10 Most Import Items to Upgrade on Your Home

If you have a home that you are considering fixing up so you can sell it for the best price but you don’t have a fortune to spend on upgrades, focus on the following 10 items to make the biggest impression on potential buyers:

  • New Front Door: It is always important to make a good first impression and the front door is the first thing people see when they come up to a house. Replace an old, plain slab door with a new raised panel with a window in it.  Paint it a color that complements the house but also adds a little character and stands out.
  • Tile Foyer Entry: The next item buyers see when they enter your home is the entry, so make it look like an entry by laying some tile or hardwood in the space allotted.  If you walk into a house that is carpeted right up to the front door, the entry disappears into the living room and doesn’t look as classy.
  • New or Improved Doors: Another inexpensive replacement that can make a big difference is replacing the interior doors.  If your doors are plain, flat slab doors, upgrade them to raised panel doors.  Purchase a whole new pre-hung door, jamb and casing to replace the old ones.  They will come pre-primed so they can be easily painted.  Be sure to pick a color that offsets the walls for a two-toned look.
  • New Door Handles: Along with your new doors, jamb and casing you should replace the hinges and door handles with a nickel satin finish to match today’s modern look.  You can buy inexpensive handles for about $12 each and make a big impression.
  • New Electrical Switch Plates: Other items that are overlooked include electric wall switch plates.  A lot of people will freshly paint their place but leave the old, worn-looking electric cover plates on or even paint over them, which is worse.  Spend 35 cents each and replace the cover plates throughout the house.
  • Paint/Replace Trim: Painting the house will make one of the biggest best impressions of all, but if your walls look pretty good already and you are on a budget, consider just painting the doors and trim.  You can pick a color that offsets the wall color, like white when the walls are grey or beige.  This will create a two-tone look which is much more appealing than everything painted the same color.
  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Replacing the kitchen cabinets is nice but also one of the most expensive rehabbing items you could do, so if you are limited on funds, consider simply painting the cabinets.  Since today’s popular look is white cabinets, you can paint over any cabinet finish with semi-gloss white and make your cabinets look new.
  • New Shower Curtains: Another easy, inexpensive upgrade is to replace your shower curtains with new, decorative curtains that match the colors of the home.
  • Add Window Shutters: You can also add window shutters to cover up old windows and avoid spending the money to replace them.
  • Add a Nice Mailbox:  Lastly, you can help your house stand out from the crowd by replacing the mailbox with a new one that has a little more character than every other mailbox on the street. You can also paint the old one to stand out and tie the color in with your new front door for some added street appeal.