reviewing a set number of properties.  Once you have reviewed and viewed the set number of properties, reward yourself with something special.  It might be a dinner or a treat, but the reward should be real.  When you start to see results for doing small things, the larger investment goals will happen automatically.  The key is to start experiencing success in small ways.  This will, in and of itself, improve your positive thought process.

Positive action is the key to improving positive thinking.  It is important to remember that positive thinking by itself will not remove all obstacles you might encounter in your entrepreneurial journey.  You will still need to put in the work to learn the strategies necessary for success, but that education becomes much easier when you think in a positive manner and then experience results from that education.


Strategy #6 – Keep a Journal and Describe How Specific Negative Expectations Can be Wrong

Keeping a journal is important in many aspects of your life and it can be a great help in overcoming negative thoughts.  When negative thoughts appear in your life, write down what those thoughts are and then describe why the thoughts are wrong and destructive to your future success.

If you have been searching for a great potential rental property and find yourself thinking, “there isn’t one in this area and I’m giving up, write it down.  Now try and explain on paper why this statement isn’t true.  Your reasons might include the fact that you haven’t worked with the right buyer’s agent or you haven’t actually physically inspected all the properties.  By writing down the reasons why the negative thought is wrong, you will find ways to take positive action and change both your negative thoughts and to receive positive results.  Once again, you are using action in small ways to create positive results.

This journal will also allow you to review episodes of your life when you went through times of trial in overcoming negativity.  The important part of the journal is not the negative thought, but rather the actual steps you could take in changing your mindset.


Strategy #7 – Read and Train Your Mind on a Daily Basis

Changing your mindset from a negative one to a positive one is a process that takes time and effort.  It’s not something that will happen by itself or take place without any effort on your part.  Like anything worthwhile, you must exert time and effort in changing the way you think.

Start by reading good books on self-improvement and improving your wellbeing.  But just thinking or reading about self-improvement is not enough.  If you want to become a successful real estate entrepreneur, then you need to study and become a proficient real estate investor.  Add books, tapes, and valuable resources to your training in real estate.

One of the reasons why many new real estate entrepreneurs get discouraged and start thinking in a negative manner is that the new entrepreneur doesn’t understand what to do and why to do it.  The more training you get concerning real estate, the greater your chance of success.  There is an additional advantage to receiving this additional education.  The very act of studying on a daily basis will train your mind to become more positive.

Don’t be afraid to use these strategies in all of your business endeavors. Reading and Training your mind (info snacking) can help in online resources such as amazon, ebay, selling portal. All of these areas can be used to increase knowledge regarding real estate.


Strategy #8 – Make Gratitude a Part of Your Daily Life

Most well-trained professionals will say that gratitude is an essential element in achieving a positive mindset.  Positive psychology has shown that gratitude is more than feeling thankful, it is a deeper appreciation for someone or something that produces longer lasting positivity.

When you are thankful and grateful for something or someone, it is almost impossible to be in a negative mindset.  On a daily basis you can start to show gratitude for the help of others and for the attitude and caring of friends.  This is especially true when you are learning tips and strategies from other investors and mentors.  The more gratitude you show and express on a daily basis, the more positive your mindset will be.

Today is the day to change your mindset to a positive one.  Leave those negative thoughts behind and learn to be a more optimistic person by applying these simple, but effective strategies to overcome negative thinking.