3 Ways to Keep Going When Things Get Tough

3 Ways to Keep Going When Things Get Tough

When you are an investor it can become really hard to press forward when things get tough. Some problems you may encounter might include: nobody answers their phone, nobody will reply to your messages, your offers are not being accepted, you can’t find any good comps and so on. But, when things get tough, that’s when it becomes worth it to press past your tough point and move forward. It’s similar to when exercising muscles; you will see progress for a period of time and then things will plateau and no progress will be seen.  This is the time that makes a difference between those who are going to succeed and those who are going to give up and amount to nothing. So how do we press forward?

  1. Set goals that are smart.

    Specific – We need to know not just that we want to make a lot of money but how we are going to make that money.

    Measurable – Is your goal something that you can measure? Can you keep tract of your progress?

    Action Oriented – Have you set a goal that will motivate you to get going?

    Realistic- Are your goals something you are actually able to reach?

    Time Oriented – We need to give ourselves deadlines to push us to get things done.

    Setting goals is important in all aspects of life, and when we don’t set goals, we won’t see success.

  2. Find a solution to the problem.

    We may come to a time when we feel things are just not going well and it’s not going to work out, but in these times we can stop, take a breath and find out how to solve the problem. If our agent is not sending us comps to look at after we ask them over and over to do so, we need to get a new agent. If our cash buyers are not interested in our properties, we can interview them again to better understand what they are looking for. If we don’t work at getting rid of our problems, we are just going to be digging ourselves into a deeper hole.

  3. Reward yourself.

    When you set a goal and reach it, its time to reward yourself. From going out to ice cream with the family to eating out with that special someone, reward yourself with something you enjoy. You may not have become a millionaire, but you are going to find satisfaction in reaching your small goals that are going to lead you to accomplishing your big ones.

All investors hit hard times and feel that there may not be a way to press forward. But the difference between the successful, wealthy investors and the poor, angry ones is that one complains about their problems and the other takes the bull by the horns and blasts threw them.