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  • “My brother bought my ticket and at first I was somewhat upset that he signed me up for an 8-9 hour class on my 30th birthday weekend. I had never considered real estate as a way of making money/”work”. After the workshop I am so ecstatic and grateful for the possibly the greatest birthday gift ever. This is something I now want to do and feel confident I can!”

    – Bianca R

  • “Absolutely incredible experience this was for me, not knowing anything about real estate investing scared me making me not want to come but I’m so glad I did. Tons of information to sink in but by taking this course I realize that this has been a great step into the company. I am focused on achieving my life goals now and being successful in life. Paul and the crew were great helping when we need help and being awesome, especially Jon, or mentor.”

    – Troy L

  • “I was blown away! There is no downside in this business. I will not revert, will not go back. I’m so excited that this business came into my life. I feel blessed. Jim and the whole crew were there for us 100%. What I’m most grateful for is there is no BS. This is the real deal. Thank you all!”

    – William S

  • “You guys are doing an awesome work here, allowing people to dictate their own financial future is an opportunity rarely encountered. Sure, not every person will take advantage, but ‘the poor we will have with us always’. I look forward to being able to change my life and the life of those around me.”

    – Nathan L

  • “After 5 years of trying to get out of the gate; I’ve finally landed with real estate training and mentoring program that truly provides the mentoring ad funding needed to get started. I love the fact that you all are believers!”

    – Mona B

  • “I found the information phenomenal and life changing; I was given direction concerning my credit score and good advice. I look forward to increasing my income so that I can become an Advance student.”

    – Mary A

  • “It was a lot of information for the 3 days, but worth every minute. Everyone was awesome. Mr Madsen gave us so much knowledge and information that I want to share this with everyone I know.”

    – Patsy D

  • “Thank you for opening the doors to my dreams. Mentors are key to Quantum Success.”

    – Michael T

  • “The reviews I read online under the New Peaks FB page were discouraging. I wanted to cancel, and submitted a cancellation request. I am so glad I came and got my knowledge first hand! This changes my life!”

    – Karyn W

  • “Fantastic workshop. The amount of information was a bit overwhelming at times, but necessary to understand the strategies. It was presented in a way that helped me recognize this as a realistic path to achieving financial independence. I am grateful to the team for coming out here.”

    – Lorenzo R

  • “It changed my perception of investing in the stock market. Eye opening to learn because leverage in stock market and there are formulas we can learn. I only came because it was free, thought about cash flow in real estate until Thursday, but decided to just come see what this class was about and ended up signing up.”

    – Nancy S

  • “As an attorney in NY and FL I am required to attend many seminars. This workshop was incredibly helpful and I believe it will result in significant positive change.”

    – Thomas L

  • “This company actually TEACHES! It exceeded my expectations!”

    – Randy S

  • “If you don’t understand, Shaun tells you another way until you do understand. I did like the personalization of the class. Mike did an excellent job meeting and working with my needs.”

    – Rhonda G

  • “I did a finance course in my MBA in an attempt to better understand the stock market, but I learnt more in these 2 days than I did in my entire finance program.”

    – Craig D

  • “Being a housewife and really taught that there was no financial hope for my family, but now after attending this workshop I have the hope of someday taking the advance training , I may not have the cash now, but I have faith and will to believe that I will someday be a part of this awesome team.”

    – Patronella G

  • “I was intimidated at first as I had zero experience with the stock market. I struggled to get started as I was nervous. Once I started trading though I found it fun and easy. I took extensive notes at the seminar and find them to be invaluable! I have made $1022 in profit in just 30 days.”

    – Stephanie N

  • “My course with Interactive Trader helped me take my Investments into my own hands and helped me understand that I can create a diverse financial portfolio that isn’t controlled by big business.”

    – Katherine A

  • “The Interactive Trader instruction was very good, but best of all was being able to watch and learn as the Option IQ team made money for me with 90% success rate and a yearly rate of return between 15-30%.”

    – Mark B

  • “I am grateful to Darren Kimoto for his excellent 2-day training as after several years of frustration and mounting losses due to gov’t manipulation I could finally see where I had gone wrong. I am excited for the upcoming market now.”

    – Pradeep B


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