Who We Are

Response is comprised of and manages multiple businesses which provides a wide range of products and services to our customer base and our own personal business holdings. Our primary focus is conveying customer success through property acquisitions and education. We buy, hold and sell, single-family dwellings for our customers and our businesses like – executing both a long-term and short-term strategy. We also invest in commercial and multi-family properties, developed land, tax liens, and real estate trust deeds. Response’s businesses operate in multiple countries and interact with thousands of customers.

More About Us

What We Do

We are an education company that teaches thousands of students every year how to unlock the secrets of real estate investing. We create events and seminars to provide potential investors hands-on experiences, resources, and educational opportunities in these areas:


Residential Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Tax Liens & Tax Deeds

How We Do It

We truly believe that our customer is our greatest asset. We provide live and online training events with the most experienced trainers providing you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in real estate. Look at how surveyed customers have rated our amazing customer service team: