3 Ways to Market Properties to Cash Buyers

3 Ways to Market Properties to Cash Buyers

We all probably know that cash transactions have been a rising trend in today’s real estate market. In fact, 30% of real estate sales are cash payments made by local and international buyers. It won’t be a surprise if paying cash for real estate properties becomes a more common practice than the traditional way.

Investors tend to favour cash buyers due to various benefits entailed with cash buying, such as people who have enough savings to purchase their dream home or are on the hunt for hot locations and are offering to buy with cash. There are a lot of reasons sellers are holding out for cash buyers and one of them is getting their hands on the money fast. A cash sale can be done in a matter of a few days with less paperwork and no waiting for loan approvals that could get denied in the end. Buyers can also save a lot of money on closing costs and other fees associated with a mortgage loan by paying with cash. Think about the money you would save on interest alone!

It is for these very reasons that plenty of investors are after cash buyers. So, where do you find cash buyers and how can you make your property stand out against other competitors? There are a lot of creative ways to make your property attractive to cash buyers but we will just narrow it to three.

“Old-school” or Conventional Method

Although the Internet offers a convenience that makes most people underestimate the use of selling their property the “old-school” way, there’s no denying the fact that prospect buyers still rely on their trusted realtor when purchasing a property. Hiring an agent to enlist your property could still be one of the best methods to sell your property quickly. Remember that real estate agents with years of experience have met and know a lot of cash buyers in the business.

Even by just putting a simple FOR SALE sign in the yard could be a good opportunity to attract a prospective cash buyer. You never know when one will pass by your area and notice your sign.

Attending real estate auctions, where there just might be a flock of real estate investors armed with cash looking for great deals, is another opportunity to market your property.

Internet Marketing Method

Post your property for sale on various real estate websites for all the world to see. There are websites where you will have to pay to advertise your property but there are also websites that will let you post your advertisement for free. Take advantage of using websites like Craigslist, Zillow, eBay classified and ForSaleByOwner.com as plenty of investors are on the lookout for deals.

Network with Other Investors

Make connections by contacting people in the industry to see if they know people who are actively looking for investment properties. Get in touch with people like building inspectors, appraisers and other people that often deal with buyers in the real estate market. Offer them referral fees for buyers they send your way.

To make your property attractive to buyers, you must be ready to sell it slightly lower than its market value. Although you might be getting a price that is lower than what it is expected to sell at, just think about the benefits mentioned earlier, like not having to go through the hassles of selling a property traditionally.